19 Ingenious Ways To Maximize Your Small Bedroom Closet Space

Are you in need of that extra inch of space or just finding it a hassle to find anything?

The good news is that you can transform your cluttered closet into a stress-free functional heaven with the right space-maximizing tricks.

Maximize your small bedroom closet space with these 19 ingenious ideas. From clever storage solutions to space-saving organization hacks, discover how to make the most of every inch in your closet for a tidy and functional storage area.

Make the most of what you’ve got and make a compact closet feel spacious with these smart organization solutions and space-saving hacks.

1. Use Hooks

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Looking for an easy way to organize your closet without having to go ‘all out’ with storage shelves, new racks, and in-built cabinetry?

Then opt for this easy and inexpensive way to hang up coats, bags, and more with hooks.

All you need is a screwdriver and a few solid hooks. If you don’t want to make holes, use heavy-duty adhesive hooks or over-the-door ones.

What’s great about using hooks is that you can put up as many as you need.

Hooks can keep your favorite daily items vertically organized for easy access, so you don’t have to dig through your closet to find them.

2. Corner Closet

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Corner closets have a unique design that helps you make use of every inch of your room.

One of the most significant advantages of a corner wardrobe is the ability to customize it to fit your specific storage needs.

If you have a corner closet, optimize your corner space with rods.

When the correct amount of space is allowed, not only can you see the clothing in the corner, but you can easily reach it as well.

3. Glass Doors

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Closets with glass doors add a touch of aesthetic appeal to your space and offer practical benefits like better organization and visibility.

The transparency of glass doors allows you to easily see and access your belongings. Glass doors also provide a sense of organization and structure to your closet.

Having your clothing and accessories on display makes you more likely to keep your closet tidy and organized.

Furthermore, glass doors can motivate to keep your wardrobe curated and well-maintained.

4. Contain

19 small closet organization bedroom 4


Get creative with your organization, and you’ll be surprised how much more you can fit inside your closet.

Make the most of every inch and avoid clutter with coordinating bins, baskets, and different storage organizers, which will help you have everything that is not in season or of regular use dust-free and contained.

For better visibility use storage bins with clear windows, they will spare you the hassle of digging through to find something.

5. Use Mirrors

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Mirrors are excellent for helping to enlarge and brighten your space visually. They create an illusion of greater depth by reflecting the content of your closet.

You mustn’t forget that there are also a critical part of the getting-ready process.

So if you’re having a vanity affair, having mirrors inside your doors is the perfect way to check your outfits immediately.

6. Closet Drawers

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Fitting drawers inside a closet is a practical and efficient way to create more storage space and optimize the layout of your bedroom.

Inserting drawers will allow you to eliminate your dresser and free up some space in your bedroom.

Closet drawers offer deep space that can hold from underwear to jeans, sweaters and sweatshirts.

Keep frequently used items easily accessible, placing them in the top drawers or sections for convenient retrieval.

Utilize the top surface of the drawers by installing shelves for items you use frequently or want to display.

7. Illuminate

19 small closet organization bedroom 7


Incorporating creative lighting will enhance the functionality of your space. You’ll be surprised that adding lighting to your closet will make it seem bigger.

For better visibility, place overhead lighting to evenly distribute the light throughout the closet.

You can use lighting under closet shelves, and instead of your standard rod, you can opt for an LED closet rod. Sticking to the LED options is highly recommended.

Stay away from any light source that emits excessive heat. Many products can be simply screwed or stuck in place.

8. Increase Hanger Space

19 small closet organization bedroom 8


Shelving space isn’t as functional as hanging items, so if you choose between the two, you’re better off opting for the increased hanging space.

Easily transform your closet with a double hanging setup. To avoid putting holes in the walls, try adjustable closet rod extenders that hook onto your existing rod.

9. Shelves

19 small closet organization bedroom 9

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Adding an extra shelf if your closet can accommodate it is never a bad idea.

Open shelving can help you store folded items and save drawer and hanging space for other things.

Consider adding an extra shelf in your closet’s upper area, as it is a space that is commonly underutilized in closets.

The best option is to use an adjustable closet system that will allow you to level your shelves to suit your needs.

An adjustable over-the-door rack is also great for additional storage.

10. Open Closet

19 small closet organization bedroom 10


Let your closet seamlessly blend into your room with an open design that offers a practical storage solution and an aesthetically pleasing look.

You can open the room with no bulky doors and create a spacious feel.

Open closets have the ability to showcase your wardrobe and accessories in an organized and stylish way while providing a unique design element to your space. 

Being able to see what you have easily helps to motivate you to be more organized and avoid clutter.

Keeping it organized also reduces the dust accumulation in your clothes from being stored away too long behind closed doors.

11. Blend In

19 small closet organization bedroom 11


Want your closet to look bigger and larger?

Paint it a lighter color, automatically brightening it and making it seem bigger.

By painting it a lighter hue, you can give more visibility to your closet content and unify it with the surrounding walls for a visually sleek look.

White or light hues are a good choice because they reflect the light in the room, and this is especially great for small layouts and closets that don’t have lighting inside.

A high-gloss finish can help your room look even more vibrant and manageable. 

12. In Focus

19 small closet organization bedroom 12


If you’re tight on space, you can’t ignore the presence of a closet. Instead of trying to drift the eye away from it, use it as a decorative element and make it blend in with your room design.

Organize and show off your clothes by arranging them by length, color, season, or occasion.

You can permanently stylishly showcase your favorite items with a wall-mounted closet display.

13. Go Vertical

19 small closet organization bedroom 13


Any extra space is a bonus for closet space, so take advantage of the overhead vertical space.

This is a great way to squeeze in those extras like bags and hats.

Use those hard-to-reach shelves and store boxes of items you only use occasionally or seasonally.

Make sure to use clear boxes to see what’s inside, and label the outside for quick reference.

14. Showroom Stager

19 small closet organization bedroom 14


Create a closet to envy with pretty essentials on display.

Make a visual impact and emphasize your qualities of orderliness and style with a neatly staged closet display.

Begin with a thorough closet cleanse, go through your belongings, and pare them down. Get rid of anything irreparable or useless to you anymore.

Go for a unified look with matching hangers, baskets, or boxes and a color scheme that ties everything together.

15. Floor Space

19 small closet organization bedroom 15


Take advantage of the room below, like the upper part of your closet, which can often go to waste.

You can use it to store off-the-season items, accessories, and shoes.

Group your short-hanging pieces at one end of the closet and your longer-hanging clothes at the other and that will open up lots of floor space below. 

Depending on the space you have left below, you can fit a shoe rack or even a little dresser, giving you more room space.

16. Canvas Bins

19 small closet organization bedroom 16


Revolutionize the way you manage your closet space and conquer clutter!

Sort your clothing or tuck away items you don’t want to have on display with canvas bins.

They are a functional and fashionable solution that will blend with the shelves’ styled.

At the same time, they hide the items thrown inside, like scarves that don’t sit neatly stacked on shelves.

Slide them onto shelves or under hanging clothes for an easily accessible and visually pleasing organization solution. 

17. Accessibility

19 small closet organization bedroom 17


Barn doors are a great way to add personality and charm to your home and are also one of the best closet door alternatives.

They are ideal for tight spaces, unlike swinging doors, which need room to open.

Barn doors are also incredibly functional, offering full access to your closet space. Opening them fully provides enough space to insert furniture like a dresser.

They can be made from lightweight materials, making them easy to open and close for small children and busy adults.

18. Cube It

19 small closet organization bedroom 18


Cube shelves are amazing for open and closed storage solutions, which will help you maximize space and eliminate clutter.

Putting a few cube baskets in can easily style your mess. The cubes come in various materials and colors, with or without lids, offering plenty of versatility to suit your style.

With multiple compartments or shelves, you can accommodate a variety of items, such as clothing, accessories, shoes, and folded linens.

They come really in handy for a nursery to help you store baby essentials and, at the same time, keep them contained.

19. Door Organizers

19 small closet organization bedroom 19


Create space where there is none with an over-the-door shoe organizer.

It’s a great storage solution for shoes and scarves, belts, and other accessories.

This is an inexpensive closet organizer, and if you choose clear or plastic pockets, you will be able to see exactly what is inside each pocket.

Moving your shoes off the floor or shelf and onto the previously unused space on a door frees up more room in your closet.

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