32 Ways To Squeeze More Space Out of a Small Closet

Need extra space in your closet to store all your clothing and accessories?

Small closets can be increased in size without the need for a major renovation.

There are many ways that you can increase your closet space.

Practical Closet Organization Ideas, Tips and Trick to Squeeze More Space Out of a Small Closet. DIY closet organizers #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Some of these ways include adding shelving, using a small closet organizer, and making use of baskets to store items.

A small closet does not have to be an impairment, increasing closet space can be simple and easy.

The following closet organization ideas can help you to add more room for your needed items (they won’t magically turn your tiny closet into a spacious walk-in closet, but will help a lot ).

1. Maximize Closet Space with a Small Dresser and Shelves 

Closet Organization Add Shoe Storage #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Tiny closets can be improved by adding a small dresser for items. The addition of shelving can provide a place for shoes.

Above the closet rod adding a shelf can provide you with an area for hats and other accessories.

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2. Separate Summer and Winter Clothing Easily

Small Closet Extender Rod #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

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Inserting a second hanging bar to the closet provides you with double to space-enhancing more room for other items.

One small closet organization idea for a hanging bar is to divide your summer and winter clothing.

The lower bar can be used to provide an area for out of season clothing while the top bar is for in-season clothing.

3. Utilize Unused Wall Space with a Rustic Clothing Bar

Branch Rod #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Should you not have enough capacity in your wardrobe other small closet solutions are to find an area to add a decorative bar to an empty wall.

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4. Tidy Up Your Closet with Dividers

Small Closet Shelf Dividers #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

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Dividers are a storage idea for small closet.

This ensures that your clothing stays in a neat stack and does not end up in a pile. Shirts or pants can be folded and stacked without the hanging.

5. Double Closet Space with Shelves and Bins

Small Closet Basket Organizers #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

A few closet organizer ideas that can increase the area are to add shelving and bins to store smaller accessories.

These can hold a variety of things including shoes, purses, and belts.

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6. Create More Space with Under Shelf Baskets

Under Shelf Basket Closet Organization #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

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Under the counter, shelving is an additional closet organizing ideas. These shelves can attach to an existing shelf and provide needed room.

They can be used to store a variety of items including belts, hats, socks, and much more.

7. Enjoy Versatile Storage Solutions with Cubbyholes

Shoe Closet Organizer #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

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A purchase of cubbyholes from your local home improvement store can increase capacity for purses and shoes.

This can also be used in a child’s closet to store toys and stuffed animals.

Cubbyholes can help to ensure a neat and tidy look as well as keeping everything structured.

8. Make More Room with Hooks

Hooks as Closet Storage Organizers #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Hooks are great closet organizing ideas, they deliver further places without using the existing closet bars.

Hooks can be hung anywhere and provide an area to put purses, coats, hats, scarfs, and other objects that can be hung.

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9. Get Organized and Stylish with a Hanging Organizer

Second Level Hanging Organizer #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

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A hanging organizer can add additional space by doubling the area.

The use of the top and bottom bars allows for two items to be hung in one place while also providing hooks to hang other accompaniments.

10. Free Up Closet Space with an Above Door Shelf

Store Suitcases In Your Closet #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

In need of more due to small closet storage, add a shelf above the door to store non-everyday items.

These can incorporate suitcases and guest pillows.

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11. Streamline Your Closet with a Towel Rod Sliding Shelf

DIY Closet Organizer

Towel rods can be used in tight spaces to hang items such as ties, belts, and scarfs.

Add a sliding drawer railing and it can slide in and out.

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12. Be Ready for the Day with a Closet Door Rack

Over The Door Closet Hanger Organizer #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

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Closet door racks are solutions for a master bedroom closets.

These can deliver extra rod hanging space and can be used to prepare outfits for the upcoming week.

13. Transform your Closet with Specialized Hangers

Special Closet Hangers #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

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Wonder how to organize a small closet?

Specialized hangers can aid you in increasing area. There are many types of specialized hangers such as these that are designed for pants to be easily taken on or off the hanger.

14. Keep Shoes Organized with a Wooden Shoe Rack 

Multi Shoe Closet Storage #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

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Closet storage ideas can include a variety of ways to increase and improve the needed room.

This small wooden shoe rack enables the extra area to put shoes on top and underneath.

15. Utilize a Towel Rod for your Shoe Storage Solutions

Hooks For Shoes #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

A small closet design could use attached towel rod to the inside of the door and using hooks to hang shoes.

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16. Get Creative with Your Closet Organization

Extra Hanging Rods #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Many small closet ideas can be discovered when needing the extra room.

This closet provides both space and functionality combining shelving, drawers, a shoe bench, and overhead storage. Interestingly, it uses curtains as closet doors.

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17. Step into the Future with a Smart Closet

Closet App #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Technology takes center stage with this computerized app for small closet organizers.

The user can add different clothing that they have to the app and mix and match the perfect outfit for the day.

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18. Redefine Closet Storage with Different Level Hanging Rods

DIY Closet Rods #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Hanging clothes at different heights is a great small closet storage idea.

Longer clothes need not linger on the ground wrinkled getting wrinkled.

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19. Increase Shoe Space with Rods

Stack Shoes On The Wall #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Closet systems can come in handy when you have a lot of shoes.

Attaching rods to the wall can provide you with a place for shoes or other accessories such as ties.

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20. Organize Purses and Wallets with a File System

Clutch Letter Organizer #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

A desk file system can be used to store wallets and purses.

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21. Store Jewelry on Small Door Hooks

Accessories Hanger #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Storage closet organization ideas include where to put all those pieces of jewelry and fashion embellishments.

Small door hooks attached to a wall can provide the optimum place, ensuring that everything stays in good condition.

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22. Hang Your Sunglasses with a Wire

Sunglasses Closet Organizer #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Trying to find a place to put all your sunglasses without them getting scratched.

Many ideas for a closet organization include framing a piece of wire to hang your sunglasses.

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23. Make a Personalized DIY Cubby for Your Jewelry

DIY Drawer Organizer #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

This make it yourself cubby bin can be created and highlight your personality.

A great place to put jewelry such as earrings or personal nick-knacks.

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24. Upcycle Pull Tabs to Increase Hanging Storage

Soda Tab Closet Hack #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Additional closet ideas include using the pull tab from a soda can.

Hanging one hanger from the other with the use of the pull tab holes.

This can be used to create an outfit for the next day eliminating the need to get up earlier to find clothes.

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25. Make More Room in Your Closet with Storage Bins

DIY Closet Organizer Fabric Bins #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Small closets could feature using bins for storage.

They can be used to store sheets and coverings.

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26. Conquer Clutter with Stunning Organization Solutions

DIY Purse Holders #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

You can showcase your purses and other small items by attaching clear acrylic holders to the wall.

Separate storage cubbies can also provide an optimum place to store items such as purses, bed sheets, and bedspreads.

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27. Keep Everything in Place with a Hanging Wire Organizer

Handbag Closet Organizer #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

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A hanging storage organizer like this one can help you to keep all your handbags, diaper bags, and laptop bags in one location.

28. Add Hooks on Closet Doors for Bag Storage

Command Hooks Closet Door Organizer #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Need a place for the diaper bag or summer beach bag?

Try attaching hooks to the inside of the door.

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29. Increase Efficiency with a Drawer Unit and Bins

Closet Organization With Drawers #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Closets for small spaces can be achieved by adding a drawer unit.

Once the unit is completed, bins can be added for the arrangement of a multiple of objects from clothing to craft supplies.

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30. Neatly Store Scarfs with SHower Hooks on Hangers

Shower Rings Closet Organization #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Need more small closet organization ideas, trying using a hanger with shower hooks.

This can help to keep your scarfs and belts from being in a drawer.

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31. Conquer Your Wardrobe with No-Slip Hangers

No-Slip Clothes Hangers Closet Hack #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

No-slip hangers are very helpful when it comes to larger clothing or dresses.

They help safeguard that clothing stays on the hanger and off the floor.

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32. Store Your Clothes in Style with a Round Circle Hanger

Cami Hanger Closet Ideas #closet #organization #decorhomeideas

Looking for a way to hang up the tank tops and camisoles? A round circle hanger can ensure that they are hung up and ready for use.

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