36 Best Toy Storage Ideas You and Your Kid Will Love

Kids love having tons of books and toys. They are happily playing with them for a day or two and then the parents have to deal with the messy room.

Do you know it is actually possible to have kids and a clean house at the same time?

36 Best Toy Storage Ideas #toystorage #kidsroom #storage #organize #decorhomeideas
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The simple answer is TOY STORAGE! Toys, clothes, gadgets, books…everything goes in there. The next article with 36 DIY ideas is proof. Enjoy! 😉

1. Creative Stuffed Toy Storage

Toys organizers from baskets #toys #homedecor #storage #decorhomeideas
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While I was searching for cool toy storage projects, I found this one made of cheap wire baskets and it instantly became one of my most favorite toy organizer ideas.

Even if you are not an experienced DIYer, don’t worry, you can easily attach the baskets to the wall in an unusual way and add some textiles decoration. And voila – a great result without breaking the bank!

2. Hanging Baskets For Boys Room

Off the floor toys storage #toys #storage #homedecor #decorhomeideas
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This fun over-the-door toy storage organizer is great for smaller stuffed animals!

I love the hanging colorful laundry baskets too. Explain to your kid that it can only keep as many animals as there are pockets and you will manage to keep the amount to a minimum. Simple.

3. Large Toy Box

DIY Wood Crate Toy Box #toystorage #storage #organizer #woodcrate #decorhomeideas
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A basic wooden crate could be transformed into a kids toy organizer. This one you can do from old wooden pallet.

You can either buy an old crate from a farm or a flea market, or you can build the box yourself. Once you have it, there are endless options for the size and the design. Here is the full step-by-step tutorial

4. Dollhouse Bookcase

This is 100% my favorite kids’ book storage!

It is so girly and so fabulous, your kid will love it! You can either make it as a stand-alone case or integrate it as a bedhead or bed end! Last but not least, ask your girl what she likes and make the decoration according to her preferences.

5. Fairy Large Toy Chest

The personalized toy chest is always a great option to make your kid’s room look clean and tidy by hiding all the toys.

The chest on the picture is decorated with Decoupage but you can set your imagination free and do some experiments.

6. Cube Shelves For Kids Room

DIY Cube Storage Organizer for Toys #toystorage #cubestorage #toyorganizer #decorhomeideas
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Cube shelves storage unit might be the solution to organize the kid’s room you’ve been looking for. It is capacious, adaptable, cheap, and easy to change if needed.

7. Book And Toy Organizer In One

This basic toy and books organizer is a good option for spacious kid’s rooms.

There are tons of variations of it in every furniture store so you don’t even need to challenge yourself. However, you can personalize the organizer by adding some stickers or your kid’s name, for instance.

8. Hanging Bedside Toy Storage

DIY Hanging bedside organizer for toys and books #toystorage #organizer #storage #decorhomeideas
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Here is a great way to store your kid’s favorite stuffed animals or some books close to the bed for easy access.

As a hint – this could also turn into useful toy storage for the living room if you hang it on the backside of the sofa.

9. Charming Toy Box With Shelf

It’s important to encourage the kids to foster a love of reading so creating book storage in easy reach is a smart way to do it.

I love the combined storage in the picture because it’s simple but at the same time very practical and charming. Don’t you think?

10. Tagged Beach Bags Kids Storage

DIY Toy storage from labeled beach bags #toystorage #beachbags #organizer #decorhomeideas
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This is most probably one of the cheapest toy storage ideas I have managed to find while searching on the internet.

The beach bags are usually very spacious so you can fit lots of toys and stuffed animals in them. I also love the labeling as there is an educational aspect – teach your kid to be more organized and focused.

Tip: if your child can’t read, you may color-code the bags – green for Lego, pink for dolls, etc. 

11. Large Bench Top Toy Box

This attractive large toy box is perfect for storing toys, bed sheets, shoes, hats, etc.

It is very stylish and could easily fit the whole room design. Plus, the bench top design tends to become the kids’ favorite reading and resting space.

12. Mickey Mouse Kids Storage Bins

If your kid is a real fan of Disney’s everlasting character – Mickey Mouse (and it is 3-5 years old), this may be the most suitable toy storage!

And it is not just a boring organizer, it is super fun with all those colors and pictures!

13. Nellie the Elephant Large Toy Box

Are you tired of stepping on pieces of Lego and wooden cubes?

I may have a solution for you – this lovely Nellie the Elephant toys stacking basket with a lid. I am sure your little girl will fall in love with it! Plus, it is very portable thanks to its handles and wheels.

14. Farmhouse Children Toy Box

DIY Organize your toys by size and color #toystorage #organizer #baskets #decorhomeideas
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When I first saw this picture with the big rustic chest, I made an association with farmhouse storage ideas.

Love the whole feeling it brings to the room. Plus, it is very spacious so it can fit all these smaller boxes full of toys, Lego pieces, and stuffed animals. What a great purchase you would make!

15. A DIY Crate Parking Garage

DIY Car Parking toy storage #toystorage #storage #carparking #decorhomeideas
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This would fit great in every playroom.

If you are on a budget – don’t worry, all you need here is a wooden crate (can be an old one), a long plastic tube, and a black market. It’s more than a creative PVC pipe storage idea. One is sure – your little boy would fall in love with it!

16. Personalized Wooden Crate Toy Box

DIY Personalized storage box for toys #toystorage #toybox #diy #storage #decorhomeideas
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This may be an eye-catching solution to the problem of tidying up your kid’s room.

Personalization is also important as it makes the kiddo feel special and taking care of their own belongings.

17. Other Personalized Kids Toy Storage

I wouldn’t miss sharing with you this cute kids-friendly toys storage. Similar to the previous design, this one is also personalized and it’s great for a girl’s room.

Love the fact it is a storage and a bench in one so it offers some additional seating.

Tip: Give your girl a chance to make it on her own choice by drawing on both sides of the storage OR displaying photos.

18. Kids Reading Nook With Toy Shelves

DIY Bookcase or Toystorage over the bed #toystorage #bookcase #organizer #bedroom #decorhomeideas
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Another stylish way to encourage your kid to fall in love with reading!

Add some bookshelves for easy access, and some lighting for a cozy atmosphere… and here it is – an incredible kids corner without going over the initial budget.

19. Tiny Kids Book Storage

This portable, wooden book organizer has an impressive and unique design.

I find this piece just right for toddlers to use it solo because it displays the covers, not the books’ spines. I also love this charming colorful toy clock with an introduction to tell the time.

20. Space-saving Kids Storage Ideas

Toys storage for a princess bedroom #toystorage #storage #princess #decorhomeideas
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If your kid’s room is too small and has a limited storage space, this stylish unit can help you out!

It presents a loft bed with lots of toy storage space (the stairs are hidden storage, there is a secret closet underneath the loft bed, etc.) You know what, I am sure you will manage to find even cooler toy storage solutions! 🙂

21. Girly Multifunctional Toy Storage Units

DIY Bench with boxes toy organizer #toystorage #storage #organizer #bench #decorhomeideas
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Your little princess will definitely enjoy this adorable pinkish bench with storage boxes.

The soft cushion on top is the best place for her to relax with a good book or share secrets with her good friends – the stuffed animals. Best of all, the room will be always clean and tidy…well, not always but most of the time. 😀

22. Kids Room Organization

DIY Simple wooden organizer for toys and books #toystorage #bookcase #storage #decorhomeideas
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I love this kid’s toy bedroom organizer because it is very functional and it is also environmental-friendly as it is crafted from durable wood (that’s why it is a bit pricey).

I also like the fact it is portable and it is partly easy-to-access open storage for the kid’s comfort.

23. Pull-out Storage Under The Bed

DIY Toy storage under the bed #toystorage #storage #organizer #bedstorage #decorhomeideas
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If the space in your kid’s bedroom is limited, you have to make sure every square inch has been used.

This type of drawer that works on the slide-out principle is very practical in these cases.

What makes the design in this picture so great, in my opinion, are the additional dividers inside the drawer. This allows you to better sort out the toys and give easy access to your kid.

24. Colorful Crate Kids Toy Shelf

DIY Toys and books organizer made from carts #toystorage #organizer #cartstorage #diy #decorhomeideas
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Here is something for all the crazy DIYers who work on a limited budget.

This simple crate shelves unit will cost you almost nothing. All you need is some old crates, paint for wooden furniture, and some free time. The result is stunning like everything that is made with love! 😉

25. Stylish Wooden Toy Storage Boxes

DIY Stylish toys and books organizer made of carts #toystorage #bookstorage #organizer #carts #decorhomeideas
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I love how these beautiful wooden boxes fit the whole room design. I love the labeling. I love the handles and the simplicity.

Best of all, the kid’s room looks so tidy now.

26. Safari Bookstand For Toddlers

Here is one cute addition to your toddler’s room. It is kids- and environmental-friendly as it is made of wood.

Plus, it complements the rest of the furniture and the color of the walls.

27. Rustic Toy Storage Bins

DIY Teal and Lime Nursery toy storage #toystorage #nursery #organizer #decorhomeideas
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While I was searching on the internet for inspiring pictures of toy organizers, this lovely DIY storage made of a metal bin with a lid just caught my eye.

I love the soft green seating space and the fact you can use it as a stool.

Of course, you should first consider if it would fit the whole room design.

28. Vertical Toy Organizer

Toy organizer The leaning tower of toys #toystorage #bookcase #organizer #toytower #decorhomeideas
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This vertical tower of toys is a real diamond!

It is a space-saver, it looks nice, and it is a great option if your kids are of different ages and their toys need to be separated somehow.

Moreover, the space for labeling in the front could help the kids to keep their things organized.

29. Magnetic Toy Cars Organizer

DIY Magnetic toy rack organizer #toystorage #organizer #magneticorganizer #decorhomeideas
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Are you tired of stepping on car toys because they are everywhere around the house?

Here is a thought – why don’t you hang a couple of magnetic kitchen wall strips in your boy’s room and use them as a car toys organizer?

It is functional, it doesn’t require lots of money and could be done for less than an hour.

30. Personalized Toy Storage Bench

DIY Royal box toy organizer #toystorage #boxstorage #bench #diy #decorhomeideas
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Every little princess would fall in love with this fairy piece of furniture.

I find it very practical as it is a bench and toy storage in one. Plus, the girl would feel very special thanks to the personalization.

31. The Ideal LEGO Storage

DIY lego storage #toystorage #lego #organizer #diy #decorhomeideas
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These categorized cheap toy boxes can be transformed into the ultimate LEGO storage.

In this way, you won’t just keep your boy’s room tidy but you will also teach him the colors and how to be organized.

32. Toy Storage For Living Room

DIY Toy storage and books organizer play station #toystorage #bookcase #organizer #playstation #diy #decorhomeideas
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As many people are living in smaller flats without a separate bedroom for the kid, I decided to show you this design.

The lovely playroom with stylish toy storage and a bench would perfectly fit your living room.

There is plenty of space for all the toys and books, and you will keep your kid entertained easily.

33. Wooden Play Kitchen And Toy Storage In One

Toys storage kitchen play station #toystorage #organizer #kitchen #playstation #decorhomeideas
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When I showed my baby girl this picture she literally freaked out.

We bought almost the same and she is so happy now while cooking air and inviting her imaginary friends to a tea party! 🙂

I don’t regret either because there is plenty of space for her little toys that used to be around the house all the time.

34. DIY Toy Storage Bins

DIY Toy storage bins made from diaper boxes #toystorage #organizer #diaperboxes #decorhomeideas
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These DIY storage bins are actually made of old nappy boxes and put under the table.

It is a very good option for those of you who are on a limited budget. It requires a few hours of your free time and a pinch of love.

35. Wooden Boy Toys Organizer

DIY Wooden wagon for storing toys and books #toystorage #organizer #woodenwagon #decorhomeideas
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This stylish wooden toys and books storage on wheels is particularly good for a boy’s room.

I know it cannot fit too many things but it looks so gorgeous in the house, especially if there is a wooden design.

36. Wooden Bookcase With Reading Nook

This cute and fun bookcase with a reading nook is very functional as it has lots of storage space and it also gives the kids a cozy space to read their favorite fairytales.

37. Toy Storage From Crates

Toy Storage From Crates #toystorage #crates #diy #decorhomeideas
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Marcy Kendall‎

Make a bookshelf for your kid’s room with crates from Michaels. It’s neat and tidy.

Toy Storage From Crates #toystorage #crates #diy #decorhomeideas
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You can name each crate with a different word.

38. BONUS: Best Selling Toy Storage Ever

Honestly, I’m not quite sure why this one is the best-selling toy storage organizer, but it seems simple design, easy-to-move storage bins and sturdy base gives it all the needed specs to be recommended by most of the buyers!

39. Corner Toy Storage

Corner Space Toy Storage. Perfect solution for an unused corner space. Easy DIY toy storage project. #diy #toystorage #decorhomeideas
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Here is an idea about using unused corner space for toy storage. It could be easily replicated and looks like it could store a lot of toys.

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