20 Ingenious Storage Ideas That You Never Thought Of

I’m always looking for more space and these storage ideas really helped me to organize the place. Really liked the unders stairs storage idea.

Always on the lookout for more storage, no matter how big my home is. There is always some thing that need more space and can’t be put anywhere.

1. Get a smart storage bed!

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If you have a small bedroom and storage space in it is constrained, think of a practical solution such as going for a storage bed. A storage bed? Yes. This is a bed that also provides for space storage. If you are asking why a storage bed, the answer is plain simple.

You will be killing two birds with one stone! Storage beds offer plenty of space if well designed. In this bedroom, the bed has a rear storage unit that is well subdivided into drawers to maximize on the space.

We love this idea because it is very practical and makes the space look neat and tidy.

However, we think you can do better by having the storage unit designed with a more stylish appeal.