18 Clever Ways to Organize Your Tupperware for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Tupperware is an essential kitchen utensil. It is a critical item when you have leftovers or are packing for lunch. 

Despite their instrumentality in the kitchen, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right Tupperware since organizing them is a significant challenge.

Tired of the chaos in your kitchen cabinets? Discover 18 clever ways to organize your Tupperware that will transform your space. From simple storage hacks to ingenious DIY solutions, these tips will help you keep lids and containers in perfect order. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a streamlined kitchen!

There always seems to be a disparity between the number of containers and lids you have; most of the time, they hardly match. 

Fortunately, there are ways to arrange your Tupperware so that you can easily find the container you want. Here are some organization techniques. 

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1. Use Horizontally Divided Drawers

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Turning a drawer into a Tupperware organizer is easy. All you need to do is divide it appropriately. By dividing your drawer horizontally, you create two equal spaces. You can store lids on one side and containers on the other side. 

Alternatively, you can divide the drawer appropriately to fit the number of dishes and lids you have. Adjusting the divider will allow you to adjust the spaces appropriately based on your number of containers. 

2. Divide by Size 

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Tupperware comes in all shapes and sizes, and most of the time, the Tupperware you have may not fit together. It may be a matter of shape, size, or even design. In such cases, installing and using drawer designs can help you organize your food storage containers. 

Most modern kitchens have a drawer designated for Tupperware storage. Still, even if your kitchen doesn’t have one, you can achieve the same idea by using easy-to-install plastic dividers. Create the compartments based on the sizes of Tupperware you have.

3. Get the Same Type of Tupperware

tupperware organization 03


One of the main challenges when organizing Tupperware is having containers of different designs and shapes that won’t just fit together. This can be solved by having the same type of Tupperware. 

If your budget allows, using the same brand of containers will make your organizing process a breeze.

Even when going for several sets of Tupperware, keeping the brand the same ensures you have several lids that fit together, so you’ll spend less time looking for the right one.

4. Install Built-in Dividers

tupperware organization 04


One of the central organizing nightmares when storing Tupperware is where to put the lids. Storing the containers closed will make you run out of space, especially if the closed containers don’t stack together. Placing them under containers, on the other hand, could cause an organizational mess and lead to the loss or displacement of some lids.

Using built-in drawer dividers can help you solve this problem. Dividers keep the lids separate from the containers yet easy to spot and retrieve.

Dividers are placed on the drawer’s upper part, while the drawer’s bottom is used to store the stacked containers. This organization technique will also work for other utensils with lids, such as pots, pans, and casserole dishes. 

Even though dividers are extremely helpful in organizing Tupperware storage, sometimes you may need more space for them. In such cases, storing the lids vertically in order could make all the difference, maximizing space and ensuring easy access.

5. Go for a Custom Organizer

tupperware organization 05


Nothing beats a custom-made design for organizing your Tupperware. You can design your storage space to fit your Tupperware.

For example, you can make custom-made dividers and lid holders so that everything has a designated space. With such an organizer, you’ll know where each item goes during storage time. 

6. Use Storage Bins 

tupperware organization 06


Storage bins are one of my preferred storage solutions. In addition to the laundry area, they may also store Tupperware. If you have limited cabinet and pantry space, using storage bins can help you use it well. 

Go for bins that are easy to retrieve. These can be plastic or wire bins on a pantry shelf or island. You can easily pull the storage bins out, quickly look, and get what you need.

7. Create a Tupperware Storage Shelf

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When you have a lot of Tupperware that may not easily fit in a drawer, the best way to organize and store these containers is to have a designated shelf.

This can be done in the pantry or by creating wire shelving and turning it into a Tupperware organizer. 

Sort the items by size, material, or design. A Tupperware shelf will be handy for people with large families and many utensils.

8. Use Your Tupperware In the Refrigerator 

tupperware organization 08


It may seem a bit cliché, but one way to reduce the need to store Tupperware is to use it to store some of your items.

If you use your containers to store leftovers and food at hand occasionally, the number of Tupperware you have will quickly diminish. 

These containers can store fresh-cut veggies or even fresh grocery supplies. This isn’t only a storage solution, but it will also help you maximize the available space in your refrigerator.

9. Stack Vertically

tupperware organization 09


If you have enough space, storing your Tupperware vertically may be the best solution. In such a system, the lids and the Tupperware aren’t kept separately; the containers are closed and stacked on each other. 

This creates an aesthetically pleasing system and makes it easy to use Tupperware since you only have to grab one item and won’t need to spend time rummaging through the containers to find a lid.

10. Use Wire Shelves

tupperware organization 10


As with most small storage solutions, creating storage tiers can help you maximize the space. Using wires to create racks can make extra storage on a shelf where containers can be placed on top and below. 

This way, you can create a pop-top storage and stack bigger containers on each other. An adjustable shelf is even better since you can structure the tiers appropriately. 

11. Choose a Convenient Arrangement 

tupperware organization 11


One of the best ways to organize items is to sort them out based on how frequently you use them. This same strategy can be used when organizing your Tupperware.

Items you frequently use should be placed in the front, followed by containers you use occasionally and containers you rarely use at the back. This ensures you don’t have to rearrange your Tupperware whenever you want to use it constantly. 

12. Try a Wired Storage Solution

tupperware organization 12


In addition to dividers, you can create compartments by using wired or acrylic bins to keep everything contained and easily visible.

All you need to do is find a wired bin of the right size, arrange your Tupperware, and place it on your shelf or cabinet. 

13. Store Tupperware in the Upper Cabinet 

tupperware organization 13


Using an upper cabinet to store your Tupperware is one way to improve your organizational skills. Unlike drawers and lower cabinets, everything in an upper cabinet has to be carefully placed inside, ensuring your Tupperware is always organized. 

When using such a system, you must create a Tupperware arrangement pattern that places items in designated sections or areas. When returning containers to the cabinet, always follow this organizing pattern.

14. Color Code the Lids 

tupperware organization 14


For perfectionists and lovers of décor, color-coding the lids of your Tupperware is a fun and effective way to arrange them. Organize your Tupperware storage in a rainbow or the color pattern of your choice. 

Going with size can make the arrangement even more exciting. This organization system will also work well for baking sheets and pot lids. Besides, the system makes the organizing process fun and interesting.

15. Use a Pull-out Drawer

tupperware organization 15


The best way to ensure you always have your Tupperware ready is to create a designated storage space for them; a pull-out drawer may just be the proper storage solution. Ensure you maximize space, especially if you have several containers. Stack the containers in ascending order, with the most enormous container at the bottom. 

Containers of the same size will nestle together, so you can have several containers of the same type if you have enough drawers. The good thing about this storage method is that it’ll work even with containers of different sizes and shapes. 

Maintaining the order of such a system is crucial in easing the process of finding containers. When storing containers, always be mindful of their size. It may be an extra step, but it’s worth the struggle. 

Storage tip: Rather than stacking the lids together, store them vertically. This ensures the covers are easy to see and that you can easily find the one you need without going through a messy pile.

16. Declutter Your Cabinet

tupperware organization 16


One of the cardinal organizing rules is decluttering, which is also true for your Tupperware. Get rid of containers without lids or lids that don’t go with any container.

Once you’ve removed all the unuseful containers, arrange the remaining ones in a drawer. If you have several containers, you can use a divider to organize the drawer further. 

17. Create a Stasher Bag Bin 

tupperware organization 17


If you prefer stasher bags to Tupperware, the best way to store these flexible storage containers is to use a structured bin you can easily access.

A woven bin will fit nicely in a pantry or shelf and is easy to pull out, so you can go through it and get the container you need. 

18. Create Some Room For Extra Containers

tupperware organization 18


When organizing, thinking ahead of the curve always pays off, and having extra storage space for your Tupperware is one way of planning ahead.

Your Tupperware drawer doesn’t always have to be stacked; leave some extra storage space for additional containers you may get.

For example, after buying takeout, you can use this space to store the plastic containers that come with the food rather than throwing them out. Reusing is one way to go green!

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