5 Revolutionary Tips for Organizing Your Most Challenging Spaces

The truth of the matter is that organization isn’t an easy task, and it isn’t a natural talent for most people. On top of that, some spaces are downright intimidating (chaos spaces), making it even more demotivating.

But at the end of the day, we can’t just live with the mess, especially for the sake of one’s mental health. Luckily, there’s always hope, and with a few organization tricks and tips, you can put everything in place and have your tidy haven!

Dive into a world of organization with our comprehensive tips for tackling even the toughest spaces. From cluttered closets to chaotic kitchens, explore expert strategies to bring order and efficiency to every corner of your home.

Today, we’ve decided to share a few ideas to help you tackle those tough spaces in your home and keep them clean and organized.

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Keep Tabs on Your Backstock

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Backstock refers to the place where you store extra and backup supplies. If you keep adding supplies to your backstock faster than you’re using them, you’ll create a chaos space in no time.

However, this could only occur for one reason: you’re not checking your backstock before shopping.

Your backstock section in the pantry should always be clearly labeled to ensure you know which supplies are in extra before you go on buying others.

If you have a routine whereby you shop on specific days, a good trick is to set a reminder on your phone to notify you to check backstock before shopping. If you’re an old-school person who prefers a paper grocery list, remember to write the reminder there.

Eliminate Shoes from Your Floors with Bins

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Shoes always find a way to pile up, whether in the entryway or in the mudroom, and you’re most likely to find them scattered.

If you’ve tried to instill some discipline in your family members, like having everyone try to arrange their shoes neatly, but haven’t been fruitful, then maybe that’s a sign for a whole new approach.

An effective solution to solving this mess is using storage bins. Seagrass, fabric, and woven baskets will be excellent, adding a natural rustic vibe to your space.

Store your baskets under an entryway bench, and no one will even get a glimpse of any mess!

Transform Your Home Office with a Rolling Cart

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Ever since the Covid pandemic, our lives have experienced a dynamic shift, and one major change was using our homes as the new workplaces. 

This meant you had to dedicate a space to conduct your work; that is, if you didn’t already have one, and most of the time, it could be your couch or even the kitchen table. 

The downside to such makeshift workplaces is that storage is a huge problem; once you’re done with your work, you have to clear everything out since it’s a multipurpose space.

The easiest solution to such an issue is a portable two- or three-tier cart where you can keep all your work supplies. You can move it around the house wherever you feel like working from, and it’ll be very helpful in avoiding creating a work dumping ground.

As with all storage, organization is a must, or you’ll just end up with another messy space. To avoid this, ensure you use dividers for your bins to create sections for different work essentials. This will make your workspace tidy, and creating a system that helps you get the most out of your work will be easy.

Give Out Your Old Towels

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Most of the time, many folded towels will pile up on our chaos towel shelf, such that the entire pile becomes disorganized whenever you try to pull one out.

To avoid such, donating fraying towels, perhaps at your local homeless or dog shelter, would be wise!

Afterward, create a system that’ll make it easier to access towels. Opt for fabric or woven storage baskets as a solution; they’ll also conceal your towels.

Don’t Stress Yourself with Deep Cabinets

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Deep pantry cabinets normally have immense space, but this isn’t always advantageous. The very back of these cabinets can easily transform into a black hole for perishables, and keeping such spaces organized is quite difficult, considering how hard they are to reach.

One way of solving this is using long, deep bins like an Elfa drawer. You can also find two attachable containers and make one long container for your huge space.

If none of these solutions work, you just have to come to terms with the fact that all the available space isn’t usable; there’s no need to use all the space and then end up with a chaotic space. Rather, find accessible bins for ease of maintenance and a tidy space. 

Organize Your Chaos Closet into Something Unique

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Almost everybody has that one closet filled with random items, ranging from art supplies to travel gear to cleaning and anything in between.

We recommend transforming this space into a utility closet to make it even more functional. Group your items into categories, then divide your closet into zones for each category. This will create a space that won’t overwhelm you, and you’ll be able to locate things much easier.

With storage solutions, almost every space is usable, including doors. So if you have, let’s say, a mop or broom, you can place some hooks behind the closet door and hang them. There’s nothing better than a vertical storage solution!

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