38 Fantastic Kitchen Organization Ideas To Make It Easier With Everyday Chores

Perfectly organized kitchen? Is it possible? Yes, it is when you discover which storage solutions work best for you and your kitchen.

Stop wasting time wandering in the kitchen looking for the dough roller. Let’s organize that drawer full of free forks and spoons. Why not make a special place for all the cooking foils somewhere close to the cooking stove?

Best Kitchen Organization Ideas. Are you ready to organize your kitchen in a way that will make it easier for you with your everyday routine? We have the best organization and storage ideas for your kitchen supplies and utensils.

And last but not least, free enough space in the cabinets to declutter the countertop. Wonder what to start with your kitchen decluttering plan?

Start with our 38 Fantastic Kitchen Organization Ideas To Make It Easier With Everyday Chores.

Whether small or big kitchen, the ideas below will help you organize it in a way that suits the space and your everyday activities in this room.

1. Plastic Boxes To Sort The Stored In The Fridge

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The racks on the door of the fridge seem to be helpful only for bottle storage. You can quickly turn them into universal items storage places by equipping them with plastic boxes in suitable sizes. Use smaller and larger ones to increase the variety of items that can be stored there.

via Four Generations One Roof

2. Undershelf Organizer For Optimized Storage

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The racks for mounting to a shelf are very helpful in the kitchen, in the pantry and why not in the bedroom wardrobe?

You can get them on a deal from the Dollar Tree and attach them to the cabinets and cupboards which have more space vertically to be utilized.

via Polished Habitat

3. Use File Organizers To Store Vegetables

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File organizers from wire look pretty well when repurposed into kitchen organizers. They are also very practical allowing the air to circulate through the gaps and thus keep the stored products fresh for a longer time.

You can add a tag on each and mark their purpose for a cute customized look.

via Homesort

4. Customized Storage Box On The Backsplash

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Every time you cook, you wander around the kitchen to find the aluminum foil for cooking…You can save time and all that fuss if you install a customized rack right above the stove for cooking.

This rack offers three sections for storage of cooking films.

via Kitorg Officials

5. Organization In Wire Baskets

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Wire baskets are great for extra storage of all kinds of things.

In the kitchen, they could help organize the frequently used fruits and vegetables on the countertop.

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6. Storage In Plastic Bins And Glass Jars

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The storage space in the small pantry can be easily increased with this great kitchen organization idea. Instead of placing the products directly on the shelves, put them in plastic bins. The bins will provide more space for smaller items that would otherwise cover the entire shelf surface.

Another great hint for a good-looking and well-organized pantry is to transfer the contained in bags in jars. The jars will keep the product in good condition for a longer time.

Don’t forget to use metal racks in the vertical space on the inner side of the door.

via See Vanessa Craft

7. Office Plastic Trays Repurposed Into Kitchen Drawer Organizers

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This is another inspiring idea with repurposed office supplies. The small plastic trays intended for staples, clips, etc. are great for organizing smaller kitchen supplies like cream, dozes of hot chocolate,etc.

Dedicate a drawer for these kitchen items and place the trays inside.

via Unlikely Martha

8. Racks For Extra Storage

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If there is a small wall that is blank, you can turn it into a vertical storage space for frying pans, lids and other bulkier items or such with strange shapes.

For that purpose, you need wall racks of suitable lengths.

via Simple Decorating Tips

9. Measuring Cups At One-hand Distance

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Save the time you spent in searching for the measuring spoons in the drawer! With this easy idea, you can store them right next to the countertop and access them quickly and easily.

All cups are organized on the door of one of the cabinets with command adjustable hooks. Add labels above each cup with the size.

via Pine + Poplar

10. Small Wall Shelf For Seasonings

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This idea is perfect for small kitchens but it can be useful for larger ones where there isn’t a dedicated space for the oils.

The rack is made to suit perfectly the narrow empty wall in the kitchen. This idea is entirely a DIY project with cheap supplies. You need 1″x3″ screen molding, metal brackets and screws to assemble the rack to the wall securely.

via Enigneer Your Space

11. Cheap Spice Racks

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This pantry door spice rack cost $3 in total! How was that possible? Well, with supplies from the Dollar Store all is possible!

The supplies for this DIY organization idea are three cooling racks and a pair of pliers. Bend the cooling rack in a way to form three sides. Then, add a piece of thick fabric at the sides to ensure that the end bottles won’t fall out of the racks.

via The Stonybrook House

12. Organize The “Junk Drawer”

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Admit it or not, every home has a “junk drawer”! Make it a little more appealing and organized by adding plastic office supplies trays. With them, you could sort the “junk” and keep all items in place.

via The Simply Organized Home

13. Sort Out The Important Receipts

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Do you want to keep track of paying bills? With this DIY receipt organizer, you will be able to sort all important receipts and also declutter your home in general.

The folders are sealed to the inner side of the pantry doors. They are 6 in total but you may need less. To make these cute pockets, prepare plain paper and contact paper for decoration and packaging tape to fix them.

It is important to add labels to each folder to maintain the order.

via Refashionably Late

14. Upcycle A Spool Into A Spice Rack

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If you are a fan of recycling projects, here is a great and easy DIY idea intended to organize the kitchen clutter.

A weathered wire spool has been transformed into a rotating spice rack with one simple upgrade- adding a Lazy Susan mechanism at the bottom of the spool.

via Chipping With Charm

15. Optimize Storage In The Cabinet Under The Sink

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The cabinet under the sink is usually used for the storage of cleaning detergents and cleaning accessories and gadgets. Usually, this cabinet looks quite messy because of the big number of bottles and various size items tucked in the free space there.

One easy and cheap item can make a miracle with the organization in this cabinet: the tension rod. Stretch it in the upper half of the cabinet and enjoy this extra space for storage! It is great for detergent bottles.

via A Thousand Words

16. Make A Tableware Rack From Pallet Wood

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This is a very cute DIY idea that offers lots of possibilities to use!

The image shows its application as a farmhouse tableware organizer but it can also be part of your outdoor garden. Indoors, this pallet wood creation can be turned into a herb garden!

via Flipping The Flip

17. Arrange The Spices With A Magnet Spice Rack

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We love magnet organizers! They add a modern touch to the kitchen interior and are very functional when it comes to space-saving!

This kitchen organization idea shows the potential of a magnetic spice rack. It stays directly on the wall to keep the countertop decluttered and the flavor additives sorted and at one hand distance.

via From House To Home

18. Custom Drawer Dividers

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Every drawer storing smaller items can be upgraded with customized dividers. They come in place of storage bins and cost less than $10 for a drawer.

Get slats from the store and cut them in size. Use glue to fix the slats to the drawer and to each other.

via Kevin and Amanda

19. Stack The Wire Baskets

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Wire baskets are perfect for storage of vegetables and fruits.

The pantry shelves are usually higher so there is a possibility to stack two baskets and save space from the shelves to put other things.

via Little Label Co

20. Keep The Dough Rollers Neat And Tidy

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If you like baking, then you surely have a collection of dough rollers. But where do you store them? I bet that they stay in a drawer and they dangle in it every time you open it.

Well, with this special rack you will ensure a dedicated place for them and also have a great farmhouse decor piece.

via Etsy

21. Store The Strange-shaped Kitchen Items On Wire Racks

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The lids of the pans cannot be stacked and usually cover too much of the shelf space.

The wire wall racks shown in this kitchen organization idea are perfect for kitchen items of strange shapes.

22. Store All Spoons In A Drawer

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This is another customized idea for an improved kitchen organization. A slim pull-out drawer is equipped with metal round organizers to hold cooking ware.

Holes are made on the top shelf with the diameter of the holders to insert them. The bottom shelf has a ledge to keep items in place.

23. Use A Plate Rack To Organize The Pans

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The dish drying rack can be repurposed into a cabinet organizer for frying pans. Simply turn it on its side and place it tightly to the inner cabinet side.

You may want to fix it with brackets and screws to the wood to ensure it stays rigidly there even when loaded with pans.

24. Store The Dishes Elegantly

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Another inspiring idea of drawer organization is this elegant dish arrangement. Instead of slat dividers, there are vertical sections in four points defining the place for the dish pile.

They are glued directly on the drawer bottom.

via Laurel Home

25. Store The Mugs Vertically

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If you are a tea or coffee drinker, then you surely have a collection of mugs. To empty the cabinet where the mugs stay and to keep them at an accessible distance, make yourself a special mug rack.

The materials can be found almost free- one small pallet and a dozen plain metal hooks. Screw the rack to an empty part of a kitchen wall and hang the mugs.

via One Little Bird Blog

26. Customized Tableware Drawer

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This drawer organization features a box section divider with high sides to store the tableware. Such an idea is suitable for deep drawers because the forks and the spoons stay upright.

Lumber, glue and a saw are needed to customize the organizer to the dimensions of your drawer.

via Monika Stiklica

27. Utilize Overlooked Spaces

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The bottom of the cupboards is an overlooked space usually left unutilized. With this kitchen organization hack, you can store food in jars and declutter a cabinet or the countertop. You need big jars and screws.

Screw their lids to the bottom of the cupboard and voila! A new vertical organizer made in the blink of an eye!

28. Organize The Cutting Boards

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If you don’t want to damage the walls of the kitchen by mounting vertical wire racks to store the cutting boards, there is another organizational solution. Store them upright in a wooden crate or a tray on the countertop.

Place the seasoning containers in the empty space of the tray and small decor pieces to complete the arrangement.

29. Store Vegetables And Fruits In Crates

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Speaking of crates, here is an idea of how you can upcycle them as kitchen drawers. The gaps between the slats are perfect in this application as they allow air circulation to keep stored vegetables and fruits fresh.

30. Tiered Tray Organization Idea

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This is a new read of the standard fruiter! The tiered tray is made of galvanized steel and elevated on three tiers, adds a unique farmhouse flair to the interior. Combine with green plants and place on the countertop.

31. Extra Space At The Cabinet Side

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This hanging wire basket offers multiple storage applications! Screw it to the side of a cabinet and decide what will be stored in it. You can sort the mail, the receipts or you can organize the cooking films in there.

The idea here shows how suitable it is also for sorting of towels and paper bags.

via The Crafties Couple

32. Racks At The Side Of The Cabinet

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The vertical space at the side of the end cabinet can be also utilized for storage of cooking ware. Two metal racks are just enough to organize all of them!

33. Drawer Organizer For Seasonings

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This spice organizer can be found in most of the home stores and also in the Dollar Tree. It features a box with two levels which enables organizing the spice jars horizontally.

34. Fridge Organizer For Foils And Baking Paper

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The cheap file holder can be a useful organization accessory in the kitchen. Screw it to the inner side of a cabinet door and place in it all the cooking films.

35. Countertop Rod And Basket Organizer

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You had probably seen a similar rod organizer at IKEA. This one features a vintage look with its black color, curved brackets and hooks. Storage is ensured in wire baskets in the same color which are big enough to hold two jars with food products or a few smaller containers.

36. Slim Pull-out Cabinet

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If you don’t have a pantry, you must be wondering how to make extra space in the cabinets to store cans and jars with food. Well, this kitchen organization idea comes right on time to help you make a small pantry in the kitchen.

It features a pull-out shelf which is very slim. It covers the gap between the end cabinet and the wall. It is pretty high though and that makes it perfect for vertical storage.

37. Push-out Pan Organizer

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This is a functional and modern mechanism for the storage of frying pans in a cabinet. By pulling it, you can pull out all pans out of the cabinet and choose the one needed at this moment.

38. Drawer Organizer For Baking Accessories

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These customized dividers are placed diagonally in a drawer to optimize the possible length of the stored items. Like the previous customized drawer dividers idea, you need slats and glue to make them.

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