22 Awesome Kitchen Makeovers To Ignite Your Home Renovation Dreams

These 22 amazing kitchen makeover ideas will leave you breathless and inspire your kitchen renovation project.

We have prepared pictures before and after so that you find an example that is closest to your current kitchen design.

Discover 22 stunning kitchen makeovers that will inspire your next home renovation. From small tweaks to major overhauls, see how these transformations bring new life to old spaces. Dive in and ignite your imagination!

You will be surprised by what a great visual change small things and replacements make.

Sometimes, the makeover requires a total overhaul. In other cases, the places of the elements must be changed or additional elements should be considered to make the space more functional.

Let’s take a look at the collection below to let you make all kitchen activities more pleasant.

1. Take Off The Cupboards

22 kitchen remodels 1


This kitchen makeover idea replaces the cupboards with built-in niches.

They open up the space visually and also brighten it up with their neutral white color which blends with the wall,

2. Change The Color Palette

22 kitchen remodels 2


This kitchen makeover features replacing the dark hues with brighter ones. The light colors visually enlarge the space and give it a contemporary look.

Some of the cupboards are replaced by floor-to-ceiling storage units, which help with decluttering the space.

Places of appliances are also changed to achieve a more functional and airy space.

3. Go For Blonde Wood Instead Of Dark Wood

22 kitchen remodels 3.jpg


If you like the natural wood texture, you can choose a blonder version of the wood rather than the outdated brown color.

In this idea, the blonde color of the wood is left for the lower drawers and base of the island. The rest are white to create a visual illusion of a bigger space.

I added copper accents, paired the white cabinets with the blonde ones, and warmened the atmosphere.

4. Declutter The Space

22 kitchen remodels 4.jpg


Smaller kitchens are challenging when designing them into functional, decluttered, and appealing spaces.

This kitchen makeover idea features a new layout of kitchen furniture that ensures that every part is easily and quickly accessible.

To balance the furniture’s amount and layout with the space’s size, white color was chosen to brighten up the kitchen and make it feel larger.

5. Change The Island

22 kitchen remodels 5.jpg


Kitchen layouts with islands are preferred designs for bigger households nowadays because of their advantages.

Islands allow kids to play around, do their homework, and welcome guests in the kitchen.

If you are happy with the cupboards and the cabinets but the island design is too old, change it with one that reflects your needs and contemporary trends.

6. Increase The Work Space With An Island

22 kitchen remodels 6.jpg


In this kitchen makeover idea, there was never an island in the past. The “after” photo reveals the inclusion of an island and the change of the backsplash, the furniture color and the flooring.

The vinyl flooring mimics the natural wood floor but offers better resistance to splashes and dirt.

The white cabinets give the kitchen a modern look even with their farmhouse design mixed with industrial accents.

7. Increase The Total Space Of The Kitchen

22 kitchen remodels 7.jpg


Another interesting makeover idea that will drastically transform your kitchen is uniting the kitchen with the room next to it. That will surely increase the space and also give you more design possibilities.

Marble countertops and backsplashes are trendy at the moment.

If you want to give your functional kitchen a luxurious and elegant look, consider this texture.

8. Change The Outdated Furniture

22 kitchen remodels 8.jpg


Sometimes kitchen makeover means changing every part and aspect of the kitchen. In this before-and-after idea, everything was changed- from the design to the furniture and accents.

To open up the walkway and useable space in this kitchen, Chris Loves Julia opted for a stainless steel built-in fridge, refreshed the walls with brighter subway tiles, and painted the bottom cabinets modern blue-gray.

Almost everything is from IKEA, and they did it all within six days. Now that’s impressive

9. Visually Enlarge The Kitchen With Light Colors

22 kitchen remodels 9.jpg


White cabinets create a neutral kitchen with a sophisticated style.

The white marble countertops and Moroccan-style grey and white oven backsplash pair perfectly with the kitchen’s color scheme, creating a timeless and relaxing atmosphere.

Including an island with stools is great for a big and busy family.

10. Go For A Nautical Color Combo

22 kitchen remodels 10.jpg


The outdated brown cabinets are replaced with navy blue ones that refresh the kitchen interior. The places of the appliances are changed to ensure more comfort for the kitchen activities of the housewife.

The big island with cabinets will take up a lot of stuff and will also become the favorite place to have a quick breakfast or a coffee.

11. Re-paint The Cabinet Doors A Modern Color

22 kitchen remodels 11.jpg


Grey is a modern color that finds its place in almost all house rooms. In the kitchen, people tend to use it as a color for the cabinets, the backsplash, or the countertops.

Olive green and navy blue are other colors that can upgrade the kitchen decor easily and give it an updated look.

12. Choose A Light-colored Flooring

22 kitchen remodels 12.jpg


Flooring is another important part of the kitchen decor, especially when the space is limited.

In that case, opt for a light-colored floor that will visually enlarge the space and also give you more options for furniture colors and combinations.

13. Change Part Of The Kitchen Elements

22 kitchen remodels 13.jpg


If you are happy with the kitchen cabinets’ design and color, you can move the appliances to make them more accessible and functional.

The outdated backsplash can be replaced with trendy subway tiles or marble slats. Moroccan-style tiles are also a great choice for a more neutral kitchen decor.

Other parts you can replace easily with new ones without breaking the bank are the knobs and handles of the furniture, the light fixtures and the countertops.

14. Change The Backsplash

22 kitchen remodels 14.jpg


Check out how modern this kitchen has become after changing the subway backsplash with a modern hexagonal tile backsplash.

The cabinets’ lighter color and white countertops, which create an airy feel and visual illusion of a larger space, were considered.

15. Change The Places Of The Appliances

22 kitchen remodels 15.jpg


The kitchen is a busy room and for a housewife, all appliances and work surfaces must be logically located.

When you plan the kitchen makeover, don’t consider only the colors of the kitchen elements. Think about the place of all appliances.

16. Reorgaize Space

22 kitchen remodels 16.jpg


Another important part of the kitchen makeover is the design of the space. Think about the best location on the island, the dining table, and the appliances.

Opt for a design that creates an organized space, decluttered look, and airy feel.

17. Go For U-shaped Kitchen

22 kitchen remodels 17.jpg


U-shaped kitchens are very comfortable for housewives who want to cook and be part of the conversation at once.

This shape allows sight and access to all areas of the kitchen.

18. Make The Kitchen Brighter

22 kitchen remodels 18


Are you impressed with how sleek this kitchen has become since changing the furniture colors to lighter ones? The room feels twice as big and very contemporary.

The marble island is the space’s focal point and is united with the rest of the furniture by the marble countertop.

The oven backsplash complements the silver and white veins of the marble countertops and the silver appliances.

19. Make It Contemporary

22 kitchen remodels 19.jpg


The decluttered look of the kitchen doesn’t always mean walls covered with cabinets.

If the space is smaller, you may want to decrease the number of cabinets or go for open shelves instead which will balance the airy feel of the space.

Another designer’s hint for a visually larger space is to mount the cabinets tightly to the ceiling instead of leaving a gap between them.

20. Bright Kitchen With Brass Elements

22 kitchen remodels 20.jpg


This before-and-after kitchen makeover is stunning! What was a dark and gloomy space has become a bright and welcoming area.

Despite the size of the kitchen, the furniture set includes an island where the family can gather.

The walls are covered with white and silver hexagonal tiles. The furniture is in two colors, leaving the white cabinets for upper mounting, which will ensure an airy feel, and the darker ones for floor mounting.

21. Go For Open Shelves

22 kitchen remodels 21.jpg


In this kitchen makeover, replacing the upper cabinets with open shelves has drastically changed the overall look of the space.

They create a bright and open kitchen. Their farmhouse style infuses the air, making the atmosphere warm and welcoming.

22. Go For A Bold Cabinet Color

22 kitchen remodels 22.jpg


Black is not to everyone’s taste. You may have thought that this color closes the space and makes it gloomy.

However, the black color of this kitchen design brings dimension to the kitchen and a unique character.

The wooden open shelves, the white walls and ceiling, and the light-colored flooring are very important for balancing the specific impact of the black color, which emphasizes the rest of the colors and finishes in the kitchen.

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