32 Best Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

I’m sure you have seen a lot of gorgeous kitchens with antique white cabinets on Pinterest, right?

So, let’s find out the best cabinets in antique white for your kitchen and inspire you to remodel it.

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Antique white is a color name, which is used since 1987.

The color itself is a “shade of white” (or a neutral grey), which means it only differs from white very slightly.

Its name derives from the fact that it usually gives object painted in it a unique old world look, so it can be used to give character and class to your furniture.

1. Add Elegance to Your Kitchen with Magnificent White Cabinets

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Granite Countertop

Photo: Credit

The huge kitchen cabinets in this kitchen are placed as an ‘island’ in the center of the floor to demonstrate the elegant power of their design from many different angles as visitors and owners walk the room.

They are not an additional touch, but an integral element or even the center piece of this classy looking home.

2. Bring Style and Functionality with a Movable White Cabinet

Traditional Kitchen With White Cabinets

Photo: Credit

Here is a more compact kitchen with limited space for furnishing in the middle and near the walls.

The designer found a solution to the sizing problem by placing a small, but solid wheeled cabinet to combine style and functionality, and liven up the place with fresh flowers and spices, which stick out from under the countertop.

3. Transform Your Space with Timeless Pieces of Furniture 

Kitchen With Antique White Cabinets

Photo: Credit

The white color of these cabinets catch and distribute the light beautifully into the space. 

White is obviously the main color, but it is also worth noticing the way everything else is painted as well: from the top to the walls, floor and backsplashes.

A unique and eye catching piece of furniture such as an antique cabinet demands a clarity and direction of style, we will be further discussing in this article.

4. Add a Touch of Freshness to Antique Kitchen with Lively Plants

French Country Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Photo: Credit

There is nothing wrong in showing the ‘old’ in antiques: they can be worn out and imperfect, but that only complements their immortality.

To further drive that impression, add some old items and decorations, combine with the right colors, and make sure you give them enough space.

5. Upgrade with Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Countertop

Photo: Credit

Kitchen cabinets may look like they are there to impress and to demand attention, or they may look just the opposite.

There is little that can be more stylish than a clean slick look, and that is also the case when it comes to antiques.

The cabinets on this photo don’t rely on rustic elements: they contain perfection in their simplicity.

6. Accentuate Your White Kitchen with a Dark Wood Island

Two Tier Kitchen Island With Antique White Cabinets Design

Photo: Credit

The colors of a white cabinet kitchen should follow a clear direction to make the look work.

Homogeneity of the palette, however, allows for some darker colors in the floor and some furniture in the center of the room.

A dark kitchen island can be made of any dark type of wood and will provide an accent and make the kitchen look more whole and complete.

7. Combine White and Dark Brown Furniture for an Exquisite Look 

Antique White Cabinets Design Ideas

Photo: Credit

There are several main possibilities to choose tops from.

Most commonly the material is granite, so the choice goes with whitish light grey, grey with whiter highlights or dark grey.

Those are the colors, which bring out the best in the antique white color.

Combining antique white and dark brown furniture lets you try two of those, as in this example.

8. Create a Balanced Ambiance with Black Accents

Luxury Kitchen With Antique White Cabinets

Photo: Credit

The uniform look is great, but can seem lifeless.

You want to make sure your home is nothing like a hospital waiting room if you wish to feel comfortable in it.

So combine the calming whiteness with some darker accents and some plants to bring it to life.

9. Add Classic Style to Your Kitchen with Paneled Wainscoting

White Kitchen Cabinets With Gorgeous Backsplash

Photo: Credit

Paneled wainscoting adds more classic style to your kitchen.

Some people choose to combine both, because they feel that the two elements mix nicely and provide a flashback to fancier times, when wainscoting and stylish furniture were popular all across Europe centuries ago.

10. Elevate the Style of Your Room with Pristine White Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen Antique White Cabinets

Photo: Credit

For some interior designers color is the main element of style and even using white as the main color, is no reason for you to forget that at all.

White cabinets go with several different palette decisions, mainly soft shades of grey or ivory, or darker tones, which will make the white stand out.

That said, bright colors will grab the attention away from your furniture and make it look like a kitsch detail, so this one is a big no.

11. Complement Your Cabinetry with Beautiful Wooden Floors

Open plan kitchen with antique white cabinets

Photo: Credit

A nice wooden floor can change the overall look of your kitchen dramatically.

Here the soft brown of the floor adds warmth and character to the tidiness and style of the white surrounding it.

The beige wall colors complement the cabinets by giving a sense of dimension behind them, but also allow the floor to stand out.

12. Enhance White Kitchen Cabinets with Brightly Colored Granite

Corner Kitchen Cabinets In Antique White

Photo: Credit

The granite on top of antique kitchen cabinets is not that difficult to make look well, even though it looks so gorgeous.

Keep in mind the glazing you put on the cabinets and choose granite, which will pair up well with this accent.

Darker glaze with lighter grey (or almost white) granite and lighter glaze with darker tops, as in this picture.

13. Transform Your Cabinets with DIY Glazing

Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets

Photo: Credit

Glazing emphasizes details of the cabinets and helps give them a more polished look.

‘Glazing’ means putting a layer of transparent or colored coating on top of furniture to give a warm old world feel.

Glazing your cabinets yourself can be risky, so only experienced DIY experts should try it.

14. Revitalize Your Countertops with Subtle Color Nuances

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Paired With Dark Floor

Photo: Credit

It doesn’t make sense for the countertops to be a monolithic grey: they should have a spark of a different color, because otherwise the kitchen could look different.

Here their color is similar to the color of the backsplash, but there is still a considerable nuance, as there is to the colors of the floor, curtains and furniture.

More colors in the same kitchen may make it look less sharp, but more like an actual cozy home.

15. Create a Timeless Look with White and Soft Brown Accents

Raised Panel White Kitchen Cabinets

Photo: Credit

For a modern-looking kitchen, which still manifests old time class, think of a combination of colors, which will go easy on the eyes.

This low-contrast color scheme only shows two major colors: white and the soft brown of the floor.

The countertops of the cabinets are also white for that purpose, but still hold some light grey highlights to add character and stay distinguishable.

16. Add an Stunning Dimension to Your Kitchen with Backsplash

Old World Antique White Kitchen

Photo: Credit

The backsplash or the surface over the counters should work to supplement the feel of the cabinets themselves.

It is not the best idea to choose the exact same color, rather a different tone or a similar color to add a dimension and to support the aesthetics.

In this beautiful old world kitchen the backsplash uses the same colors as the counter top: a lighter grey.

17. Create Kitchen Perfection with Dark Granite Countertops

Antique White Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Photo: Credit

In this kitchen you can see a major contrast between the white cabinets and the extreme darkness of the granite countertops, which helps them stand out.

Something, which doesn’t strike the viewer immediately, but is especially important, is the fact that there are light highlights all throughout the top surface material.

The grey highlights allow the countertops to contrast without looking out of place.

The owner decided to pick a soft light color for the backsplashes, which is, however, still situated somewhere between black and white in the palette, and allows for an easier transition between separate elements.

18. Illuminate Your Kitchen with Soft Lights

Snow White Traditional Kitchen

Photo: Credit

This kitchen seemingly doubles as a dining room or even a living room continuation where you can sit in a comfortable chair and read in the sunlight of the huge window.

The antique white cabinets effectively serve as a sort of border between both parts of the space.

19. Highlight Your White Kitchen’s Style with a Brick Wall

Glazed Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

The style of this kitchen may come out as too busy for some.

The owners decided on modern-looking appliances, a dark wooden floor and a textured ceiling.

The metallic color of the appliances reminds us that metal, like classical style, is forever, and the designer chose dark grey countertops to help bring the modern metallic feel and the old school antique white furniture stylistically closer.

20. Transform Your Kitchen with a Low-Contrast Color Scheme

White Antique U-Shaped Kitchen

Photo: Credit

This kitchen is not pretentious at all, clearly a sign of owners who are well set with their perception of class and style and never worry to mix it with something casual and comact.

The slick designs go well with the boxes and other items on the tops.

The brown gives the room a countryside feel and, once you go around the corner, you are in the living room.

21. Bring Farmhouse Charm with Brown Granite Countertops

Spacious Farmhouse Antique Kitchen With White Cabinets

Photo: Credit

The comfort and spaciousness of a countryside home can still be combined with a classy look.

The cabinets don’t take too much room in this house, but that is why they help the cabinet/table in the center grab all the attention and look imposing.

The splashes of red make the place lovely and vivid.

22. Give Your Kitchen a Lasting Coziness with Chocolate Glaze

Fabulous Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Photo: Credit

This fancy kitchen relies on mixing the same few colors on all surfaces.

Of course, the abundance of patterns and the complementing coating color of the cabinets take a masterful insight to plan out so well.

The paneled walls and the decorative elements help set the mood and give the kitchen an everlasting coziness.

To create a chocolate glaze color mix a bit of grey into the white you would use for the other entries.

23. Get a Matching Colour Palette for Your Backsplashes 

Vintage Antique White Kitchen Cabinet

The easiest way to choose a color for the backsplash is to mimic the colors of the countertops.

Granite looks great and having the same color on the walls will make you feel like you are surrounded by that material.

Also, it won’t be too busy on the eye as there won’t be too many different shades of colors fighting to grab your attention.

24. Give Your White Kitchen a Sleek Look with a Black Countertop

Copper Decorated Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Photo: Credit

The owner of this kitchen breaks the rule not to put a single colored top on the cabinet.

However, as they are comfortable with their style, that simple look allows them to place some decorative pieces around the place easily and still look sharp.

Adding some farmhouse pendant lights gives the kitchen more rustic feel.

25. Illuminate Your Home with Elegant Antique Cabinetry

White Kitchen With Antique Cabinets

Photo: Credit

White color reflects much light and that is why the owners of this kitchen made the decisions to use a textured ceiling, a dark floor and dark tops to balance it out.

26. Use White Cabinets for Optimal Functionality and Visual Effect

Rustic White Kitchen

Photo: Credit

To paint your kitchen cabinet antique white first disassemble them carefully, removing the handles, doors and handles.

Then clean them, sand them and wipe the dust.

Paint the cabinets with smooth even strokes of a wide brush.

27. Achieve Professional Refinement with Chic White Cabinetry 

Antique White With Gray Color Kitchen Combo

Photo: Credit

Notice all the reflective surfaces and the aesthetics of the uniform look.

It wouldn’t be like that if the cabinets were not evenly painted from all sides.

Pay attention not to skip any part: don’t forget the insides and even bottom of the cabinets, because that forgetfulness will show.

Don’t forget that gray kitchen cabinets can go well with white.

28. Create a Timeless Look with Wood Stain Glaze

Cream White Antique Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Photo: Credit

The best way to create an antiquated look is to place a wood stain glaze on top of the cabinets and quickly rub it using a clean cloth.

Remove some of it and what remains will dry off and soak into the furniture for the desired look.

29. Give Your Cabinets an Authentic Antique Look 

Antique White Kitchen With Art Stove

Photo: Credit

To artificially create an aged look, use a candle to rub the surfaces of the furniture before laying paint.

Then remove some of the paint with fine sanding paper of block.

This will make your cabinets look like they are vintage or truly antique.

30. Sparkle Up Your Space with a White Kitchen Island

Luxury Antique White Kitchen With Island

As you see in this kitchen, a kitchen top, which doesn’t contrast with the antique white color gives a slick modern look, which some professionals advise doesn’t go that naturally with antique white cabinets.

The rule here is: different colors (however, of the same color family) to make it look old, and similar colors to make it look modern.

Highlights are important in both cases: they help match the surface to the rest of the room.

Gorgeous kitchen island with seating is placed at the center.

31. Elevate Your Home Decor with a Granite Countertop

Classic Antique White Kitchen

There is not that much natural light in that kitchen.

The lamps are also rather dim and scatter light from many directions to help accent the details of the cabinets.

The light is reflected on the smooth shiny surfaces, such as the tops and the metallic appliances for a sense of texture.

32. Transform Your Kitchen with Timeless Antique Design

Kitchen Island Painted In Antique White

Photo: Credit

You can create an old worn-out look in two ways, as discussed above: by using a candlestick and sanding, and by applying wood stain.

The antiquated look is especially emphasized upon here, where the cabinet looks a lot like a relic found at an old house, especially when combined with the monumental stones above the stove.

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