12 Stunning Brown Roof Exterior Paint Inspirations To Revamp Your Home

Brown roofs provide a warm, neutral background, meaning you can pair them effortlessly with any exterior paint colors.

Nonetheless, you need to choose colors compatible with each other – your front door, trim, siding, and other exterior elements should all work in tandem – or you’ll end up with a big disappointment after completing your renovation project.

Revamp your home's exterior with these 12 stunning paint inspirations for brown roofs. Explore creative and elegant color palettes that enhance your home's curb appeal and elevate its overall look.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 inspiring brown roof exterior paint designs to make your home feel natural, warm, and inviting.

Take a look!

1. Impress with Neutrals

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@Sicora Design/Build

Neutral exterior paint colors make a surprisingly powerful impression from the moment you lay eyes upon them.

The Ben Moore Copley Gray on this home’s siding provides a neutral background for the other colors to take center stage.

A shade of Ben Moore Elephant Tusk brightens the trim and pillars, while a dark stain of Ben Moore Midsummer Night on the door draws the eyes of passersby. The barkwood roof shingles tie the whole look with their rich, dark brown hue.

2. Make a Statement with Blue 

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 2


Blue brings depth and drama to exterior paint colors and pairs well with brown.

The Ben Moore Decorator’s White on the trim of this house highlights its architectural features and prevents the Independence blue on the siding from appearing too gloomy.

The eastern red cedar roof shingles subtly complement the other exterior paint colors, while copper metal roofing on the lower roof adds an element of brightness.

3. Stand Bold with Brown and White

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 3

@Candlelight Homes

A small splash of color can create a significant impact, particularly when framed in white trim.

The Woodstock brown on the Hardie board siding of this house pairs well with the Sagewood Weather Ledge stone accent wall to create a rustic, elegant exterior.

Shades of Arctic white on the trim highlight the home’s best features, while the highland slate roofing in Smokey Quartz keeps the attention on the home’s warm exterior colors.

4. Go for Cool Browns

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 4

@Cole Design Studio, Inc.

Without the Baked bread siding and white trim, this home’s exterior would look gloomy and uninviting.

The soft golden brown color playfully contrasts the brown roofing, with the white trim balancing the low-saturated brown color.

5. Stone for the Win

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 5

@Traditional Exterior

This home’s neutral exterior paint colors set a whimsical tone from the street that beckons guests inside.

A muted shade of off-white on the siding mimics mortar-rubbed brick, and the limestone base fashions a fresh take on mid-century contemporary style using cool and warm grays.

The driftwood roof shingles add depth and dimension, while natural brown accents add some color.

6. Mix Up Your Browns

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 6

@America’s Home Place

To create a cohesive look, go for a basic, monochromatic brown-on-brown color scheme for your exterior.

Taking cue from the adjacent mulch bed, the brown color scheme creates a sense of symmetry while the white trim transforms this exterior into a pleasingly streamlined haven.

Siding shingles with a butternut stain draw attention to the home’s facade, while the stone foundation enhances the rustic feel.

7. Brighten Up with Nature’s Splendor

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 7

@Lands End Development Designers Builders

Simple exterior color combinations work perfectly on more traditional-style homes.

The warm brown hue on the siding shingles creates a solid foundation, allowing the muted sage green accents to create a focal point without overwhelming the exterior color palette.

The bright red furniture provides a warm welcome into this woodland-themed home.

8. Shine with White

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 8


White exteriors are popular for many homeowners due to their clean and impeccable appearance.

The brown shingled roof sets off this white brick exterior, and the cool colors continue from the nearby neat, minimalist lawns and pathways.

Thanks to its cool gray shade, a reclaimed wood garage door gives the exterior a flashy farmhouse twist.

9. Bring in Some Contrast with Black

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 9


You simply can’t miss it with a brown and white exterior color palette; white will work with any roof color!

The brown roofing shingles in this design warm up the white paint on this minimalist Tudor-style home, creating a softer and more inviting feel and look. Black wall lanterns and frames on the glass door add color and more contrast to the exterior.

10. Stay Close to the Color Spectrum

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 10


If you want a straightforward way of sprucing up a house with a brown roof, consider an exterior paint color that is only a few shades darker or lighter.

This design’s tan siding and brown roofing blend seamlessly, while white trim and stone accents bring texture and dimension.

11. Make Your Home More Inviting

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 11

@Built Tough Construction of North Georgia

Blue is among the top contenders for the best exterior paint colors; the calming hue will surely liven up your exterior!

On this Beau blue home’s exterior, taupe brown trim highlights the roofline and windows while the roofing consolidates the look with its rich brown color.

12. Create a Dramatic Effect

12 brown roof exterior paint ideas 12

@Jerry Painting

This design uses three complementary hues for its siding and trim – beige, tan, and eggnog – to create a multifaceted backdrop for bolder architectural details to stand out, e.g., the brown window shutters.

The brown shingles and metal roofs combine with the rest of the exterior paint colors to create a monochromatic look and a timeless color scheme.

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