13 Stunning Green Exterior House Colors to Enhance Your Home’s Outdoor Charm

Green paint colors are charming when used on home exteriors of varying styles. There are numerous shades and tones you can choose from, from the subtle gray-green olive to the vibrant yellow-green of a spring leaf.

Dark forest or pine green has long been used for trim and shutters on most Victorian-era and colonial houses. Bungalows and rustic shingle-style houses work well with earthy greens, which blend perfectly with the natural woodland environment.

Enhance your home's outdoor charm with these 13 stunning green exterior house colors. From deep forest hues to light, refreshing shades, discover the perfect green to complement your home's architecture and landscape. Explore how these captivating colors can add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your exterior.

Besides traditional and rustic-style houses, bright lime green will add pizzazz to your Art Deco or modern house; incorporate some blue, and you’ll have a vivid turquoise color!

We’ve compiled a list of houses with green exterior paint colors to inspire your next exterior paint project.

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1. Mint Green

green exterior house colors 01

A green house exterior is typical in coastal areas, and it blends nicely with the flowering bushes and palm trees, creating a picturesque view that most passers-by will envy.

An eye-popping electric color like mint green won’t be too bright in a beach community, and might even look like cooling lime sherbet.

2. Olive Green

green exterior house colors 02

Olive green is a versatile color perfect for your house’s exterior. It’s like bringing a touch of nature to your home! The color offers rich hues during the day and softer tones in the evening, enhancing the charm and warmth of your house.

Contrasting olive green with white trim and dark shutters will add a sophisticated touch while providing a stunning backdrop for seasonal decorations. The olive green used here creates a serene, grounded feeling, turning this house into a welcoming sanctuary.

3. Mossy Green

green exterior house colors 03

@Ellen Kennon Design

If you take a closer look at American homes during the late 1800s, you’ll notice most of them adopted a Gothic look. Often with attractive roofs, steep gables, and detailed crafted wooden trim. Another common feature was the tri-color scheme, usually a cream, green, and deep red combo. Homeowners still adore this color palette.

This house perfectly depicts how green can connect your home to nature. Surrounding your house with various greenery, such as trees, bushes, etc., will make a psychedelic statement.

4. Primary Green

green exterior house colors 04

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You don’t have to paint your whole house exterior green; a shade of green on the roof is enough to make your home pop. A primary green roof like the one in this example will complement everything, from modern to Victorian architectural styles.

5. Forest Green

green exterior house colors 05 1

@Crisp Architects

Using a rich, deep tone like forest green as an accent color, especially on features like the porch, will add sophistication and depth to your home’s exterior. This paint color perfectly complements a neutral or lighter primary color, instantly creating a welcoming, cozy entrance that feels both timeless and inviting.

The forest green porch in this example provides a striking contrast against the brown wood rail and trim, making architectural details stand out beautifully. The shade pairs wonderfully with natural elements, enhancing the home’s aesthetic appeal.

6. Sage Green

green exterior house colors 06


Sage green is a soft, earthy hue that feels modern and timeless. Here, it gently contrasts the brown and gray accents, bringing this home a refreshing and calming vibe.

Blue window shades and a turquoise-painted door add depth to the design, while the white trim enhances the softness of the sage green, highlighting architectural details in a subtle yet striking way.

7. Green Gray

green exterior house colors 07


If you want a green hue that completely leans neutral, green-gray is your choice! And don’t think for a second that the color is dull (because it isn’t!). The subtle splash of green in the paint color sets it apart from other strictly gray paints, while smoky undertones in the shade keep your home’s exterior neutral and grounded.

If you’re using green-gray as your primary color, pair it with navy blue or dark green on doorways and trim; it will also work the other way around, so it’s a win-win!

8. Light Green

green exterior house colors 08


Light green is also an excellent option if you’re going for a more neutral look with your exterior paint. This shade is so neutral that you might miss the green in it when you take a quick glance.

Light shades of white and blue are great colors to pair with light green to create an appealing palette.

9. Pistachio Green

green exterior house colors 09

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Opting for pistachio green for your home’s exterior will bring a fresh, vibrant energy that lifts your yard. This lively, light green shade is perfect for making a cheerful statement while maintaining sophistication. 

Here, a shade of pistachio green transforms this home into a bright, welcoming retreat that stands out in the neighborhood. The paint color also enhances the natural beauty of the surroundings.

10. Army Green

green exterior house colors 10


Army green is a mix of green and brown, bringing a bold, earthy elegance that can suit any abode. The shade is perfect for creating a grounded, sophisticated look that blends seamlessly with natural surroundings. 

Army green pairs nicely with dark and light finishes, whether a complementary dark brown garage or bright white window sills and trim. Here, army green gives this home a distinctive, commanding presence that feels sturdy and inviting.

11. Seafoam Green

green exterior house colors 11


This shade is similar to mint green but provides an even subtler touch to your home’s exterior. Seafoam green is a reasonably vibrant color, but it possesses blue undertones that help offer a neutral calm to your home’s facade.

Pair seafoam green with crisp white features for a classic, clean look or dark blues for a more dramatic, contemporary feel.

12. Emerald Green

green exterior house colors 12


If you truly want your house to stand out in your neighborhood, don’t look further; emerald green is what you need! This bold, jewel-toned paint color infuses your home’s exterior with a rich, luxurious charm that stands out with vibrancy and elegance. 

Emerald green goes well with blue, white, and gray trim and doorways; the shade highlights and enhances these architectural features, giving them a distinct prominence against the lush backdrop.

13. Cactus Green

green exterior house colors 13

@Elliot Architects, LLC

Cactus green is an excellent choice if you want a bright, eye-catching exterior paint color. The almost fluorescent shade livens up this exterior while blending in with the perfectly manicured lawn.

Since cactus green is also a light color in a way, it minimizes the amount of heat trapped by your house. This makes the paint color an ideal choice for homes in areas with constantly hot weather.

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