5 Efficient Lighting Tips to Instantly Increase Your Home’s Value

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While lighting may not be immediately apparent, improving it can quickly add value to your home and increase its chances on the market.

Most potential buyers consider lighting a critical factor whenever they’re checking listed houses, and the impact that good lighting can have on your home can be pretty dramatic.

Whether you choose to update your home’s exterior or interior lighting, the following five lighting strategies are sure to increase the value of a property.

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Focus on Natural Light

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Sometimes, the best way to uplift or transform a space is to embrace what Mother Nature provides us and put it to good use, and by this, I mean natural light. Letting your home be awash in natural light is a great way to make it calm and serene, and it’s very simple to implement.

You only need to open shutters, raise blinds, and pull your curtains back whenever viewings or photography is taking place and let the light flood your rooms.

If your home doesn’t have abundant natural light, don’t fret. You can easily play around with your decor to increase the amount of light your room receives, e.g., placing mirrors strategically and using color palettes, such as bright neutrals and pastels, to reflect more light into the room.

You can also opt for front doors with sidelites, dutch doors, or glass front doors, and even install a skylight in those dark nooks.

Invest in Smart Lighting

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Modern technology has achieved significant strides in the field of lighting, and more homebuyers have a vested interest in smart lighting solutions in their homes.

A smart lighting system reduces the need for multiple switches around the house, and you can easily control the lighting in your home with a remote, Google Home, or Alexa. This adds that extra wow factor when you’re selling your home, especially to buyers who don’t already have such a system in their current homes.

You can also increase or reduce the intensity of light being produced to evoke a particular mood and feel for your space, enhancing the overall ambiance of your home.

Light Up Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is dubbed as the heart of a home, and appropriate lighting plays a crucial role in determining whether your property is worth purchasing.

Mixing the three standard sets of lighting, i.e., general, accent, and task lighting, is usually the best way to make your kitchen more inviting, airier, and brighter.

Consider going for recessed ceiling lights for general lighting or installing hanging lights if you have an island and give your kitchen a contemporary update.

Under-cabinet LED lights are excellent in highlighting your backsplash and making your food prep more effortless. You can combine them with well-placed task lights over the oven to ensure there’s enough light in these highly-utilized areas.

Don’t stop there! In-drawer and cabinet lighting, especially for glass-front cabinets, will also add a soft glow to your kitchen and show off antique crockery, giving your kitchen more depth and increasing its visual appeal.

Make Your Bathroom Even More Serene

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No matter how well-organized or designed your bathroom is, it may feel cramped without proper lighting. Adequate lighting in your bathroom is essential for creating a relaxing spa-like atmosphere.

Apart from the simple overhead lighting, installing in-shower lighting above or under shelves, wall-mounted fixtures, compact linear lights for navigating during nighttime, and vanity lighting with adjustable color temperatures will go a long way in adding value and a dash of warmth to your bathroom.

If your bathroom has a mirror, some side lighting will help eliminate shadows and add some glamor to the space. Also, consider dimmable bulbs over your bathtub to add to the spa feeling.

Illuminate Your Exteriors

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Most homeowners focus on the interior of a home when it comes to home lighting upgrades, but exterior lighting upgrades are critical in increasing your home’s curb appeal and security.

Incorporating some downlights or bollard lights for your pathways and step lights for stairs will eliminate any trip hazards and increase safety. If you have a vast landscape, you can also add floodlights for more effectiveness.

Garden lights and uplights will highlight your home’s natural splendor, making them an instant eye-pleaser that potential homebuyers will greatly appreciate. 

Saving on energy costs is also a critical factor that most prospective buyers look at, so consider motion sensor lights. Additionally, you can focus your lighting in specific areas, such as your grill area, instead of your entire backyard patio, which also creates an inviting ambiance.

Updating your exterior lighting relies on your home’s landscape and overall design. Therefore, ensure that the correct infrastructure is in place while considering the functionality of your exterior lighting so that when the landscape evolves and planting materials mature, editing the lighting will be easier.

Boost your home's value with these 5 efficient lighting tips. From strategic placement to energy-efficient fixtures, illuminate your space to create a welcoming ambiance and enhance its overall appeal.

Final Remarks

Lighting is essential for every home and can transform your space in many ways, and upgrading your home’s lighting scheme both inside and outside plays an integral role in how potential homebuyers will view it.

Regardless of whether your home is on the market or not, implementing these lighting tips can have a significant positive impact on your property.

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