29 Ingenious DIY Dollar Tree Storage Solutions To Organize Your Home

A trip to the Dollar Tree can save you a lot of money, trouble, and effort when organizing your home. There, you can find plenty of trays, containers, and organizers for every space.

Discover 29 clever and budget-friendly DIY storage solutions using Dollar Tree items. This guide will help you declutter and organize every area of your home effectively. Click to see how you can transform chaos into order with just a few dollars!

With our collection of 29 Ingenious DIY Dollar Tree Storage Solutions, you will make your home more organized and functional.

1. DIY Bamboo Shelf

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 1


This lovely shelf idea is made from three wooden trays, wooden dowels and a wood stain.

Wondering how much it costs? For only $4, you can get a customized modern farmhouse storage unit that can beautify your entryway, kitchen, or living room.

2. A Decor Set

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 2


The decor set in the photo was created from supplies from the Dollar Store.

A photo frame, a white metal bucket, a candle holder, and faux flowers create a welcoming vibe at the entrance with a summer flavor.

3. Wooden Crates

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 3


Whether you live in a house or an apartment, this small herb organizer will fit easily in the kitchen, on the balcony, or on the porch.

It features a support structure from an old pallet painted in a modern grey shade and wooden boxes from the dollar store repurposed into herb containers.

To make the planter more appealing and easy to recognize the seedlings, small chalkboard signs are screwed to the front of the boxes.

4. Plastic Baskets

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 4


Plain plastic baskets can be turned into unique vertical organizers spreading farmhouse charm.

Stack them on the steps of a wooden ladder or make yourself a stand from two wooden posts and short slats where the baskets can be attached with S-hooks.

Add a tag to the front of each basket to facilitate sorting.

5. Wooden Boxes

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 5


This Dollar Store craft features small wooden trays repurposed into planters. They are equally spaced on the two sides of a wooden stand to mimic a tree.

The pots of the faux plants are metal buckets that enhance the decoration’s farmhouse charm and match the cute tags added to the front of each tray.

6. Over-the-door Rack

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 6


You will pay no more than $2 for this organizer. This over-the-door hanger can be installed in every room to ensure vertical storage of hanging items.

In this Dollar Store hack, the organizer functions as a kitchen decoration, adding a farmhouse touch to the interior with hand-made chopping boards.

7. Small Containers

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 7


This DIY idea is great fun to make and, because of its rustic flair, looks great as a decoration in an entryway, living room, or kitchen.

An old drawer is repurposed into a vertical organizer by adding slats across its inside to form sections where small items will be displayed.

Stain and white paint distress give the drawer a weathered vintage look which is enhanced by the metal ornaments screwed to the front slats.

In such a compact shelf unit, you can display small seasonal ornaments and decorations from the Dollar Store, such as terra-cotta pots, wooden signs, and jars.

8. Wire Basket

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 8


Is it true that there is a monster in the laundry machine that eats socks? If you believe in this theory, you need one cute wire basket from the Dollar Store to store the “lost” socks.

Since it won’t store heavy items, you can stick it to the tile wall with suction cups. In case you want to add the basket to another flat surface, use screws or screw hooks.

9. Planter From Small Galvanized Buckets

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 9


This cute art, inspired by Dollar Store decorations, is easy to make and can be used all year long as part of the entryway or kitchen interior.

Three tiny galvanized buckets are filled with faux boxwood and tied to a black towel holder with twine. The combination is fantastic, a mix of farmhouse and industrial, suitable for any interior style.

10. Lovely Farmhouse Decoration

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 10


Another inspiring Dollar Store craft with plants features a centerpiece decoration consisting of a small wooden crate and two terra cotta pots with faux lavender.

To finish the arrangement, upgrade the pots with white paint and burlap bows, and add small rocks to the surface.

11. Plastic Organizers

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 11.jpg


The plain plastic trays, which you can get in any size from the Dollar Store, are perfect for organizing a pantry, laundry room, or kitchen cabinet.

If you can’t see what is contained in them, add a small tag to the front to help you access whichever item you want.

12. Photo Frames

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 12


Instead of investing in special art pieces, you can create your masterpiece with cheap supplies. Get a photo frame from Dollar Tree and paint it in your desired color.

White chalk paint, whitewashing and stains are suitable for farmhouse decorations. If you are looking for a modern effect, go for metallic sprays.

13. S-hooks

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 13


A pack of S-hooks costs less than $1, but it is a simple gadget every household needs. You can use the S-hooks to increase the storage space of an existing vertical storage unit.

You can upcycle old racks and pallets to make a farmhouse stand for decorations.

14. Jewelry Organizer

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 14.jpg


Every woman will fall in love with this jewelry organizer’s chic look and functionality.

You need an old painting frame and mosquito mesh from Dollar Tree for this DIY craft. Attach the mesh to the back of the frame with tacks and cut the excessive parts.

15. Wicker Baskets For Bathroom Storage

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 15.jpg


Missing a dedicated space for storage of towels in the bathroom? You don’t have to buy a special cabinet that will take up too much space or money.

Instead, go to the Dollar Tree and get wicker baskets. Screw them vertically to the wall next to the sink to access the towels easily.

16. Repurposed Fruit And Vegetable Organizers

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 16.jpg


The wire baskets at Dollar Tree, which are usually used for veggie and fruit storage, can also be helpful organizers for other items such as toys, craft supplies, spices, office supplies, etc.

17. Rattan Baskets Into Jewelry Organizers

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 17.jpg


An old wooden coat rack is given a new life with cheerful paint colors! The knobs are perfect for storage of bracelets and necklaces but what about earrings?

Add two rattan baskets to the rack to organize all other jewelry neatly.

18. Photo Frame Repurposed Into Key Organizer

home organization tips and ideas 18


This is another easy and inspiring Dollar Store supply idea you can make yourself in an hour.

The entryway organizer is based on a wooden picture frame equipped with nails, where keys and sunglasses can be organized.

19. File Organizer Into A Dryer Holder

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 19.jpg


If you don’t have a dedicated place for the hair straightener or the hair dryer, you can create one that is compact and inexpensive.

Take a file organizer from metal mesh from the Dollar Store and screw it to the side of the sink cabinet.

20. Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 20


This cute jar organizer is another interesting bathroom storage idea that can be created with supplies from Dollar Stores.

You need a wooden slat, adjustable pipe brackets and Mason jars containing cosmetic supplies.

21. DIY Organizers On Stands

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 21.jpg


The plastic organizers with lids from the Dollar Store can be upgraded to fashionable shabby chic organizers by placing them on top of wooden candle holders.

Before gluing them to the wooden stands, spray the candle sticks with a metallic finish that will match the lids of the apothecary jars.

22. Wire Baskets Under The Sink

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 22.jpg


Here is another inspiring idea for repurposing the plain fruit and vegetable wire baskets.

Two of them are screwed to the inside of the sink cabinet door to increase the storage space.

23. Upgraded Plastic Organizer

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 23.jpg


A plain plastic chest of drawers from Dollar Tree can become a unique farmhouse storage unit with DIY upgrades.

Get a metallic spray, wooden knobs, metal tag holders, and wood foil that will give the plastic surface a rustic look.

24. Kid’s Room Organizer

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 24.jpg


Plastic bins are cheap but also not very good-looking.

That can be easily changed with wrapping paper and glue. Choose an appealing paper pattern and apply it to the bins.

25. Pantry Organizers

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 25.jpg


Plastic lunch boxes and wooden trays can be included in the pantry organization. The boxes are perfect for storing food whose package is already damaged.

Trays can be used as organizers of small items and packages. In all cases, tags with names will be very helpful to find what you are looking for quickly.

26. Old Drawer Storage Solution

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 26.jpg


Get casters from the Dollar Store to turn old drawers into movable under-the-bed organizers.

You can screw them directly to the bottoms or use double-sealing tape or glue for rigid fixing.

27. Vertical Wire Organizer

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 27.jpg


This chicken wire organizer finds an application in a room different than the kitchen.

It is screwed to the inside of a wardrobe door to compactly store scarves, socks, mittens, etc.

28. Pegboard Storage

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 28.jpg


Pegboards are preferred for storing tools in garages. If you give the board a nice finish, it can also be turned into an interior storage system.

Some people like to include it in the kids’ room decor or in their craft rooms.

29. Bookshelf From Crates

29 diy dollar tree storage ideas 29.jpg


An easy idea to quickly organize your books without ordering a special bookshelf is featured in this photo.

Take crates from the Dollar Store and align them stacked and in a row to create a whimsy shape of the storage unit. Lean the crates against the wall to keep them upright.

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