28 Best Bathroom Storage Cabinets Ideas To Keep Everything In Order

Does your bathroom look cluttered and overwhelmed? Then it is time to find a way to turn it into the neat and relaxing place the bathroom should be.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to add another storage cabinet. We have gathered 28 of the Best Bathroom Storage Cabinets Ideas to help you keep everything in order.

Don’t worry! If the bathroom is tiny and there isn’t any floor space, there are wall-mounted versions that will offer a number of shelves. Do you need a mirror? Then get a cabinet with a mirror door! Well, you should also check the full-length mirror cabinet because it is outstanding!

Best Bathroom Storage Cabinets Ideas. Keep your bathroom neat by organizing all the stuff in cabinets. These bathroom storage cabinets ideas will help you choose the best for your bathroom. #decorhomeideas

Is the mirror cabinet too obvious for you? Then check what other models you can opt for to make the bathroom more organized.

1. Freestanding Metal, Glass And Wood Cabinet

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Freestanding bathroom cabinets are probably the best solution for more storage spaces. With this industrial design and four tiers for storage, you can finally declutter the bathroom space.

Because of the glass doors, you should be always very neat in the storage. Baskets from wicker or wire could be helpful for the organization of smaller items.

via The Cozy Farmhouse

2. Arched Glass Cabinet

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The window doors of the freestanding cabinets provide a great opportunity for improving the décor appeal of the bathroom interior.

The height of this bathroom cabinet makes sure that there is plenty of space to store any kind of bathroom accessories. The size and the material combination also add a bold accent.

via Curio Design Studio

3. Tall Cabinet With Open Shelves

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This freestanding bathroom cabinet idea features a combination of a closed cabinet and an open shelving unit. Together they come united in a slim and tall storage unit that can take up plenty of bathroom accessories.

The sandy color of the cabinet is enhanced with wicker baskets to keep things organized and to provide hidden storage.

via 2 The Crescent

4. Bathroom Storage Over The Toilet

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Storage over the toilet is one of the cleverest decluttering ideas ever. This space is usually neglected and left unutilized and that is such a pity.

The storage option in this idea features a cabinet standing on an open support structure that fits right around the toilet. The structure continues with a combination of closed and open shelves.

The closed section can be used for items that you’d prefer to be hidden and the open ones for things that have to be easily accessed.

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5. Slim Wall Cabinet

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Finding a place for this wall-hanging cabinet is easy because of its slim design.

It features a closed section for items that need to be kept out of sight, open shelving for decoration and a towel rack.

Its color is also versatile to match any existing décor.

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6. Classic Floor Cabinet

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If you liked the previous idea but you prefer a floor option, here is an alternative to the slim wall cabinet. This cabinet is entirely closed with one door. The space inside is divided in two with a shelf in the middle.

The top surface is covered with a contrasting counter with a ledge which ensures more storage space for frequently used items.

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7. Wall Cabinet In Dark Stain

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You can use a storage cabinet like this one to add a statement to the existing bathroom interior. The combination of dark stain wood and a marble finish on the lowest shelf creates an elegant rustic accent.

When it comes to functionality, the cabinet offers one closed section in the middle and a few open shelves for décor pieces.

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8. Artistic Floor Cabinet

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This floor cabinet is very beautiful with wooden ornaments over the glass cabinet doors. This modern rustic combination is additionally imposed with the usage of the contemporary grey color and the vintage knobs with a golden finish.

The eye-catching look is combined with a functional design. Items that look good or are bulkier can be stored in the section with glass doors while smaller ones can easily fit into the drawers.

There is one further storage space on the cabinet counter which is best to be used as a decoration display.

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9. Mirror Wall Cabinet

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The slim design of this wall cabinet offers also many functions. In addition to the storage spaces behind the doors, there are mirrors on the front side of the doors.

Opening the storage section happens with sliding which could be helpful and appreciated in small bathroom spaces.

via Build

10. Over-The-Toilet Storage Unit

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If you have loved the modern rustic design of the floor cabinet above, here is its alternative for a cabinet over the toilet.

The cabinet stays on wooden support with a size to fit around a standard toilet. The first storage area is an open shelf divided into two sections. Over the shelf, there is a large section closed with glass paneled doors with wood ornaments.

The coastal color of the storage structure is complemented by wicker baskets that will help you better organize smaller items.

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11. Single Cabinet With A Mirror

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This cabinet design is intended for mounting over the bathroom vanity or sink. The mirror surface on the door adds another function to the storage piece and also gives it a modern look.

The modern appeal can be noticed even when the door of the cabinet is opened. The back side is covered with a mirror which adds extra depth to the décor.

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12. Movable And Slim Shelf Unit

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Similar to the rolling kitchen cabinets for the storage of spices, this bathroom cabinet repeats the same design. Open shelves with ledges for keeping the items stored while pulling in or out of the cabinet to access them.

This cabinet model can be inserted in any gap between the existing bathroom furniture.

For more storage ideas that will declutter the bathroom, check the inspirations below.

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13. Corner Floor Cabinet

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Another neglected space from the bathroom that can be functionally utilized is the corner wall space. You can find cabinets for wall mounting or free-standing versions for the floor.

The cabinet here is intended for the floor and offers two shelves for storage behind a glass paneled door and a top open surface.

The white wainscotting of the sides is continued by beautiful arched legs underneath that create together an elegant rustic piece.

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14. Tall Floor Cabinet

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This is an elegant rustic cabinet that can easily find its place in your bathroom thanks to its slim design.
The narrow size doesn’t affect its storage parameters. On the contrary, there is a closed storage section with a door mimicking a shutter and a top part with open shelves.

The interesting pattern of the shelf dividers of the top storage area creates a modern twist to the rustic stained wood which is so eye-catching.

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15. Farmhouse Wall Cabinet

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If the floor space of the bathroom is limited, increase the storage options with a wall-mounted cabinet.

The design here offers a classic rustic cabinet with modern industrial knobs. The overall look of the cabinet is simple which ensures a flawless match with almost any existing interior.

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16. Cabinet With A Towel Rack

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If your bathroom is smaller in size, you should be looking for storage solutions that are compact and functional like this cabinet idea.

No need to empty space on the floor, the cabinet is designed for wall mounting. In addition, the two storage sections are closed with farmhouse-inspired shutter doors. The lowest part of the cabinet holds a dowel for towels.

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17. Elegant Corner Cabinet

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This is another eye-catching corner cabinet that will help you declutter the bathroom and will also create an irresistible elegant touch.

The sides are plain and white to let the beautiful ornaments of the glass-paneled door stand out. They are complemented by carved legs that complete the wainscotting decoration of the adjacent walls.

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18. Framing-The-Toilet Cabinet

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Usually, the structures of the cabinets over the toilets are simply acting as supports for the cabinets starting from the toilet tank up. But sometimes, the cabinet over the toilet is not an option.

The design of this cabinet makes sure that the toilet space is cleverly utilized for storage despite the existing restrictions. It looks like a frame standing tightly around the toilet.

The vertical sides are equipped with doors that hide narrow shelves for storage of towels and other small items.

The horizontal shelf is perfect for a toilet paper holder because there aren’t any dividers to fix the size of the section.

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19. Rustic Tall Cabinet

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The classic look of this tall cabinet is combined with functionality. There are 5 shelves and one drawer to accommodate together most of the bathroom accessories.

The lower cabinet is closed with a door. It is made from glass to cohere with the open storage above and at the same time keep things protected from dust.

There is a drawer in the middle that can be used as a medicine cabinet.

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20. Mirror And Cabinet In One

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Full-length mirrors are useful not only for bedrooms…especially when they offer a secret storage place! This is a creative bathroom cabinet that is intended for wall mounting.

Behind the mirror door, you are given plenty of storage areas divided by adjustable shelves which will help you keep the bathroom neat and appealing.

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21. Functional Cabinet

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This bathroom cabinet idea features shelves spaced at different heights. It is one of the most functional ones because you can keep in there most of the bulkier items related to the hygiene of the room.

The white color of the cabinet parts and the stable metal legs create a classic overall look that can fit easily in traditional bathroom décor.

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22. Cabinet Above The Toilet

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If the toilet and the bathroom sink are placed at a close distance, the standard over the toilet cabinets may not fit into the free gap.

You can still opt for an additional cabinet over the toilet but without a floor structure. The wall mounting options are good for this part of the bathroom.

There are open shelf units and also cabinets with doors. When you choose the bathroom cabinet, don’t forget that it could be helpful not only for decluttering the bathroom but also for making its décor more personalized.

via Family Handiman

23. DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Cabinet

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And here is how you can combine function and personal touch in one piece. This bathroom cabinet idea makes a great farmhouse statement in the existing décor.

In addition to the rustic appeal imposed by the weathered paint surface, there are enough storage places behind the window door.

If you feel inspired to make your own farmhouse cabinet for mounting over the toilet, don’t miss the instructions below.

via Lolly Jane

24. Industrial Wall Cabinet

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Are you looking for a bathroom cabinet to add an industrial flair to your contemporary bathroom décor?
This piece will provide that and also six shelves for storage behind a mirror door.

via Black and Decker

25. Vintage Floor Cabinet

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This piece of bathroom furniture is not only a cabinet. It functions also as a bathroom vanity which is a salvation for small bathrooms.

The drawers and the open shelf can accommodate plenty of bathroom accessories.

To make sure that the bathroom looks neat and tidy, use baskets for the organization on the open shelf and try to minimize the number of items placed on the counter space.

via Kreg Tool

26. DIY Project For A Farmhouse Bathroom Cabinet

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This is another idea of a bathroom vanity and a cabinet in one. This time, the look makes a modern farmhouse statement that can add to the décor the important personal touch.

The colors used in this example are defined with the existing décor. You can easily customize them to fit into your bathroom interior.

via Shanty 2 Chic

27. DIY Project For A Vanity Cabinet

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This is a DIY bathroom storage cabinet that will add a warm rustic touch to your bathroom décor. It features a sink built-in the counter of the cabinet, two deep drawers and an open shelf.

The faucet choice is very important for keeping the overall look rustic and unique so it is worth investing in special hardware.

via Angela Marie Made

28. Rolling Cabinet

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This is another option for a rolling cabinet. It features a closed design and drawers in place of the open shelves. The cabinet is of such a small footprint that it won’t affect the visual look even of a small bathroom.

The top cubbies are equipped with rattan baskets that are good for the storage of small but frequently used items such as make-up, bobby pins, etc.

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