58 Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas To Keep Everything In Place

Looking for small bathroom storage ideas?

Well, you have come to the right place where there is more than just a collection of shelves.

The Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas here will give you organization hacks, space-saving designs and budget-friendly solutions to make your small bathroom clutter-free, elegant and welcoming.

Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas. Make your bathroom the cleanest — and tidiest — room in the house with these easy and genius small bathroom storage ideas. #decorhomeideas

1. Organize Your Bathroom Essentials with a Tiered Wire Basket

A Different Kind of Basket Organization #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This basket-tiered storage place keeps the bathroom essentials organized in a space-saving way. Placed on the sink countertop, right next to the faucet, you can easily access the soap, the towel, the cotton buds, everything you may need after a shower.

At the top, there is a handle that lets you move it around in case you need it placed somewhere else.

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2. Transform Your Bathroom Door with Metal Rod Towel Hangers

An Example of Vertical Space #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Utilize the space of the bathroom cleverly. Even if it is tiny, there is a way to make it as comfortable as a large one is.

The door surface is probably the place you would never use for storage. But see how practical it can be by installing three towel bars. They become the perfect place for towel drying and storage, always at a one-hand distance.

via Martha Stewart

3. Farmhouse Charm with Hanging Woven Bathroom Baskets

A-Tisket, A-Tasket, A Green and Yellow Basket #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Basket storage is affordable, charming and space-saving. Most of us think that it is suitable for increasing the storage places in the kitchen. Well, not only there! You can use them in all other rooms such as the bathroom or the pantry.

Use identical baskets and fancy rods to attach them to let the new storage system look farmhouse stylish.

via Pottery Barn

4. Maximize Bathroom Storage with Stylish Cabinet Shelves

A Touch of Green in Your White Bathroom #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

You can add auxiliary storage systems to the cabinet doors to increase the storage places. Usually, the over-the-door racks are mostly used in kitchens.

These systems are very practical and affordable so there isn’t any reason you couldn’t use them in the bathroom. If you choose shelves made from plywood, you can give them a cute outlook with wallpaper.

5. Accessorize Your Bathroom with Hanging Burlap Bags

Bag It Up #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

An alternative to shelf storage that requires less drilling and work is bag storage. This idea features small bags made from burlap with cute customized prints.

Each bag stays on a wooden rod suspended to a hook by a twine. Hang the bags close to the tub or next to the sink to access the most used essentials easily.

6. Repurpose a Spice Rack into a Shampoo Storage Solution

Bottoms Up and Bottles Out #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse spice rack can quickly be repurposed into bath essentials storage.

These types of wall racks are usually of a small footprint so only a small free space from a wall is needed to be attached.

7. Bring an Industrial Vibe with Plumbing Pipes and Shelves

Bringing the Pipes to the Outside #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Do you admire the unique charm of the industrial accents? You can use plumbing pipes both as a decor idea and for the storage of towels.

Combine the iron black pipes with dark stained shelves to create additional storage for bottles with essentials.

8. Easily Access Bath Products with Built-In Wall Shelf Unit

Build It Right Into the Wall #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Older buildings usually predict niches for storage in the walls. They are quite practical, considering that they don’t take any floor space.

You can use this practical storage idea for a newly-made bathroom by creating a built-in niche next to the shower. Place the bath essentials there to be at a one-hand distance.

9. Customize Your Bathroom with a Built-In Wall Cabinet

Built-in Jumbo Medicine Cabinet #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

All bath essentials your family use may be many but they all don’t need quite much space to be stored. Instead of adding another cabinet that will take space from the floor and limit the airiness, you can make a customized built-in wall cabinet.

As you see, it is not deep at all. Nevertheless, the shallow shelves can accommodate plenty of bottles thanks to the provided tiers.

via Life is a Sweet as a Peach

10. Transform Your Home with Versatile Spice Rack Shelves

Cheap and Easy DIY Shelves #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This cute spice rack set looks fantastic on this dark grey wall! There is even more- it has accommodated all the cosmetics since to declutter the sink top.

Mind that other kitchen storage items could also be repurposed for more storage in the bathroom. The wine rack for example can be the perfect farmhouse towel rack.

11. Utilize Space Above Toilet for Your Bathroom Shelves

Contrasting Colors for Your Convenience #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The space behind and above the toilet is usually unused. Make it a new functional part of the bathroom by installing shelves.

They can be built in a niche or mounted flush with the wall. Choose their material and color to match the existing decoration. Dark grey backdrop and contrasting white shelves make an aesthetic focal point that gives depth to the room.

12. Bring Vintage Elegance with Wrought Iron Racks

Curly Sue Has Nothing on You #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Can you recognize the structure of this towel rack? Yes, you are not mistaken- this is a plant holder from wrought iron.

The elegant vintage curves make the repurposed planter a wonderful decor idea for a blank wall next to the shower to keep the towels easy to reach.

13. Create Modern Rustic Look with Dark-Stained Floating Shelves

Dark Stained 'Floating' Wooden Shelves #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Floating shelves are very trendy and they can be used as a solution for increasing the storage in every room.

You can make them from reclaimed wood for added farmhouse charm or from newly cut boards if modern rustic is sought.

Use L-shaped metal brackets to attach the boards to the wall and achieve the floating effect.

via Turning It Home

14. Make the Most of Limited Space with a Metal Shelving Unit

Elevated White Multilevel Bathroom Shelving #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This type of metal shelving unit could be used in dead corners where wooden cabinetry wouldn’t fit. This item is very rigid as it is usually intended for garage usage so you can load it with any items, including bulkier ones.

Being painted in white, the shelving unit looks neat and tidy- the best choice for a hygienic room such as the bathroom.

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15. Create a Convenient Towel Hanger for Your Shower Time

Everything That You Need at Arm's Length #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Added second metal rod right behind the shower curtain rod thinks about the comfort in a tiny bathroom after taking a shower.

Leave your towels there and reach them easily. The silver finish and the simple design of the towel rod create an elegant and yet modern look.

16. Upgrade Your Beauty Routine with a Spinning Tiered Carousel

For All of Your Odds and Ends #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This tiered carousel is very practical for small make-up and hair accessories. It has two levels with 5 baskets each where the tiny items can be sorted by type.

It is spinning and that makes it suitable for placing it on a small space from the sink or vanity countertop.

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17. Store Your Bathroom Essentials in Elegant Glass Jars

For All the Little Knick-Knacks #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a neat and decluttered look of the sink top, then make sure that tiny items such as cotton buds, make-up cotton balls, soaps, etc. are separately stored in containers.

The glass transparent jars work perfectly as they show what is contained inside and add elegance.

18. Keep Cosmetics Neatly Organized with a Plastic Organizer

For That 'Dorm Room' Look #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Use a plastic organizer from the Dollar Store to put all shower cosmetics at a one-hand distance and neatly organized.

The mesh version is the best of all as the drops from the shower will drain out easily and the air will dry the pockets.

19. Add Style and Functionality with a Vintage Wooden Frame

Framed Like a Family Photo #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Create a rustic shadow box for convenient extra storage above the toilet. Use a vintage wooden frame, some plywood to cut the shelves.

Add toiletries, decorative accents and jars with tiny bathroom-related items.

20. Get an Orderly Look for Corded Tools with Plastic Hooks

Goodbye, Tangled Cords #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Twisted cords everywhere on the sink top create a cluttered look in the bathroom. This DIY organizer for styling tools comes to help with the declutter by keeping all of them safely stored on the wall.

Use plastic hooks from the Dollar Store to make individual space for every tool.

21. Maximize Your Drawer Storage with Plastic Baskets

Gotta Keep 'Em Separated #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

If you store the make-up in a drawer, then you must be facing difficulties finding the item you need. This simple and clever idea requires a visit to the Dollar Store and less than $5.

The plastic baskets come in various sizes so you can easily arrange them in a way to tightly fill the inside of the drawer.

via LZ Cathcart

22. Elevate Your Bathroom with Grey Wood Grain Wall Shelf

Gray Wood Grain Wall Shelf #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This handmade shelving unit follows a staircase design with the mismatched shelves at the second level/

It creates an interesting visual effect and makes sure that different in size items find a place in there. Paint the wood a color that matches the bathroom interior for enhanced elegance.

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23. Organize Hair Styling Tools with Cabinet Wire Baskets

Hanging Cabinet Door Styling Organizer #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Another great idea for organizing and safely storing the styling tools in the bathroom is this metal hanging organizer.

It can be placed on any empty surface, why not on the door. One of the sections is dedicated to straighteners, the round one- for the hair-dryer.

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24. Give Bathroom Polished Look with Hanging Crocheted Basket

Hanging Crochet Bathroom Organizer Basket #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Want to make your own bathroom cosmetics organizer? Do it with a rustic style by crocheting it yourself.

The design reminds a sack having a hook for hanging. Choose a color that will add brightness to the room.

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25. Transform a Ladder into a Rustic Soap Shelf Unit

Hanging Rustic Labeled Soap Shelf #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This customized farmhouse shelving unit features a ladder section design with a distressed finish. There are three levels for storage.

A cute wooden sign placed at the back of the middle shelf enhances the farmhouse charm and adds a fun vibe to the home decor.

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26. Double the Size of Your Bathroom with a Wall Cabinet Upgrade

Harry Potter and the Invisible Bathroom Organization #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

If you are considering a bathroom makeover, think about the storage possibilities. This idea is very practical, especially for smaller rooms.

The cabinet is built in the wall and closed with doors. You would never recognize that there is a cabinet unless the doors are opened.

27. Get Rid of Clutter with a Metal Rod Storage System

Hot Rods: Bathroom Style #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The Fintorp storage system of Ikea comes to help with the bathroom organization. This hack features three rods but you can customize it with the number you need.

Hooks for wire baskets and plastic baskets solve the sorting issue. The bottom level keeps the tooth cleaning accessories. As you go up, store items depending on their usage frequency.

28. Organize Jewelry and Accessories with Hooks Metal Hanger

Just Hanging Out #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This is one of the simplest bathroom storage solutions ever. A plain metal hanger with hooks is sealed to the top of the mirror to hold jewelry.

This particular hanger provides only five hooks but you can always get a longer one in case you need more storage hooks.

29. Maximize Space with an Over-the-Door Shelving Unit

Ladder Not Included #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The space above the door is usually underestimated. By the simple addition of one wooden shelf held by L-brackets, you make space for towel or toilet paper storage.

Since this extra storage space is high on the wall, make sure that less frequently used items are organized there.

via Blogg SE

30. Turn Your Home into a Spa with a Showerhead Wooden Caddy

Lightweight Caddy for Over Showerhead #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This wooden shelving unit fascinates with its unique oval shape and see-through design. It is made to be hung on the showerhead and hold the cosmetics you would need there.

The authentic wooden surface stands out against the white subway tile wall letting this room possess a farmhouse charm.

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31. Utilize Your Toilet Tank with Stylish Wire Basket Storage Unit

Making Use of All Surface Areas #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This bathroom storage idea is focused on maximum utilization of the small bathroom space.

The metal wire bathroom organizers are slim and see-through aiming to hold items without creating an overwhelmed feel.

At the sides of the toilet tank, you can easily reach magazines or toilet paper rolls. At the top, there is a basket holding air fresheners with a decorative look.

32. Rustic Makeup Organizer with Picture Frame and Magnets

Marvelous Magnetic Magic #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

We have seen the magnet type of organization in the kitchen but why not we implement it in the bathroom? The space there is just as limited.

The metal board is given a decorative appealing look by framing it with a rustic picture frame. Covered with fabric, you would never recognize that its surface attracts the magnets glued to the bottoms of the make-up items.

via Laura Thoughts

33. Embrace Minimalism with a Mini Mounted Over Toilet Cabinet

Mini Mounted Over Toilet Cabinet #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

If you prefer traditional hidden storage, you can make a customized cabinet for mounting above the toilet.

It has three sections where the most urgent items can be kept at reach. Use the top surface as a display for decorative elements.

34. Make the Most of Small Bathroom with an Under-Sink Cabinet

Minimalist Is the New Black #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The design of this under-sink cabinet considers extra storage of toilet accessories in a space-saving way. There is a rod at the side to hold the toilet paper and a holder of the toilet bowl brush.

The minimalist approach of this cabinet design is perfect for small bathrooms with a clean interior design.

35. Neatly Store Bathroom Accessories in Style 

Mounted Shelves with Wood Panels and Wire #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This shelving unit combines minimalist and Scandinavian in its design. Black wire rods form cross sections that rigidly hold white wooden boards.

The open concept of the three tiers requires an appealing arrangement. Use wooden containers to keep small items sorted and yet hidden from the eyes and add vases, flower pots or other accents to give the bathroom a cozy feel.

via Christene Holder Home

36. Transform a Bathroom with Muted Step Shelves with Hooks

Muted Color Step Shelves with Bottom Hooks #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The wood of the staircase-like shelving unit can be given a simple rustic look for your farmhouse bathroom.

The grey color of the shiplap wall lining embraces the warm charm of the wall-mounted unit to hold frequently used items in the bathroom.

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37. Build a Stylish Shelving Unit Around Your Toilet Tank

Never Again Run Out of Toilet Paper #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Build a storage unit right around the toilet tank. Tracing the wall of this nook with cabinetry won’t take up any of the essential space. On the contrary, it will provide plenty of storage sections for items you don’t want to run out from such as towels, toilet paper, tissues.

38. Add Function and Style to Your Bathroom with Selves

Now You See Me, Now You Don't #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Three square boxes create practical storage above the toilet.

Their color and design match the elegant home decor of the bathroom and provide plenty of rigid storage in the small room.

39. Bring Rustic Elegance with an Over-the-Door Metal Rod Rack

Over the Door Product and Towel Rack #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Don’t want to overwhelm the bathroom space with additional cabinetry? You can try the over-the-door bathroom organizers then.

They come in various designs. This stylish one is made from black metal rods and wooden slats to add modern farmhouse extra storage place. Its size is perfect for the storage of cosmetic bottles and there is even a section acting as a towel rod.

via Urban Outfitters

40. Maximize Bathroom Storage with an Over Sink Shelf

Over the Sink Space Saver Shelf #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This shelf idea is probably inspired by functional dish dryers over the sink. lt is made from reclaimed wood to match the elegant farmhouse style of the bathroom.

It stands right over the black faucet to keep jars with cotton buds, cosmetic bottles and decorative elements organized.

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41. Create a Lavish Oasis with a Shelving Unit and Plants Accents

Over the Toilet Wooden Background Shelf #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The wall above the toilet is usually left blank. Instead, it can be practically utilized. Adding one or more floating shelves lets you put additional toilet paper, towels, etc. at a reachable distance.

For added chick to the interior, use one of the shelves as a display of decor pieces.

via Lela Burris

42. Build a Small Wooden Box for Your Bathroom Products

Personal Sized Wooden Product Box #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Use containers to declutter the sink top. It is a simple hack but it does miracles with the general look of the bathroom.

You can also use such a wooden box to make extra storage on the toilet tank. It can be used for the accessible storage of toilet paper or towels.

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43. Free Up Counter Space with Chic Plastic Hangers

Plastic Toiletry Hangers for Brushes and Miscellaneous #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

These plastic organizers are sold in a set of three sections. Slots are not big, however, they are intended for most frequently used bathroom items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, liquid soap, etc.

The transparent plastic slots reveal what is contained in them and give the cheap bathroom organizer an elegant look.

via Warmly Decor

44. Enhance Your Bathroom with DIY Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Polished Gray Shelving with Security Railing #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

If you like to be personally involved in your home improvement, you can try to build these shelves yourself.

For an enhanced farmhouse effect, use reclaimed wood. The added frontal railing is very practical for keeping the items well stored.

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45. Add Elegance with Wood Cabinet with Sliding Glass Doors

Raw Wood Cabinet with Sliding Glass Doors #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

If you are lucky to have a big bathroom, then you can allow get a dedicated cabinet for bathroom belongings.

Glass sliding doors are a practical solution if you want to quickly find the item you are looking for.

via Blake Hill House

46. Repurpose an Old Bookshelf into a Bathroom Cabinet

Re-Purpose That Old Bookshelf #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

You can use furniture from the “dry” rooms inside your bathroom. This bookshelf has once been a practical piece of furniture in the living room.

After the makeover, it is no longer needed and therefore repurposed into an attractive storage system. Placed tightly next to the bathtub, it doesn’t take up much of the floor space.

47. Get Creative with a Magazine Organizer Bathroom Storage

Roll Organizer with Magazine Rack #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This genius bathroom storage unit acts both as a functional addition and as a farmhouse accent. It reminds a small pallet with partially removed slats to let you access the contained inside.

The bottom section holds magazines, while the top is open to holding a dowel for the toilet paper roll.

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48. Transform Wicker Baskets into Rustic Bathroom Organizers

Signed, Sealed and Tied With a Bow #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

For a quick bathroom organizer, we suggest the usage of containers. They help with the decluttering of the sink top and with the neat sorting.

Wicker baskets with an internal cotton lining add a pinch of country chic. You can find similar containers at the Dollar Store on a deal.

49. Get a Polished Look with a Sink Side Cosmetics Organizer

Sink side Cosmetic and Skincare Organizer #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This organizer is pretty small, however, its design lets you store all the essentials you frequently use in the bathroom.

The compact unit comes in white with a pastel pink drawer.

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50. Utilize Small Bathroom Walls with Elegant Ladder-Like Shelf

Slanted Shelf for Ease of Access #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This ladder-like unit provides ascending shelves for the storage of various items in the bathroom. It is positioned right next to the bathtub to cover a small wall section.

Built with the size of the empty wall, the ladder shelf unit is customized to fit in there and hold various items- toilet paper rolls, cosmetics, magazines and books, why not candles.

via Dove Cottage

51. Transform Your Bathroom into a Stylish Haven

Sleek and Clean and Pristine #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

In a limited bathroom space, the built-in shelves work best for storage. Auxiliary containers such as wicker baskets, metal baskets and crates help with the sorting of items and enhance the neat and organized look of the room.

via Not Just a Housewife

52. Maximize Bathroom Corner Space with Wicker Baskets

Stuff Your Worries in a Corner #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Creativeness doesn’t have limits even when it comes to storage! Two deep wicker baskets are flipped with their bottoms to the wall to become whimsical shelves.

These baskets come in various sizes so you can play with the arrangement pattern for a more appealing general look of the bathroom.

53. Spruce Up Your Bathroom with a Traditional Shower Caddy

The Classics Never Go Out of Style #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This shelving unit could be called the most traditional one. The caddie is hanging over the shower to keep all shower items close.

Especially in a tiny bathroom, this solution is one of the most affordable and practical ones as it allows adjustment of the baskets in height and easy maintenance.

via Alice Manfrida

54. Add Splendour with Modern Styling Tools Organizer

The Future Is Here, And It's Shiny #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The styling tools organizers have become very popular and therefore you can find them in various styles. This one showcases a modern look thanks to the sleek matte metal finish.

The hair-dryer section is ensured by a spring ending with a hook where the cord can be inserted.

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55. Get Farmhouse Elegance with a Multi-Tier Storage Unit

The Hierarchy of (Bathroom) Needs #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

A ladder-like shelving unit is not only practical storage space, it is also a unique piece of the decor when you need a touch of farmhouse.

The design of this unit features tiers in descending size. The size approached somehow directs the bathroom organization scheme as well. Items that are more frequently needed stay at the lower levels while others are not being kept at the top.

Wicker baskets with cotton linings enhance the rustic feel and keep things safely stored and clean.

56. Keep Towels Warm and Dry with a Cubby Wall Niche 

Tiny Cupboards for Tiny Toiletries #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

A niche in the bathroom wall has been given a modern farmhouse look with built-in cubbies. A coat rack from wood acts as a sill to keep the held items safely stored and ensures dedicated space for drying towels.

57. Free Up Floor Space with a Rustic Towel Shelf Unit

To Make Everyone Stop Leaving Wet Towels on the Floor #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The easiest way to make your kids keep the wet towels away from the floor is to make a special place for them.

This set of shelves with galvanized dock cleats added to the front to keep stored items in place provides a unique farmhouse nautical look.

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58. Create a Rustic Atmosphere with a Wrought Iron Organizer

Tree Style Multi Size Towel Organizer #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This vintage storage unit could be also called a masterpiece. Curved wrought iron arms embrace towels at six descending tiers. Towels are of different sizes but of the same color to unite with the elegance of the organizer.

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59. Add Character to a Bathroom with anUnder-Sink Wooden Unit

Under Sink Shelves with Pipe Cut #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The basic design of this under-sink storage unit lets the texture of the wooden material it is made of stand out. The unit consists of two sections of identical size. Shelves of both are cut diagonally to make space for the plumbing pipes to run down.

This idea could inspire the next DIY project for all of you looking for an affordable and customized under-the-sink storage unit.

via Ikea

60. Get Space and Efficiency with Suspended Wooden Shelves

Unique Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

The smaller the bathroom is, the more practical and space-saving the storage solutions should be. The example proves that these two are possible in an outstanding modern vintage design.

The storage unit consists of C metal hooks and eyebolts inserted at the ends of each glossy white shelf.

Suspended from the ceiling, the storage unit considers utilizing maximum height from the wall.

via Makely Home

61. Keep Your Makeup Brushes Neat and Tidy with Metal Baskets

When He Asks, 'How Many Makeup Brushes Do You Need?' #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This bathroom organization hack can be applied both in the domestic and professional space.

Metal baskets that are originally intended for plants are repurposed into organizers of make-up brushes. They could also hold other items that you have in a big amount such as toothbrushes, make-up liners.

via Cosmopolitan UK

62. Easily Access Your Manicure Tools with Magnetic Strips

Who Wants a Pedicure? #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Magnetic strips can save the day when it comes to the storage of tiny metal things on a small surface. The nail polish tools, bobby pins and other beauty tools can be easily lost if not well stored.

The knife strips are one of the greatest means to keep them organized and always on hand, especially when placed on the inside of a cabinet door. A smart idea, isn’t it?

via BHG

63. Turn Bathroom Corner with Efficient Free-Standing Shelf Unit 

Wicker Dreams to Keep You Clean #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Utilize an empty corner next to the toilet with a free-standing shelf unit. The tiers are open to access the contained easily.

Wicker baskets ensure items remain clean and neatly organized and give the bathroom a natural farmhouse effect.

64. Bring Farmhouse Effect with Ladder Bathroom Storage Design

Wide Flat Shelving Between Bathroom Fixtures #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

This is another idea for a storage unit in a ladder design. From this idea, we can inspire what would be its most practical position when it comes to small bathrooms.

Placing it against the wall between the toilet and the bathtub, you can load it with items needed in both nooks and at the same time use it as a decorative means to differentiate the zones.

via Bang On Style

65. Add Charm to Your Bathroom with a Side Sink Wire Basket

Wire Mesh Basket for Side of Sink #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

Hait-styling tools get hot and after usage, you should be very careful where to put them. Dedicating a metal mesh basket to hold them is a safe organization way.

You can get it in a size that suits the number of tools you frequently use and hung it with hooks on a blank surface such as the side of the under-sink cabinet.

via Dream Green DIY

66. Mount a Wooden Trough Above Your Bathroom Sink

Wooden Trough Mounted Sink Organizer #storageideas #smallbathroom #decorhomeideas

A quick idea to make an instant extra storage place in the small bathroom! Two Mason jars and one wooden box create a free-standing container.

Placed above the sink and under the mirror lets you use it for various items such as toothbrushes, make-ups, cotton buds.

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