20 Best Repurposed Cabinet Door Ideas That Are Easy To Do

When you upgrade or refresh your cabinets, you’re often left with a collection of loose doors.

Before you throw them away, consider a repurposing project; with a bit of creativity, you can transform a cabinet door into a piece that’s both functional and beautiful.

Best Repurposed Cabinet Door Ideas. Before you throw them away, consider a repurposing project; with a bit of creativity, you can transform a cabinet door into a piece that's both functional and beautiful. #decorhomeideas
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Need some inspiration? These 20 projects are a great place to start — each one is stunning, but even more importantly, easy to do.

1. How to Build a Desk Out of Cabinets

How to Build a Desk Out of Cabinets #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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If you have little ones, this adorable desk is the perfect project.

It transforms the front face of an old cabinet into a beautiful, low-slung work area. Set it on the floor to create an accessible spot for your toddlers’ art projects, or put it on a table for older kids.

via Ehow

2. Canning Jar Flower Pot

Canning Jar Flower Pot #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Display a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in this display, which uses an intricate cabinet door as a backing plate.

The simple glass canning jar complements the rustic construction and weathered paint, creating a look that fits right into your traditional or farmhouse-style home.

Use it indoors or outdoors; the effects of the sun, wind, and rain will add to the casual vibe.

3. Chalkboard Serving Tray Tutorial

Chalkboard Serving Tray Tutorial #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Surprise a loved one with breakfast in bed or a sweet selection of snacks using this DIY serving tray.

Using a can of chalkboard paint, it breathes new life into a traditional cabinet door.

The side-mounted handles are a clever way to repurpose the old drawer and cabinet hardware you have around the house.

via Taunie Everett

4. Christmas Cabinet Door Sign

Christmas Cabinet Door Sign #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Switch up your holiday decor with this cute Christmas cabinet door sign.

It works best with an intricate beveled door front, but a Mission-style door is also a lovely option.

A coat of whitewash paint and a few stenciled letters create a stunning sign you’ll be excited to bring out every year.

5. Coffee Mugs Cabinet Door Sign

Coffee Mugs Cabinet Door Sign #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Do you ever struggle to find your favorite coffee mugs?

Solve that problem and create a lovely piece of wall decor by transforming a cabinet door into a mug hanger.

All you need to do is attach a few metal hooks to the bottom edge — leave the door blank for a sleek look, or paint a charming coffee-themed saying.

via My Repurposed Life

6. Distressed Serving Tray

Distressed Serving Tray #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Nothing makes your afternoon snack feel more indulgent than an attractive serving tray.

This project is extremely easy to do; just move the handles to the shorter sides of the cabinet door and do some light distressing.

If you want extra flair, add a brilliant coat of paint for a pop of color.

via Create Craft Love

7. DIY Repurposed Cabinet Doors

DIY Repurposed Cabinet Doors #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Who knew a cabinet door could be so beautiful?

To look at this project, you’d never guess it was once a run-of-the-mill door; a coat of chalk paint with a crackle finish works wonders.

The jaunty hanging wreath is the ideal finishing touch.

via The Painted Hinge

8. Fall Decor Cabinet Door Repurpose

Fall Decor Cabinet Door Repurpose #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Replace your traditional fall wreath with this repurposed cabinet door.

A scattering of fall foliage and a gingham ribbon create a charming touch of color and texture that’s perfect for autumn.

The chalkboard center is the perfect spot to write a message that makes your guests feel welcome.

via Lilacs and Longhorns

9. Hat Rack From Cabinet Door

Hat Rack From Cabinet Door #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Conserve valuable floor space in your entryway, with this cabinet door hat rack.

Although it looks like an upscale artisan piece, the construction process is a breeze — just use screws to attach ornate hooks and gorgeous knobs, and you’re ready to go.

10. Old Cabinet Door Upcycle Wall Art

Old Cabinet Door Upcycle Wall Art #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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If you love the look of decorative signs, why not paint your favorite quote or inspiring saying on an old cabinet door?

Try out your hand-lettering skills or use a Cricut to create a custom stencil. We love the pop of orange paint that sets this sign apart.

via A Vision To Remember

11. Outdoor Welcome Sign

Outdoor Welcome Sign #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Make your entryway more welcoming with this creative door sign.

A tall, narrow cabinet door gives you plenty of space to include a favorite quote or Bible verse, but you can achieve a similar effect with a shorter door. A bit of paint or sandpaper adds a vintage look.

12. Powder Room Towel Rack and Display

Powder Room Towel Rack and Display #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Do you have a large cabinet door that’s currently collecting dust in a closet?

Turn it into beautiful and practical bathroom storage with a few brackets, a shelf, and a towel bar. As long as you know how to operate a drill, this project is quick and easy.

13. Repurposed Cabinet Door to Chic Wall Decor

Repurposed Cabinet Door to Chic Wall Decor #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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There’s something impossibly chic about a monochromatic color scheme, as proven by this repurposed cabinet door.

It’s the perfect way to use an ornate door hook — just coat everything in white paint to create a piece you’ll be proud to hang on the wall.

via Girl In The Garage

14. Repurposed Cabinet Doors Into A Desk

Repurposed Cabinet Doors Into A Desk #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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If your kids need a special spot for homework or craft projects, turn a few old cabinet doors into a child-sized desk.

This project requires some time and a few extra pieces of wood, but the result is a durable piece of furniture that will last for years.

via My Repurposed Life

15. Repurposed Cupboard Door Bookshelf

Repurposed Cupboard Door Bookshelf #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Chicken wire adds the perfect farmhouse charm to this cute DIY bookshelf.

All you need are three or more identical cabinet doors and some scrap wood; the lower legs are optional.

A coat of paint covers the dated wood finish and makes your decor pop.

via My Repurposed Life

16. Repurposed Cupboard Door Shelf

Repurposed Cupboard Door Shelf #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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To look at this shelving unit, you’d never guess that it’s made from old cabinet doors!

The stained plank top and mid-century modern legs create a piece that’s an instant hit. Use it in the bathroom to hold essentials, or place it in a child’s room to serve as a toy organizer.

via My Repurposed Life

17. Upcycled Event Message Board

Upcycled Event Message Board #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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It’s no secret that weddings are expensive — cut costs by creating personalized signs out of cabinet doors.

The wood grain creates an appealing rustic look for a casual outdoor event. Use them to welcome guests, identify the gift table, or provide directions to the cocktail hour.

18. Vintage Cabinet Door Towel Basket

Vintage Cabinet Door Towel Basket #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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A bit of distressing turns a standard cabinet door into a truly gorgeous decor element in this upcycling project.

If you use mineral paint, you don’t even need to worry about priming — with that shortcut, this product can be done in an hour or less.

The wire basket and vintage stencil complete the farmhouse-inspired design.

via Home Road

19. Window Pane Decor

Window Pane Decor #repurpose #cabinet #door #decorhomeideas
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Do you have a set of cabinet doors with framed fronts?

Knock out the back panel and add a piece of paned glass to create an antique wall hanging.

Simple yet surprisingly sophisticated, these pieces look lovely alone or in groups. Add a different wreath for every season to complete the unexpected window-like effect.

via Burlap and Blue

Best Repurposed Cabinet Door Ideas
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