39 Amazing Repurposed DIY Wine Bottle Crafts Ideas

It is not a secret that we love wine! We know what to do with the elixir closed in the bottle. But how about the bottle after the wine is gone?

Don’t throw it away as we have prepared an amazing collection of non-standard and beautiful ideas that will add a point of interest to your interior or exterior.

Best Repurposed DIY Wine Bottle Crafts Ideas. These DIY wine bottle crafts are the cutest ways to repurpose glass vessels. These easy DIYs make for a perfect Christmas project, Mother's Day gift, or just a decor item to keep for yourself—and an excuse to drink wine! #decorhomeideas

Get to know the best craft ideas that will give new life to the glass bottles and will let you recycle them in a more attractive way!

1. Cut Glass Bottles with Thermal Shock Effect

A Light in the Darkness #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

You may have thought that cutting a glass bottle is impossible but not anymore. You can do it using the thermal shock effect. Get a string and pass it through the glass.

Detach the bottom and start placing polka dots on the glass following a pattern you like.

Spray paint over the dots and then carefully remove them.

Then place a candle on the bottom and assemble both parts together.

via Madame Criativa

2. Turn Wine Bottles into Eye-Catching Succulent Planters

A Zen Garden for Your Desk #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

The wine bottles can be turned into succulent planters. Cut the top part and then fill it in with sand and suitable potting mix.

This glass planter can beautify a windowsill, a mantle or can be used also as a table centerpiece.

via Melted Bottle

3. Transform Wine Bottles into Decorative Art Pieces with Paint

Book Page Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

Although one of the easiest DIY wine bottle transformation projects, it has a great decorative impact, especially when a few bottles are grouped on a shelf.

First cover the external surface of the glass with a thick coat of white paint. Then get a newspaper or a book and draw patterns of images you like.

Gluing them onto the surface can be done with a Mod podge.

via The Wicker House

4. Rustic and Modern DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier

Chandelier From Old Wine Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

This amazing project uses wine bottles and a barn wood to end as a chandelier with rustic and modern touches.

Apart from cutting the glass, the other harder step is to put through cable through each bottle in order to attach the bulb.

via DIY Network

5. Create Aromatic Ambience with a DIY Wine Bottle Candle

Decorative Yet Functional Outdoor Lights #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

As easy as it looks, the only upgrade you should do to the wine bottles is to clean them well from any residue as to let the metallic spray paint stick well.

Then place a candle into each bottleneck. Such a DIY wine bottle candle could be part of a romantic dinner or surprise.

via Ruffled Blog

6. Upcycle Wine Bottles with Decoupage For Unique Designs

Decoupage Wine Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

The wine bottles can be upcycled by making decoupage on the surface. Their look will be entirely changed- from a floral motif to a themed or holiday image.

This way they can be reused many times by storing different alcohol in them.

via DIY Elanka

7. Create a Unique 3D Design with Torn-Paper Decoupage

DIY Collaged Map Wine Bottle #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

This technique is very similar to the decoupage. The difference comes with the entireness of the image.

Instead of gluing an image, it is torn into pieces that are glued onto the glass to create a volumetric surface thanks to the overlapping of the pieces.

This technique can be applied by using an old world map, book pages, colorful paper scrap pieces.

via Karen Kavett

8. Glam Up Your Home with a Glitter-Covered Wine Bottle Décor

DIY Glittered Wine Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

This wine bottle can be used as a Christmas decor or as a glam accent on a shelf.

Making it is an easy task- sand the entire glass surface and then cover it with an acrylic sealer. Pour glitter on a paper and start rolling the glass surface in the glitter.

via Jenny On The Spot

9. Transform Wine bottles into Modern Planters

DIY Self Watering Wine Bottle Planter #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

If you cut a wine bottle into halves, you can turn it into a modern planter that will require almost no maintenance.

The neck-half will be holding the plant, the other one will water it. Use mesh to protect the soil from falling into the neck. Attach a few cord lengths at the mesh bottom which will transport the water to the roots.

Then fill the mesh with soil and plant the flower.

via Cheap Crafting

10. Build a Vibrant Bottle Centerpiece for Your Backyard

DIY Wine Bottle Backyard Centerpiece #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a craft that will anchor interest in your backyard? This bottle centerpiece will surely do.

During the day the sunlight will pass through the glass, reflecting beautiful shades. During the night, the lamp’s illumination will go through the glass, making the illumination smoother.

11. Create a Bird Feeder from an Upcycled Wine Bottle

DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

Would you like to welcome nature to your yard? This bird feeder will do it.

Start by drilling a hole in the wine bottle. Use a special diamond drill bit to make it.

Once the holes are drilled (one on each side), attach a plate or a saucer to the bottom using epoxy.

via The Garden-Roof Coop

12. Transform Your Wine Bottles Into Beautiful Candle Holders

DIY Wine Bottle Candles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

Similar to other projects, a wine bottle is cut into halves with a glasscutter bit.

Both of the halves can be turned into candle holders with different designs.

via Invite and Delight

13. Inexpensive Themed Décor with Painted Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottle Decor #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

The wine bottles can be used for fun and very inexpensive themed decor. Whether for a bachelorette or a birthday, the bottles should be painted first.

The thick coat of paint provides a good adhesive surface and background that will distinguish the accents and motifs.

via Lauren Azevedo

14. Use a Wine Bottle to Create a Floating Candle

DIY Wine Bottle Floating Candle Holders #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

This is an example of what can be done with the bottom half of a wine bottle.

Filled with water, it will make the tea candle look like a floating flame.

via La Crema

15. Unique Upcycled Wine Bottle Décor With Cord and Glue

DIY Wine Bottle Party Favors #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

The upcycled wine bottle can become a rustic decor only by weaving it with cord. To let the cord stay on the glass, use a hot glue gun.

The new layer gives a lot of decoration possibilities. Use lace, pearls, gems, faux flowers to make the bottle unique.

via Le Blog Aurore

16. Create a Party Atmosphere with DIY Tiki Bottle Torches

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torches #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

You can make entertaining decor for your next outdoor party by turning the plain wine bottles into tiki torches.

Start by cleaning the bottles. Then make the torch assembly- for each bottle you need a tiki wick, a metal fitting, gravel for the bottom and oil.

17. Create a Coastal-Inspired Wine Bottle with Twine Fishnet

Fish Netted Wine Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

There is a wine bottle craft for all of the interior decors.

If you want to upcycle a bottle and fit it into a coastal decorated area, wrap the bottle into twine woven as a fishnet.

via Cameo Cottage Designs

18. Add Color to Your Interior with Twine-Wrapped Bottles

Gorgeous Twine Wrapped Bottle #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

Such twine-wrapped bottles will give a pop of color to the interior, especially when grouped together.

All you need to do is to prepare the glass surface for sticking the twine onto it. Use a hot glue gun or white glue.

via Wedding Window

19. Peeking Mummy DIY Wine Bottle Craft for Halloween

Halloween Wine Bottle Craft #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

Another theme of the DIY wine bottle crafts cover is Halloween. This cute peeking mummy is made out of medical tape wrapped around the bottle.

A pair of oversized googly eyes will finish the creepy image in a fun way.

20. Personalize Wine Bottles with Chalkboard Paint

How To Create Chalkboard Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

This craft will provide an individual approach to each bottle. Painting the glass with black chalkboard paint gives a canvas for fun messages or inspiring words that will stay forever.

via Be Spoke Bride

21. Creative Ways to Recycle Glass Bottles with DIY Projects

How to Cut Wine Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

Wanna know all the possible ways to cut glass bottles? The author below has gathered them all in one place.

You can trust each method as it has been shared by people that have already tried it.

via Craftaholics Anonymous

22. Flatten a Wine Bottle to Create Unique Artwork

How to Flatten Wine Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

A wine bottle can be even flattened. For that purpose, a kiln is needed.

Once the shape of the glass is changed, the bottle transforms into art that can be placed somewhere just like that or be given some functionality.

via Hunker

23. Make a Wine Bottle Bird Feeder with Scrap Wood

How to Make a Wine Bottle Bird Feeder #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

For this cute bird feeder, you don’t have to cut the wine bottle.

A small birdhouse holder should be built out of scrap wood where the bottle will be sitting in.

via Down Home Inspiration

24. DIY Snow-Covered Wine Bottle Craft For Christmas

How to Make a Wine Bottle Lamp #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

This DIY wine bottle craft goes to the Christmas-themed projects.

The sprinkled salt over the glass surfaces makes the bottles look covered with snow.

via Turning The Clock Back

25. Craft Your Wind Chime Using Wine Bottles

How to Make Wine Bottle Wind Chime #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

The sound of a wind chime is irreplaceable, especially in summer.

You can make your own wine bottles by cutting them in halves. The next steps are given in detail below.

via WikiHow

26. Create a Magical Atmosphere with Bottle Lanterns

How to Put Christmas Lights in a Wine Bottle #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

These lanterns can be used during the entire year because of the gentle light they are spreading.

Start by drilling a hole in the lower part of the bottle. Put in the fairy lights and voila!

via eHow

27. Upcycle Your Wine Bottles into Festive Halloween Décor

Ombre Wine Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

This craft is an example of Halloween decor with upcycled wine bottles. If you change the colors or the adjacent decor, they can add a pop of color all year long.

The first layer of paint must be white as it provides a good contrasting background for the candy effect.

via Brit Co

28. Create a Glimmering Path with DIY Wine Bottle Scones

Outdoor Recycled Wine Bottle Lights #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

The tiki torch project can be modified just a little so that the wine bottles are turned into scones.

Aligned in a row onto the external wall of the house or the fence, they will outline a gentle light path.

via Design Sponge

29. Create Embellished Twisted Lines with Rubber Bands on Glass

Painted Wine Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

To achieve the twisted embodied lines, you need flat rubber bands. Clean the surface well and spray with a light color.

Let it dry and add the rubber bands onto the glass. Spray the darker color. Then remove the bands and decorate with twine.

via The Vintage Jar

30. Decorate Empty Wine Bottles with Doilies

Paper Doily Decoupaged Bottle Tutorial #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

The empty wine bottles can be decorated with doilies instead of napkins.

First, cut the paper into the shape you want. Then glue it onto the clean glass surface with Mod podge or white glue.

The finished bottle will be given a farmhouse fresh look.

via Craftiments

31. Make an Elegant Oil & Vinegar Set in Under an Hour

Repurpose Wine Bottles #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

In less than an hour, you can make your new set for oil and vinegar. All you need are two wine bottles, chalkboard foil and a marker.

To make the pouring easier and controlled change the cork with dispensers.

via Zest it Up

32. Make a Unique Snowman with a Wine Bottle and Acrylic Paints

Snowman-Inspired DIY Wine Bottle Craft #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

This smiling snowman is made out of a wine bottle, paints and some fabric.

After painting the external glass surface with chalk paint, start forming the other parts of the face using black and orange acrylic paints.

Decorate it with a hat and a bow to finish the image of the snowman as we know it.

via Love to Know

33. Craft Memorable Wine Bottle Imprints with Vinyl and Paint

Trendy Bottle and Jar Home Decor #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

To get the initial imprint on each glass surface, stick a vinyl letter. Paint the glass all over and let it dry.

Then peel off the letter. If you prefer, you can use only wine bottles for this craft.

In this case, the usage of the Mason jar is to make a certain meaningful emphasis with the cute heart.

via Craft Warehouse

34. Elegant Metallic Number Display

Wine Bottle Centerpiece #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

This glamorous decor is an easy project. The metallic surface is achieved with spray paint.

The stands for the numbers are ready. The numbers can be taken from a craft store or you can make them yourself by cutting them from glitter paper.

Attach them to wire or wooden skewers. Then just insert them in the cork.

via Vicky Barone

35. Upcycle a Wine Bottle into a Unique Reading Lamp Base

Wine Bottle Lamp #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

If the pedestal of your reading lamp is damaged or you don’t enjoy it anymore, replace it with a wine bottle.

Drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle to put through the cord and put the light assembly in the neck.

via Cleverly Inspired

36. Bring an Instant Nautical Look with DIY Wine Bottle Wraps

Wine Bottle Upcycle #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

Do you need some fresh nautical vibes in your home? This project will ensure the desired effect in few simple steps.

Wrap the wine bottles with twine. Use fabrics, wood sticks or dowels to make them more interesting.

via Love Create Celebrate

37. Create Personalized Wine Bottle Décor with Accents and Paint

Wine Bottles in Full Bloom #winebottle #crafts #repurpose #decorhomeideas

Such bottles can be used inside and outside. While deciding their application, start painting the glass. Choose a color that will let the accents attached later on pop out.

Use burlap, twine, pearls, gems, paper flowers and whatever you like to decorate the painted wine bottles.

via Glitter Glue and Paint

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