40 Amazing Pine Cone Crafts You Can DIY For Every Occasion

Pinecones are one of the greatest natural gifts we can enjoy for free! Not only as part of the woodsy landscape but also as part of our home decor.

Pinecones have inspired a number of beautiful crafts suitable for Thanksgiving, Christmas and all-year decorations.

Best Pine Cone Crafts Ideas. Beautiful DIY pine cone crafts to make with your kids or just as a hobby! Best ideas to make free pinecone decorations, & easy gifts from spring to fall & Christmas! #decorhomeideas

Paints and other decoration supplies let them easily adapt to the seasonal theme, for example transforming them from a winter ornament into a spring bloom.

Felt pieces glued to the pinecone base create cute animal faces that can be added to an existing festive display.

Are you already surprised by how much a simple pine cone can do? Don’t stop reading here because there is much more inspiration shown in our 40 Best Pine Cone Crafts And Decorations.

1. Snowy White Pine Cone Centerpiece

Snowy White Pine Cone Centerpiece

If you have a tray as a centerpiece of the coffee table, you can change its theme and make the interior more festive with this pine cone craft idea!

The table decoration consists of different kinds and sizes pinecones that are spray-painted white. The paint doesn’t cover the entire scale to mimic a snow layer.

Arrange the pine cones together with red or white candles and small baubles.

2. Small Christmas Tree From Pinecones

Small Christmas Tree From Pinecones

Various sizes of Christmas trees make the interior so cheerful and festive for the lovely winter holiday!

One of the pine cone craft ideas here uses this free natural gift. Get pinecones, separate the scales from the stem with a knife and get ready to stack your small Christmas tree.

The base can be a styrofoam cone or a cardstock paper cone. Hot glue is best for this DIY pine cone idea.

3. Potted Pinecones

Potted Pinecones

Another DIY inspiration from the collection of pinecone Christmas crafts features cute potted pine cones. The pots are terra cotta painted white to make the arrangement more festive.

The ends of the scales are painted white with acrylic paint first to recreate a snow layer. Each pinecone is then placed over tucked in the flower pot greenery.

Finish the craft with a little star at the top of the pinecone to give it a look of a tiny Christmas tree.

via Town n Country

4. Pinecone Garland

Pinecone Garland

If you are looking for a banner idea that can fit the winter interior, there is no better supply than pinecones from the forest. They are beautiful, natural and festive.

For this pinecone craft idea, large pinecones are best. Attach them to a burlap or twine ribbon with craft wire twisted around the stem of the pinecone and then to the ribbon.

You can leave the pinecones in their natural look or spray paint a few or all of them for a snowy look.

via Little White House Blog

5. Multicolored Pine Cones For A Tray Arrangement

Multicolored Pine Cones For A Tray Arrangement

If you think that pinecones are suitable only for winter decor, this pinecone craft idea will prove you wrong!

By painting each pinecone a different bright color, the snow-related pieces easily transform into cheerful decorations that can add a pop of color to your spring or summer outdoor decor.

via A Fanciful Twist

6. Farmhouse Bowlful Of Pinecones

Farmhouse Bowlful Of Pinecones

If you are using a vintage container to hold seasonal decorations, then you can recharge it with pinecones that will turn the Christmas mood on.

Spray a few of the pinecones with white or silver paint to add a touch of interest to the natural arrangement.

via Cloches and Lavender

7. Tiny Pinecone Christmas Tree Idea

Tiny Pinecone Christmas Tree Idea

This pinecone Christmas tree craft requires smaller pinecones that will mimic the twigs of the tree. Stack the pinecones vertically using hot glue to form the shape of a tree.

You can leave the tree undecorated for a rustic touch or add tiny ornaments for improved interest.

8. Handmade Firestarters

Handmade Firestarters

This DIY pinecone craft idea is so amazing, you would want to try it. It is great for Christmas decor but also as a Christmas gift.

For that, you need candle supplies that turn each pinecone into a unique firestarter. Add a personalized tag in case you are making these candles for gifts.

via Something Turquoise

9. Pinecone Topiary

Pinecone Topiary

This idea with pine cones will spruce up the front porch decor! The base is a styrofoam ball that defines the shape of the craft. It is wrapped into a dark plastic bag which makes gluing the pine cones so easy.

You can leave the pinecones as they are or apply a thin coat of metallic or white paint over the scales.

via Somewhat Simple

10. Glittery Pinecone Craft Idea

Glittery Pinecone Craft Idea

These pinecones look like plastic ornaments for the Christmas tree! Well, they aren’t. They are decorated with glittery paint which gives them a festive glamorous look.

The pinecones can be used separately as Christmas tree ornaments or altogether to make a fantastic seasonal centerpiece.

via The Homes I Have Made

11. DIY Acorns With Pinecones

DIY Acorns With Pinecones

This fall decor idea is so cute! Plastic eggs are upcycled into acorns with some twine and pinecones.

The twine loops and the pinecones are glued to the bottoms of the eggs which instantly transforms them into this natural autumn symbol.

Applying a coat of paint on the eggs can be a good idea in case the ones you have available are white.

via Domestically Blissful

12. Two-colored Pinecone Banner

Two-colored Pinecone Banner

If you are looking for vertical decoration for the winter holidays, this pinecone banner craft is perfect for that. Its simple natural look won’t overwhelm space and will add a touch of nature to your home.

A few of the large pinecones are painted white to give the banner dimension and also a touch of contrast that helps each pinecone stand out.

via The Lavender Homefront

13. Pinecone Door Decoration

Pinecone Door Decoration

If you are looking for a winter front door decoration, you can choose from a pine cone wreath or this vertical arrangement of dangling pinecones.

The mismatch of twine lengths creates a point of interest and dimension. The free ends of the twine are tied up together in a bow which gives the decoration a finished look.

via Thistle Down Domestic Creations

14. Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornaments

Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornaments

This is a great craft idea of how to add a natural touch to your Christmas tree decoration. Pinecones are transformed into tree ornaments easily.

You can use them as they are or decorate them with any other ornaments in the seasonal theme.

Faux berry twigs, glitter stars, small baubles, and green twigs will let the pinecone stand out and will add to the festive look.

via Domestically Creative

15. Pine Cone Picks

Pine Cone Picks

These pinecone picks can be used in many ways- as an addition to a floral arrangement, as a wreath ornament, as a base for a Christmas craft, or as a Christmas party meal decoration.

Making them is easy- wooden picks, pinecones and hot glue. Before adding the pine cone to the pick you can decorate the cone with glitter or paint.

via Craft Invaders

16. Santa Pine Cone Wreath Idea

Santa Pine Cone Wreath Idea

This pine cone wreath idea is in the colors of Santa. All pinecones are painted with a red glossy paint which creates an even and bright coat that will be noticed even from a distance.

The ribbon is black satin and thanks to the golden buckle it relates to the festive Santa Claus costume.

via Scratch and Stitch

17. Christmas Pinecone Display

Christmas Pinecone Display

Similar to the Easter display with eggs, this bowl of pinecones is a great decor idea for Christmas.

The pinecones are given a cheerful look with white and red paint. They are all placed in a bowl over a filling of a red fabric mesh which enhances their special usage.

via Two Sisters Crafting

18. Pinecone Gnomes For Your Garden

Pinecone Gnomes For Your Garden

Aren’t these gnomes the cutest decoration ever? They are great to welcome the winter season indoors and outdoors.

Their cute little hands are cut from felt, and so are their hats. The bodies are plain pinecones. Their faces are made from wooden beads.

And if your kids love collecting pinecones, there is no better way to utilize them together with this fun craft project.

via We Bloom Here

19. Christmas Garland With Pinecones

Christmas Garland With Pinecones

Looking for Christmas decorations to match your farmhouse decor? Pinecones and yarn will make the magic you are looking for.

They are natural materials that will add a touch of festiveness that matches your home decor’s warmth.

The garland idea here is simple as all others we showed you so far. Here, instead of a twine length or a burlap ribbon, a string from red and white yarn is used.

This is a fun accent to the garland design which makes the overall look more festive thanks to the candy cane color combination.

via Dream Book Design

20. DIY Pine Cone Christmas Trees With Star Tops

DIY Pine Cone Christmas Trees With Star Tops

Do you like the small Christmas trees spread in every room of the home? They do make the home decor more festive and cheerful!

This pinecone craft idea is one of those that take care of the budget, especially when a number of pieces are needed.

You can make as many trees as you wish provided that you have ensured enough terra cotta pots from the smallest size.

Gather large pinecones from the woods and paint them all green. The metallic acrylic paint is applied on the terra cotta pots and also at the ends of the top scales.

Finish the tree craft with a small star at the top.

via Scissors and Spoons

21. Pinecone Kissing Ball Ornament

Pinecone Kissing Ball Ornament

This kissing ball idea looks gorgeous as a Christmas tree ornament! It is oversized, rustic and unique!

For it, use a styrofoam ball as a base and a brown satin ribbon to make a loop for hanging it on the tree. The pinecones are glued to the foam surface with hot glue aiming to arrange them tightly to each other.

Because of their shape, there always is space enough to insert the real pine twigs and the faux berry twigs that add to the dimensional design of the kissing ball.

22. Frosted Luminaries

Frosted Luminaries

This is a great all-winter ornament that will add a touch of rustic warmth to your home decor.

The luminary idea uses a glass jar, Epsom salt, a piece of lace, twine to wrap it around the neck of the jar, and two pinecones as front ornaments.

There is an extra touch of winter added with special Snow tex paint that makes this artificial snow.

via Crafts by Amanda

23. Natural Pinecone Wreath

Natural Pinecone Wreath

This idea features an interesting addition to the pinecone wreath consisting of green twigs and a string of lights.

The contrast the green makes to the brown color of the pinecones and the gentle light from the fairy lights will make sure that your home looks festive from the entrance even at night.

via Remodelaholic

24. Pom Pom Pinecones

Pom Pom Pinecones

This DIY pinecone Christmas tree ornament is easy and fun to make. The addition of colorful pompoms to the pinecone scales gives them a cheerful new look that will be loved by the youngest ones in your family.

And why not include your kids in the process from the beginning (gathering pinecones) to the end (hanging the ornaments on the tree) and see them enjoy the result of their handwork?

via One Little Project

25. Free-standing Gnomes From Pinecones

Free-standing Gnomes From Pinecones

This is another design of the pinecone gnomes. This time, they are supported on felt legs to be added to your Christmas display.

There is also a tiny jingle bell at the top of the hats which makes the gnome figure so cute and jolly.

via Lia Griffith

26. Pinecone Statement Tree

Pinecone Statement Tree

Make a statement piece for your winter home decor with pinecones. The idea features a pinecone tree made on a conic styrofoam base.

To attach the cones to the foam, use floral picks inserted downward into the foam. Anchor the finished tree into a vintage container or tray and fill the gaps with moss if needed.

via HGTV

27. Pine Cone Ornament With An Elegant Bow

Pine Cone Ornament With An Elegant Bow

Adding this pinecone craft idea to your Christmas tree decoration will create a touch of rustic elegance.

The pinecone itself is purely rustic, and when a dressing in the shape of a creamy satin bow is added, it gets a glamorous transformation.

via Make It Love It

28. Pinecone Star Fireplace Decor

Pinecone Star Fireplace Decor

Looking for a winter fireplace decoration? Make this rustic wall hanging from pine cones to make a focal point for the Christmas season.

The star is a symbol of the Christmas tree top and recreating it from pinecones instantly gives the craft a festive design.

via Ella Claire Inspired

29. Cute Reindeer Ornament

Cute Reindeer Ornament

Another kid-friendly craft for winter that can be used for Christmas tree ornament features a transformation of a pinecone into a fun reindeer face!

Googly eyes and a red pompom are glued to the top of the pinecone. Two brown pipe cleaners mimic the antlers. Hanging happens with a piece of twine glued at the back of the cone.

via Fireflies and Mud Pies

30. Free-standing Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Free-standing Pine Cone Christmas Trees

This is another alternative for a pinecone Christmas tree.

Gluing the pinecone to a wine cork gives the tiny tree a pedestal to stand on its own.

31. Glittery Pinecone Ornaments

Glittery Pinecone Ornaments

If you want to ensure that your pinecone Christmas tree ornaments are visible from the rest, coat them with glittery paint.

Added snowy sparkle will create a dramatic effect on the green background.

via Kids Craft Room

32. Rustic Pinecone Christmas Tree

Rustic Pinecone Christmas Tree

This tiny pinecone tree is a rustic retreat for the winter season decor. To make it, you need to separate the scales from the stem.

The base is a styrofoam cone which ensures easy adhesion of the scales. Start gluing the scales from the bottom up aiming to recreate this stacked pattern.

33. Pinecone Candle Sticks

Pinecone Candle Sticks

Although there is nothing difficult or complicated about this pinecone craft idea, it is very attractive and unique.

Pinecones are painted red and then repurposed into candle holders. For that idea, get the largest pinecones available. Take the top scales off, insert a metal holder and then the candle itself.

via Crissy’s Crafts

34. Pinecone Cluster For A Front Door Decoration

Pinecone Cluster For A Front Door Decoration

Use the festive red color to make a cluster of pinecones an attractive part of the outdoor decor for the winter season.

Take a satin red ribbon and cut it into different lengths. One of the ends is glued directly to the pinecone bottom, and the other is tied in a bow together with all other ribbon ends.

via Brown Sugar Toast

35. Snowy Pinecone Garland

Snowy Pinecone Garland

Winter-themed garlands can be added to the mantle, to the windows, to a door frame, to a blank wall or to the Christmas tree.

Dip the ends of the pinecone scales into acrylic white paint to give the piece a snowy finish. Once the paint has cured, weave the red yarn around it.

via HGTV

36. Spring Blooms With Pinecones

Spring Blooms With Pinecones

The shape of the pinecones inspires many summer craft ideas. The scales remind the petals of dahlias and also of succulents and when the paint is added to the process, the transformation happens.

Use an old wooden frame to group the pinecone flowers together.

via Dianne Toman Hayes

37. Realistic Snowy Pinecones

Realistic Snowy Pinecones

If you like the idea of frosted pinecones but want a more realistic look of the snow layer, follow this craft hint.

Instead of paint, glitter or Epsom salt, dip the scales of the cones in fake snow. Use school glue to enhance the realistic texture of the snow.

via Ella Claire Inspired

38. Pinecone Fox Ornament

Pinecone Fox Ornament

This is another cute animal craft idea that uses pinecones. Felt in different colors helps define the body pieces of the little red fox.

The pinecone acts as the main body part of the fox which also stabilizes it to stand freely on its own.

via Lia Griffith

39. Festive Pinecone Napkin Rings

Festive Pinecone Napkin Rings

Finish your nature-inspired table decor with this easy napkin ring idea. Cut a piece of twine long enough to be woven around a napkin and finished in a bow.

Glue to either of its ends a wooden bead and a pinecone.

40. Pinecone Wreath For Cheerful Mantel Decor

Pinecone Wreath For Cheerful Mantel Decor

Elevate the simple pinecone wreath by adding colorful pompoms to the pinecone tops. The pompoms will add dimension and a cheerful point of interest to the space.

via Make and Do Crew

41. Painted Pine Cones

Painted Pine Cones as Flowers

credit Stella Holifield

Fir cones picked up and painted. Used up all old bits of paint. Wire painted. Inserted into wood salvaged from a tree felled.

32. Lilacs From Pine Cones

Painted Pinecones Lilacs

via Melissa Lynne

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