30 Free Printable String Art Patterns (Direct Download)

A while ago, I was searching for some basic string art patterns in order to show my daughter how funny the DIY string art could be and, unfortunately, I found out that there were almost no simple templates that you can directly download and apply.

So I decided to prepare a list of 30 super easy, yet very beautiful templates that can be downloaded directly with a simple click – I’ve also added instructions and directions so that everyone could start immediately.

Best String Art Patterns

Of course, if you want to see more refined and complicated ideas, check out this article: 28 Amazing String Art Ideas (You Would Love To DIY)

In case it seems too hard of a DIY project and you want to buy some of the projects that are only shown as templates, check out our selection of the best string art kits. You can check the latest string art kit offers HERE.

My advice is to start with one or two FREE string art templates to see if you really enjoy it.

We have a great free Mason Jar String Art Tutorial – with step-by-step instructions, photos and video on how to do it like a pro. Check it out!

You can apply the same techniques to any other string art project.

If you master it, you can then buy a more complicated, customized pattern and improve your skills. You can also look into the internet for more string art inspirations.

For a simple DIY string art project you will need these materials:

  • A piece of wood pursuant to the size of your project
  • PC
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Linoleum nails (the amount depends on the size of your project; usually takes a small pack)
  • Hammer
  • Yarn or Embroidery Floss

If you do not have a printer at home, you can simply place a sheet of paper on the computer screen and copy the contour.

All templates are matched to a standard page that can be printed by a normal printer.

I’ve made all patterns and templates ready to print. You just need to scale up or down when you are in the print menu so that the template fits your media. Below each image is a download link with the high resolution version of the template. Although they are in .jpg variant instead of .pdf, they can be printed on all devices.

For some of the free printable string art patterns, you do not have to necessarily hammer a nail at each point, but still, they have to be enough to keep shape and contour.

Although it is not difficult, there are a few things to look out for:

  • Safety comes first! Make sure you won’t hurt some of your fingers with the hammer.
  • Use a perfectly smooth piece of wood for a better result.
  • Stick the sheet of paper with some tape to the wood so it does not move anywhere.

By the way, you can use a foam board and needles instead of a wooden board and small nails. This option is easier to make, but it is much more unstable and fragile. Besides, it is usually used for string art for kids because it is safer.

If you do not want to buy the different materials, you can buy a kit that has everything ready for you.

1.String Art Letters Pattern

Home String Art Pattern

This stylish string art HOME pattern could be a great Xmas gift for someone you care about as well as nice wall art for your living room space. Choose white and red yarn or embroidery floss for a classical outcome.

Download: Here

2. Family Pattern

Home Sweet Home Sign String Art Pattern

Typographic string art projects have always been prevalent, as people love to have showpieces featuring inspirational words and phrases that bring more warmth and coziness to their homes.

Download: Here

3. Another Home Template

Home Sweet Home String Art Template

Here is another cute version of the “home sweet home” family template I just showed you.

It looks more girly and contemporary. Love the small heart on the right side!

Download: Here

4. Heart Pattern

Three Hearts Love String Art Pattern

Just have a look at this twisted free heart pattern and you might find an idea for the next birthday gift or Valentine card you are planning to make. Heart string art is relatively easy to do if you start with one heart only. String color could be red or white, but you can use colored string as per your taste.

As I mentioned above, you don’t need to hammer nails on each dot, just enough to keep the shape.

Download: Here

5. Pattern For Animal Lovers

Paw Love Heart String Art Template

This surely can be the ideal gift for someone who is crazy about animals (and have at least two at home).

This one looks very simple and yet noticeable.

Download: Here

6. Owl Pattern

Owl String Art Pattern

Dear owl lovers, this owl pattern will allow you to create a unique piece of your very own. And let’s face it – who doesn’t love them?

Download: Here

7. Kitten Pattern

Kitty String Art Pattern

This lovely kitten pattern for string art might look a bit harder due to the curves, however, It’s actually quite easy to make.

It would be the ideal wall decor for your kid’s bedroom.

Download: Here

8. Treble Clef String Art Pattern

Sol Key Music Scores String Art Pattern

This craft project does make such a nice gift idea for musicians.  Once you check out the directions and you will see how simply you can do it with any musical note.

Download: Here

9. Lighthouse Template

Lighthouse String Art Pattern

Here is something that would be perfect hanging on the wall in your country or summer house. 

It reminds me of being on the beach and enjoying breathtaking rocky views.

Download: Here

10. Anchor Template

Anchor String Art Pattern

This string art anchor pattern would combine well with the lighthouse I just showed you. They are kind of one same maritime theme. 

Besides, it’s very easy string art to make as there are no much curves and twists.

Download: Here

11. Floral Pattern

Floral String Art Pattern

This flower string art template brings a vintage, rustically chic vibe that I really like. 

Depends on the colors you’ll choose, the final result could be very colorful and joyful.

Download: Here

12. Love Template

Hearts Flowers String Art Pattern

As a matter of fact, you’d be able to find tons of string art heart patterns in Pinterest. The truth is they are classy and timeless.

This project, for instance, can make the ideal Saint Valentine gift.

Download: Here

13. Rose Template

Rose String Art Pattern

Rose, especially the red one, has always been a classic way to express your love and commitment to your beloved one.

In this line of thinking, this pattern for string art might be the right one for you.

Download: Here

14. Family String Art Template

Family Sign String Art Pattern

Hang this string art project on the wall at home and it will always remind you that the family is above all. The family is a symbol of love, caring, and loyalty.

Download: Here

15. Love String Art Pattern

Love Hearts String Art Pattern

Some of you might think this pattern is a bit cheesy, however, I think it could make a great Christmas or birthday gift as well as a stylish and cheerful wedding gift.

Download: Here

16. Another Love String Art Template

Love Sign String Art Pattern

Here is another version of the LOVE string art craft project I just shared with you! 

It still brings the same message, however, the design is cleaner and unembellished.

Download: Here

17. Four-Leaf Clover String Art Template

Clover String Art Pattern

According to the Irish people, those who find a four-leaf clover are doomed for good luck, as each leaf in the clover signifies good omens for faith, hope, love, and luck. 

So, give this string art craft as a gift to someone you really care about.

Download: Here

18. String Art Tree Pattern

Palm Tree String Art Pattern

The palm tree string art template is a nice idea for wall art that reminds you of the hot summer days and all the exotic destinations you are dreaming to visit someday. 

Download: Here

19. Giraffe String Art Pattern

Giraffe String Art Pattern

Display this cute giraffe string art template above your newborn’s cot. Imagine it in colors – it would surely comfort your baby and make her/him feel cozy and safe.

Download: Here

20. Superman String Art Template

Superman String Art Pattern

The string art patterns, inspired by the Marvel superheroes, are something your boy would love!

Don’t know how to make it? We’ve got your back with this cool Superman string art project.

Download: Here

21. Strawberry String Art Pattern Free

Strawberry String Art Pattern

Right after showing you the Superhero string art idea, it’s time to find something for the little girls!

The strawberry template is not a bad idea at all. Looks difficult? Not with our detailed template.

Download: Here

22. Apple String Art Pattern

Apple String Art Pattern

The apple template might be a  bit easier than the strawberry as it is not so detailed. ( As a matter of fact it’s the easier string art pattern in this collection ). So you can start with it and then continue the fruity themed free string art patterns.

Download: Here

23. Simple Flower String Art Template

Flower String Art Pattern

If you are in doubt which one to be your very first string art project, I’d recommend starting with the flower – a classic, cheery symbol of life.

Download: Here

24. Cross String Art Pattern

Cross String Art Pattern

However, this is not my favorite string art project, the cross pattern could be an excellent gift for friends who are very religious. 

Moreover, it is very easy to make and won’t take too much time.

Download: Here

25.One More LOVE String Art Pattern

Love String Art Pattern

I couldn’t resist adding another LOVE string art template! 

This one is very simple and yet elegant. It’s easily readable and can fit any home decor.

Download: Here

26. Home String Art Pattern

Home Sign String Art Template

I imagine having this beautiful string art craft in the entrance hall so every guest of mine would feel welcomed and cozy. 

Also, it would remind me on a daily basis what does actually HOME mean.

Download: Here

27. You and Me String Art Template

You and Me String Art Pattern

This pattern would make a great Saint Valentine’s present.

Remember, it is always better to give something unique that is made by your own hands, rather than a shop-bought gift.

Download: Here

28. Ship String Art Pattern

Ship String Art Pattern

Even if you don’t like sailing it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy this stunning ship string art project hang on the wall.

As a symbol, the ship represents a new journey, a crossing, adventure, and exploration. I like that! Consider the fact that this template is one of the most difficult string art patterns in our selection.

Download: Here

29. Bicycle String Art Template Maker

Bicycle String Art Pattern

This bicycle string art is not the most popular pattern, however, it is a great present for every biking enthusiast or collector.

I would also personalize it by adding an inspirational quote or the name of the gift receiver. 

Download: Here

30. Dreamy Sting Art Pattern

Dream String Art Pattern

Here is a nice, dreamy string art to hang on the wall in your bedroom.  

It might take a bit longer because of all the elements, but it’s worth it. 

Download: Here

31. BLESSED String Art Pattern

Blessed String Art Pattern

Here is a bonus to my collection of free printable string art templates – a beautiful BLESSED sign. Great gift for Xmas! 

It’s the classic medium to express your faith and beliefs in one word.

Download: Here

32. Christmas Tree String Art Pattern

Christmas Tree String Art Template

This string art design is great addition to your Christmas decoration! You can use it to spruce up your mantel or as a wall decor.

Begin weaving your floss ( or green yarn ) around all the nails, criss-crossing ( or zig-zagging if you prefer ). There’s really no special technique to string art in my experience; you just go back and forth. It does look better with more criss-crossing, because it fills in the area more.

Download: Here

We haven’t included any geometric string art patterns as they are easy to DIY. Just draw your shape and divide each side or line in equal parts where the nails will be placed.

As you get more experienced a string art kit is something you will likely to use a lot and you can find some great examples HERE

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