28 Amazing String Art Ideas (You Would Love To DIY)

String art is a very popular way to express your artistry and have lots of fun. Here is everything you need to know about this cool technique.

Best String Art Ideas #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas
  • What is string art?

String art is also called pin and thread art, is defined by a pattern of colored thread wrapped between points to form geometric figures or representational designs such as a ship’s sails, sometimes with other artist material comprising the leftovers of the work.

  • How to make string art?

Mastering the geometric string art patterns require a lot of patience and enthusiasm. As a matter of fact, there are several step-by-step tutorials on the internet that can be quite helpful if you want to start practicing this technique.

We have also created our own tutorial on string art, just watch the video to see step by step instructions:

  • Where to get free string art patterns?

You can browse our selection of more than 30 free printable string art templates here.

  • What kind of string to use for string art?

The kind of string you use depends on the look you want to create. For instance, an embroidery floss is a good option for more gentle pieces of string art. From the other hand, the wool and thicker strings are great for pieces that pack a punch.

  • What is needed for DIY string art?

Here are most of the supplies you’ll need:

  • Woodblock, canvas, or cork floor tile.
  • Cloth or (felt is also an option)
  • Glue, double-sided tape, or some method of adhering surfaces.
  • Printed string art pattern or stencil.
  • small nails
  • hammer (be careful!  πŸ™‚ )
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Embroidery floss, wood, or yarn in the desired colors.

To get you inspired, I present you 28 creative DIY string art ideas. In case you don’t have enough time to make them yourself, I’ve included the links from where you can directly order them.

Mason Jar String Art

Mason Jar String Art

This one is our original Mason Jar string art project with detailed step by step instructions, materials neeeded and video of the process.

Check the tutorial: Here

1.Pumpkin String Art Idea

Pumpkin String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

This pumpkin art idea will ideally fit your fall interior decoration.

Adding the floral element in blue gives this project even a more joyful and cute look.

Idea: Creating a sign “BOO” or “SPOOKY” and combining it with the pumpkin, go to another category – unique Halloween ideas!

DIY Project Details: sugarbeecrafts.com

2. Mason Jar String Art

Mason Jar String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

I’ve been planning to a string art with a bunch of different-sized mason jars and various kinds of silk flowers in them.

I simply fell in love with this idea when I first saw this photo on Pinterest! Guess this is how we get our greatest ideas…one thing leads to another.

Learn More: Here

3. Texas Map

US State String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

This is surely one of the templates that can be a great personalized present from someone originally born in Texas.

The cute little heart placed over is showing the location is memorable for you. It shows that you have left you a tiny bit of your heart wherever you may go.

Learn More: Here

4. Sunflower String Art Kit

Sunflower String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

Buying string art kits for someone special who love crafting DIY projects can’t be a wrong decision! Besides, this sunflower is very cheerful and rhapsodic.

Moreover, this technique is a cool way for kids to develop their creativity and to learn how to be more patient.

Learn more: Here

5. Cute Owl String Art

Owl String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

This colorful owl string art piece is an ideal addition to your nursery, kids bedroom or playroom, don’t you think?

You can use a larger wood so there’s enough space to “write” your kid’s name (using the string technique).

6.  Letter String Art Sign

String Art Letter Monogram #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

I prefer the DIY project that can be easily customized, such as this letter string sign! Color, size, font, board color….it can all be changed to fit your personal taste!  πŸ˜‰

Such a great idea for a Christmas present!

Learn More: Here

7. Christmas Tree String Art

Christmas Tree String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas


This festive tree is a great last-minute holiday decoration that is cheery, inexpensive, and simple enough for the whole family to make!

Plus, it adds a bit of a rustic vibe to the living room space. Of course, you can customize this DIY project according to your own taste and style.

8. Adorable Elephant String Art Idea

Cute Elephant String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

Imaging having this cute (completely handmade) elephant hanging on the wall in the kids’ bedroom or in the baby’s nursery? Isn’t it adorable?

It surely is one of my most favorite designs!

Learn More: Here

9. Farmhouse Style String Art Sign

Rustic String Art Sign Love #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

This beautiful DIY string art sign can be the perfect addition to any home or the perfect wedding gift for your best friend!

The easiest way is to prepare the sign in Photoshop or Illustrator and then print it out. Use your imagination and print the sign that is most suitable for the particular case.

DIY Project Details: mysimpleobsession.blogspot.com

10. Two US States String Art Sign

Two States String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

Another great anniversary, wedding, or a long-distance love gift idea! It’s very personal, sentimental and heart-warming.

While creating this DIY project, think of the countries or states that have an emotional meaning for the gift receiver(s).

Learn More: Here

11. Dreamy String Art Project

Nursery Room String Art Sign #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

I’ve found this project on Pinterest and really liked it.  All you need to create this string wall art is a heavy pressed particle board, some white paint, and about 600 nails.

Great touch to every bedroom, nursery or playroom.  πŸ˜‰

DIY Project Details: themurrayedlife.blogspot.com

12. Sunny Beach String Art

Beach Palms String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

Here is a gorgeous geometric string art – a beach scene for every summer-lover or for those who are looking to decorate their house or living room with a beach motif.

Very fun and cheery, I’d buy for myself!  πŸ˜‰

Learn More: Here

13. Vintage Feather DIY String Art

Jewelry Feather Hanger String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas


If you’re a crafty kind of person, this beautiful vintage jewelry wall hanger, decorated with a cute colorful feather string art, should be your next project!

Choose the colors that fit the rest of the interior and customize it in a way it makes you happy every time you have a look at the hanger.

14. Gorgeous Deer Antler String Art

Floral Antlers String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

This beautiful deer antler DIY string art project in a creamy palette looks very elegant and ecstatic at the same time, thanks to the decorative floral elements.

In my opinion, this project is very girly and delicate so it would look stunning hanging on a girl’s bedroom wall.

15. Turtle String Art

Turtle String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas


According to Native American culture, the turtle is a sacred animal because it represents Mother Earth. It also symbolizes the good health and the long life.

In this line of thinking, re-creating this cute turtle project, and giving it as a gift to someone from your family is a very good idea.

16. Compass and Arrows

Compass Arrow String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

Here is another DIY string art project which could be an ideal Christmas present!

The board will look nice tinted with either dark walnut or vintage white. You can also customize the compass by choosing the string color depends on your personal preferences.

Learn More: Here

17. Colorful Hearts

Rainbow Heart String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

This pulled string art project is entertaining and colorful! Great way to show your love to closest friends or your partner!

Moreover, the shape chosen is so simple and easy to make that you don’t need to spend long hours of re-creating it.

DIY Project Details: sugarbeecrafts.com

18. Bike

Bicycle String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

There is another inspiring string art project for bike lovers!

When I look at it, it reminds me on a sunny day during springtime, when the flowers are blooming, the sun is sunning, and the day is getting longer! This wall art brings a strong refreshing and joyful vibe.

Learn More: Here

19. JOYful String Art Idea

Joy Sign String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

I believe that having some of these positive string art sign hung on the wall at home, makes you more relaxed and happy on a daily basis.

The colors are very soft and cheery, the font is very bold and shows individuality.

20. Customized Last Name DIY String Art

Personalized String Art Sign #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

I know that choosing the perfect gift for your friends’ wedding or new home can be really overwhelming. So make sure you save this rustic and yet elegant DIY string project with the last name of the (new) family  πŸ˜‰

It is surely a very personal and timeless gift.

Learn More: Here

21. Appealing Butterfly String Art Idea

Butterfly String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

Butterflies are not just beautiful, they are also deep and powerful representations of life. In many cultures, they symbolize the wandering of the human’s soul.

In this line of thinking, it is good to have more wall art and decorative butterfly figures at home. Wondering from where to start? This cute colorful butterfly string art might be what you’re looking for!  πŸ˜‰

22. Nursery DIY String Art

Deer Antler String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

This geometric idea looks very natural and rustic. It can literally fit almost all kinds of interior decor – from contemporary to farmhouse style living rooms.

Love everything about it – the colors, the size, and the shape of the deer, the choice of wood…and the cute green vase next to the string art. Hope you do, too!  😎

DIY Project Details: onelittlemomma.com

23. CRAFTy String Art Project

String Art Wall Letters #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

I would display this colorful large CRAFT string sign in the office so it would remind everyone that we should apply our imagination and artistry in everything we do.

Tip: Use a different color for every letter to make an even stronger statement.  πŸ˜‰ 

DIY Project Details: craftsbyamanda.com

24. Farm Fresh Xmas Tree String Idea

Farmhouse Christmas String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

Love the contrast between the white letters and the dark walnut.

Besides, this DIY string art project brings a strong unpretentious rustic vibe and additional warmth to the living room. It may also look lovely hanging on the wall in the entrance hall.

Learn More: Here

25. Striped Hot Air Balloon String Art

Hot Air Balloon String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas


Even though this is one of the most time-consuming string art ideas, I decided to share it with you as it could be the ideal final touch to your kid’s bedroom.

It is fun, it adds texture and will easily transform into every room’s centerpiece.

26. Cactus String Art Idea

Cactus Garden String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

Cactuses are unique, beyond incredible plants with a funny shape!

However, the real ones are very easy to take care of, this cute cactus garden string art requires no care at all while adding a pop of green to your living room decoration.  πŸ™‚

Learn More: Here

27. Large Cross Sring Art

Christian Cross String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

This beautiful creamy-colored cross string art project made of a sawtooth hanger is also a great handmade gift for Easter or for Mother’s day.

I just love the tiny red heart that becomes the focal point of this wall art.

Learn More: Here

28. Another Mason Jar String Art

Mason Jar Flowers String Art #stringart #diy #stringartideas #decorhomeideas

If the Mason jars string art patterns are something you like, here is another project you can try to re-create.

The enormous flowers rock the boat in a good way and make this DIY project very unique and lively.

DIY Project Details: dearparadise.com

I guess you already know that the string art technique is great for creating a unique gift as well as for meditation. If you consider yourself as a crafty soul, find some time for yourself and try to re-create one of those incredible 28 idea art patterns ideas I just shared with you, You won’t regret, believe me!  πŸ™‚ 

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