20 Amazing Broken Glass Art and China Projects

This article will prove one more time that trash can be a real treasure if you release your creativity!

And of course, if you have an inspiration.

We are here to inspire you with the Best Broken Glass Art Projects and Ideas that will recycle the pieces of your favorite china tableware or glass vases that are already broken and no longer useful.

Best Broken Glass Art Ideas. Check out these broken glass art projects and ideas before throwing away all the unused china and glass from your home. There are some spectacular DIY projects you can do in no time. #decorhomeideas

1. A Broken China Cottage Fit for a Fairy

Broken China Fairy House #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

The fairy gardens and the fairy houses add a charming whimsical touch to the outdoors. If you have on-hand pieces from broken china or other glass items, include them in your handmade fairy house.

If you want to make the project a beginner level, use old pots or cylindrical containers as a base. Then glue the colorful pieces over the plain surfaces and watch how useless items turn into unique decorations.

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2. Pretty Patchwork Broken China Mailbox

Broken China Mosaic Mailbox #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

Is your mailbox screaming for an upgrade? Forget about re-painting it and try out this new embellishment trend! Glue pieces from broken china or glasses on the surfaces and watch the interesting transformation happen!

Try combining pieces in one color palette or match colors that pair together to enjoy a stylish finish of the old mailbox. To increase the welcoming capability of this first piece from your property, create a flower bed with blossoms to greet your guests and the passers-by.

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3. Stylish Broken Glass Mirror Frame

Broken Glass Embellished Mirror #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

For this mirror embellishment, you will need a few mosaic tiles, adhesive and grout that are suitable for tiles sticking.

Using this idea as an inspiration for unique bathroom decoration, you can replace the tiles with broken glass pieces or china to create an artistic mirror frame. The colors and the texture will add a pop of color to the neutral bathroom decor and will give it a cheerful vibe to make this space welcoming.

via Caffeine and Cabernet

4. Pretty Broken Glass Plant Pots

Decorative Mosaic Planter #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

If you have one or two vintage plates broken, you can upcycle the pieces by decorating the rims of your terra cotta pots. The plain surface quickly obtains a unique look with one coat of paint and the raised rim with china pieces.

Grout the clearances between the pieces to hide the cutting edges and to give the rim an even finish.

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5. DIY Chandelier for Your Shabby Chic Garden

DIY Backyard Chandelier #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

Are you in love with the playful colors and shapes decorating this chandelier? Broken pieces from plates or other porcelain items are attached to metal rings with wire hooks. When the wind blows, they start making dangling sounds which relax the atmosphere so much.

Add cups holding candles to give the handmade chandelier an illuminating feature during the night. This multifunctional DIY project will add to your garden a chime, a chandelier and a colorful decoration.

via Familijen i Uttran

6. Broken China Backsplash Lets You Cook in Color

DIY China Mosaic Backsplash #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

Take the old broken plates or vases and make the kitchen backsplash stunning! If the interior of the kitchen is more or less neutral and boring, you can use pieces from various china and glass plates to make the countertop backing wall the “star of the night”.

And while this DIY may take some time, effort and patience to be finished, it is totally worth it as it will bear your personal touch and that with almost no investment done.

via Reality Daydream

7. Pave a Pretty Path with Mosaic Stepping Stones

DIY Garden Mosaic Stepping Stones #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

The stepping stones have a dual function in the garden- as a means to securely go through the garden and as a point of interest. For the latter, you may achieve a unique and vivid look of the stepping stones with broken plates.

Make the stepping stones by pouring concrete into the chosen flat mold. Soon after the concrete has dried a little, start placing the glass pieces on the surface.

The final touch is to grout the additional layer so that the stepping surface is flat and beautifully finished.

via Over The Big Moon

8. Stunning Broken China Mosaic Birdhouse

DIY Mosaic Birdhouse From Broken China #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

Wherever there is mosaic, it makes the piece so artistic and unique! You can apply this technique to almost every piece and give it color and whimsy images.

The birdhouse on the porch, for example, can be given a romantic shabby chic design by adding a layer of pieces from broken China combined in the most amazing way.

via Enjoying The Simple Things

9. Decorative Broken Glass Garden Rocks

DIY Mosaic Garden Rocks From Broken Glass #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

Need an idea about how to make a garden bed more visible or edge the walkway through the garden? You can do it with this great DIY garden stones idea.

The rocks are made from grout mixed with tiles pieces that eventually create a rock with a natural shape but a lot of shimmers! This idea can be also recreated with garden rocks from the Dollar Store or even with river stones you already have on hand.

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10. Unique and Stylish Broken Glass Jewelry

DIY Mosaic Jewelry From Broken Glass #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

If you have jewelry pendants that are missing decorative pieces or that are a valuable memory from your grandmother, you can give them new fresh life by decorating them with pieces of broken glass.

Use glue sold at the craft stores to fix the pieces in the pendant and make sure that the jewelry can be worn again.

11. Mosaic Memory Frames from Broken China

DIY Mosaic Memory Photo Frames #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

Make a photo frame more valuable by decorating it with the pieces from a plate that your kid loved to eat from or that belonged to your grandparents.

Make the art more personalized and touching with letters from Scrabble that initialize the name of the person you want to relate the embellishment with and the photo the frame holds. Such an idea is also very inspiring for special gifts on Mother’s Day.

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12. Add Color to Your Garden with A Broken China Watering Can

DIY Mosaic Watering Can #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

This idea for a watering can, decorated with mosaic from broken porcelain can be used as an actual watering means or a repurposed holder of small items like kitchen utensils.

The color and the texture of the broken pieces add a point of interest to the ambiance and quickly make the space more elegant and artistic.

via Practical Pages

13. Whimsical Broken China Mosaic Table

DIY Mosaics From Broken China #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

The shabby chic table you see in the last photo got its boutique look by gluing and grouting pieces from broken plates on the top of a regular table.

Even if you haven’t collected broken China or glass, you can use an old vintage set for dining to create an amazing mosaic surface. Use the tips in the link below to make the DIY process more pleasant and the final result satisfying.

via Mosaic Tips and Tricks

14. Broken Glass Planters for A Colorful Container Garden

DIY Repurposed Planter #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

The interesting flower pots can be quite expensive. So here is an idea of how to create the same look but without any investments. Use pieces of broken china or glass to cover the terra cotta pots.

For a more dramatic look, glue the pieces closer to each other so that the grouted clearances are thin, mimicking the look of cracked porcelain.

Once the additional mosaic layer is finished, you will be surprised by the expensive brand new look of your old terra cotta pots.

15. Magnets From Broken China add Personality To Your Fridge

Easy DIY Glass Fridge Magnets #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

If you want to keep the pieces from a valuable plate or cup still alive, you can give them a repurposed application by turning them into magnets.

There are sets of magnet sheets sold at the craft store which cost not more than $2. Glue the pieces at the back of the porcelain piece and then attach them to the fridge.

If the plate pieces are not that small and damaged, you can even try to assemble the plate on the fridge and add an interesting decoration to the kitchen interior.

via Nur Noch

16. Sea Glass Serving Tray Serves Up Beach Vibes

Easy DIY Sea Glass Serving Tray #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

Is your porch or backyard missing a summer touch? Use the glass pieces smoothened by the seawater to decorate the bottom of a serving tray.

The bluish and green colors of the transparent glasses instantly make a relation to the ocean and the coast and cheer up the atmosphere.

via Sand and Sisal

17. Add Color To Your Room with A DIY Sea Glass Dresser

Handcrafted Sea Glass Dresser #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

If you have collected more of the glass pieces from the coast, you can include them in your bedroom makeover project.

Adding a layer of grouted glass parts on a door of the furniture will make the interior summer-themed and welcoming.

via Project Nursery

18. DIY Broken Glass Heart Mirror

Handmade Heart Mirror #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

The mirrors create an interesting visual interest not only indoors but also outdoors. They reflect not only the landscape opposite but also the sunrays, creating playful light images around.

If you have decided to include a mirror in the backyard decor, make its outer appearance also appealing by decorating it with mosaic. For this technique, you can use pieces from broken plates to trace the frame of the mirror.

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19. DIY Collage Birdbath From Broken China

Repurposed Broken China Birdbath #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

If the birdbath in the garden has cracks you can hide them by adding an additional layer with mosaics. The mosaic you see looks so colorful! Would you believe that this has been done with music discs pieces?

We bet that you have a collection of audio discs that you no longer listen to so just give them a new purpose by turning them into a fascinating mosaic.

20. Broken China House Number Adds Cottage Curb Appeal

Repurposed Broken China Into House Number Display #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

This inspiring idea features a DIY way to decorate a unique China platter. Pearl gems and pieces from broken porcelain add a wonderful embellishment marking the number of the house.

The blue pieces create the numbers and they stand out against the white background of broken pieces glued close to each other. Hang the platter on the mailbox or at the porch wall to add a curb appeal to your home.

21. Broken Glass Art Collage For Your Garden

Repurposed Broken Glass Garden Art #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

The paintings make the atmosphere so artistic and personalized. Unfortunately, they can’t be exposed to outer conditions as they will quickly be damaged.

But with this creative idea, you will be able to make your own outdoor art that will make the backyard more homely. The basis for this mosaic art could be an old painting or brand-new stretched canvas.

Use broken glass, china, faux gems, gravel, colored sand and any other decorative elements to create the masterpiece that will act as a display with character in your outdoor oasis.

via Lime In The Coconut

22. Decorative DIY Broken China Vase

Repurposed China Covered Vase #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

This vase has been made from repurposed pieces of broken porcelain tableware. The pieces are glued to a regular vase that couldn’t make an impression with its plain look.

The great combination between colors, textures and shapes makes an elegant new finish to the original vase and instantly turns it into the centerpiece of the room.

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23. Tabletop Mosaic From Broken China

Repurposed China Tabletop #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

Gluing pieces from stone or marble tiles on a surface will surely be a quicker mosaic decoration project. This combination is especially good for outer applications.

For example, the mosaic layer with pieces of marble tiles can be added to the tabletop of the porch table or the outdoor living area.

Of course, grouting is unavoidable as the surface needs to be flat and easy to be maintained.

via DIY Network

24. Cute Broken China Heart Decor

Vintage China Mosaic Heart #brokenglassart #decorhomeideas

This is an amazing idea of how to repurpose the broken pieces of tiles, china and glass. Get a heart-shaped mold and pour the concrete mix into it. Don’t wait until the medium has dried out completely.

A moment before that, press slightly the pieces you have chosen. Thus they will be able to stick to the base well without ruining the shape.

This heart art can be hung everywhere and is a perfect idea for a gift. Make a hole in the top of the heart to tie thread or ribbon to facilitate the hanging and add additional charm to the handmade mosaic art.

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