25 Cool Front Porch Makeover Ideas For Instant Curb Appeal

Front porches are the best place to hang out, especially in summer. You can have a coffee, a quick dring, even a dinner or simply quietly admire the night sky.

This is only a part of all reasons why you should pay more attention to the porch appearance. It is the first thing you see, it is an extension of the house and it actually gives a hint about how you maintain your property.

Best Front Porch Makeover Ideas. Are you considering a major front porch makeover? We have selected the most creative and original makeovers that are easy to do. #diy #makeover #porch #decorhomeideas

The porch remodel will totally transform the look of your home. Check out the front porch makeover ideas that will contribute to a more satisfying experience outdoors.

1. Add Character to Your Porch with Curated Décor

Add Character with Curated Décor #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

The curated décor has become more and more popular in recent years.

It doesn’t follow one particular design style, on the contrary – it can mix many but the key to using its concept successfully is that eventually the chosen features and furniture should complement each other.

via The Home Depot Blog

2. Upgrade Your Patio with Wrought Iron Supports

A Versatile First-Time Porch Owner Floorplan #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

Sometimes a small change can make a total transformation of the overall look.

Change the wood posts with wrought iron supports that will give a more sophisticated look to the patio. They will define the end of the house area and match it with some of the patio elements.

via Everyday Originals

3. Use Envirotiles to Elevate Your Curb Appeal

Easy Envirotile Porch Floor Transformation #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

The concrete floor is a very suitable surface for outdoor spaces but most of the time it makes the area look too impersonal.

Changing the floor surface could be a challenge. Luckily there are contemporary products that facilitate this process – envirotiles, for example.

via Eighteen 25

4. Porch with Farmhouse Furniture and Flower Planters

Flower Boxes and Country Furniture #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

Considering countryside furniture for the patio sitting area is a clever move as it has the capability to naturally invite people to sit and relax.

You can repaint the wood in colors that suit the surrounding.

To make the countryside patio picture finished, place flower planters around. Old crates would do a perfect job there.

via Keeping It Cozy

5. Transform Porch Concrete Floor with a Colorful Paint Job

From Deserted to Dreamy in One Day #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

This is another great idea of how you can transform a concrete floor without making a mess and a mass of additional work. You can paint it in a color you like.

The concrete should be thoroughly and neatly cleaned first. The rest will take only a couple of hours. This is a porch makeover that takes only a day!

via Chippa Sunshine

6. Refresh Your Patio with Stone Tiles

From Hillbilly Shack to Fairytale Cottage #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

A small play with textures and colors could be an easy makeover of the patio. The wooden siding makes the house look more like a cottage home.

If you would like to achieve a contemporary look of your entire house, change the wood siding with stone. There are tiles or gypsum molded stones that are suitable for outdoor exposure.

7. Brighten Your Home Exterior with a Fresh Coat of Paint

From Mid-Century Mess to Urban Paradise #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

Red bricks were the standard exterior wall finish of the houses built some time ago. It was the common standard and nowadays it looks a bit outdated.

A few coats of white exterior paint will brighten the front porch and will provide the feeling for a more airy atmosphere.

8. Use Different Textures for an Inviting Front Porch

Fun Textures for Indoor/Outdoor Areas #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

The front porch must be inviting so a combination between many colors and chaotic decoration doesn’t quite fit its intend.

Instead, consider fewer colors and use furniture and decorations to divide areas.

via Gardenista

9. Revamp Your Porch with Wood-Stained Posts

Get the Craftsman Look by Changing Columns #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

Sometimes the porch remains the last piece of the home makeover project. If this is your case, you should remodel it considering the existing improvements.

The wood stained shutters didn’t look well with the traditional white columns of the front porch. The family has changed them with wood stained posts to achieve a blended overall look.

via The Butlers

10. Affordable Porch Makeover with DIYs and Creative Ideas

How to Make Your Porch More Inviting #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

The makeover of the above porch was a total overhaul.

With the help of DIYs, suitable materials, clear ideas, creativity, and wish, the porch renovation has taken less than $3,000. As a result, the porch has become more open, more contemporary, brighter, neater and more inviting.

via Farmhouse on Boone

11. Achieve a Contemporary Look for Your Porch

How to Modernize a 1990s Palette #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

Add contrast to your exterior to achieve a more contemporary look of your house and porch in particular.

Paint the posts and the shutters in black which will help define the limits of your home. Consider taking down the wood railings in case your porch is narrower. That will contribute to a more airy look and feel.

12. Brighten Your Porch with Front Porch Makeover Ideas

Ideal Four Season Room Layout #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

This is an inspiring makeover as the condition of the porch before has been despair. All damaged floorboards have been replaced, all surfaces including the stucco have been painted in brighter colors.

The family has paid attention to every detail to turn a small porch into a comfortable sunny room.

via Curbly

13. Inviting Porch Transformation with Decor Upgrades

Instant Back Porch Upgrade Project #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

A junky porch has been transformed into a cool inviting zone. The three areas that have been initially improved were the roof, the floor and the posts.

Upgrading these basic parts of the porch has brought the outer look of the house to a new level.

via Sew a Fine Seam

14. Add Rustic Charm to Your Porch with Wooden Floors

Porch Remodel Ideas with Wood Floors #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

Add a rustic touch to your front porch by lining the concrete floor with wood. Stain in dark color for a more dramatic effect.

via Satori Design For Living

15. Bring Comfort and Style with Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chairs Don’t Have to Look Dated #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

What should be the furniture on the porch? Design, sitting place number, etc. all depend on the porch size.

There is a type of furniture though that will fit any porch- from smaller to larger and will provide just the right amount of comfort – rocking chairs.

To remove the outdated look, give them a coat of fresh paint and enjoy the swinging moments.

via Pine Tree Home

16. Revamp Your Porch Floor with Ease

The Perfect Neutral Outdoor Space #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

Check the detailed tutorial below for how to give the porch floor easily. The makeover effect is guaranteed! The front porch looks cleaner and brighter compared with before.

via I Should Be Mopping The Floor

17. Upgrade Your Front Porch with Outdoor Tiles

Tiled Cement and Sunny Day Accents #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

The front porch of this cottage has gone through an overhaul.

The link below gives an idea for how to improve the cement floor- with a layer of outdoor tile on the front porch and on the front stairs.

via Tatertots & Jello

18. Upgrade a Porch with Amazing Posts and Curb Appeal

Total Porch Makeover from Columns to Colors #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

This is a project that reveals steps and tips on how to give character to your front porch. Use the existing simple posts and make them massive.

That will contribute to the expected curb appeal.

via Shades of Blue Interiors

19. Give Your Front Porch a Fresh Look with String Lights

Turn Your Porch into a Party Venue #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

An easy makeover of the front porch is adding light features and private screens.

Get rid of the outdated railing, replace them with romantic curtains and consider painting the porch furniture and the front door in vivid color.

via Simple Stylings

20. Add Decorative Rug and Flower Planters to Your Porch

When All You Need Is Good Décor #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

Decorating is the last stage of renovation processes but is of the same importance as all other activities.

Small details like hanging pots, a larger rug and a utilized garden make the front porch very welcoming.

via The Urban Acres

21. Artistic Look with a Custom Stenciled Concrete Floor

Wow Them with Custom Stenciled Floor Graphics #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

So far we saw several ways to renovate the concrete floor of the porch.

Here is another idea of how to improve it with the help of paint and stencils. The fairly small change has made a great refreshing look.

via Stencil Stories

22. Revitalize Your Porch with Easy Farmhouse Upgrades

You Won’t Believe This Home Makeover #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

The porch must be welcoming even when it doesn’t allow hanging or sitting on it.

Since it is the facade of your home, it has to be neat, clean and inviting. Check the link below to find out how this small porch has been renewed.

via Food Network

23. Brighten a Dark Porch with Color and Curtains

Your Own Staycation Cabana Concept #diy #porch #makeover #decorhomeideas

This is a project that has eventually turned into a huge porch transformation.

The authors wanted to change the dark space into a brighter and inspiring area. Adding white curtains, changing the brown colors of the wood with brighter ones have fulfilled their idea.

via Lesley Metcalfe

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