30 Gorgeous Flower Bed Ideas You Could Try Today

If you want to jazz up your garden a little bit – a flower bed is always a great way to do it, and we have selected the best flower bed ideas here.

Consider that it takes extra work and money, but at the same time, it gives your garden an additional splash of color and helps you relax while enjoying nature at its finest.

A good flower garden design encourages beginners to get their hands dirty, and it never gets boring for those who are seasoned gardeners.

Best Flower Bed Ideas And Designs. Boost your curb appeal with some fresh new flower bed ideas, flower designs and patterns that you can add to your front or backyard. #decorhomeideas

If you want your flowers planted in the best possible way, consider these carefully selected best designs!

Before you start, maybe you would like to know: How to Build a Flower Bed?

We have answered some of the most popular questions about flower beds.

  • How do you make a simple flower bed?

Work the soil when it is moist but not wet. Turn the soil over to a depth of at least 12 inches.
Add 2-3 inches of compost and turn it into the bed. Use a layer of mulch or use a weed and feed to help keep weed seeds from germinating.

  • How do you arrange flowers in a flower bed?

Arrange the flowers as per your taste, but consider putting tall plants in the back and smaller flowers near the edging. Combine annuals and perennials so you can have a blooming garden throughout the year – from early spring to late fall.

  • How do I make my flower beds look good?

Take care of the garden beds – remove weeds, add compost, replant dead flowers, add new soil and keep it well moisturized.

Now we are ready to get inspired with these 30+ Fresh Flower Bed Designs. Enjoy!

1. Dress up Corners With Flower Beds

Corner Flower Bed

This is a great idea for the front yard as it definitely makes it more welcoming and stylish. A white fence will be in perfect contrast with some colorful flowers as Freesias, Golden daisies or Marigolds.

Flower beds with a fence are very popular now because the area beside the fence is often neglected and there is nothing more appealing than making a flower garden bed there. You can match the height and color of the fence with some appropriate flowers.

2. Fill out a Side Corner With Flowers

Flower bed ideas for around your house #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Who said that a small yard cannot have a nice flower bed?

In this case, just think about the space around the house’s façade. It could be a nice way to use all the space and make the garden prettier.

Consider the option of planting flowers of various sizes in order to create layers. The best result is achieved when you plant the flowers where no window is present. An ugly corner could be turned into a charming garden bed.

 3. Fill a Large Yard With Flower Beds

Flower bed design ideas for front house #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Here’s a great way to make your spacious yard looks stunning and turning heads. Creating curly shapes and adding flowers in few colors can’t be a wrong choice.

For such an impressive garden bed, you need plenty of space and don’t forget a lot of maintenance.

4. Plant a Flower Bed Around a Frontier Kettle

Flowers arranged as camp fire in the garden #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

This unusual planting features a metal pot enchained to a post. Rather than stew, it is full of white flowers. The perfect small flower bed.

Furthermore, you can create “the fire” by using yellowish or reddish teeny-tiny flowers. Impressive, huh?

5. Try Simple Perennial Flower Bed Idea

Flower bed design in line around the house #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Peonies, coming in white or red, are stunning perennials flowers that come back every spring. They don’t require lots of maintenance and have a long life.

And the most important – they don’t need a company as they look enough eye-catching by themselves. In the photo above there is no lawn edging, but just soil for flowers starting at the end of the grass.

via Two Twenty One

6. Birch Log Flower Bed Edging Idea

Flower bed from birch logs #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Here is an inexpensive DIY flower bed idea that will make your garden glow.

If you’re using birch logs as in the picture, consider picking colorful plants such as Violets, Tansies or Red Japanese grass – they will add aesthetic warmth.

via Cheap Seeds

7. Vertical Lattice Flower Bed Planter

Vertical flower bed from wooden frame #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

The vertical flower bed made of a wooden lattice is another smart option for enthusiasts with limited garden space.

It’s not just a space-saver but also makes the exterior of your house fabulous. Primroses, Petunias and Violets flowers would be a great match! You can use it to hide dull concrete walls or corners. Could be created from an old pallet.

via The Idea Room

8. Build Raised Flower Bed With Bricks

Easy diy block flower bed idea #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

If you’re a passionate DIYer, you’d be able to build a curvy flower bed of bricks beneath the house’s windows for a weekend.

The most important aspect you should consider here is to pick flowers that go with the façade’s color and the amount of sunlight they’ll be able to collect. If it’s too shady, for instance, pick Alyssum or another bushy plant.

It’s also a perfect landscaping idea around your house.

via Thrifty Decor Chick

9. Towering Flower Bed Is a Beautiful Idea

Vertical flower garden with small colorful flowers #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Here is another crazy cool vertical gardening idea! The garden tower in the picture is made of colorful Wallerianas (also known as Busy Lizzies).

Needless to say, there are many other types of flowers that could be used to build that one in your own yard.

Moreover, it can hold up to 30 plants and the watering system reaches all of them – so it’s easy to maintain.

Learn more: Here

10.  Floral Jewel Box for a Tiny Yard

Flower arrangement for small yard or garden #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

For once try to think of your small yard as a godsend!

You can keep it stunning with less work. As it’s shown in the picture, beautiful layers can be “built” with easy-to-maintain plants as holly shrubs and Hortensias.

By layering flowers you can create your own designs, but consider watering and pruning. It is one of those flower garden ideas that will make you stop and admire all the beautiful flowers and different plants.

11. Magical Outdoor Blooming Bedroom

Antique bed frame flower bed #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Re-using your old bed to make a flower bed brings some scruffy chic in your backyard.

The metal frame looks more vintage and will last longer than the wooden one. However, the wooden bed frame will add more warmth in a combination with green flowering plants.

There are a lot more options to use old and recycled items in your garden.

12. Gravel Path Through Massive Flower Beds

Flower bed around pathway with flowers and pebbles #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Being brave and think outside the box can jazz up your garden’s look a little bit.

Start with mixing flower plants of different heights ( one flower plant could be tall while the other could be short, it’s up to you ). The lower level can be built with Jade plants and Echeveria ( which is another succulent flower ), while the higher one – with white roses and Wisteria.

You can choose colors as per your taste, because it’s your garden and some people like warm colors while others like colder ones.

via BHG

13. Wild Style on a Classic Rose Garden

Rose and lavender flower bed idea #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

If you pick only roses for your garden, you are preventing it from becoming too complex and messy. Roses are long-lasting plants loved by everyone.

via Howard Rice

14. Plant Flower Beds Around Trees

Round Flower Bed with terra cotta Pots #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Here is an easy round flower bed idea with pots. Encircle a conifer with colorful Busy Lizzies. White, purple and red zinnias are planted at the very edge of the flower bed.

If you want to be even more creative, you can change the form and pattern of the flower area – for example, create a star or eye-like shape.

15. Wood Garden Bed Is Easy Weekend Project

DIY Round Wood Flower and Herb Bed #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

If you’re one of those passionate DIYers who is always looking for inspiration, here is something you can build for a day!

However it’s a very basic construction, you can easily turn it into a lovely herb bed with dill, thyme, basil, and strawberries.

It’s just another model for a raised bed garden that makes it easier to maintain as you don’t need to bend over to reach the plants. Very useful if you are suffering from any back pain.

16. River Rock Dry Bed Around Flower Bed

River rock flower bed idea #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

The river rocks can be used as a frontier for corner flower beds… or in this case, for those planted under the windows or other small spaces.

You can freely use Chrysanths, Echeverias and Jade plants as they don’t need direct sunlight. Use ornamental grass to create more texture and contrast.

If you are wondering what to use to create the river rock – pebbles, small rocks and stones will do the job.

17. Suitcase Upcycled as Flower Bed Idea

Vintage suitcase turned into flower planter #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

An old suitcase could be one of those things to re-use that will definitely bring some vintage chic to your garden.

Different flowers like Busy Lizzies and Petunias can be the perfect match for a flawless finish. It’s too much for my taste, but if you like the idea, you can create flower planters from any other old furniture.

18. Wheelbarrow as Flower Planter Idea

Flower Bed with Wheelbarrow Planter #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Turning an old carriage into a flower bed is an original idea for small gardens.

Planted with Petunias, it could perfectly fit the front and the backyard.

The metal is adding an additional dose of a vintage look. If you have an old wheelbarrow that you would like to use, paint it in a more bright color to make it an accent in your garden.

19. Plant Containers in Gravel Beds

Tulips Flower Bed with Clay Pots #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Another simple but eye-catching idea for the front house is to group tulips in pots.

Yellow and red will create a typical Amsterdam-ish feeling in your garden. Put the pots in the ground and cover them with soil and pebbles.

20. Freeform Gravel Edging Flower Bed Idea

Gravel Yard with Plant Bed #flowerbed #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

This type of flower bed gives you the chance to play with colors and heights. In this case, you can freely use your imagination.

Moreover, the gravel is a frontier between the flower bed and the rest of the yard. Gravel is commonly used as lawn edging to create forms and beautiful areas.

via Garden Design

21. Another Easy Flower Bed Around Trees

DIY Tree Flower Bed #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Planting flowers around the trees ( awesome results with spring trees as they are flowering early ) in your garden will add texture and warmth to the overall view.

The best and the easiest way is with broken rocks and some alpine plants such as purple Mauve.

22. Build Raised Bed With Precast Pavers

Raised Block Flower and Plant Bed #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Here’s a popular raised flower bed made of pavers that will perfectly fit your front yard. It could be used for small flowers or herb gardens.

You can pick some herbs, strawberries, Lilyturf and Chrysanths. Sketch a shape and start building.

You can use cinder blocks, bricks or pavers. And last but not least – do not forget the garden gnome!

23. Fill Out Garden With Green Foliage

Side Yard Plant Flower and Herb Garden #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

When you’re planning to build a flower bed in your garden, it’s important to follow mainly your own sense of aesthetics. In the end, you’ll be the one who’s living there, right?

Here is an easy herb and plant bed idea for the side yard… Dill, basil, thyme along with Plantain Lily and Alumroot. From one side you’ll use the space wisely and from the other one – will have everything you need to cook Italian pasta!

24. Drop Flower Beds Below Patio Pavers

Tile Deck with Built In Flower Beds #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

In this case, the flowerpots are one level lower from the ground which makes them almost invisible.

That’s clearing the style and makes the garden look stylish and unpretentious. Incorporating flower beds in the structure is a modern trend that is very appealing.

25. Logs as a Flower Bed Idea

Rustic Hollow Log Flower Bed #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

That’s a great example of an inexpensive and simple flower bed for the front of the house.

You just need an old tree and small perennial flowers such as Tulips, Daffodils and colorful Phlox drummondii.

When you put such a flower pot by the road it will be a spot to remember.

Don’t be surprised when people are stopping by to take photos, just be proud of you and trust me, neighbors will also envy you. They will surely call it “A Planter To Remember”

via Aldridge in a Campervan

26. A Flower Shaped Flower Bed Idea

Flower Shaped Floral Garden Bed Layout #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Here is a creative idea for passionate gardeners who aim to add some texture to their garden.

You can also play with colors, just keep in mind type of flower bed requires lots of trimming and tidying up.

It’s a professional design and needs a pro to maintain it throughout the year.

27. Covert Tree Stump Into a Flower Bed

Repurposed Tree Stump Flower Bed #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

All crazy DIYer’s attention! Using an old tree’s stump is an awesome flower bed idea! Tropaeolum (also known as Nasturtium) is a durable perennial that comes in various colors and will perfectly fit here.

Of course, you can also plant some flowers around it to make it look even more gorgeous.

28. Flower Bed Idea for Sides of House

Side Yard Flower Bed for Small Spaces #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Do not abandon the side yard! Lilies or Lavender would add a classic sophisticated look to your garden ( or you can use some native plants ).

Just remember – simplicity is the key to brilliance! Use some bricks to create a border between the lawn and the flower bed.

via Love of Family and Home

29. Easy Tree Trunk Flower Bed Idea

Tree Base Flower Bed with Rocks #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

Adding plants that encircle the trees is a great way to add some texture and freshen your garden. Make sure the flowers you’ll choose are shade tolerant as Alyssum, Cleome, and Fuchsia.

Surround them with rocks to create contrast between the flower bed and the grass.

30. Flower Bed Showcases Ribbons of Color

Perennial Flower Bed for Summer long Blooms #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

This beautiful flower bed is my favorite! Who won’t be happy to have summer-long blossoms in the garden?

The best way is to fill a flower bed around the house’s façade with perennial plants as Salvia, Stella de Oro, and Yarrow.

31. Market Wagon Reclaimed as Flower Planter

Repurposed trolley used for flower bed #flowerbed #gardens #decorhomeideas

If you have the chance to own an old wheel wagon you can use it as a flower bed.

No matter if you plant them under your windows or in the middle of your backyard, choose bright and colorful flowers so when you look at them you can feel more excited.

32. Flower Bed With Vertical Brick Edging

Flowerbed With Edging

Sometimes your flower garden needs to be separated from the lawn and this is easily achieved with some garden bed edging. You can use cinder blocks, bricks or pavers.

33. Round Hydrangea Flower Bed Idea

Round Flower Bed With Hydrangeas

Gorgeous layered round flower bed with an accent on hydrangeas. First, lay some rocks in a circle and then make an inner circle with plants. In the center put some flowers with big blooms like hydrangeas to make it a focal point in your garden. It’s a one-of-a-kind circular flower bed, isn’t it?

34. Front Yard Flower Bed With Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox Flower Bed

via Lisa Babu Thundiyath

Make a flower bed with bricks and plant Creeping phlox to add more beauty and color to your front yard.

35. DIY Mickey Mouse Flower Bed Planter

DIY Mickey Mouse Flower Bed Planter

via Remodelaholic

You can replicate most of the above flower bed ideas easily so why not start today!

36. Wooden Logs Raised Flower Bed

wooden logs raised flower bed

In a well-manicured garden, raised beds crafted from wooden logs overflow with a vibrant mix of flowers, while a wooden fence stands guard in the background.

Wood chips are spread on the ground, neatly framing the natural display.

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