50 Awesome Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Instant Curb Appeal

Curb appeal makes the first good impression on a house.

Luckily, this is not a home improvement only specialist landscapers can do. With a little time and inspirational ideas, you can achieve it yourself.

The front yard landscaping ideas presented here are affordable and unique.

Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas. Beautiful front yard landscaping ideas will help you boost your curb appeal and add a personal touch to your outdoor space without hesitation and hard work. #decorhomeideas

And most importantly, they will add the best curb appeal to your home to feel proud of the efforts you have put in and to make the beginning of your property inviting.

1. Pre-Formed Beds Are Quick and Affordable

Affordable Pre-Formed Beds #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Adding pre-formed raised beds to your garden will save you time cleaning the earth from weeds and will add a decorative point of interest to your front yard.

Only very little time is needed to set up the garden sets. Then, fill them with soil and plant the chosen flowers.

2. Use Desert Grasses in Place of Cactus

Cactus-Free Desert Landscaping #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

The clean minimalist lines of this modern home set a prerequisite for an aesthetic front yard landscaping idea. The exotic plants and ornamental grasses create a flow of tufts with an unexpected effect of the peeking desert flowers.

This landscaping idea gives an alternative to the standard cactus beds seen in draught areas.

3. Cascade Flowers Over Flower Beds

Cheerful Floral Border and Window Boxes #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

The quickest and easiest way to make the front yard beautiful and improve the general curb appeal of the property is to create a garden bed with flowers. The colorful blossoms can be a mixture of annual and perennial flowers.

Use the plant kind height to create a cascading look as well as the textures and color variety to enjoy the natural beauty of a living carpet. It is useful and clever advice to also plant evergreen shrubs to enjoy the edging front yard landscaping idea all year long.

4. Tree Surrounded With Shade-Loving Annuals

Circular Shade-Loving Annuals Flower Bed #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Create a point of interest around a shading tree with perennial flowers. The begonias, touch-me-not, alyssum and pansies are shade-friendly and will make front yard landscaping an easy task.

To achieve a structural and well-designed garden bed, use pavers or stones to outline their dedicated zone and to facilitate mowing.  

5. Boxwood Walkway Adds Classic Appeal

Classic Boxwood Edged Pathway #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

If you have a walkway leading to the front door, make sure that it is well-maintained. That can be complemented with garden beds on either side creating a natural corridor to the inside of your home.

Boxwood is the preferred kind of plant for such purposes as it creates thick green foliage, doesn’t require much care and can be shaped in various forms.

6. Zen Garden With White Gravel and Globes

Clean and Modern Stone Gravel Planted Beds #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

A pinch of zen to the backyard is never redundant. The zen outdoor arrangement enhances the relaxing vibe and gives the yard a moderate exotic look.

The Zen nooks usually include stones, water features and minimum plants. The featured example follows the concept showing large concrete globes positioned on a gravel-covered bed. To make sure that this front yard landscape matches the existing green lands, evergreen bushes or ornamental grass peek out of the gravel.

via Green Cube Garden

7. Trellises Bring Plain Walls to Life

Clematis Climbing Wall #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

The climbing plants are usually used to create a living screen or vertical shade. There is one more application- that of masking means. If there is an ugly or unfinished wall or fence, you can always use the natural capability of vines to hide it.

For quick and best results, make sure that the plant is supported by a trellis. Need a piece of advice? Check the article below.

8. Fill Garden Beds With Hosta and Coleus

Coleus and Hosta Flower Beds #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

An alternative to the blooming flowers is the coleus species. The colorful leaf foliage has an advantage against the quickly fading blossoms of perennials or annuals being long-lasting and interesting.

The coleus varieties are many so that makes them the perfect plant to create a sustainable front yard landscape. Because of the shade resistance, the coleus usually goes together with hostas.

9. Build Your Patio Around a Small Garden

Continental Style #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

The front yard landscaping idea doesn’t have to cover a large piece of the yard. Instead, it can be smaller but impressive and effective.

That will also reduce the hours spent outdoors marinating the plants. This elegant example features a square of the land separated from the stone paving with bricks. They form a raised bed where different kinds of shrubs and plants thickly grow together to create a symmetric and multi-layered focal point.

10. Wheelbarrow Planter Adds Cottage Style Charm

Cottage-Style Planted Wheelbarrow #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a quick and unique front-yard landscaping idea, repurpose the non-functional wheelbarrow into a planter.

The shabby chic charm of the weathered wooden handles and rusty wheel instantly drag the attention. Plant seasonal flowers that create rich blooming tufts like petunias, fuschias and pelargonium

11. Desert Homes Call for Hardscaping and Succulents

Desert Oasis #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

If you are living in a draught and hot region, there is still a way to create a front yard that improves the curb appeal of your home. Varieties like cactus, ornamental grass, palms are friendly to the extreme zones.

Alternate gravel, stone and sand to create an interesting garden bed. And if you insist on having a green lawn, replace the real grass with artificial instead.

12. Add LED Lighting to Garden Edging

Discreet Flower Bed Lighting #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Use lighting to make the front yard appealing also in the light. The lanterns with LED lights are a simple and affordable way to outline the garden bed. Another alternative is the built-in light that will add a modern vibe to the landscape.

The most budget-friendly light source that can create the built-in look is the rope lights. Trace the string along the edge of the bed and enjoy the glow at night.  

13. Evergreens Add Flare Without Fuss

Easy Care Evergreen Entryway #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

If you don’t have enough time to take care of a garden with annuals and perennials, then go for evergreen shrubs. They require minimum maintenance and stay green all year long.

Add decorative features like a birdbath, a fountain, a large light source to enhance the curb appeal.

14. Add Potted Plants to a Rock Garden

Easy-to-Update Potted Border #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Another low-maintenance front backyard idea offers using pots instead of planting directly in the ground. That will reduce the amount of time invested in clearing the terrain from weeds and will also give you endless opportunities to change the plant varieties quickly.

To facilitate the maintenance of the garden bed, cover the ground with mulch, stones or other material that will stop the growth of the weeds.  

15. Fountain and Flower Bed Brings Mediterranean Vibe

Elegant Mediterranian Inspired Fountain Bed #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

The Mediterranean landscape ideas add balance and spa-vibe to the exterior. If you want to experience these feelings in your own front yard, source inspiration from this image. A fountain is a focal point that sets the style of the surrounding elements. Large urns are positioned on both sides of the gate to add height to the garden.

Different kinds of evergreen shrubs combine with tall blooming plants to continue the tiered design. Petunias and other groundcovers create a continuous front yard landscape.

16. Flowering Arbor Entrance Adds Instant Charm

Enchanting Rose Arbor #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Grow vines like climbing roses to turn the pergola into a magical tunnel. The thick foliage has a dual function as a shade provider.

And while roses create so romantic and elegant atmosphere, they fade away relatively quickly so you may consider combining them with another vine that will give the arch a point of interest after the blooming phase of the roses ends.

17. Add Late-Season Color With Fall Flowers

Flashy Fall Flowers #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

The front yard can be appealing and colorful not only in spring and summer. There are blooming flowers that are tolerant to lower temperatures like the chrysanthemum.

Some of the kinds create short tufts look like ready bouquets so if you want to extend the curb appeal of your home plant the autumn flowers in advance to let them change the faded summer kinds.

18. Picket Fence and Roses Have Classic Charm

Heavenly Picket Fence #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Leave a small garden bed next to the fence to give it a point of natural interest during summer. Plant climbing roses or shrubs that can develop to an extent that hides the fence.

The rose family is very big so the best kind for your climate and ground specifics will be easily found.

19. Create Stately Entrance With Height and Symmetry

Let the House do the Talking #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

This simple front yard idea features a well-maintained lawn with two identical decorative trees on either side of the walkway. The minimalist approach of involving fewer plants aims to provide a simple background for the house to stand out.

It is a great idea to use the ground around the tree trunk for growing groundcovers that are shade-friendly.

20. Annuals Add Color to Evergreen Border

Low Maintenance Evergreen Border with a Pop of Color #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

If you want to define the garden bed from the lawn cover the ground with mulch. It will keep the garden out of weeds and will provide textured contrast for the blooms to stand out.

To have an all-year-long front yard garden we suggest planting evergreen shrubs together with annuals.

21. Mediterranean Style Thrives in Dry Climates

Low Maintenance Mediterranean #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Use the Mediterranean garden stereotype in case you are living in zones with dry heat. The kinds don’t require regular watering and special maintenance.

Palms and junipers are well-adapted to hot areas so choosing them for your Mediterranean front yard landscape is justified.  

22. Add Tiered Look With Hosta and Hydrangeas

Lush Hydrangeas and Hostas #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

The lush combination of hostas and hydrangeas is simple but pleasing for the eye. Add evergreen bushes to continue the elevated landscaping design and to ensure all-year-long front yard interest.

Another advantage of this rich in foliage arrangement is the varieties’ resistance to shade and easy maintenance.

via Prairie Rose’s Garden

23. Plant a Flowerbed Around Your Mailbox

Mini Mailbox Flower Bed #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Having a small garden lane only? You can still improve the curb appeal of your home and that with a multifunctional landscape idea. Use the mailbox as a center point that will be upgraded with a colorful garden bed to give the front yard a character and a welcoming vibe.

You can use any type of groundcovers that fit in the allowed garden bed.  

24. Add Low Water Feature to Your Entryway

Mini Water Feature Entryway #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Having a water feature in the garden will improve the curb appeal of your home. And while you may think that you need a large space for it, we will show you that this extra can fit in small garden beds with a little creativity.

To make a fountain of small size, first, choose the item the water will flow out or through. That can be a watering can, a ceramic pot, an interesting bottle. Get a fountain set and put the pump in the chosen spot.

This idea looks especially attractive in rock gardens where the plant varieties are less and there is a need to add more interest.  

25. Light Your Walkway With Craftsman Lanterns

Modern Craftsman Lighted Path #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

If the walkway through the front yard is illuminated by lanterns or ground lamps, use them as points for garden beds. To ensure the stylish and identical look is not ruined, plant the same flower in the bed of each lamp.

Combining the blooming charm of the plants during the day and the smooth warm light of the lamps at night will ensure that the front part of your yard is welcoming all-day-long.

26. Create Modern Garden Bed From Cinderblocks

Modern Industrial Cinderblock Planter Bed #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

This front yard landscaping idea features a DIY project with cinderblocks. At first glance they look very neutral and simple, however, when incorporated in the build of a raised garden bed for the front yard, they become a unique addition to the landscape.

The existing holes in the cinderblocks allow stacking them in an interesting pattern leaving protruding hollows for planting succulents.

27. Modern Tiered Concrete Beds

Modern Stepped Beds #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Similar to the cinderblocks, the concrete planters also add clean lines and elegance to the yard. These types of planters make the modern home feel even tidier and organized.

Any type of plant can be planted in these raised garden beds. You can even try a combination between perennials, annuals and evergreen shrubs.

28. Annuals Add Color Through Multiple Seasons

Multi-Season Flowerbed with Annuals and Evergreens #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Mix different flower varieties whose blooming phases coincide to create a floral walkway to your house. Of course, you won’t be actually stepping on it. Its function is to add a unique effect on the front yard landscape that will improve the curb appeal of your home.

To continue the colorful texture on a vertical level, use window planters to grow cascading flowers. This combination will create a unified look of the exterior.

29. Create Fresh Look for a Classic Garden

Petit Country Estate #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

This small garden edges the front walls of the house to create an inviting landscape for the coming guests. The homeowners have decided to be classic but not in the standard perception. Instead of pansies and petunias, they have chosen to use groundcovers that spread easily and create a thick blooming carpet on the ground.

On both sides of this carpet, there are other plants. Boxwood forms the fence of the garden and rose bushes create the center point of the front garden.

30. Change out Flowering Planters for Variety

Porch Full of Petunias #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Speaking about front yard landscaping ideas, these can be taken out of the standard ground garden beds. Use the porch ceiling to attach hanging baskets that will spread blossoms vertically.

In case there are flowers planted in the front garden, you can coordinate the baskets with them.

31. Turn Felled Trees Into Planters

Rustic Log Planters #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

This upcycling front yard idea is so creative! A log with a hollow or a stump can easily be turned into a planter, only filling the empty part with soil. This alternative to the store-bought planters is eco-friendly and unique.

Use one of them to complement an already existing garden or place a few of these planters one after the other to edge a walkway.

32. Plant Stand Created From Vintage Wagon

Rustic Wagon Plant Stand #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Making a tiered plant stand from an old wagon is a fun and easy DIY project. Add wooden or metal beams to create steps where the flower pots will stand.

To enhance the farmhouse charm of this unique planter, repurpose old vintage containers into planters. Even the rusty kitchen utensils will add to the rustic design of this front yard idea.

33. Shady Corner Becomes Stunning Water Feature

Showy Subtropical Water Feature #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

This inspiring front yard landscaping idea is suitable for areas with a subtropical climate. The cascading water feature creates a Zen calmness complemented by the plant varieties’ exotic uniqueness. All of them are planted in a particular pattern to create an organized and balanced feel.

The plants are also spread according to their height. The shortest ones cover the first lane while the tallest ones are closest to the house to add vertical interest and shade.

34. Stone Planters Are Perfect for Succulents

Showy Succulent Stone Planters #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

These succulent nests are perfect for homes of any style- from cottage to modern and minimalist. The succulents are a trendy plant kind that requires low maintenance. They can be grown in any climate and any soil. The size of the garden bed also doesn’t matter.

The featured planters have been sourced from nature. Nature has shaped them in a way to provide hollows where small gardens can be created.

35. Add Plant Hanger to Address Sign Post

Signpost and Plant Hanger #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

An easy way to improve the front yard landscape is to add a hanging basket with beautiful blooming flowers to an existing stand. That can be the mailbox, a lamp, pergola support.

Being placed at the entryway of the property, it is very important that it clearly says “welcome”. And what can do that better than the flowers?

via Hello Farmhouse

36. Small Lanterns Create Interesting Driveway Bed

Simple Lighted Driveway Bed #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Make the driveway look homely with a garden bed of a narrow size. Use pavers or stones to edge it from the lane and plant flowers. If you prefer an all-year-long landscape, use evergreen shrubs like boxwood that will give the front part of your home a green appeal.

37. Japanese Inspired Raised Garden Beds

Sophisticated Japanese Garden Beds #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

If you prefer a front yard that is easy to maintain, you can combine concrete tiles and raised garden beds in the same concept.

This type of arrangement is typical for modern homes or mid-century homes where natural materials like stone are predominant.

If the raised garden bed is deep and large, create an arrangement inspired by the image. A Japanese maple takes the center point of the garden and boxwood shrubs surround it to create elevated foliage.

38. Build a Classic Cottage Garden Bed

Spring Cottage Garden #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

A garden bed is created next to the well-maintained lawn to edge the walkway to the front porch. Azaleas and bulbs alternate to provide a colorful texture to the evergreen shrubs and trees covering the rest of the garden.

This landscaping idea also follows a certain height pattern where the shortest kinds are in the front and the tallest closest to the porch. They aim to create shade and a living screen.

39. Tree Stump Reimagined as Flower Planter

Sprouting Stump #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

This stump has once been a large tree that has made a thick shade for a calming rest in the front yard. But instead of tearing it out, the homeowner has decided to give it new life by turning it into a vertical planter.

The appealing planter displays pots with flowers. Being of a cascading kind, the petunias hide the containers they are planted in and create an illusion for growing out of the dried tree.

40. Fill a Garden Bed With Evergreens

Structured Evergreen Garden Beds with Colorful Planters #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

The evergreen shrubs and trees are the best solutions when it comes to permanent landscaping ideas. Plus, they can be grown in almost every type of climate. The lack of various colors can be compensated by the variety of textures and height of the kinds.

The problem with the blooms can be solved by adding seasonal plants in pots next to the evergreen trees.

41. Raised Flowerbed Covers Exposed Tree Roots

Sweet and Rustic Stone Edged Flowerbed #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Use materials from nature to create a garden bed. That could be logs or stones stacked to create the raised garden.

Especially for a sloped front yard, stones are perfect for coping with the ground difference.

42. Upcycled Fire Bowl Becomes a Planter

The Soft Side of Iron and Stone #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

If you have a low fence aiming to divide the drive lane from the front yard or other zones, you can use it as a canvas for a potted garden.

Most of the time such a fence is made of stones. The pots that will enhance the rustic look of this yard feature are made of ceramics, terra cotta and iron.

The best arrangement for an elevated pot would be a cascading one. Use an evergreen shrub for the center of the pot and use short perennials or seasonal flowers around it. The section closest to the rim should be planted with vines that will give the pot the cascading look.

43. Build Tiered Gardens From Precast Bricks

Tiered Block Beds #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

These garden beds have been designed to instantly improve the curb appeal of the front yard. They are made of the same paving material. The point of interest comes with the tiered positioning and the different shape of the flower bed section.

This type of stacked and raised garden bed is suitable for sloping yards where the inclination should be overwhelmed.

44. Large Tree Stump Becomes a Flower Garden

Tree Stump Planter #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Another idea for reviving a dry tree is to use its trunk as a planter. Plant flowers in all hollows and watch the blooms peek out.

In addition to the visual interest, you will save money and time trying to take the roots of the tree out of the ground.

45.  Vintage Bicycle Becomes Charming Garden Décor

Upcycled Vintage Bicycle Planter #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Add a countryside touch to your front yard with a bicycle planter. The older the bicycle is, the greater the vintage effect would be. Add baskets to the front and to the back to grow directly flowers in or to place pots.

For a further decorative touch, you can use signs in the same farmhouse theme.  

46. Small Urban Garden Gets Big Makeover

Urban Sanctuary #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Urban yards can also be appealing even of the smaller size. Make a visual illusion of it being larger with geometric landscape creations. Use the ground surface materials on the one hand, and evergreen shrubs that tend to be shaped- on the other.

47. Wagon Wheel Adds Vintage Vibe to Flowerbed

Wagon Wheel Accent #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

To give the front yard garden a point of interest, place a wagon wheel. Its aged design and weathered look will make the landscape more personalized. This aged piece can also be very functional as a trellis for vines and climbing flowers.

via Miss Conduct

48. Water Feature Recycles Rain Runoff

Water-Wise Western Water Feature #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

This front yard landscape idea features a rock garden where the plants cover the majority of the ground and the stones are used to give the sloped yard a continuous and unified look.

Judging by the plant kinds, this garden bed has probably been created in an area where rain is a rare phenomenon.

49. Drought Resistant Plants and Hardscaping Save Water

Western Water-Wise #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Most xeriscaped yards rely on the cactus kinds but hopefully, they are not the only means to improve the curb appeal in dry zones.

This garden idea proves it showing how colorful succulents, lantana and agave can create a creative and unique garden.

50. Wine Barrel Turns Into a Flower Garden

Wine Barrel Garden #frontyardlandscapingideas #decorhomeideas

Repurposing the old wine barrel into a flower pot will add a unique rustic vibe to the outdoors. The DIY is very easy- just fill the barrel with potting mix.

To accentuate the rustic design of your pot, add a lantern to the arrangement.  

51. Small Garden Gets Colorful Blooming Boost

Small Front Yard Landscaping Design

You don’t have to be a landscape architect to create a beautiful front yard. It is even easier if you have a small yard – create some flower beds and plant colorful flowers or drought resistant plants.

Arrange them as per your liking and add some flowering shrubs.

52. Add Small Flowers

Front Yard Landscape With Flowers

via Vickie Parker Clingan

Add some small purple flowers to your front yard to make it more appealing.

53. Add Flower Planters

Front Yard Landscape With Flower Planter

via Maria Sciulli

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