26 Beautiful Fall Gardening Ideas and Decorations

Fall is a transitional time for your garden — the summer flowers are gone, and your plants may lose some of their fullness.

If you’re longing for a burst of color, why not decorate your garden for fall?

Best Fall Gardening Ideas And Decorations. Get the best ideas for extending the gardening season into autumn and find out what chores to complete to make sure your garden is the most beautiful in the neighborhood. #decorhomeideas
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The warm colors and rich textures are the perfect way to revive your outdoor space and welcome the cooler weather.

1. Adorable Carved Pumpkins in a Wheelbarrow

Adorable Carved Pumpkins in a Wheelbarrow #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Your neighbors will smile every time they pass this adorable display.

It looks complicated, but all you need is a wheelbarrow, some hay, and a bunch of pumpkins.

Carve scary faces when Halloween draws near, or leave the squash whole for a setup that looks lovely for the whole season.

2. A Basin Full of Flowers

A Basin Full of Flowers #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Don’t have a garden to decorate? No problem — a planter can have a big impact.

Pick up two or three miniature pumpkins and squash and nestle them in with your plants for a sweet fall setup.

3. Butchart Gardens in Victoria British Columbia

Butchart Gardens in Victoria British Columbia #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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In gardens that are overflowing with fall foliage, you don’t need to worry about decorations.

The easiest way to spotlight the leaves is to maintain the walkways throughout the space. The neat paths make it easy for guests to explore.

4. Charming Hay Bale Seating Area

Charming Hay Bale Seating Area #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Do you have a bench in your garden?

Turn it into the centerpiece of an autumn scene with plants, pumpkins, and a cozy throw for a pop of color.

If you can get your hands on a few hay bales, scatter them around for a classic harvest-inspired look.

5. Colorful Chrysanthemum Garden

Colorful Chrysanthemum Garden #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Welcome visitors to your home with fall front porch decorations.

A collection of potted plants and pumpkins turns your stairs into a riot of color and life. We love the wooden barrel, which serves as a table and a textural contrast.

6. Colorful Rows of Blooms

Colorful Rows of Blooms #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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If your city has warm, sunny autumn weather, you might not see changing leaves — but you can recreate the cozy, welcoming colors with potted flowers.

Surround your home with blooms in deep orange, red, and yellow to capture a classic fall feeling.

7. Decorate for Fall with Towering Corn Stalks

Decorate for Fall with Towering Corn Stalks #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Celebrate the harvest season with a bunch of tall corn stalks.

The natural shape of the leaves brings movement to your display; tie them together with twine or a pretty ribbon for security.

Lean your stalks against a fence for a low-key look, or surround them with flowers and pumpkins for an extra-festive vibe.

8. Fall Colors in a Durable Planter

Fall Colors in a Durable Planter #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Do you have a tiny amount of space for decorating?

A big potted plant helps you make the most of it. The trick is to select an option with rich fall colors, like this stunning flowering bush.

The deep orange planter completes the autumnal palette.

9. Fall Festive Planter

Fall Festive Planter #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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When the temperatures cool, your potted plants may lose some of their fullness.

Restore the lush vibe by adding extra elements to the pot.

Dried hay, fresh flowers, and pumpkins fill in the area around the plant, echoing the bounty of the harvest season.

10. Fall Pumpkin Patch with Pink and Purple Blooms

Fall Pumpkin Patch with Pink and Purple Blooms #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Put an unexpected twist on fall decorating by pairing traditional pumpkins with contrasting flowers.

Here, the gardener uses stunning purple, teal, and fuchsia flowers to create a setting that delights every passerby.

Fill in the gaps with squash, and you’re ready for the season.

via Bonacks Garden

11. Fall Wreath for a Wall or Fence

Fall Wreath for a Wall or Fence #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Don’t have your own garden or yard?

Bring the cozy, warm colors of nature to your front door with a charming wreath. Sunflowers, fall leaves, and dried twine set the stage for a beautiful autumn.

We love the scattered green leaves, which keep this piece feeling fresh.

12. Festive Fall Porch Spread

Festive Fall Porch Spread #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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When it comes to fall decorating, you can’t go wrong with orange and yellow.

This budget-friendly setup uses two potted plants and a selection of pumpkins — it’s quick and easy, but it makes a stunning impression.

13. Found Items Create an Autumnal Seating Area

Found Items Create an Autumnal Seating Area #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with colorful fall leaves, why not make them the star of the show?

A few vintage-inspired pieces in pale colors make the leaves pop — plus, you’ll get an adorable seating area for your afternoon tea.

14. Fresh Fall Window Planter

Fresh Fall Window Planter #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Why retire your window boxes when the temperatures drop?

With a few hardy plants in bright colors, you can turn an empty box into a gorgeous display. This is also a great option for apartment-dwellers.

15. Frightful Front Door

Frightful Front Door #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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On a cloudy fall day, there’s nothing like a burst of color to improve your mood.

That’s why we love this flower and pumpkin front-porch arrangement — it’ll make you smile every time you pull into the driveway.

A leafy wreath is an adorable finishing touch.

16. Orange and Purple Fall Harvest

Orange and Purple Fall Harvest #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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If you’re looking for ways to bridge the gap between summer and fall, try combining elements from both seasons.

Here, potted flowers in cheerful colors make a lovely background for a basket of squash. As the days get cooler, simply move the flowers indoors.

17. Orange Pumpkin Planter

Orange Pumpkin Planter #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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It doesn’t get any prettier than this pumpkin-turned-vase — it’s both seasonal and sophisticated.

Making it is a breeze; just hollow out the pumpkin, set a potted plant inside, and fill the gaps with dried flowers.

18. Pumpkins and Plants in Bright Colors

Pumpkins and Plants in Bright Colors #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Pumpkins are the go-to element for fall decorating, and for good reason — these hardy fruits are tough enough to handle the elements.

Tuck a few pumpkins in between your existing planters to jazz up the green leaves, and add a few stumps for a rustic twist.

19. Quick DIY Fall Squash Garden Decoration

Quick DIY Fall Squash Garden Decoration #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Need a fast DIY garden decoration idea?

Buy a selection of squash and pumpkins — then, tuck them under the base of your plants for an instant facelift.

If you don’t have plants, pair the pumpkins with potted versions for the same effect.

20. Quilted Garden of Colors

Quilted Garden of Colors #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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This beautiful festive garden is all about ornamental cabbage.

The lush leaves and deep colors pair perfectly with the classic orange, yellow, and white blooms for a look that’s unconventional but completely delightful.

21. Rich Fall Colors and Rustic Wood Accents

Rich Fall Colors and Rustic Wood Accents #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Capture the vibe of the turning leaves and crisp weather with a rich, moody decoration.

Gather rustic wood, red apples, and crimson berries, and arrange them in your front yard.

Here, the homeowner has cleverly used a wooden bucket as a display table.

22. Scarecrow Garden for Fall

Scarecrow Garden for Fall #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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When you live in a hot, humid climate, you might enjoy fresh flowers well into the fall season.

A sweet scarecrow and a solitary pumpkin introduce just the right hint of traditional autumn colors, all without taking away from your garden’s grandeur.

23. Soft Orange Hanging Plants

Soft Orange Hanging Plants #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Sometimes, the best fall decor is rooted in simplicity.

Here, it’s all about color and texture — from the natural fibers in the planter to the riot of petals and orange tones in the blooms, every element is perfectly suited to the season.

24. Vertical Garden for the Fall

Vertical Garden for the Fall #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Transform your deck or porch into an autumnal wonderland with a selection of enormous potted plants.

Here, a blend of yellow, purple, and green brings out the colors of the changing leaves in the surrounding trees.

25. Vignette of Fall Flowers and Fruits

Vignette of Fall Flowers and Fruits #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Sometimes, the best autumnal garden decorations are fruits and vegetables.

This adorable vignette gathers all of the iconic fall favorites — enormous sunflowers, a basket of apples, and a few pumpkins.

A wooden bench and vase complete the scene. The best part? You can set up a small fall scene anywhere you have space.

26. Welcoming Front Porch with Scarecrows

Welcoming Front Porch with Scarecrows #fall #garden #decoration #decorhomeideas
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Bring a bit of the country to your city home with a farmhouse-themed stoop decoration.

Scarecrows, pumpkins, and hay transform your steps into a rustic tableau that’s sure to brighten everyone’s day.

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