50 Lovely Mason Jar Fall Decor Crafts To Help You Celebrate The Season

Versatile, durable, and eye-pleasing, mason jars present a stunning option to decorate any space, interior or exterior.

With fall just around the corner, mason jar fall crafts offer an easy and simple way to add color, warmth, visual interest, and tons of personality to your home.

Best Mason Jar Fall Crafts. Embrace the most colorful season of the year with these creative mason jar fall crafts. They are easy to do and are a lot of fun. #decorhomeideas
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Unleash your creativity, mix what nature gives with what you already have at home and voilà- your interior or exterior will get a new, fresh look and feel. The best part: usually, these pieces of décor are absolutely free.

Mason jar fall crafts can definitely embellish any living space. Whether using pumpkins, apples, pinecones, nuts, or leaves, when beautifully arranged and complemented by candles, ribbons, and seeds, fall crafts help create affordable yet eye-grabbing seasonal décor.

Fall’s bounty provides the perfect option to add organic touches, texture, scent, and charm. Make use of mason jar fall crafts and take your home to another level, your imagination is your only limit. 

Mason Jar Fall Crafts

Mason jar fall crafts are all about simple DIY projects, which can transform any home for the whole holiday season.

Not to mention that some of these projects are so easy that you can get your kids involved.

Just try to imagine all captivating fall colors, using any fall-inspired hue helps infuse your home with warmth and coziness and create an inviting space with a fall vibe!

With countless options to choose from, it is just a matter of creativity and unexpected use of everyday items to come up with a dainty piece of décor, which can bring fall’s beauty and magic into your home.   

1. DIY Pumpkin Mason Jars

DIY Pumpkin Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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These mason jars are painted in different shades of orange and create a real fall colored rainbow.

See more at: the36thavenue.com

2. Mason Jar Fall Luminary

DIY Mason Jar Fall Luminary #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Painted in a bright, warm, fall-inspired color with a candle inside it, a mason jar can be repurposed as a luminary.

Twine tied around the neck completes the look. Using a hue that matches your décor is a smart idea. Easy yet so adorable, isn’t it?

See more at: createcraftlove.com

3. DIY Painted Candy Corn Mason Jars

Candy Corn Mason Jars #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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A grouping of three painted in autumnal hues uniform mason jars is just the perfect piece of décor to lend a fall-inspired feel to any home!  

See more at: hipmamasplace.com

4. DIY Plaid Mason Jars

Buffalo Check Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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A bunch of wheat inside a plaid-painted mason jar turns it into a charming piece of fall décor.

Again, twine tied around the neck of the jar completes the look.

See more at: weekendcraft.com

5. Fall Leaf Candle Mason Jar

Fall Leaf Candle Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Fall leaves are used to decoupage mason jars. Candles inside the jars fill the space with warmth and comfort.

For a complete look, finish the neck of the jars with anything you like.

See more at: naturalbeachliving.com

6. Fall Owl Mason Jar

Fall Owl Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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A mason jar is turned into a glittering owl. A bunch of painted in fall-inspired hues leaves completes the look of this gorgeous décor item.

Pure creativity!

See more at: thekeeperofthecheerios.com

7. Polka Dot and Striped Mason Jars 

Polka Dot and Striped Mason Jars #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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An arrangement of painted in orange polka dots and stripes mason jars complemented by a “boo” banner, bunch of faux flowers, and carved and lit from inside pumpkins is a stunning way to lend a Halloween look to any home.

See more at: thehowtohome.com

8. Glittered Mason Jars

Glittered Mason Jars #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Glittered painted in fall colors mason jars are a stunning way to add autumn touches to any interior décor!

See more at: artsyfartsymama.com

9. Buffalo Check Mason Jar DIY

Hobby Lobby Buffalo Check Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Buffalo Check mason jars are repurposed as vases with a distressed look. 

Filled with fall grasses and complemented by some cute season-inspired items, this arranged definitely is a spectacular piece of décor!

See more at: blog.hobbylobby.com

10. Cinnamon Orange Air Freshener

Cinnamon Orange Freshener Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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A cinnamon and orange essential oils air freshener is a way to add autumn scents, feel, and look to any home.

Not to mention that if you are a crafty person, it is a charming home-made gift!

See more at: shakentogetherlife.com

11. Mason Jar Pumpkins

DIY Painted Mason Jar Pumpkins #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Painted mason jars, wine corks, artificial leafy foliage, and a piece of ribbon are all you need to make this budget-friendly yet a fabulous piece of fall décor!

Using jars of different sizes and shapes can lend extra touches of visual interest.

See more at: thesoccermomblog.com

12. DIY Acorn Mason Jars

Mason Jar Candle With Acorn #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Transparent mason jars with wire handles are filled with acorns and tea candles.

Whether positioned in groupings or places separately, these fall-inspired lanterns can beautify and add warmth, coziness, and personality to any space, interior or exterior!

13. Mason Jar Pinecones Crafts

Fall Mason Jar Decor With Pinecones #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Spray-painted mason jars with pinecone images topped with gilded lids and pinecones for extra visual interest definitely make awesome fall décor!

See more at: pillarboxblue.com

14. Mason Jar Firefly Lanterns

Mason Jar Firefly Lanterns #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Put LED string lights inside mason jars to make these gorgeous lanterns. Add dried moss for an earthy look.

See more at: lilblueboo.com

15. Monogram Mason Jar Candles

Monogram Fall Decor Mason Jars #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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This arrangement of painted mason jars filled with corn, lit by tea candles, and complemented by pinecones and acorns offers a stunning way to beautify and add tons of personality to any space.

See more at: craftcuts.com

16. Pine Cone Flower Mason Jar

Pine Cone Flowers Mason Jars #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Pinecone flowers, jute twine, and wheat embellish a trio of mason jars. This grouping is definitely an adorable way to give a fall look and feel.

See more at: uncommondesignsonline.com

17. Pumpkin Spice Mason Jar Candles

Pumpkin Spice Mason Jar Candles #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Unquestionably, pumpkins symbolize autumn. Make these fascinating pumpkin-spice candles to fill your home with a fall feel.

See more at: sheuncovered.com

18. Thanksgiving Mason Jar Craft

DIY Be Thankful Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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A spray-painted mason jar, artificial pumpkins of different heights, sizes, shapes, and textures, a bunch of wheat, and a “Be thankful” sign on the jar create a stunning arrangement for the whole holiday season.

See more at: thecountrychiccottage.net

19. Give Thanks Mason Jar

Give Thanks Fall Decor Mason Jar With Flowers #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Some coats of paint and simple stencils can completely transform the look of the mason jar and turn it into a statement piece of décor for the Thanksgiving season.

See more at: creativeramblingsblog.com

20. Simmering Pot Mason Jar Gift

Simmering Pot Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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As cinnamon and apples are inherently associated with fall, use some cinnamon sticks and apple pieces to make this simmering pot.

Add some slices of orange to enrich the smell. Use it to fill your place with the fall smell or as a homemade seasonal gift.

See more at: thehappierhomemaker.com

21. Scarecrow Mason Jar Crafts

Scarecrow Mason Jar Fall Craft #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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A mason jar, paint, and a piece of burlap ribbon are all you need to make this awesome scarecrow.

See more at: easypeasyandfun.com

22. Happy Fall Mason Jar

Happy Fall Decor Mason Jar Crafts #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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This orange beauty can infuse any space with color, warmth, and a holiday feel.

See more at: yesterdayontuesday.com

23. Halloween Mason Jar Pumpkin Craft

Halloween Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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This spooky painted mason jar makes a perfect piece of Halloween décor!

See more at: loveandmarriageblog.com

24. Mason Jar Fall Luminaries Craft

Mason Jar Fall Luminaries Craft #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Easy to make, these luminaries are a creative way to celebrate the gorgeous fall colors.

See more at: whereimaginationgrows.com

25. Falling Leaves Sensory Mason Jar

Falling Leaves Sensory Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Gorgeously colored autumn leaves are always an easy and budget-friendly yet stunning way to beautify any space for the fall season.

See more at: thesoccermomblog.com

26. Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

Maple Leaf Fall Decor Mason Jar #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Use water glue and stick fall leaves to any mason jars to create stunning candle holders.

See more at: sparkandchemistry.com

27. Mason Jar Luminaries

Mason Jar Luminaries #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Easy to make yet fascinating, this grouping of fall-inspired luminaries offers a way to add visual interest and personality to your home for the holiday season.

See more at: jennifermaker.com

28. Apple Mason Jar Pencil Holders

Apple Mason Jar Pencil Holder #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Some spray paint and simple decoration can transform a mason jar into an eye-grabbing pencil holder.

See more at: tillysnest.com

29. Glittery Pumpkin Mason Jars

Glittery Halloween Pumpkin Jars #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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An arrangement of pumpkins and glittery mason jars in black and orange makes an awesome piece of Halloween décor.

See more at: thebestideasforkids.com

Mason Jar Fall Crafts for Centerpieces

Because of their simplicity and versatility, when approached with creativity, mason jars help make stunning centerpieces, which can fit it with any décor style, from rustic and Shabby Chic to country and traditional to industrial and contemporary.

Complemented by pumpkins, apples, nuts, berries, leaves in brilliant fall hues, scented candles, feathers, wheat, seeds, ribbons, burlap, and lace, thoughtfully positioned, mason jar centerpieces add color, texture, scent, pattern and tons of personality, create a sense of warmth, coziness, and an organic feel, and lend unmistakable autumn look to any space.

Furthermore, easy and budget-friendly DIY projects offer an array of options to dress up any space.

30. Rustic Fall Centerpiece

Rustic Fall Mason Jar Centerpiece #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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A trio of painted mason jars is positioned in a planter box with a rustic look. Jars are filled with artificial flowers in vibrant autumn colors.

Twine around the neck of the jars adds extra rustic touches. This centerpiece is definitely an awesome way to celebrate fall.

31. Fall Rustic Mason Jars

Wheat Mason Jar Fall Centerpiece #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Mason jars filled with wheat are arranged to spell the word “fall”. This grouping is so charming! Not to mention that it offers a stunning way to welcome the holiday season.

See more at: sincerelyjean.com

32. DIY Fall Centerpiece

DIY Fall Centerpiece Mason Jars #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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With candles inside them, mason jars are positioned in a box filled with acorns and autumn leaves.

A table runner completes the look of this centerpiece. So simple and easy to make! Yet, it can add warmth, coziness, and tons of personality to any space.

See more at: addicted2diy.com

33. Fall Table Decor Centerpiece

Harvest Fall Decor Mason Jar Centerpiece #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Mason jars painted in rich earthy colors, pieces of burlap wrap each of them and spell “Fall”, twine ribbons around the neck of the jars, and wheat for a truly fall look…

What a gorgeous autumn-inspired statement piece of décor!

34. Wooden Box Fall Table Centerpiece

Fall Table Mason Jar Centerpiece #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Mason jars with candles inside complemented by small pumpkins and gourds positioned in a wooden box are definitely a stunning way to celebrate fall’s bounty!

What’s not to like in this centerpiece!

See more at: shanty-2-chic.com

35. Easy Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces

Easy Fall Decor Mason Jar Centerpiece #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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A turquoise crate serves as a container for a trio of white-painted mason jars. Orange burlap rosettes, raffia around the neck of each jar, and a bunch of wheat lend this piece of décor a unique look!

So simple yet creative and inspiring!

See more at: ohmy-creative.com

36. Black and White Plaid Mason Jars

Black and White Plaid Mason Jar Fall Decor #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Black-and-white plaid ribbons accentuate these mason jars with a rustic look. Artificial pumpkins and florals compliment the arrangement.

This centerpiece is a striking way to dress up any space for the holiday season!

37. Fall Mason Jar Vases

Fall Decor Mason Jar Vases #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Painted and embellished with stencils mason jars are repurposed as vases filled with bouquets made of corn husks and artificial florals.

Twine around the neck of the jars adds extra rustic touches. Simplicity can be so beautiful…

See more at: myanythingandeverything.com

38. Scarecrow Mason Jar Centerpiece

Scarecrow Mason Jar Fall Centerpiece #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Feathers, ribbons, pieces of burlap, corn husks, and artificial florals help lend a layered look to a couple of delightful scarecrows.

This is the perfect Halloween centerpiece, don’t you agree?

39. Fall Jars with Dollar Store Flowers

Fall Sunflower Mason Jar Centerpiece #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Painted mason jars embellished with burlap and lace are reused as containers for fall-themed artificial florals.

This centerpiece can add tons of personality to any space!

See more at: craftingintherain.com

40. Mason Jar Candles Fall Centerpiece

Berry Garland Fall Mason Jar Centerpiece #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Red candles are nestled on top of beach rocks inside clear mason jars. The arrangement surrounded by artificial red berry twigs is positioned on a platter.  

What a way to add color, texture, and visual interest for the holiday season!

See more at: incourage.me

41. Pumpkin Mason Jars Fall Centerpiece

Pumpkin Mason Jar Fall Crafts Centerpiece #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Arranged in a stenciled box with a rustic look, this display of mason jars complemented by pumpkins, a lid wreath, and artificial flowers is so impressive! 

Definitely the ultimate celebration of fall’s bounty!

42. Tiered Tray Mason Jar Centerpiece

Mason Jar Fall Tray Decor #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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This set of two mason jars filled with fall-inspired items in vibrant colors makes a statement piece of seasonal décor!

Lid and Other Mason Jar Fall Crafts

Although not so extensively used as mason jars, as they add touches of unexpectedness, lids also help create eye-pleasing décor items.

Used mainly for making wreaths and pumpkins, when approached with creativity, mason jar lids offer a way to infuse any place with color, texture, and visual interest.

43. Sparkling Gold Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

DIY Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Attached to a platter, this trio of mason jar lids adds so much sparkle! Complemented by fall-inspired items, it is the perfect addition to the holiday décor!

See more at: domesticallyblissful.com

44. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Fall Decor

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Fall Crafts #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Mason jar lids are used to make these gorgeous pumpkins. Cinnamon sticks, burlap, and jute twine complete their look.

What a way to add color, scent, texture, and visual interest!

45. DIY Pumpkin Craft With Mason Jar Lids

Mason Jar Pumpkins Leftovers #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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This arrangement is a simple, easy, and unexpected way to add some extra color and visual interest to any space.

See more at: survivingthestores.com

46. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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Pumpkins made of lids…What a way to beautify your home for the whole holiday season! Use any color to match your décor.

Furthermore, there is a plethora of options to complete the look of these charming pumpkins – from cinnamon sticks and cork to pinecones and moss to ribbons and dried flowers, anything can do the job, just unleash your creativity!

See more at: craftsbyamanda.com

47. Mason Jar Lid Wreath

Halloween Mason Jar Lid Wreath #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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An alternative to traditional wreaths, this eye-grabbing multicolor piece of décor adds personality and offers a charming way to welcome guests for the holiday season.

See more at: eighteen25.com

48. Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Mason Jar Wall Sconces Fall Decor #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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This set of uniform wall sconces is the ultimate proof of the versatility of mason jars.

The duo doubles as a source of light and a piece of décor, which can take any place to the next level.

49. Mason Jar Sign

Mason Jar Sign Fall Crafts #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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This mason jar sign is so delightful and sophisticated!

See more at: thecraftpatchblog.com

50. Mason Jar String Art

Filled Mason Jar String Art #falldecor #masonjar #decorhomeideas
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What a creative way to dress up your living space! Truly impressive!

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