30 Fantastic Buffalo Check DIY Fall Decor Ideas For The Most Welcoming Home

The black and white color combo is a classic and so are all derivates from this match. One of them is the buffalo check which is always trendy and instantly adds a cozy vibe to the room it is present!

The buffalo check is usually related to autumn and to the farmhouse style so it is the right time to check the amazing DIY ideas for fall decorations with buffalo check.

They are all so adorable and unique – the perfect way to give your space a character without spending too much.

Best Buffalo Check Fall Decor. Spruce up your autumn decorations with the best buffalo check DIY fall decor ideas and get inspired to do some buffalo plaid crafts. #decorhomeideas

Wall arts, signs, storage containers, table centerpieces and many more are the buffalo check inspirations that will make your place the coziest one this autumn!

1. Brighten Your Fall Porch Decor with Buffalo Check

Adorable Check Porch Board for Home #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

Need a sign for the porch that is in the autumn theme? The buffalo check pattern will look adorable at the beginning of your home.

The idea features a tall wooden board covered with wrapping paper in this pattern. A cute grapevine wreath replaces the “O” in “home” to add a pop of color and remind that the sun is still there.

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2. Store Candy with Rustic Buffalo Check Pumpkin

Beautiful Buffalo Check Candy Holder #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

This Halloween-inspired candy holder is so adorable. Its pumpkin shape makes gives the rough wood charm. The interest is increased by the non-traditional coloring of the pumpkin.

The usual orange pumpkin color is changed with the buffalo check pattern that turns the holder into a unique and elegant autumn decor.

via Inspiration For Moms

3. Add a Pop of Color with a Rustic Pumpkin Banner

Colorful and Rustic Pumpkin Banner #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

This is the cutest autumn banner for the mantel or for the porch. It features a pumpkin outline filled with buffalo check burlap in shiny orange and white.

You can always choose another color combination if this one doesn’t match your interior. Wherever you put this garland on, it will add cheerful value to the space.

Another advantage of this DIY project feature is that it is so easy to be done with simple and affordable materials.

via Crafting Cheerfully

4. Transform Your Bedroom with Buffalo Check Pillows

Comfortable Buffalo Check Pillows #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

Need a quick bedroom autumn makeover? You will be surprised how two pillowcases and a throw can make together a new look.

These pillowcases can be done yourself or bought from a local store. Put them in front of a pair of large white pillows and enjoy the simple but appealing bedroom decor.

5. Create a Lavish Look with Buffalo Check Curtains

Complementing and Cute Buffalo Check Curtains #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

The buffalo check pattern looks as amazing as any texture, including fabric. And if you are looking for new curtains for the dining room, try these out!

The classy look of the black and white combo will add elegance to the space and will brighten it up at the same time.

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6. Stand Out with Buffalo Plaid Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Cute Buffalo Plaid Toilet Paper Pumpkins #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

This interesting DIY idea recycles the toilet paper rolls to turn them into the autumn decor. The magic happens with buffalo fabric in different color combinations that wrap the toilet paper rolls.

By leaving the fabric loose, the wrapping forms a pumpkin shape which is additionally enhanced by the peeking twigs and the green ribbon tying the buffalo check fabric.

via It’s Always Autumn

7. Enjoy Holiday Dinners with Buffalo Check Placemats

Dazzling Tablescape for Fall #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

This tablescape idea is a great way to brighten up your table and make it more festive for the new season. The buffalo check enters in to help with the elegant arrangement with tableware embellished with shiny sunflowers.

Add a small pumpkin from your garden to enhance the festive look of the table design.

via Our Crafty Mom

8. Create a Functional Buffalo Plaid Decorative Tray

Diverse and Amazing Message Place #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

This idea proves that the buffalo check can be added anywhere, even on a tray holding your remote controllers.

Such a tray can be a cute storage addition to your entryway to keep the keys in one place or an elegant container for decoration in the kitchen.

via Leap of Faith Crafting

9. Bring a Cozy Vibe with a Buffalo Check Bookshelf

Durable and Gorgeous Buffalo Check Bookshelf #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

A pile of books used as decoration adds a cozy feeling to the space and makes it look more homely. That effect can be enhanced if a buffalo check strip wraps the pile.

This is so easy and so budget-friendly. If you already have a piece of this fabric left, the idea can be done for free and only within 5 minutes.

via A Fresh Squeezed Life

10. Get into the Festive Spirit with Buffalo Plaid Tablescape

Elegant Buffalo Tablescape for Tables #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

This tablescape is the perfect combination to add elegance to your dining room in the autumn spirit. The black and white buffalo check lay the basic stylish backdrop for orange rope pads. On top of them, three plates alternate in size and colors to enhance the fall theme.

A beautiful handmade lantern smiles from the center of the dish placed on top of the pile to add the cute Halloween pumpkin symbol closer to the people sitting around the table. Another interesting idea to get inspired from is the embellishment of the pumpkins.

via Make a Joyful Home

11. Bring Farmhouse Charm with a Buffalo Plaid Wreath

Exquisite Buffalo Plaid Wreath #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

Welcome your guests with style! This festive farmhouse wreath celebrates fall and home in one and leaves a personal imprint on the front door.

Add a small bouquet of seasonal flowers or faux berries and sunflowers and a large burlap ribbon to tie the autumn piece of decor together.

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12. Add Texture with a Buffalo Check Mason Jar Centerpiece

Eye-catching and Splendid Buffalo Check Centerpiece #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

This is a DIY fall decor idea that can be done entirely at home with cheap supplies. Get two or three Mason jars and paint the external surface with white chalk paint. Distress the edges with sandpaper and continue with the embellishment.

It comes with an elegant ribbon from black and white buffalo plaid fabric tied in a bow around the neck of the jar.

The same element is seen in the cute small pumpkin peeking out of a bouquet arrangement from nature gifts related to the autumn season.

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13. Discover Timeless Beauty with a Buffalo Check Banner

Eye-catching Buffalo Check Banner #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

Another doable fall project that will make your home more festive is this buffalo check pumpkin garland in a farmhouse frame.

The banner can be made from scrap or wrapping paper, thread and wooden beads in black, white and grey. The inside of the frame is filled with chicken wire which gives the wall art a rustic charm and makes it so easy to attach the banner to the frame.

If you have a piece or two from faux foliage, add it to the frame arrangement to enhance the 2D visual interest.

via Her Happy Home

14. Redesign Your Interior with Buffalo Check Coasters

Fabulous Coasters to Complement Interior Design #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

If you admire the Mason jar DIY project, then you will fall in love with this one. It is so easy and so functional. The lids of the jars are turned into coasters that add a personal touch to the kitchen when decorated with beautiful fabrics.

To make the lid a real coaster, fill the inside with a cork piece cut at the size of the internal diameter.

via More Like Grace

15. Upgrade Your Outdoors with Chic Buffalo Check Flags

Gorgeous Buffalo Check Flags #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for more interesting fall decor, try this inspiring idea. Affected by the fall theme, the flags welcome the guests and the season with a cute image of a pumpkin holding a fall flower bouquet displayed on a buffalo check backdrop.

The flags can be placed on both sides of the front door or somewhere else outside where they can be easily seen and able to spread the festive mood.

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16. Spook Up Your Decor with a Buffalo Check Step Stool

Gorgeous Step Stool and Perfect Design #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

Give your old fall decoration a new look with a simple addition like this single step stool. Its colored top gives the orange arrangement a visual interest. The elevated alignment is another way the decoration comes into the focus of the sight.

To turn this arrangement Halloween-themed, add some spiders or other thematic symbols.

via Pretty DIY Home

17. Add Art to Your Walls with a Buffalo Check Plaque

Marvelous Buffalo Check Plaque for Interior Design #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

You can make the plain walls more appealing with this amazing plaque design. Inspired by the fall theme, it brightens up the space and adds a cute family symbol.

For this idea, you need a simple frame and paper or fabric in buffalo check design. The truck image carrying pumpkins can be recreated with felt, fabric or paper, depending on the materials you have available.

Inscribe an inspiring family sentence in the fall theme to make the sign more unique.

18. Embrace Minimalism with Farmhouse Buffalo Plaid Decor

Outstanding Buffalo Plaid Living Room Decor #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

Welcome your guests with this homely farmhouse decor placed on the mantel or on a table in the entryway. The three houses are placed in a descending pattern.

The biggest one is painted with the buffalo check pattern. The second one repeats the darkest color from the plaid and the smallest one is pure white to stand out against the rest and send the important message.

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19. Uplift Your Picture Holder with Buffalo Plaid Art

Simple and Cute Picture Holder #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

If you plan a special fall photography session for your kid, make sure that you display it properly. A picture holder decorated with the buffalo plaid pattern will clearly anchor the photographs’ theme and will enhance their artistic visual interest.

Use the flat surface of the holder to add some words or an inspiring quote that coheres with the images.

via Lizzy and Erin

20. Add Sophistication with a Dollar Tree Farmhouse

Sophisticated Dollar Tree Farmhouse #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

Do you need a small piece of art to add to your autumn decor? This piece will fit perfectly as a mantel or table decor.

Go to the local Dollar store and get four of the “thankful” signs. Glue them together to form the small tabletop. Then add a thick coat of paint to hide the inscribed letters so that the top becomes even and ready to be the backdrop for the displayed decoration.

The feet are actually floral decor pieces from the same store that have been painted and then glued to transform into gorgeous vintage elements.

The final result is an amazing handmade display that can be used for every holiday. Change the accents on the side of it using scrap or wrap paper and see how quickly it is set for the new holiday.

via The Latina Next Door

21. Impress Guests with Framed Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin

Spectacular and Budget-Friendly Buffalo Decor #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

This wall art looks like a real painting but actually, it requires only basic painting skills and some creativeness. Use decorative paper to cover the inside of the frame and design the backdrop for the focal point.

Use acrylic paints to sketch the pumpkin image onto the glass. You can hang the frame or you can lean it against a wall. It is surely a unique fall decor that will celebrate the season and will add a warm vibe to the space.

via Cluttered Corkboard

22. Cozy Up Your Living Room with Buffalo Plaid Pillows

Spectacular Buffalo Style Living Room Makeover #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

If you don’t want to spend a lot on changing the decor of your living room, you can achieve the same effect by decorating boldly one piece of it. Turning it into the focus of the room, the visual appearance of the entire space will change.

This transformation features the addition of the buffalo plaid check pattern on the accents of an armchair. The color combo is seen on the throw and the two pillows that make the chair so inviting.

The cozy farmhouse atmosphere is enhanced with the burlap lampshade and the unique apothecary chest standing behind the armchair.

via The Other Side of Neutral

23. Get Rustic Elegance with a Buffalo Check Planter

Striking Buffalo Check Flower Pot #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

If the plants are an important part of your interior, then the seasonal decor of your home surely affects the pots they stay in. Surely, you will love this DIY project that turns a drawer into a pot in the fall theme.

The buffalo plaid pattern covers the weathered wooden surface to give it a new attractive look. Areas are distressed to remind that the container is aged.

Add a cute bee knob to emphasize the new application of the drawer and to enhance the natural topic.

via Southern Crush at Home

24. Make a Statement with Buffalo Check pumpkins

Stunning Buffalo Check Covered Pumpkins #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

Are you fed up with the traditional fall decor with pumpkins? Use the buffalo check fabric to add visual interest to your space and to give the old decor pieces a new look.

Get a piece of fabric and wrap the plastic Halloween pumpkins with it. Read the tutorial in the link below for hints on how to mimic the natural curves of the pumpkin with the piece of fabric.

For the stem of the pumpkin, the author decides to glue cinnamon sticks together. In addition to giving the decor a realistic look, they also spread calming aroma in the room.

via My Inspiration Corner

25. Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth

Stunning Buffalo Plaid Thanksgiving Tablecloth #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

This tablescape is so amazing! This is one of the best DIY buffalo check ideas that can make the Thanksgiving day celebration very exciting and memorable.

It all starts with a table cloth in this favorite design that sets a great backdrop for the farmhouse dining pieces and decor set on top of it.

The combination between rope plate pads and white and black plates is so neutral and yet appealing. The natural element is enhanced with cotton twigs and decorated pumpkins spread in the center of the table.

via Giggles Galore

26. Transform Your Candles with Buffalo Wrapping

Stunning Farmhouse Decor Candle Hack #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

Need a centerpiece for the living room table? This is an easy and quick DIY project that will help you to give your home a festive look with no investment at all.

You need a wood slice and three candles to start with. The rest is pieces from a buffalo check fabric or ribbon, some twine and faux greenery. Just weave the fabric around the candle and fix it with the twine.

Weave the twigs around the candles or simply place them in between the candles.

via Hunny I’m Home DIY

27. Spruce Up Your Decor with Buffalo Check Burlap Pumpkin 

Superb Buffalo Check Pumpkin Burlap Sack #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

With this DIY wall art, you can make your home so fall festive! The black frame outlines a piece of burlap sack that becomes the canvas for handpainted pumpkins.

Black, white and orange paint draw the simple pumpkin images in three rows. The alternating colors stand out against the neutral backdrop and grab the attention in a cute way.

via Where The Smiles Have Been

28. Welcome Guests with a Rustic Buffalo Check Bow

Warm and Welcoming Bead Loop #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

This buffalo check bead loop is the perfect small accent that will make your home very festive. Add one of these to the handle or knob of every door and welcome your guests with the warmth of the fall season.

Although this idea is very affordable it succeeds in creating an amazing visual effect.

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29. Get Ready for Fall with a Buffalo Pumpkin Design

Warm and Welcoming Pumpkin Design #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

The traditional autumn symbol of the pumpkin is given a visual interest by wrapping it with buffalo check plaid. The seasonal theme is additionally anchored with the cute farmhouse sign in the middle welcoming the season to this home.

This amazing idea is very simple to be done at home with plain tools and supplies. Place it on the mantle to enrich the seasonal decor or hang it on the wall or why not on the front door instead of a wreath.

via Christina Faye Repurposed

30. Indulge in the Lavish Look of Buffalo Plaid Mason Jars

Wonderful Buffalo Plaid Mason Jars #buffalocheckfalldecor #decorhomeideas

Transfer the cute buffalo check pattern onto the glass surface of Mason jars. You need only black, white and grey paint to draw the squares in the plaid pattern.

Tie a piece of thread on the neck to give the jar a charming farmhouse motif. The more of these you make, the bolder the fall statement will be.

You can use them as a simple addition to your seasonal decor or you can give them a functional application as containers for bouquets, candies, etc.

via The Rustic Peach

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