40 Awesome Rustic Fall Décor Ideas To Add Warmth and Charm To Your Home

There isn’t a better way to give the interior a warm vibe or make the outdoors more appealing than the beautiful fall décor.

Especially with rustic elements, the fall décor will facilitate a smooth transition between summer and winter and will create a homely and calming atmosphere at home which will let you adjust to the colder weather outside.

Best Rustic Fall Decor Ideas. These rustic fall decor ideas will give your home a cozy and inviting atmosphere. DIY projects and ideas are easy to do and really creative. #decorhomeideas
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The rustic fall decor ideas we have gathered here are easy, affordable and most of all unique – the perfect addition to your festive décor.

1. Quick and Easy Fall Centerpiece

1. 5 Minute Autumn Centerpiece #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This breath-taking centerpiece collects all colors nature generously offers in autumn. The neutral grey trunk acts as a basis that lets the orange, red and yellow leaves interweave with the contrasting green and brown textured pumpkins and pine cones.

The log is turned into a light feature acting as a frame of tea lights.

via Jenna Burger

2. Grapevine and Burlap Monogrammed Wreath for Fall

2. $10 Fall Wreath #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This gorgeous rustic wreath can be made for less than $10! The burlap rosettes are the charming embellishment of the grapevine basis that gives the earthy color an eye-catching beauty.

Add tiny pale creamy pumpkins or other pastel embellishments from nature. The wreath attached on your front door will improve the curb appeal of your home in a charming way and will greet warmly your guests.

via Shanty 2 Chic

3. Upcycle a Vintage Drawer for Harvest Display

3. Autumn Arrangements in a Box #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Repurpose a weathered drawer into an accent celebrating fall! Autumn is a rich season and its gifts deserve a special place to be displayed. Add pumpkins, cotton twigs, greenery, even dried grains over a layer of burlap serving as a soft cushion that embraces them.

Any vintage containers like glass jars and bottles or small metal buckets could help to upgrade the items into a well-arranged decorative display.

4. Pumpkin Vase Holds Autumn Blooms

4. Big Neutral Blooms in a Pumpkin Vase #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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For those of you that like the moderate accents in the décor but yet want to properly mark the coming of a new season, here is a minimalist idea for fall decoration.

The vase made of a pumpkin can be placed indoors or outdoors to hold a bouquet of gentle flowers. The colors of the blooms belong to the pastel palette which adds a gentle subtle effect over the otherwise rougher holder.

via Etsy

5. Quick DIY Project for Your Mantle

5. Burlap Fall Banner #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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The point of interest of this fireplace mantel décor is the unique fall banner. 6 squares form a word that is framed by the image of autumn maple leaves.

That banner could be made from a poster board with a matte pattern or from burlap. To enhance the rustic effect, thread the pieces onto rope or twine.

6. Easy DIY Project for a Narrow Shelf

6. DIY Chalkboard Sign #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This amazing sign is made using three of the most adorable rustic materials- burlap, wood and chalkboard.

The set of four lathe rectangles imitate small shutters that hold the letters forming “FALL”. At the top of each wooden basis, there is a ribbon giving it a finished look with a small burlap rosette.

via Shanty 2 Chic

7. White Pumpkin Vase Displays Fall Harvest

7. DIY Pumpkin Vase #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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The Cinderella pumpkin is no longer a vehicle! It is a fantastic vase that elevates the seasonal blooms of fall. The white pumpkin is well hollowed out to accommodate a bouquet of twigs, pine cones and blooms that celebrate the season.

This unique rustic vase could welcome your guests at the entryway or give the festive table a customized design.

via A Pumpkin and a Princess

8. Easy Pumpkin Silhouettes From Reclaimed Wood

8. DIY Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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If you are looking for an alternative to the standard pumpkin decoration, you can try making these charming wood pumpkins. Some reclaimed wood and painting supplies give each pumpkin a different texture.

The largest one reveals the weathered effect from sanding white-washed wood. The middle one stands out against the white with its stained and glossy finish.

The smallest wood pumpkin cutout combines dark wood and a distressed white surface to give the set a completed look.

via Finding Home Farms

9. Paint Faux Pumpkins for Rustic Look

9. DIY Rustic Pumpkins #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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The amazing whimsical finish of these pumpkins is achieved with spray paint and some wax. Depending on the amount of wax used after letting the acrylic paint dry, the finish of the pumpkins can vary from matt to glossy.

And since the rustic décor could be pricy, this is a great idea to save money by giving the old décor a new pretty look.

via What Rose Knows

10. Vintage Tray Holds Hurricane Candle Centerpiece

10. Fall Candle Centerpiece With Rustic Flair #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Simple items set in the right combination have a wonderful décor impact. This idea is proof of that and inspiration how to give your fall interior a gentle rustic touch.

You need a wooden tray, some faux berry twigs and candles to form the centerpiece for the holiday dinner table or for your porch seasonal décor.

via A Pumpkin and a Princess

11. Wood Crates Display Fall Décor

11. Fall Crate Display #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Are you wondering how to display the rustic nature-inspired décor on the porch? A few wooden crates placed upright transform into sections setting a brown scene for fall plants, orange pumpkins, farmhouse containers.

The unique rustic fall décor is embellished with a burlap banner charmingly announcing the theme of the exhibition.

via Gray House Studio

12. Easy Fall Porch Décor From Crate and Lantern

12. Fall Crate with Lantern and Pumpkins #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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So simple and so amazing is this fall porch décor. It welcomes fall on a large wooden crate with a plain pumpkin and a vintage lantern.

The lantern holds a candle that sets the cozy warm mood of the forthcoming homely atmosphere. A garland with faux maple leaves adds a subtle autumn background that coordinates with the welcoming doormat.

via The Crafting Chicks

13. DIY Mantelpiece Tree From Dried Leaves

13. Fall Leaf Tree #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Who says that the festive trees are only related to Christmas? You can use this elevated accent as part of your fall décor and create an unusual point of interest.

Made only within a couple of hours, this DIY fall tree doesn’t require any investment, just some real fallen leaves and a piece of poster board curved into a cone.

via Made In a Day

14. Fall Fireplace and Mantle Décor

14. Fall Mantelpiece Arrangements #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Make your mantel the center of your fall décor with this adorable DIY arrangement. A few items from the craft store and you can make a wreath to add warm tones to the neutral zone.

Add a small sign to relate the décor piece to Thanksgiving and two pumpkins to edge the fall arrangement.

via Eighteen 25

15. Create an Autumn Wreath With Rake Head

15. Fall Rake Head Wreath #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Looking for a rustic alternative to the wreath for the front door? Turn the head of an old rusty rake into a welcoming art. Its shape reminds of the structure of a bouquet and that makes it even more suitable for a fall décor piece.

You can use a garland of faux leaves to weave around the metal bars or insert a bouquet of real ones that you have gathered from the garden.

Add a wide burlap ribbon to the bottom to finish the bouquet design and hang it on the door. If you want to upgrade the craft into a personalized piece, you can glue a sign with your family’s initial on it.

via Hill House Homestead

16. Add Wheat Flowers to Stenciled Mason Jars

16. Fall Rustic Mason Jars #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Turn the Mason jars into a set of vases celebrating fall. For that purpose, paint the glass outside white so that the stenciled letters forming the word “FALL” stand out.

You can fill the repurposed jars with fall flowers, fall leaves, dried grains.

via Sincerely Jean

17. Leaf and Popcorn Hurricane Candles

17. Fall Themed Hurricane Candle Holders #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This example of rustic decoration is a composition of natural materials. The glass containers are filled with corn grains that set a basis for candles decorated with autumn leaves.

For a greater interior impact, all candle jars are grouped together and tied by a large branch with leaves.

via Always The Holidays

18. Stencil Display With Mini Pumpkins and Burlap

18. Give Thanks Pumpkin Mantel #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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You can make a piece of rustic fall décor entirely from natural materials. The pumpkins that are a must in the fall interior are given a dual function as a sign marking Thanksgiving.

Use acrylic spray paint to give the pumpkins uniform neutral color so that each letter stands out easily.

Such component art could find a place as an addition to the decoration on a mantel or windowsill.

via A Diamond In The Stuff

19. Side Table Displays Simple Picture Frame Idea

19. Hand-Lettered Paper Fall Banners #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This amazing banner has a wonderful rustic effect over the nook marking fall. Each letter has been inscribed on a piece cut from an old book page.

This interesting idea is an easy fall décor idea that requires no investment at all. 

via Dream Design DIY

20. Stenciled Galvanized Trough Displays Fall Bouquet

20. Harvest Bouquets in a Rustic Pail #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This farmhouse fall décor turns a rusty vintage bucket into a unique pumpkin holder.

Brown grains and cotton twigs create a lovely natural background for the pail pumpkins to stand out and together praise the rich harvest in autumn.

via A Night Owl

21. Elegant and Easy Fall Centerpiece

21. Minimalist Fall Table Centerpieces #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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It is so inspiring how leaves change their colors in autumn. From green, they start turning red, then yellow and finally become brown just before they are taken by the wind.

Use this natural effect to give your interior a unique and warm color accent. Place twigs from a tree with leaves into a transparent glass vase.

It is very important that the holder of this fall bouquet is neutral so that the attention remains on the twigs. Place the vase directly on the table or in a wooden tray where small pumpkins can be arranged to enhance the fall theme.

via The Sunny Side Up

22. Whitewashed Front Porch Décor

22. Neutral Front Porch #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Love the subtle type of décor? This porch décor idea in the fall theme is what you need to turn your home into a welcoming place that celebrates the season in a charming and warm way.

The sign is created from reclaimed wood. You can use pallet or crate slats for that idea. Then add white pumpkins in front of the sign and corn leaves bouquets at the back to relate the inscriptions with the other parts of the fall arrangement.

via Taryn Whiteaker

23. Whitewashed Wood Pumpkin Silhouettes

23. Neutral Painted Wooden Pallet Pumpkin Porch Decorations #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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If you prefer a universal fall decor for your porch, you can try this porch arrangement with faux pumpkins. They are cut from wood pallets and then painted to remind the texture of a real Cinderella-type pumpkin.

The leaves are mimicked with leather cutouts tied to the pumpkin stems with twine. That addition gives the faux pumpkins a dimensional look and an enhanced rustic effect.

via A Pretty DIY Home

24. Fall Staircase Décor Idea

24. Organic Decorations on the Stairs #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This staircase fall décor proves that every piece of your home can become festive and appreciative without ruining the airy feel in the room.

For that purpose, plan the alignment of the pieces carefully. We recommend that only one of the sides of the staircase is decorated so that there is room enough to use it and also to create an elegant and moderate point of interest.

via The Other Side of Neutral

25. Create Pumpkins From Wood Slices

25. Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Another idea for an alternative to the pumpkin features wood slices transformed into bright orange fruits.

The leaves and the stem of the pumpkin are also included in the wood art and are made of a curling ribbon and burlap cutouts.

via A Night Owl

26. Old Step Ladder Displays Small Pumpkins

26. Pumpkin Ladder #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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You can use a ladder as a display for seasonal décor. In autumn that could be tiny pumpkins sitting on the steps. In summer, the ladder can act as a stand for flower pots.

Add a creepy element like a craw figure to the top of the ladder to remind you of the scariest holiday in autumn.27. Pumpkin Pallet Sign

27. Recreate Vintage Sign With Pallets

27. Pumpkin Pallet Sign #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This porch is a charming representation of rustic fall decor. The sign is made from reclaimed barn wood that is stenciled with vintage font in the most favorite autumn color.

Three wood stumps are shaped into pumpkins that coordinate with the inscription of the sign.

A mil can continue the rustic arrangement to display a dry branch. Right behind it we can see a shutter repurposed into an outdoor wall art thanks to replacing the window pane with a chalkboard piece.

28. Pumpkins Stand Tall on Fall Garland

28. Pumpkin Topiary #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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The pumpkin topiaries are a lovely way to give the typical pumpkins a new look. Elevated on urns or flower pots, they serve as vertical decorations framing the front door.

For an enhanced rustic look, place them over a layer of dried grass, a grapevine wreath, why not a burlap piece of fabric twisted like a nest.

via Worthing Court

29. Dried Leaf Art Is Fun Family Project

29. Real Leaf Project Fall Craft #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This wall art is the perfect family DIY project. A wide wooden board becomes the canvas for an autumn tree made of leaves gathered from the garden.

Let your kids collect colorful leaves that have fallen down the ground and then release their imagination by shaping the tree.

via Just a Girl

30. Create a Unique Centerpiece With Burlap

30. Rustic Fall Centerpiece Tutorial #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Make this fantastic set of glass vintage containers embellished with burlap. If you like the combination, you can use two jars you have saved and a vase from the Dollar Store.

Experiment with the twine to create a different pattern on the burlap and thus let each container have an individual look.

Place in a wooden tray or on a wood slice and surround with acorns, pine cones, pumpkins, leaf garlands.

via Love of Family and Home

31. Rustic Shutters and Window Panes for Fall Fireplace

31. Rustic Fall Mantel with DIY Wood Pumpkins #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This is an inspiring idea of how to combine the pumpkin motif with alive fall flowers. Wooden cutouts in pumpkin shape act as supports of small wooden boxes. These boxes hold chrysanthemums that add warm shades to the neutral interior.

The autumn decor continues over the mantel where a repurposed window with shutters acts as wall decor. Decorated with a wreath, it sets a welcoming and homely feel together with the rattan basket that holds items to keep you warm during the colder days.

via The Frugal Homemaker

32. Whitewashed Fruit Silhouettes With Bunting

32. Rustic Pallet Pumpkins With Mini Bunting #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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These wooden pumpkin cutouts are given a dimensional look with handmade banners.

The triangles can be cut from poster board, scrapbook sheets or fabric. Whichever material you choose, make sure that the patterns are vintage.

via Make It Love It

33. Porch Lights up With Rustic Wagon Wheel Display

33. Rustic Wagon Fall Porch Display #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Use rustic items like a wagon wheel as a backdrop for your fall decor on the porch.

Trace it with a string of lights to give it a point of interest and an opportunity for the arrangement to be seen even at night.

34. Trio of Pumpkins From Wood Blocks

34. Rustic Wood Pumpkins #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Book lovers will appreciate this creative alternative to the pumpkin decor. Wooden blocks are stacked in piles to form three different in size wooden pumpkins. The lengths of the blocks vary so that eventually altogether they trace a shape reminding the pumpkin.

A short piece of wood post peeks out the top block to act as a stem. Each pumpkin is embellished with a twine ribbon and a tag encouraging the giving of thanks.

via DIY Swank

35. Welcoming Display With Large Wooden Tags

35. Rustic Wooden Calligraphy Door Tags #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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If you want to stimulate the values of Thanksgiving, you can do it in an undoubted way by placing a set of similar tags on the front door. They replace the standard front door decoration represented by the wreath to stimulate the giving of thanks.

Such a DIY rustic decor idea can be made with any wood scrap pieces that are given a good and smooth shape and stencils.

via Jaime Costiglio

36. Decorate Paper Mache Letters With Clothing Buttons

36. Shabby Chic Buttons on Mantelpiece Letters #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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The fall season will be more beautiful with this cute letter art. The letters are paper mache panted in fall color.

A wide collection of buttons embellish one of the letters to give the word art an additional point of interest. This set is the perfect addition to the mantel décor or the windowsill at the porch.

via Ribbons and Glue

37. DIY Pumpkin Décor From Wood Scraps

37. Stylized Reclaimed Wood Four Sided Pumpkin #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Have small bits of reclaimed wood left? Transform them into your unique pumpkin alternative.

Prepare a bright acrylic orange paint, twine and wire to embellish the wooden autumn figure.

via LZ Cathcart

38. Weathered Wood Becomes Big Welcome Sign

38. Welcome Fall Sign #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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This sign impresses with its dimensional design. A weathered board having the finish of driftwood stands tall against the porch wall to greet the guests with large chalkboard letters.

The rustic appeal of the sign is enhanced by the many corn stems and pumpkins emphasizing the rich harvest during autumn.

via The Wood Grain Cottage

39. Upright Fruit Crates Add to Fall Décor

39. Wooden Crates as Fall Porch Decor #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Setting the pumpkins into an interesting container will give them a brand new look and décor effect. This is one of the easiest ways to give the decoration you have got a point of interest and new look.

Whether outside on the porch or indoors, a crate standing upright reveals a hollow section where you can put pumpkins, vases with fall flowers or other elements related to fall.

via Joyfully Growing

40. Make Pom-Pom Pumpkin Garland From Yarn

40. Yarn Pom Pom Pumpkin Garland #rusticfall #decorhomeideas
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Pom-poms are very cute and depending on the color of the yarn they can be incorporated into the decoration of every season.

Incorporated in the rustic fall décor the pom-poms look like mini pumpkins made from bright orange and green yarn.

To let these small embellishments stand out and give their rustic impact, place them together in one container like a wicker basket, a small crate, a wooden tray.

via Not Quite Susie

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