40 Best Farmhouse-Inspired Halloween Decor Ideas To Get The Spooky Spirit Around

Preparing the decorations for Halloween adds excitement and fun to the celebration.

Although the creatures the embellishments reveal are creepy, their design, colors and textures always create smiles.

And if you want to blend the holiday theme with your farmhouse decor or the contrary, give the spooky decor a warm farmhouse vibe, you have come to the right place.

You need to prepare your arsenal of rustic containers and stands and combine them with the Halloween decor.

Best Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas. Get ready for Halloween with these super creative farmhouse-inspired Halloween decorations - front porches, mantels and wall decors. #decorhomeideas

It sounds easy but if you still need inspiration we’ve got you covered? Check the 40 best farmhouse-inspired Halloween decor ideas that will prepare you for the most anticipated holiday in autumn.

1. Add Dimension with 3D Silhouette Halloween Mantel

3-D Silhouette Halloween Mantel #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

Upgrade the Halloween decoration to a 3-dimensional spooky atmosphere with this trick. Instead of sealing vinyl stickers of bats and spiders on the wall, suspend them with transparent fishing wire from the ceiling.

Of course no need to drill holes in the ceiling. Instead, use special ceiling hooks that ensure that there will be no damage to the ceiling.

via Kelly Elko

2. Bring Rustic Elegance with a Black Crow Wreath

Black Crow Wreath #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The “cherry” of this wreath is the black crow in the center. It makes the simple wreath so unique and spooky. Because of the classical color combination, the wreath matches easily the existing decor.

Actually, it succeeds in adding a pinch of glitter with the stems draped along the sides of the grapevine circle.

via A Pumpkin and A Princess

3. Make Farmhouse Porch Stand Out with a Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard Halloween Porch Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

A bold statement for Halloween like the crow wreath could be just enough for your farmhouse porch decor. But there is also another way to make your outdoors thematic.

Use the chalkboard sign to draw an intriguing and cute welcoming statement. Being the backdrop because of its size, add smaller elements next to it. This arrangement suggests including a pumpkin and a fantastic broom made of corn husk in the Halloween spirit.

via Twelve on Main

4. Welcome Guests with a DIY Halloween Door Mat 

DIY Halloween Door Mat and Front Porch #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

Anchor the farmhouse Halloween spirit from your front door with this unique tutorial for a customized doormat. You need a plain coir doormat and suitable for outdoor exposure black paint.

Then the stencils help to paint the inscription letter by letter to finally look like a ready-sold product.

via House on Longwood Lane

5. Transform Your Porch with Creative Halloween Decor

Fall to Halloween Porch #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This porch arrangement that celebrates Halloween is so inspiring. Wonder which of the elements to recreate for your own porch decor? Try them all!

The Jack-O funnel is so appealing! How about the owl in the cage? It is a very simple to make the idea that only needs an owl figure to replace the bird one that usually stays in the cage.

And the greatest about this arrangement is that once Halloween is over, you only need to take down the bats, the spiders and the owl and leave the rest for the next holiday.

via House of Hawthornes

6. Spruce Up Decor with Farmhouse Halloween Entryway

Farmhouse Halloween Entryway #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This Halloween idea focuses on the black color being the spookiest from the entire palette. The focus is on a family-inspired farmhouse sign centered on an antique chest with window panels.

A word from the inscription relates to the decoration on the ceiling presented by a dozen of witch hats. The black color continues to appear on the bottom level of this nook with pumpkins made of fabric. Taking a deeper sight in the compartments behind the glass, a spooky skull is staring.

via Desert Decor

7. Transform Your Home into an Enchanting Pumpkin Patch 

Farmhouse Halloween Front Porch #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse textures of this Halloween decor are revealed through the metal lanterns with stenciled spooky faces. Cinderella kind of pumpkins add colors to the porch stairs and make a typical Halloween statement. Two corn husk bundles are attached to the railings which makes an interesting decorative point.

The standard fall decoration like mums, buffalo plaid blankets, a grain wreath is not replaced as they perfectly match the thematic decor.

via Big Family Little Farmhouse

8. Bring a Spooky Vibe with a Farmhouse Halloween Hutch

Farmhouse Halloween Hutch #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This farmhouse Halloween decor is sophisticated to the tiniest detail. The colors of the majority of the decor pieces are black and white and only on a few spots you can see the typical orange hue for Halloween.

The cups and pots are vintage and used as a backdrop to enhance the thematic inscriptions on each piece. The arrangement is focused on the famous saying “Trick or Treat”. It could be seen on every level of the nook decoration.

The small details that are not in the focus like the broom, the dry trees in pots, the bats surrounding the cabinet enhance the Halloween theme.

via Farmhouse Charm

9. Elevate Your Living Room with Rustic Halloween Decor

Farmhouse Halloween Living Room #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This is an idea of how to focus your Halloween decor on one element and in this case, this is the bat symbol. A big canvas with a white backdrop showcases a bat nock flying up. The same element repeats on a mantel garland and then on a decorative window as if the bats from the painting have got out to fly away.

The surrounding decor continues the Halloween topic with vintage metal lanterns and buckets holding dry plants. Two skeletons are sitting next to the fireplace greeting with their spooky “Boo”!

via Big Family Little Farmhouse

10. Make a Statement with Plaid Halloween Room Decor

Farmhouse Halloween Living Room Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The interior decor of this living room inhales and breaths out the farmhouse charm. The neutral tones set a calming and welcoming atmosphere. The added buffalo plaid pillows and a blanket in black and white make the existing decor perfect for a background for the Halloween decor.

Spiders go down on metal dowels embellishing pure white shutters. In the center between the spooky elements, there is a chalkboard sign confirming the scary mood.

The thematic decor is anchored also on the table with a pair of scales stating the date of the important day.

via Our Cozy Cottage

11. Liven Your Mantel with Farmhouse Halloween Decor

Farmhouse Halloween Mantel #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The fireplace of this home has been turned into the spot celebrating Halloween. A pile of white pumpkins starts the arrangement. Their bright color lets paper cut-outs in a bat shape pop out.

Three dirty socks are hung on the mantel. Instead of holding gifts, they reveal tufts of dried grass. The front of the socks showcases a letter and the set of three inscribes “Boo”.

On the other side of the mantel, we can see the bats flying away. The wall above the mantel is decorated with other typical Halloween items gently lit by candles and fairy lights.

via The Finley Farmhouse

12. Add Definition to a Room with Halloween Mantel Decor

Farmhouse Halloween Mantel Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

Use cheesecloth to recreate thick nets of spiders. Use them as garlands for the mantel and the shelves that will set the spooky mood.

This image inspires how to repurpose candlesticks into Halloween decor by replacing the candles with small pumpkins. The skulls are chosen to be the accent spread around the nook.

via Staging with Style by Roz

13. Elevate Your Halloween Decor with Rustic Style 

Farmhouse Halloween Porch #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This is an example of an elegant farmhouse Halloween decor. Bows in black and white embellish all pieces of the arrangement giving them charm and smoothening the usual spooky interpretation.

The galvanized milk can and the window displaying a grapevine wreath turn the typical farmhouse decor pieces into part of the temporary Halloween decor.

via Craft Critters

14. Be Bold and Creative with a Farmhouse Halloween Porch

Farmhouse Halloween Porch Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The two large buckets holding ferns anchor the farmhouse decor of this porch. To let Halloween fit into the existing decor, they are not complicated and too various. Instead, their quantity anchors the theme. That is achieved with the witch hats suspended with a fish cord from the ceiling.

Two corn husk bundles welcome the guests from the stairs and a creepy smiling pumpkin greets at the front door. The typical “Trick or Treat” statement is exposed as a garland on the door.

via The Finley Farmhouse

15. Bring Halloween Cheer to Your Porch with Deep Blue

Front Porch Farmhouse Halloween Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The deep blue color of this porch embraces the Halloween decoration in such a fantastic way. Most of the thematic elements are in bright colors so they easily pop out. An interesting idea you can get inspiration from is the curtain with a fabric with spider images. It is hung on the window looking at the porch.

Another inspiration you can source out of this image is the fern wreath with a chalkboard sign provoking the guests to choose “Trick or Treat”.

via We Dabble

16. Create an Eerie Atmosphere with Halloween Clipboard Decor

Halloween Clipboard Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The unusual Halloween decor of this living room clearly reveals the artistic soul of the homeowner. The usual elements of Halloween are drawn on paper and exposed on the wall in a way that each one stands out alone.

A farmhouse chalkboard sign lets inscribing a Halloween statement with chalk. Another frame filled with metal wire instead of a canvas for painting let a large spider figure crawl.

A set of two pumpkins fills the empty part of the mantel together with a tin holding dry branches.

via Twelve on Main

17. Enchant Your Home with a Chic Halloween Display

Halloween Display #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

Spooky fabrics are a cute way to add Halloween to the interior, this is the advice by the author of this farmhouse decor idea.

Follow the link below to see how you can decorate every room with spooky but yet charming Halloween elements without overwhelming the atmosphere too much.

via House of Hargrove

18. Add Sophistication with Farmhouse Halloween Mantel Decor

Halloween Farmhouse Mantel #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

Halloween won’t be Halloween if there aren’t enough bats and skulls. Even when that is taken down to blending it with the farmhouse style, it is possible to combine the two themes together and prepare your home for the most favorite holiday for the kids.

Use crates, wicker baskets and other farmhouse containers to place your Halloween items. An interesting idea you can copy is painting dry flowers with black spray paint to give them the spooky look. Use wooden signs to enhance the theme like the date of Halloween and typical sayings.

via Blooming Homestead

19. Create a Lavish Halloween Farmhouse Tray

Halloween Farmhouse Tray Decorations #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This cute Halloween arrangement fits in a farmhouse wooden tray with a weathered look. A clay bowl holds pumpkins made from fabric that stands next to three mummy figures.

Making them is so entertaining that you should include your kids in the process.

via Milk N Sugar Co.

20. Get Rustic Charm with a Halloween Galvanized Tiered Tray

Halloween Galvanized Tiered Tray #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

Use the galvanized tiered tray that is part of your farmhouse kitchen as a holder for your Halloween decor. Place it on the countertop or on the table to spread the mood around the entire room.

Use orange color as predominant as it will grab attention easily. The small pumpkins combine perfectly with faux fall leaves put above paper green grass, the same that you use for Easter.

via Priscillas

21. Enhance Your Porch with Repurposed Halloween Signs

Halloween Porch With Signs #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a way to enhance the spooky look of your farmhouse Halloween decor, use signs. You can make them yourself with reclaimed wood. The easiest and quickest way to make a sign is to attach two or three slats together, spray paint them white and then write a typical saying for Halloween.

In case the chalkboard signs are part of the existing decor, just wipe down the inscribed and draw a pumpkin, a spider or a skeleton to anchor the holiday theme.

via House of Hargroves

22. Get Creative with a Halloween Tiered Tray

Halloween Tiered Tray #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This is another idea about what decorations you can place on the farmhouse tiered tray in the kitchen. This image showcases small orange pumpkins actuating black and white gnomes and utensils.

The white porcelain surface of these is perfect for adding a fun Halloween statement. Use buffalo plaid ribbons to decorate the bottom of the utensils.

via Me and Mama

23. Add Artistic Flair with Vintage Halloween Decor

Halloween Vintage Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This artistic farmhouse decor elegantly hints that Halloween is coming. A weathered window frame holds a hand-painted drawing of an autumn dark tree. The laths dividing the window are dimensional. This feature has been cleverly used to place a crawl on one of them.

In front of this spooky backdrop, a pile of antique books lets a pumpkin laying on dried grass elevate and be the center of the arrangement.

via Craftberry Bush

24. Upgrade Your Walls with Stunning Bat Art

Haunted Farmhouse Halloween Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

Black, white and orange are the typical colors for Halloween decor. Of course, you are not obliged to use the three of them in a combination. Instead, if you prefer to enhance a spookier mood, you can stake on black and white only.

Here is how your Halloween decor can look like in the most classical color combo. To give the arrangement a point of interest, experiment with fabric patterns- buffalo plaid can be found in various designs. Add signs that anchor the Halloween holiday and of course don’t forget that bats and skeletons are perfect for your color theme.

via Styled by Kasey

25. Bring an Industrial Vibe with a Farmhouse Halloween Cart

Industrial Farmhouse Halloween Living Room Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This vintage farmhouse table has been chosen to be the place where Halloween decoration will be focused on. Placed behind the sofa, it is visible from all sides.

Textures are chosen to emphasize the Halloween theme instead of various symbols related to the holiday. We see pumpkins in their standard look and others made of different fabric patterns.

A large farmhouse sign greets for the holiday on the lower level of the table. On the top, we see a tray holding a bouquet of dried grains complemented by small pillows wrapped in a cute ghost fabric.

via The Design Twins

26. Create a Warm Ambiance with Neutral Halloween Decor

Neutral Halloween Decorations #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

When you want to decorate for Halloween but yet be moderate and not overwhelm the space with creepy creatures, you can use this image as an inspiration.

The predominant color of the added temporary decor is pale creamy. Only a few accents reveal the contrasting black color.

via Sara Ashouri

27. Indulge in the Lavish Look of Rae Dunn-Inspired Halloween

Rae Dunn Inspired Halloween Decorations #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The tutorial below will let you easily embellish your Halloween decor with creepy statements. Prepare all the cups and bowls that are in one color and get ready to transfer the spooky words on them.

By the way, this technique is perfect for decorating regular or plastic pumpkins as well.

via Hip 2 Save

28. Add Natural Charm with Pumpkin Porch Arrangements

Rustic Halloween Farmhouse Steps #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

If there is a way to visualize Halloween porch decor in a rustic style, this is it. Many and different pumpkins, loads of orange mums accommodated into galvanized containers.

The arrangement is not complicated. However, the colors, the shapes and the number of natural items included make it so unique.

via Liz Marie

29. Add Character with a Rustic Halloween Mantel Decor

Rustic Halloween Mantel #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The post below is named “Halloween, minus the orange”.

Intrigued by the name or by the attempt to make the farmhouse Halloween decor impressive without orange, you should see how black, white and neutral colors succeed in giving the interior a spooky look with unique touches.

via Finding Home Farms

30. Make Your Home Sparkle with Silver Pumpkin Tablescape

Silver Pumpkins on Platforms #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for elegant, even sparky Halloween decor, this idea is just for you. You can get these silver pumpkins from a store or you can give the plastic ones this finish with a glitter spray.

Place them in a silver tray and anchor the theme they suggest by giving them a center spot on the holiday table.

via Better Homes and Gardens

31. Transform Your Front Porch into a Haunted Wonderland 

Spooky Farmhouse Halloween Porch #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This welcoming porch is an example of how to combine the typical Halloween colors as to create a unique decor arrangement.

The flower pots are replaced with plastic Halloween pumpkins. Placed on the two sides of the front door, they invisibly draw the walkway to the entrance greeting everyone with their creepy smiles.

A few witch hats hang from the ceiling as if magic holds them securely in the air. Of course, that is not magic but a clear fish cord.

The arrangement continues with a wooden cut-out sign in the shape of a pumpkin revealing the family initials. Two large bundles of corn husk elevate the arrangement and serve as a backdrop for a colorful sign listing what Halloween celebrates.

via Southern Surroundings

32. Redesign Your Interior with a Spooky Halloween Mantel

Spooky Halloween Mantel Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

If your fireplace is white but you have loved the idea of decorating it with cheesecloth, you can color it with fabric paint so that it stands out.

This way, the collection of skulls in various sizes and looks will also pop out. An interesting idea from this decor is the pumpkin set next to the fireplace. We are used to seeing the natural pumpkins or the plastic orange ones. If you are looking for an alternative that can be customized in size, you can make pumpkins from wooden posts.

via Sammy on State

33. Deck the Halls with a Colorful Skull Flower Vase

Upcycled Skull #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

Looking for a non-standard vase for dried, faux or why not autumn flowers for your Halloween decor?

Well, just replace the vase with a skull and add it to the mantel Halloween embellishment.

via The Pretty Life Girls

34. Level Up Spookiness with Farmhouse Porch Decor

Vintage Halloween Porch #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The ladder that is part of the farmhouse decoration on the porch can become an important part of your Halloween-themed decor. Use the steps as holders of burlap pieces, each stenciled with a letter. Three steps are enough to create a vertical garland saying “Boo”.

In front of it, a bale elevates a galvanized washtub in order to let the accommodated pumpkins stand out. The farmhouse setting for Halloween is complemented by a “bouquet” of corn husk and a wreath from dried mums.

via Our Vintage Home Love

35. Transform Tiered Tray into a Rustic Halloween Calendar

Vintage Halloween Tiered Tray #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This idea features wooden signs and creations as Halloween decor. The wooden pieces are painted in the typical black, white and orange colors to imitate piles of books wrapped with a twine ribbon.

Against their colorful background, small pumpkins and spiders stand out. The top level of the tray is left for the spookiest elements of the decor.

via Vintage Magnolia

36. Add a Glossy Touch with Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

Vintage Halloween Tiered Tray Decor #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

The idea of this farmhouse Halloween decoration is to focus on one texture and that is the glossy porcelain. They are placed on a storage stand in the shape of a ladder which adds the farmhouse style to the holiday decor.

via The Pink Hutch

37. Bring Comfort and Style with Vintage Halloween Tray

Vintage Halloween Tray #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

This Halloween arrangement lets the witch motif stand out. We can see a few glass bottles with labels related to witchcraft and magic. It is interesting how appealing this decor is only by including figures that do not include any hand-crafting.

In case you have a large collection of figures, statues and similar store-sold items, you can try placing them on a tray to create a spooky scene.

via Cupcake Country Girl

38. Get Unmatched Aesthetics with Vintage-Style Specimen Art

Vintage Inspired Specimen Art #farmhouse #halloween #decorhomeideas

Halloween is the best time to get creative. You can make your own spider specimen displays for just a few dollars. Hang them on the wall above the mantel or in case you don’t have a fireplace, make sure to prepare a good background for these to stand out.

via Little House of Flour

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