40 Amazing Farmhouse Front Door Ideas For The Best Welcome Ever

Front doors are an inseparable part of the home as they form the first impression for the property not only for the guests but also for everyone passing by.

The choice of their design and style plays an important role in the general curb appeal. They create the perception about the interior and the exterior and serve as a special means to express yourself.

And before you choose the door for your home, think about what theme you want to set and how you would like yourself and your home to be perceived.

Best Farmhouse Front Door Ideas. These farmhouse front door ideas are perfect for anyone trying to infuse a little of the classic farmhouse style into their life.  #decorhomeideas

Farmhouse style is the best of all when it comes to the front door. This style inspired by old times living and nature gifts makes every space look inviting and cozy and this is the core purpose of the so important task to create a curb appeal.

The front door, being the window to your soul needs special attention. Luckily for you, we have gathered an interesting collection of farmhouse front door ideas that will help you decide which farmhouse design will suit your personal taste and the space particularities.

1. Bright Green Welcome

All Things Green Inspired Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

A bold color like green will enlighten your front porch and give it a magnificent point of interest.

This is one of the quickest makeover ideas as you don’t have to replace the door with a new one, you only have to repaint it.

2. Décor Pops Against Bold Gray

Autumn And Winter Inspired Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

Painting your front door in a dark color will ensure a bold contrast against which seasonal decoration will easily pop out.

Grey color is one of the most suitable ones because it matches any type of decor and materials.

Framed with a white case, the significance of the front door becomes literally and figuratively outlined.

via Worthing Court

3. Barn Style Blue Door

Baby Blue Paneled Barn Door Idea #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

The trend for using barn doors in contemporary designed homes exists for some years now and continues to be one of the most popular.

We have seen them used indoors especially in rooms which are limited in space.

Using them outdoors for a front door has the same visual effect as they instantly make the house more appealing and welcoming.

via Hooked on Houses

4. Rustic Wood Farmhouse Door

Basic Wooden Barn Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

This is an example of how to use a barn door of a basic design and its natural color.

Its warm color and natural texture are extremely inviting. A particular visual effect to grab the attention is also achieved by the contrast with the siding on the walls.

via DIY Network

5. Sunshine Yellow Door

Big, Bright And Yellow Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

Yellow is one of the most extravagant colors. It creates a point of interest and makes a quick relation with the sun.

So warm and inviting, this front door is the perfect way to cheer up your and your guests’ mood even during the coldest days.

6. Craftsman Style Wooden Entryway

Big Door For A Big Home With Wall Lamps #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

This big door makes a big statement. The owners of this home express their nostalgia for the calm countryside living where nature is obeyed and preserved inside their home and hearts.

The large hinge additionally enhances the farmhouse appeal, sending a message for a unique authentic taste.

via Hooked on Houses

7. Bright And Open White Door

Big Windowed White Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

This door is the perfect way to welcome light indoors. Combining wood and glass provides a beautiful retro design.

The color of this door is white to provide contrast for seasonal decor and makes the property more inviting.

via Little White House Blog

8. Make A Statement With Rust Orange

Bold, Bright And Beautiful Orange Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

The orange color looks very tasty on this door, doesn’t it?

Especially when framed by this white case, it gives the front porch a big dose of uniqueness and brightness.

via HGTV

9. Turquoise Chevron Door

Bright Blue Patterned Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

Turquoise color is related to the nautical style.

When it is applied to a wooden front door, it mixes with the rustic texture and gives the door a modern look that still possesses the charm of the old times.

via House of Turquoise

10. Natural Element Entryway

Brown Front Door With Thick Foliage #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

This is a classical example of a stylish front door inspired by the farmhouse design.

Made mostly of wood, there are ornaments that frame glass panels that let light pass through.

This front door creates a neutral canvas for any seasonal decor in the same theme.

via Chirs Loves Juila

11. Dark Brown And Icy Blue

Chocolate Brown Windowed Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

This wooden door has been stained in chocolate brown to ensure that it is clearly and easily seen at the first glance.

The glass panels are beautified with a green wreath. On each side of it, there is seasonal decoration celebrating the fruits of nature.

via The Grace House

12. Festive Red Pops Against A White House

Christmas Colors Farmhouse Front Door Ideas #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

If your house is painted in white, you are given endless options for the design of the front door.

An easy uplift is only to change its color. In this instance, the front door has been painted in red to make it more special and thematical for Christmas.

Once this holiday passes by, you can change its color or leave it as a unique touch to the exterior.

13. Natural Wood And Light Neutrals

Cookies And Cream Farmhouse Front Door Ideas #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

The glass panels of this front door have been shaded on its inside to show the texture of weathered beams.

This effect matches the wood planking of the porch floor which is typical for a cabin or a cottage. This casual setting enhances the welcoming vibe of the house.

The attention towards the front door is additionally ensured by its neutral earthy color.

14. Add A Versatile Dutch Door

Double Trouble Two-Tiered Farmhouse Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

The front door inspired by the farmhouse style can be very practical.

Look at this example which has taken care of the youngest members of the family and also about the amount of fresh air entering inside.

Instead of opening the entire door and let dirt come in or accidentally miss your kids going out, you can open only the top compartment and enjoy the view and the fresh air income.

via Traditional Home

15. Carry The Door Color To Accessories

Full of Sunshine Yellow Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

This gorgeous color combo features neutral shades of grey and white and a pinch of interest provided by the bright yellow color. White frames the yellow front door making it stand out and become a characteristic feature of this house.

The smaller accents like the welcome rug, the yellow flowers planted urns at each side of the door and the wreath anchor the yellow color making it feel like belonging to the place.

via Creatively Living

16. Calming Gray And Bright White

Greyscale Mirrored Modern Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

Dark grey is a color that creates a lot of calmness and therefore it is commonly used indoors, especially in bedrooms and living rooms.

When it is applied to the front door it gives the porch the same effect-smooth and welcoming.

Another advantage it will ensure is the great contrast with the walls and with the accents.

via Keeping It Cozy

17. Light Natural Wood With Side Windows

Light Wood And Glass Combo Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

The design of this farmhouse door creates a zen ambiance.

The combination of glass and wood has been balanced in such a way that the door somehow whispers “come inside and relax”.

The light color of the wood also contributes to this effect making the door warm and inviting.

via Studio McGee

18. Classic Black And White

Matte Black Glass Windowed Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

Another example for a farmhouse front door shows how to do it in a classic way.

The color combination choice is an evergreen one- black and white. White is the predominant color that frames the black “jewel” of this house.

Accents like lanterns placed on either side of it contribute to the smooth mixture of these colors, especially if they are also in black.

via Studio McGee

19. Glass Pane Lightens A Black Door

Minimalist Black Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

This is another example of a great black and white color combination.

The difference here is the design of the door- the glass panel is clear, with no wooden cross-sections.

As you see, the black color continues on the walls but it is applied on smaller accents in order not to overwhelm the space.

20. Pretty As A Peach

Oh So Peachy Pastel Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

Another bold farmhouse front door design features a non-traditional color.

The warmth of the door is yet there being made of wood.

The owners of this home have decided to make their porch attractive by painting it in a peachy pastel color- the perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather.

via Look Linger Love

21. Tranquil Blue With Wooden Blinds

Parisian Styled Pastel Blue Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

Pastel blue is a perfect solution to give the wooden front door an uplift when you don’t want to risk the final effect.

It is neutral in a way but on the other hand, it also creates a point of interest being a non-standard front door color.

Applied on a door with ornaments, it will not hide them but let them look neat and refreshed.

via Home Stories A to Z

22. Sage Green Paneled Door

Pastel Green Paneled Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

Olive green is another color that goes into the non-risky palette.

Wherever pastel colors are applied, they create a warm and welcoming vibe.

When it is applied to the front door, it makes a connection with nature which is the symbol of the farmhouse style.

via Country Living

23. Springy Pink Dutch Door

Pretty In Pink Front Door With Lavender Pots #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

This shade of pink also goes to the pastel palette.

When the front barnwood farmhouse door is refreshed with this milky pink shade, it makes the house sweeter and very chic.

Such a color is a good way to make your home more inviting even in the coldest months.

via One Kings Lane

24. Highlight White With Quirky Accents

Pure And Pristine White Door With Planters #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

Not much should be done on such an artistic door. Its design and the handmade ornaments on it give it enough charm and character.

A quick and simple uplift like a repainting in white will refresh its condition.

via The Lettered Cottage

25. Bold Wood And Stone Entryway

Pure Woodland Inspired Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

This farmhouse front door is made of solid wood and that speaks for luxury and aristocratic taste.

Its size also has a great impact on the overall acceptance of the house mimicking a large entrance.

26. Dark Stained Double Glass Doors

Rustic Chic Mirrored Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

If you want to clearly state out that you love welcoming guests, a double front door with a farmhouse look will easily claim that.

Part of it has been covered with glass panels to avoid creating a darker and blocking porch atmosphere.

via Beth Bryan

27. Heavily Distressed Rustic Wood

Rustic Simple Wooden Bark Panel Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

If you are in love with the authentic farmhouse look, this front door will be your new love.

Made of solid wood beams, it shows the signs of usage that turn it into a treasure.

Choosing such a door for your house will add a lot of charm and interest to your porch.

via Deja Vue Designs

28. Farmhouse Harvest Entryway

Rustic Styled Farmhouse Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

This front door looks so natural and authentic.

You won’t believe that it has actually been bought from Lowes and its surface was redone to give it the farmhouse effect.

via Vintage Home Love

29. Wood Door Highlights Porch Color

Rustic Wood Panelled Farmhouse Front Door Ideas #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

The look of this door hints that it will open the entrance to a home that is warm and comfortable.

The combination between glass and wood is well handled- light can come in but privacy is also ensured as glass covers only a small part of it.

via Southern Weddings

30. Wintry Blue Holiday Door

Send Away The Blues Front Door Idea #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

The pastel blue color is a universal nuance that can welcome any seasonal decor.

This image shows other effects this color has- it gives depth to the ornaments of the wood and at the same time it makes the entire door look very neat and fresh.

via City Farmhouse

31. Antiqued Door With Large Window

Simple Rustic Blue Whitewashed Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

Using the paint techniques for creating a rustic look on a wooden surface is a great way to change the look of your front door.

The whitewashing technique and the distressing are some of the most used ones.

To give ornaments similar to those on the photo an aged look, don’t be too generous with the paint or sand off the paint from random sectors.

via European Farmhouse Charm

32. Double Distressed Door With Stunning Wood Portico

Something Blue Windowed Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

The same aging technique has been applied to this wooden front door.

This time, the authentical effect has been achieved by applying a coat of dark stain prior to the whitewashing with green.

Thus the dark shades can be seen on the edges which creates a weathered look and gives the door an evergreen look.

via OneKinddesign

33. Dramatic Farmhouse Entry With Rustic Lanterns

Southern Country Home Styled Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

The charm of this door has been outlined with vintage light fixtures and large wooden planters.

The dark color of this modern farmhouse porch has become the means to make it more personalized and appealing.

via Lee Ann Thornton

34. Weathered Paint Effect Door Frame

Varnished Rustic Black Front Door #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

The finish of this door creates the feeling for an antique that has been there to welcome the family and guests for ages. This weathered look can be achieved in two ways but for the first one, you need to wait longer.

The second way is to stain the wood randomly in order to leave sections unpainted. Then give them additional sanding to create the signs of usage.

via Shallow Pocket Designs

35. Rustic Wood Light Fixture And Doors

Wooden Front Door With Christmas Trees #farmhouse #frontdoor #decorhomeideas

A well-designed farmhouse front door should be aesthetic and practical. The design of this one ensures that by including glass panels on the door and the case.

They will let the light come in and will create an airier look of the porch. Thanks to their matte finish on the inside, they will keep the privacy of the indoors.

via Millhaven Homes

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