62 Best Farmhouse Lighting Ideas To Add More Rustic Feel To Your Home

Farmhouse lighting is probably the most versatile type of light fixture for your home decor. It can blend with any style and make the atmosphere more homely, inviting and casual.

Lighting is very important for every room although it may be the last thing you plan when designing your home.

Best Farmhouse Lighting Ideas. Choosing the best farmhouse lighting will help you add more style and warmth to your farmhouse design.  #decorhomeideas

You can make your choice for a farmhouse fixture an easy and quick task with our collection of 62 Best Farmhouse Lighting Ideas To Add a More Rustic Feel To Your Home.

1. Large Custom Wire Box Frame Chandelier

Black Metal Chandelier With Wire Box Frame #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The black color is chosen to be the accent in this cozy farmhouse dining room. It exists mainly on the top level of the room where there is plenty of white neutral color to let it stand out.

The light fixture is a modern alternative to the antique chandelier with candelabra bulbs. The contemporary make has added the boxy frame holding the bulbs and the matte black finish.

via Home Made Lovely

2. Gooseneck Country Barn Light for Pantry

Black Metal Gooseneck Barn Light #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The retro gooseneck sconce is given practical usage in a contemporary pantry room. The shape of the bulb holder is perfect for smaller spaces where a special focus of the light is needed.

Its black color gives the pantry a nice contrasting touch which coordinates with the door handle and with the accents in the next room.

via Flat Creek Farmhouse

3. Hanging Barn Lights in Black Metal

Black Metal Suspended Barn Lights #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

These black barn lights are perfect for a contemporary home that needs a personal touch and accents to bring coziness in.

Three of them are suspended in a row along the ceiling of a hallway. The black color is the accent of this space which creates an elegant contrast with the surrounding clean white interior.

via Fresh Farmhouse

4. Brushed Metal Shades Have Vintage Style

Brushed Silver Sconces With Antique Lightbulbs #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The modern farmhouse-style bathroom needs elegant light fixtures that can match its design concept. Metal scones with brushed surfaces coordinate with the faucets and the pulls of the drawers.

A pair of two stands right above a framed mirror to illuminate the sink. Аntique bulbs are exposed from the metal fixture to add charming farmhouse touch and sufficient light.

5. Wire Cage Frame Vanity Lights

Caged Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture Set #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This design idea features not only a lighting fixture. It showcases a set for a bathroom vanity consisting of a unique sconce and a framed mirror.

They are unified by the wood texture and also by their size which creates a symmetrical farmhouse accent in the contemporary bathroom.

6. Wood Frame and Chicken Wire Ceiling Fixture

Ceiling Light Fixture With Chicken Wire Shade #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This is a special design of lamp aiming to offer contemporary installment with a farmhouse look. The lampshade is a basket mixing wood and chicken wire in a symmetrical pattern of alignment.

The wood is slightly distressed adding greyish hues while the chicken wire is in its original look letting the light from the bulb spread easily.

via Shades of Light

7. Mason Jars Create Rustic Vanity Track Lighting

5-Way Mason Jar Vanity Wall Scone Light #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The metal shades of the typical gooseneck sconce are replaced with Mason jars for enhanced rustic interest and better illumination.

The back mounting plate keeps all 5 sconces together for an easier mounting to the wall. The design is perfect for a bathroom above the mirror.

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8. Farmhouse Vanity Lamp Duo Has Metal Fixture

Adjustable Farmhouse Vanity Wall Lamp #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The sconces above the mirrors consist of two lamps hanging down from metal bars. The metal is finished in white to unite with the white shiplap backsplash.

If you want a bolder accent, the lamps can be chosen in another contrasting color such as black or brass.

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9. Simple Birdcage Frame Pendant Light

Adorable Copper-hued Birdcage Pendant #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

Suspended very close to the top of the stained dining table, this copper pendant light is an excellent decoration for a farmhouse designed room.

Its open sides and exposed bulbs let the light spread easily across the room. The clean lines and simple design of this farmhouse fixture complement the warm nuances and nature-inspired decoration in a lovely way.

via Home By Ally

10. Mason Jar and Edison Bulb Country Lighting

Antique Bulbs in Mason Jars #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

Another unique example of a farmhouse lighting fixture that can be made with your bare hands. The trendy Mason jars are now repurposed into bulb housings that let you see through and spread evenly the light.

The pattern of alignment of the bulb cords can vary. You can go for a long wooden beam with evenly spread cords or mismatched heights or group them tightly together to form a cluster.

Every jar has its own place and doesn’t stand in the way of another. This ensures a better visual effect and more intense light.

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11. Glass Bottle Shade Pendant Lamp

Chain Pendant With Bell-shaped Glass Shade #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

Glass pendant lights could be called a typical part of the decor but not if they are made from a vintage glass bottle with a bubbled finish of the glass.

There is a special technique for cutting the bottoms of glass bottles which can be performed at home. All efforts and time are totally worth it because the end result is a unique rustic pendant light that can be added to every farmhouse-designed room.

via HGTV

12. White Cage Four-Bulb Chandelier

Chandelier With Wire Light Post Frame #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

A clean dining nook covered with white shiplap beams continued with angle benches needs a pop of contrast to become more homely and personalized.

A black farmhouse lighting comes to add an outdoor look to the interior with its lantern design and exposed light bulbs.

via Stuido McGee

13. Antique Iron Chandelier With Classic Candle Bulbs

Charming Weathered Iron Chandelier #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

One of the most unique ideas in our collection of farmhouse lighting ideas features an antique iron chandelier with candle-like bulbs.

The chandelier consists of six candelabra bulbs that spread evenly warm light over the weathered farmhouse table. The graceful curves of the arms and the brown color of the metal let the lighting fixture blend with the cozy decor of the room.

14. White and Linen Vintage Farmhouse Table Lamp

Classic Farmhouse Antique White Lamp #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This table lamp functions both as a source of additional light and also as a rustic accent. Its classic look revealed by the wooden candlestick support and a burlap shade, make the ambiance more welcoming and warm.

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15. Tesseract Wood Framed Pendant Light

Contemporary Industrial Wooden Ceiling Light #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The interesting shape of this pendant light gives it dimension despite the open sides. Two wooden cubes are connected together to hold a long bulb spreading yellow light.

It easily blends with any style because it is elegant and simple and easily adds coziness and warmth.

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16. Distressed Wood Orbit Framed Edison Bulb Light

Cool Distressed Wooden Sphere Chandelier #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This sphere-shaped chandelier features a collaboration between metal and wood- one of the greatest rustic combinations.

The whitewashed finish of the wood lets the chandelier be easily noticed, especially against a wall covered with tiles or bricks.

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17. Upcycled Antique Chicken Feeder Candle Holder

Creative Repurposed Chicken Feeder Light #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

A vintage chicken feeder is repurposed into a farmhouse lamp. The patina areas and the rooster cutout make it unique when it comes to interior impact.

In the bowl of the feeder, there is a candle that spreads its light through the cutout in the metal. This lamp is great as an addition to the fireplace to enhance the homely atmosphere.

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18. Crystal Chandelier Trio Suspended From Wood Ladder

Crystal Chandelier Triad With Wooden Ladder #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The size of this impressive light fixture coincides with the size of the weathered solid dining table to create a symmetrical and appealing farmhouse decor.

This idea incorporates a repurposed wooden ladder which makes it possible to create such a long chandelier. Three crystal chandeliers peek out the clearances from the ladder steps to add luxurious and elegant elements to the old-fashioned and weathered wood.

The contrast that these two materials create is breathtaking and instantly turns the light fixture into the focal point.

via Liz Marie Blog

19. Metal and Crystal Farmhouse Chandeliers

Crystal Chandelier With Rusted Orbit Accent #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This lighting design combines classic elegance with an industrial farmhouse. The collaboration between crystals and the large metal orbits that frame them is unique.

A set of two is suspended on an exposed beam over the kitchen island in a farmhouse style to add to the room a unique industrial and yet chic accent.

via House Trends

20. Drum Style Lamp With Wire and Burlap

Decorative Wire Pendant Light With Burlap Lining #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This farmhouse lighting idea is perfect for shabby chic or rustic bedrooms. The decorative shade consists of a wire basket forming identical sections with curves. A hoop holds them together and collects them in a circle.

A good idea is the added light in color burlap fabric which enhances the rustic look and smoothens the light from the bulb.

via Creating Life Now

21. DIY Balustrade Table Lamp

Distressed White Painted Table Leg Lamp #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

Your special farmhouse nook in the living room can be literally lit by a charming handmade little lamp.

It is made from a beautiful wooden leg from an old table. The shape of the wood is very authentic and the applied white-washed coat makes it even more charming.

via The Farmhouse Porch

22. Classic and Romantic Wrought Iron Chandelier

Elegant and Lovely Copper Chandelier #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The lines and the materials this chandelier is made from are typically vintage. Wrought iron rods are twisted in beautiful and elegant curves ending with nests for the bulbs.

The arms are symmetrically placed, forming a cage in the center of the fixture. You can suspend this chandelier at the desired height but the closer it is to the tabletop, the best rustic impact it will make.

23. Barnyard Mason Jar & Pulley Wall Light

Farmhouse Steampunk Inspired Wall Lighting #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

Use farmhouse elements typical for the countryside activities to make a one-of-a-kind sconce.

A steampunk-styled pulley, a piece of barn wood, a Mason jar, a cord and a bulb – are all you need to make your entryway welcoming and well-illuminated.

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24. Whitewashed Galvanized Metal Drum Light Duo

Farmhouse Style Galvanized Flush Mount Ceiling Light #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This is a sleek way to add an authentic farmhouse to the interior. The idea features two identical lampshades made from perforated galvanized metal.

The round metal shades sit flush with the ceiling and create visual interest with the rusty areas at the edges. Once the lights are on, you can see the interesting shades created by the holes in the metal.

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25. Caged Bulbs Track Along Rough Beam

Flush Mounted Ceiling Beam Caged Lighting #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

If you want an airier feel for your modern farmhouse kitchen, go for a farmhouse light fixture in the featured design. It consists of a dark stained beam letting five light sources be flush-mounted on it.

The bulbs are framed with wire shades in a cage-like shape coordinating with the black metal accents around the room.

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26. Farmhouse Style With Mason Jar Ceiling Lights

Flush Mounted Mason Jar Ceiling Light #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The way the mason jars are installed on the chandelier is what makes this idea so interesting. Usually, the jars are hanging from cords. Here, we see them tightly installed to the ceiling mounting plate.

It is with a galvanized finish which collaborates perfectly with the transparent vintage glass.

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27. Gooseneck Coach Light Wall Sconces

Gooseneck Wall Sconces With Wire-caged Glass Covers #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

When the light should be focused to a specific focus, you need sconces. And when the sconce should match the farmhouse style of the room, then you simply need the gooseneck barn lights.

They are stylish, rustic and very useful. You can always spray paint the metal parts to match them with the existing decor. Surely, the black matte finish looks well on them as it gives them an updated modern feel.

via Laurie Anna’s Vintage Home

28. Smokey Glass Bottle Turned Into Table Lamp

Gray Glass Jar Lamp With White Shade #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This is another idea of how the bubble glass bottles can be repurposed into farmhouse lighting. No need to cut the glass for this DIY project.

You only need the shade and the bulb nest from a reading lamp to install in the glass bottle. In addition to the interest the repurposed bottle creates, it is also very functional in its new application because it is sturdy and also reflects magically the light.

via Liz Marie Blog

29. Chandelier From Pendants Wrapped Around Beam

Industrial Farmhouse Wooden Pendant Chandelier #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This chandelier is a great alternative to the modern track light when you need a piece that adds farmhouse and industrial together.

It consists of a solid wooden beam holding cords with bulbs. Usually, the pendant lights are threaded through holes in the wood or the fixture features recessed light. Here, the way of attaching them is far more interesting and in the industrial theme.

They are woven around the wood to form loops of cable framed by metal brackets at the end of the wooden beam.

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30. Iron Chandelier Is Big on Minimalism

Lovely Hearty Minimalist Chandelier #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

Give the master bedroom an impressive accent with a unique chandelier. It gathers farmhouse and minimalist in one with its clean and simple shape and exposed vintage bulbs.

Placed in the center of the room, it balances the interior and also acts as a means of providing symmetry.

via Mom Envy

31. Gooseneck Vanity Bathroom Lights in Matte Black

Matte Black Gooseneck Light Post Bathroom Fixture #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The model of these three sconces is called “gooseneck”. It is quite vintage because of its first appearance and if you find them at a thrift shop they would probably look like that.

You can give them this updated contemporary look with spray paint in a matte finish. This color and finish fit perfectly a modern farmhouse room decorated with wood, stone and galvanized metal.

via Liz Marie Blog

32. Vintage Look Black Vanity Light Fixture

Metal Bathroom Light Fixture With Globe Bulbs #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

There is so much visual elegance and a warm vibe in this clean and simple bathroom. This effect is created by the farmhouse furnishing and the applied classic color palette.

Three metal sconces stay on a metal rod support to create one unique light fixture for the bathroom vanity.

The black metal and the antique shape of the lighting fixture enhance the vintage pulls of the drawers which easily grab the attention with their artistic design.

via Sarah Joy

33. Pendant Lamp With Chicken Wire & Edison Bulb

Metal Chicken Wire Domed Pendant Lamp #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The chicken wire takes a domed shape with a metal hoop at the bottom. The domed pendant can be inserted in a socket that already exists or you can purchase the entire set together.

The design and the open concept are good for spacious rooms such as a kitchen or a dining room.

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34. Glass Bell Jar and Metal Pendant Lamps

Metal Pendant Lights With Glass Bell Jars #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The exposed white beams and the white shiplap need a contrasting light fixture that will enhance the visual interest and depth of the attic-like ceiling.

Two metal pendant lights closed with glass jars have done this decor job perfectly. They hang from black metal chains at an identical height to spread warm light over the dining table.

The bulb inside the jars is with an exposed filament for a contemporary touch which relates with the chairs at the table.

via One Kind Design

35. Three-Bulb Bell Jar Chandeliers

Mini Chandeliers With Bell Jar Cover #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

Two glass bell jars upgrade two typical wrought iron vintage chandeliers. This is possible thanks to chains and posts that keep the jars in place. Every chandelier reveals four bulbs spreading light over the dining table.

The glass globe is resistant to heat and also great for even the spread of light.

via US Light Outlet

36. Tiered Macramé Fringe Hanging Lamp

Modern Fringed Boho Farmhouse Chandelier #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

Need a boho twist on the traditional farmhouse design of the chandelier?

Add soft fringes to the metal or wooden hoop. Layer them for added interest and decorate with wooden bead garland in blonde color.

37. Industrial Farmhouse Style Dual Light Fixture

Modernized Steampunk Farmhouse Pendant Light #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This set of pendant lights is the perfect addition to an outdoor living area designed in a modern farmhouse lighting style. It spreads rough industrialism through the metal-sanded shades and attachment to a metal piece of hardware.

The lampshades can be adjusted at height to provide optimum focused illumination.

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38. Boho Wicker and Linen Farmhouse Lamp

Natural Bohemian Farmhouse Table Lamp #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

A unique table lamp offers you a boho twist on the rustic design. It is achieved by the wicker wrapping around the support.

The classic look is represented by the burlap shade edged with lack of metal hoops.

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39. Ornate Street Lamp Repurposed as Pendant Lamp

Nouveau Inspired Portico Light Fixture #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This boutique lantern is repurposed into an indoor light fixture to spread rustic charm and elegance.

It reveals a combination between wood, glass and metal. The metal forms beautiful ornaments finishing in branch-like arms that help for suspending it to the ceiling.

40. Create Farmhouse Pendant Light With Chicken Wire

Pendant Light With Chicken Wire #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

If you can’t find a light fixture to match your farmhouse kitchen decor, you can try this easy DIY lighting idea.

The project promises a lot of fun and a great final result. Used chicken wire and embroidery hoops clearly anchor the countryside into the design.

You can use any type of bulb as a light source but we recommend an Edison type of bulb with an exposed filament.

via The Wood Grain Cottage

41. Galvanized Metal Becomes Shades for Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights With Hammered Metal Shades #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

Galvanized metal items are very trendy in the farmhouse interior. And while we are more used to seeing them as repurposed containers, here we see them upcycled as shades for a light fixture.

This farmhouse light fixture idea features a set of three milk jugs in different sizes with cut bottoms transformed into suspended-on-cords lights.

42. Antique Pulley Becomes Edison Bulb Sconce

Pulley Sconce With Antique Bulb #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This farmhouse-style sconce is great for usage in the bedroom, in the bathroom or in the entryway as an auxiliary light.

Its size is very compact but it is capable of adding loads of vintage charm to the interior. It consists of a pulley that acts as a bracket attachment for the wall.

The cord of the bulb is threaded through the pulley and down the wall and this new use of the pulley creates an amazing visual interest.

via ID Lights

43. Reclaimed Barnwood & Mason Jar Sconce

Raw Wood Wall Sconce With Mason Jar #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This farmhouse lighting idea is very simple and we bet that you can make it yourself. You need a piece of reclaimed wood, a Mason jar, a cord and a bulb.

Cut the wood in two so that you make a support for the sconce for the wall and one for the light source. You can give the wood a whitewash coat or leave it in its original color.

The sconce spreads so much warmth and charm with its look and that makes it perfect for mounting in the entryway or next to the front door.

via ID Lights

44. Wire Glam Globe Chandelier

Rusted Chandelier in Wire Orbit Cage #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This is another modern transformation of the traditional candle chandelier. Added orbit cage gives it a minimalist touch and dimension which is a must for the size of this dining room, otherwise, the chandelier will be lost in the air.

The orbits are formed by twisted rusty wire which coordinates with the nature-inspired accents in the room.

45. Black Farmhouse Flush Ceiling Light

Rustic Black Ceiling Light Fixture #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This handmade pendant incorporates a polished modern look of the metal with a vintage shape of the parts.

It blends well with a contemporary or farmhouse interior adding the retro design in a modern way.

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46. Edison Bulbs in Open Cage Ceiling Fixture

Square Flush Wooden Hanging Light Fixture #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This rustic lamp can be purchased with a quad or dual-socket depending on the degree of illumination needed.

It features an interesting modern shape balanced by the softness of the wood to create a simple but beautiful light fixture.

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47. Barnwood Pendant Chandelier With Vintage Glass

Suspended Track Lighting With Mason Jar Shades #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind chandelier for your kitchen island, you should definitely take a look at this DIY idea.

The eye-catching light fixture consists of a wooden board hiding the cables of the lights and holding hanging Mason jars functioning as the glass housing of the bulbs.

Every lamp cable is suspended at a different height which creates a gorgeous point of interest. Thanks to the simple materials and the classic color choice this light fixture adds a beautiful rustic effect to the room.

48. Repurpose Oil Lanterns for Suspended Track Lighting

Suspended Track Lighting With Old Fashioned Lamps #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

You can make the old-fashioned gas lanterns electrically forced to use indoors as part of your farmhouse nook.

Retrofitting them with bulbs and suspending them on chains to a reclaimed piece of wood enhances their authentic visual design.

49. Recessed Lighting in Suspended Wood Beams

Track Lighting Recessed in Wooden Beam #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

You can give the contemporary track lights a farmhouse look with one simple change. Instead of building them in the ceiling, incorporate them in solid lumber for a recessed light effect.

Then, suspend the beam on rusty chains with rough and rusty hardware. The final result is gorgeous farmhouse lighting that illuminates the room sufficiently and adds nature to the modern home in a unique way.

via Noting Grace

50. Chandelier Gets Vintage Look With Edison Bulbs

Triple Pendant Wooden Farmhouse Chandelier #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This pendant light is perfect to decorate every room of your home as a supplementary light source. It comes as a set of three cage-like shades fixed to a reclaimed wood support.

The triple pendant design lets you customize the height of each cord.

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51. DIY Macramé Wrapped Dining Room Chandelier

Unique Rope-wrapped Chandelier #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse furnishing loves coast-inspired decor. We can see this magical collaboration here represented by antique furniture pieces updated into freshly-looking and functional elements and a chandelier adding the beach to the room.

This happens with a rope wrapping of the typical vintage candelabra chandelier.

Using the macrame technique, the rope covers the metal hoop and arms of the light fixture leaving only the bulb fixtures unwrapped for added contrast and for safety reasons.

via Bless’er House

52. Upcycled Metal Cylinder Pendant Light Lamp

Vintage Cylinder Hanging Pendant Light #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The weathered appearance of this metal cylinder makes it perfect for upcycling into a light fixture. It has signs of rust and usage which make it a statement piece with history.

You can adjust the pendant in height through the added chain and enjoy its smooth focused light.

53. Ceiling Light From Antique Mason Jar

Vintage Mason Jar Ceiling Light #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This is a simple vintage pendant design that adds an outdoor nature feeling to the inside. That happens thanks to the metal support embracing the glass Mason jar with a wire bracket.

The exposed letters create an interesting textured effect on the glass which impacts the interior during the day and at the night when the light is on.

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54. Flush Mount Vintage Farmhouse Windmill Light

Vintage Windmill Industrial Flush Light Fixture #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

This chandelier mimics a windmill with blades holding four sockets. It is with a bronze finish which enhances the rustic design.

Once the lights are on, you can enjoy the shades of the ceiling fan prolonged on the ceiling.

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55. Drum Pendant Lamp From Cane Weaving

Weaved Decorative Drum Pendant Light #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The wicker shade of this farmhouse lamp makes it perfect both for indoor and outdoor usage. It is casually elegant with the round shape of the drum and the combination of natural wicker color with black metal wire hoops.

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56. Wood Pulley Mounts Become Wire Cage Sconces

Wood Wall Sconces With Wire Cage Shades #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

Add simple farmhouse wall sconces to the bedroom to give it the so much-needed warmth and coziness. This is a design hack that you can try if your bedroom is furnished in the farmhouse, minimalist, Scandi or contemporary style.

The sconces design features a cage-shaped fixture framing a simple bulb. The netted design lets the light easily go through and spread. The sconces are hanging from simple to make brackets from reclaimed wood.

The weathered look of the holders adds a rustic effect which complements the minimalist industrial light source.

via Create and Find

57. Pallet Wood Repurposed for Pendant Lamps

Wooden Palette Suspended Track Lighting #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

You can make yourself a modern farmhouse track lighting. It is perfect for kitchen islands or dining rooms where a larger surface needs to be evenly illuminated.

The idea repurposes a wooden pallet into a box that hides the cords of the bulbs and gives the light fixture a finished look.

From this box, three pendant lights hang down. They remind the shape of lanterns but you can also use Mason jars instead. You can also customize the track light in size and number of light cords.

via Noting Grace

58. Burlap Shade Sits Atop Wood Corbel

Wooden Scroll Sconce Lamp With Burlap Shade #farmhouse #lighting #decorhomeideas

The last idea in our collection fascinates us with each of its upcycled elements. A wooden corbel with a weathered look facilitates the mounting to the wall. Its distressed finish is continued by the burlap shade with a hexagonal shape.

The wall sconce will look great in the entryway or in the bedroom to add coziness and relaxation.

via Cassie’s Closet

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