62 Fantastic Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas and Designs

We doubt that a person will argue that the farmhouse decor makes a place look and feel like a home.

Another advantage of this style is that it can be incorporated or added to any room, even the bathroom. Loads of wood, vintage elements, ladder-like shelves, earthy tones, natural textures – all these are forming the concept of the farmhouse bathroom decor.

Best Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas. Farmhouse style bathrooms are amazing because even when they are not so big they could make a huge impact on your interior. These farmhouse bathroom decor ideas will help you achieve that. #decorhomeideas

If you admire the farmhouse bathroom design, then you are at the right place! Get inspired by the collection of the greatest farmhouse bathroom decor ideas that will make this room cozy, warm and inviting!

1. New Use For A Vintage Boot Stand

Antique Boot Stand Toilet Paper Holder #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

An antique accessory for shoemaking is used as a stand for toilet paper rolls.

Because of its authentic design, it serves as more than a helpful bathroom device.

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2. Repurposed Vintage Window Towel Rack

Antique Window Frame Decoration and Towel Rack #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The window frames are commonly used as farmhouse decor in the living rooms. They can be just as impressive when hung on a wall in the bathroom.

Make them bathroom-friendly by attaching a holder or hooks for hanging towels.

via Strawberry Jam House

3. Reclaimed Wood Ladder Offers Vertical Storage

Antique Wood Ladder Towel Rack #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This tall ladder is handmade production from weathered slats that would otherwise be either thrown away or burnt in the fireplace.

Giving them a new application creates a surprising bathroom decor element with a great farmhouse decor effect. Plus, it is very practical as each step on the way up can become a towel holder.

4. Rustic Wood Elements

Antique Wood Vanity and Towel Organizer #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The cream grey walls embrace the wooden elements to create a unique bathroom atmosphere that welcomes you for the ultimate relaxation.

The vanity and the built-in shelf have a weathered wood effect on the surface that enhances the comfortable feel. Elements from iron and copper become the accents in the room, giving it an elegant farmhouse touch.

5. Wooden Beam Pelmet

Barn Board and Lace Bathtub Privacy Curtains #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This small bathroom design has been considered to make it appealing and comfortable. Therefore, the farmhouse style has outlined the decor, serving both of these features.

The lace curtains are transparent, however, they add to the privacy of the tub area. The rod is hidden behind a large barn wood beam that makes a lovely contrast with the white surroundings.

6. Barn Door Mirror Hardware

Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The design of these mirrors is based on the barn wood doors. Their sliding movement is convenient for small spaces and this feature is used here to hide niches with shelves for storage.

There are two built-in cabinets that provide a dedicated place for each one of a couple. The frames of the mirrors combine with the light fixture stand above them to create a unique layered bathroom design.

7. Keep It Clean With Black And White

Black, White, and Gold Bathroom Dеcor #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

If you want to combine classic and farmhouse, choose wooden surfaces painted in a classical color combination- like the black and white one.

Shiplap covers the main wall to create a warm universal background for the vanity. The cabinet doors imitate wire mesh that is painted in black to adhere to the design.

The curtains are burlap to add an amazing natural touch to the interior in a farmhouse way. If you don’t have a window in the bathroom this idea can be used for the shower curtain.

via The Rustic Boxwood

8. Bring The Outside In With Flowers

Bright Farmhouse Bathroom with Wood and Flowers #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The focus of this farmhouse bathroom design is in the accents that combine different textures and colors. A Mason jar candle, a porcelain vase, a galvanized bucket with flowers and a glass cotton container are accommodated in a galvanized retro tray.

They feel just right in this farmhouse bathroom decor because of the predominant white atmosphere with black metal hardware and dark wood framing accents.

via Sarah Joy

9. Farmhouse Signs Add Homespun Flair

Chic Boho Style Bathroom Wall Dеcor #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Add a farmhouse-style sign to a blank wall in the bathroom to enhance the farmhouse presence. This one pictures the silhouette of a tub in a black and white combination.

Next to it, we see an affordable towel storage solution. A metal black wire basket holds three towels in a compact vertical way. There is even a spot for a faux green plant that adds a natural motif to the interior.

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10. Boho Chevron Shower Curtain

Cotton White Desi Shower Curtain #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The shower curtains for a farmhouse bath should be made of natural fabric. They can be in any pattern, however, the white ones will increase the neat and sterile feeling.

In addition to that, they match any type of decor, either enhancing the airy feel or becoming an appealing accent.

via Urban Outfitters

11. Aged Wooden Accents

Custom Wooden Bathroom Wash Tag #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Not willing to drill holes on the bathroom walls? Use small wooden tags in the bathroom theme to enhance the farmhouse feel.

The vintage faucet image tag can be customized in colors and sizes to get the one that fits perfectly your private relaxing oasis.

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12. Natural Wood Mirror Frames

Distressed Mirror and Light Fixture #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Untreated wood makes the easiest relation to farmhouse style. In a bathroom design, it can be used for mirror framing, for the vanity, for a light fixture. Even a small accent, like a sign, will have an impact on the overall look.

Combine with glass jars, wrought iron elements and don’t forget to put a natural element in there- a plant, a vase with twigs, pumpkins.

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13. Fresh White Offsets Concrete Countertop

DIY Concrete Farmhouse Bathroom Countertop #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This bathroom design combines modern bathroom trends with farmhouse-specific textures. The wooden cabinets of the vanity are with ornaments that are a retro design. Painted in white their surfaces are refreshed to match the current tile trends.

The vanity countertop reminds the finish of a concrete structure in which two identical square sinks are built-in. The geometric shapes are present also on the cute navy-inspired rug.

via House of Rumours

14. Galvanized Metal Adds Farm Style

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom

Want to make yourself a sign for your farmhouse bathroom? This three-dimensional sign is a unique DIY project that can be customized for your own bathroom space.

The basis is a reclaimed wood plate with a distressed finish that accommodates vintage galvanized letters that create a fun but recommended statement.

via Cherished Bliss

15. Simple Rustic Shapes

DIY Farmhouse Vanity Light Fixture #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse style loves the non-traditional shapes of traditional elements. The mirror, for example, will make a greater statement if it is framed with a round wooden frame. Being a centerpiece, it gives importance to the elements adjacent to it- such as the light fixture above it and the countertop of the vanity below it.

The fixture continues the farmhouse style but it also mixes it with the trendy industrial one to bring a balance between the past and the present.

via Liz Marie

16. Repurposed Galvanized Tub

DIY Galvanized Metal Tub Farmhouse Sink #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Two ladder-like elements become the legs of a unique pedestal sink in a simple farmhouse bathroom decor. The sink is chosen to be an old galvanized tub that is not only charming but also very practical because of its size.

A wooden tray stands on it holding the washing detergents and a delicate flower arrangement in a glass bottle. The unique design is tied by the protruding vintage faucet.

via Country Living

17. Mason Jars Offer Farmhouse Appeal

DIY Mason Jar Light Fixtures #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This light fixture idea can be created in a scones design or as a chandelier design with simple affordable supplies. Depending on the light sources you need, get the number of Mason jars.

Each lid needs to be drilled to accommodate the cable and the light bulb socket.

Attach them with chains to a wooden beam to create unique bathroom lighting.

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18. Build Your Own Natural Wood Vanity

DIY Rustic Wood Bathroom Vanity #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Your small bathroom will easily accommodate a vanity with natural bright and dark wooden elements. It is a practical piece of furniture providing a level for storage at the bottom and a countertop where cosmetics can be placed.

The visual interest is created by the unfinished wood. Using the original color of the incorporated slats, a wonderful pattern is created.

via My Love 2 Create

19. Sectioned Hanging Crate Storage

DIY Wood and Metal Cubby Organizer #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This cubby storage unit copies the design of the apothecary cabinets allowing a bit more space for storage of bathroom accessories.

The structure is wooden but metal strips are added to create an attractive decorative piece with a sorting purpose.

via Bless’er House

20. Easy DIY Bathroom Organizer

DIY Wood Towel Rack and Organizer #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

There may not be many things to store in the bathroom but yet we need a dedicated storage unit to organize them in order to store them properly and create a decluttered look of the space.

Bringing this to the farmhouse bathroom decor, a wooden organizer like this one provides space enough to organize all you need even in a small bathroom.

Made of dark stained wood, it has three options for storage- on two different in length shelves and on hooks.

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21. Traditional Beadboard And Wood Elements

Down-Home Wood Themed Country Bathroom #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This is a classical example of bathroom vanity in a farmhouse style. In a neutral color combo, with simple clean lines and made of the typical materials.

The Mason jar light fixture combines with the black cabinet knobs and the towel hanger. The honey-colored countertop matches the flooring and the framed mirror.

via Joyfully Growing

22. Natural Elements Double As Storage

Easy DIY Jewelry Organizing Tree #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Add a piece from nature to your farmhouse bathroom decor and turn it into a practical organizer. This simple branch has many nodes attached to the wall next to the vanity to hold jewelry and personalized accents.

Use a bracket from the hardware store as a fixing.

via Funky Junk Interiors

23. Add An Aged Patina To Wood


This “bath”sign is a charming and welcoming piece that will clearly state which room you have entered. The typical painting design is used to represent the inscription.

The wooden texture is distressed to match the rustic furniture in the room. The green shades on the natural wood give the sign a point of interest and let it be easily noticed.

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24. Clawfoot Vintage Tub Is Classic Farmhouse

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor with Elevated Bathtub #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The design of this bathroom is so nature-inspired that it makes it the most inviting place. The warm wood colors create warmth. The vase with flowers sets the welcoming mood to spend some time alone in an elevated vintage tub.

The storage places are ensured by repurposed rustic furniture standing close to the tub. They are in the same warm wood tones to enhance the appealing vibe.

25. Add Rustic Wood To Painted Shiplap

Farmhouse Bathroom Design with Wood Accents #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The tuned grey shiplap walls accommodate a mirror with a vintage frame and a farmhouse element turned into storage over the toilet.

The piece of this farmhouse bathroom decor that makes it a space with character is the floor. Amazing black and white tiles create a unique pattern. The small details are chosen to be with a metal finish to enhance the unique decor.

via My Domaine

26. Clean White Marble Look Counter

Faux Marble Countertop Bathroom Design #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

IF you can’t afford a marble countertop for the bathroom vanity you can choose a plywood piece that imitates this finish. It gives you options for thickness and color so it will easily match the existing furniture.

An interesting element from this farmhouse bathroom decor is the retro rug. Usually, its place is in the living spaces and when bringing it to an unexpected spot, it sets its original tone- to make the atmosphere welcoming and warm.

via Lily Ardor

27. Mason Jars And Flowers

Flower Crate with Mason Jar Vases Decoration #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Looking for a way to make the toilet more attractive? The farmhouse-style elements come in help to decorate it. A rustic wooden crate is placed on the toilet tank to hold Mason jars repurposed into vases.

The tinted blue color of the glass lets the faux hydrangeas pop out.

via Olde Windmill Farm

28. Have Fun With Décor

Funny Over the Toilet Wall Sign #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Add a fun sign to your bathroom to entertain your guests in an unexpected way. The saying is inscribed on a white backdrop with bold black letters, making sure that they will be instantly noticed and read.

The frame is dark-stained and gives the sign a finished farmhouse look.

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29. Utility Style With Galvanized Metal

Galvanized Metal Tub Double Vanity #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Two galvanized tubs are repurposed into sinks to create a comfortable vanity for two. Since the vanity is missing a countertop, other farmhouse elements are attached around it to create places for storage.

The towel hanger is another interesting element of this farmhouse bathroom decor idea. The ladder is repurposed into a vertical shelf unit with three places for proper storage of towels.

30. Add Bathroom Signs With Humor

Get Naked Potty People Sign #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

A small corner of the vanity countertop is turned into a spot that sets the appealing vibe of the bathroom. It is represented by a metal stand that holds farmhouse elements.

The fun signs are combined with nature-inspired accents to create a balanced rustic decor with a comic vibe.

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31. Add Storage With A Rustic Ladder

Ladder Display and Bathroom Organizer #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This vertical stand solves the issue with the organization in small bathrooms. Made of wood, the repurposed ladder gives four levels for open storage.

The signs of usage are not hidden, instead, they are used to add a unique rustic texture to space.

32. Chalk Painted Bath Sign


If you are looking for a bold statement for your farmhouse bathroom, an oversized initial sign is a good idea. This one indicates the room you have entered in a cute way. Each letter is individual from the others but they are all with the same distressed surface finish to create an awesome piece of decor.

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33. Subway Tile Is Simple Elegance

Lovely Tiled Bathtub and Shower Combo #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The simplicity of the white tiles gives various opportunities to create a bathroom with a character. The wooden caddy gives the right amount of farmhouse vibe to the neutral background providing a functional place to read a book and have a drink while the body relaxes ultimately.

Adding greenery like a vase with twigs or a pot will emphasize the nature-inspired decor and will contribute to the comforting atmosphere.

via Fiddle Leaf Interiors

34. Decorate With Pails To Add Shine And Patina

Metal Bucket Flower Planter Bathroom Decorations #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The dark-stained mirror creates a contrasting farmhouse background for galvanized buckets repurposed into flower pots.

If you are not keen on faux plants, there are real ones that can develop well in a bathroom environment such as succulents and moss.

via Cherished Bliss

35. Farmhouse Style Wall Art

Modern Farmhouse Lettered Wall Art #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Need wall art for your bathroom? Try the signs inspired by the farmhouse style. They are of simple design that lets the images and inscriptions pop out. Their finish is usually authentic which gives the space a charming welcoming vibe.

The set of two signs here lifts the wall art to another dimension- the edifying purpose. The kids will be reminded what to do in this room while the adults will enjoy the fun aspect of it.

via Pallet and Pantry

36. Bring The Clothesline Inside With Towel Hangers

Oversized Clothespin Bathroom Towel Holders #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The clothespins are related to drying clothes outside- a charming laundry activity from the past. Bringing this motif to the contemporary world has a charming effect, especially when it is so well produced.

These large clothespins are towel hangers that don’t take any space and are very functional. They can be stained in a color you like to enhance the farmhouse design of the bathroom.

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37. Vintage Look Signs

Painted Lettered Rustic Wooden Sign #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

When you create a farmhouse corner in your bathroom, make sure that it is well designed. A unique sign will be able to tie up the rustic collection on the shelves, especially if it is in a bathroom theme.

This sign is very cute and the vivid black and white colors let it pop out. The distressed finish of the edges gives it a farmhouse look as if it an old possession.

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38. Go For Neutrals

Pretty Colored Bathroom Vanity Design #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The grey and white colors make a great combination suitable for every part of the home. In the bathroom, usually grey covers the wooden surfaces and the walls, while white is used for the ceramic furniture such as tiles, sink and toilet.

This color combination is capable of giving the farmhouse elements a contemporary look without ruining their ability to create a cozy atmosphere.

via Pretty Distressed

39. Budget Friendly Shiplap Wallpaper

Reclaimed Wood Shiplap Style Wallpaper #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

When you want to do a makeover of your bathroom but on the budget-friendly side, consider materials that imitate the texture of the expensive ones.

For example, shiplap lining could cost a lot when this is the panel type you want for all walls. Doing that in an affordable way is possible with wallpaper. It is vinyl and has a realistic look of reclaimed shiplap paneling.

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40. Hand Painted Wood Towel Holder


A straightforward, fun and awesomely looking farmhouse bathroom decor states what should be done in the bathroom. A “Get Naked” towel rack is added to the wall to ensure space for three towels drying easily in the air.

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41. Distressed Wood And Apothecary Jars

Rustic DIY Bathroom Wall Shelf #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This small shelf has been added to the shiplap backdrop to create a dedicated place for cleaning and washing essentials.

The shelf can be made of a wooden board that is stained using the distressing technique. Another very affordable idea could be to repurpose the front piece of a drawer into a shelf.

The wrought iron corbels give the shelf a unique finished look in a rustic elegant way.

via Knick of Time

42. Add Natural Texture With Sisal

Rustic Sisal Farmhouse Bathroom Rug #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Haven’t been able to find a rug that can fit your farmhouse bathroom decor? Have you considered the sisal or jute rugs? They are neutral, reminding the cottage atmosphere and very suitable for usage in this room because of the natural thread they are made of.

via Funky Junk Interiors

43. Barn Wood Statement Wall

Rustic Wood Bathroom Accent Wall #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Want to set your bathroom in the farmhouse theme? An easy way to do it without changing everything in this room to choose a small wall to turn into a statement.

Plank it with wooden panels in a color you like. Painted white, they will remind the shiplap texture. Left in wood color will make a bold statement and a good contrast for small vintage accessories.

via Bless’er House

44. Floating Beam Shelving

Rustic Wood Beam Bathroom Shelves #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Turn an odd niche into a space-saving organizer with a farmhouse effect. Add shelves to the niche with a suitable size and use them to arrange things that will otherwise create a cluttered look.

45. Mixed Wall Treatments

Shiplap and Tiled Bathroom Decorating #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Typical wall coverings in the farmhouse style are the subway tiles and the shiplap. Their usage dates from at least a century but they are an adored combination even nowadays.

This farmhouse bathroom design features white tiles and a grey shiplap. The tiles are chosen to cover a small surface in order to create an illusion of depth.

The grey panels set a cozy background where accents easily pop out. Some greenery succeeds in making the room welcoming and adding another farmhouse element inside.

via Shabby Paints

46. Add Curves With An Ornate Mirror

Shiplap and Wood Bathroom Makeover #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

A welcoming neutral bathroom with white vertical shiplap and dark-stained accents. Other natural elements like the pot with greenery enhance the coziness and give the space a fresh connection with the outside.

The metal elements give this bathroom some character and a point of interest against the simple interior.

via Itty Bitty Farmhouse

47. Bring In Burlap For A Rustic Feel

Simple Faux Flower Vase and Stand #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

Adding flowers to the bathroom instantly makes it more appealing. If you want to do it in a farmhouse way, replace the traditional pot or vase with a container that is related to this style.

That can be a Mason jar, a glass bottle, a galvanized bucket or simply a burlap bag. By the way, that could be also a very easy solution as it can be hung on the wall in case there isn’t any flat space to put it.

via On The Money Meals

48. Space Saving Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door for Master Bathroom #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This master bathroom is a continuation of the style of the bedroom. The most logical connection between these two spaces would be a door in the same concept.

In the farmhouse world, that would be a barn wood sliding door. A great design, amazing texture and unique addition to the cozy vibe.

via Mountain Modern Life

49. Combine Natural Textures

Stunning Rural Bathroom Vanity Setup #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The statement wall of this bathroom is covered with stone bricks. They are a mixture between the old fashioned bricks and the contemporary trendy stone finishes.

The grey nuances of this wall are used as a background where the unique vanity will stand out. The accents are in the modern black metal, however, their design is vintage to fit into the modern farmhouse interior concept.

via Delusions of Ingenuity

50. Keep It Simple With Metal Baskets

Tiered Metal Basket Bathroom Organizer #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This 3-tiered wire basket is a storage item that belongs to the kitchen. But why not use it in the bathroom? It is big enough to store the sponges, the soap and cleaning towels at a one-hand distance from the tub.

Plus, it will make an amazing decoration because of its surprising application.

via The Lettered Cottage

51. Wood Storage Adds Farmhouse Chic

Tiered Wooden Box Bathroom Storage Idea #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The small bathroom requires most organization in order to make it look airy and tidy. This narrow elevated shelf unit is a unique storage solution for small spaces.

It has three tilting storage baskets that are deep enough to keep things securely. This design also adds to achieving a unique farmhouse bathroom atmosphere.

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52. Repurpose An Old Window Frame

Upcycled Window Frame Towel Rack #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The window frame is given more than a decor function. In the bathroom where space is a treasure, it also becomes a towel rack simply by adding hooks or knobs to the bottom slat.

Place a green wreath in its center to alter the visual interest from the towels.

via Let’s DIY It ALL

53. Get Creative With Vintage Hand Mirrors

Vintage Hand Mirrors Wall Decoration #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The mirror is a means to make space look bigger. Well, in case you are going for a small hand mirror, then consider at least a set of two.

Their design creates a fun point of interest on the blank grey wall even when they are not of the same shape and color. The mismatching enhances the vintage effect over the interior.

via Knick of Time

54. Galvanized Metal Towel Baskets

Wall Mounted Metal Baskets for Storage #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The metal baskets can replace the standard towel rack or shelf unit and give the space a big dose of farmhouse charm.

They can be added to an already existing rustic wall art to enhance its effect or on a blank wall that is missing a point of interest.

via The Rustic Boxwood

55. Add Wicker And Plants For Natural Texture

Wood and Wicker Bathroom Organizing System #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

The storage in this bathroom is decided to be on the vertical plane. The edge of the tub accommodates two wicker baskets with neatly folded towels. Above them, floating shelves start to row.

Their function is both visual and practical. Different bath essentials are stored on these shelves but to let them look attractive, they are put into metal wire baskets.

via Thrifty and Chic

56. Reuse A Wooden Bucket To Store Extra Rolls

Wood Bucket Toilet Paper Holder #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This is actually an old bucket from a well. It used to be a rigid bucket for water and now it has been given a new life becoming part of a farmhouse bathroom.

Of course, the barrel could also come to help as a toilet paper roll storage place.

via Miss Mustard Seed

57. Built In Farmhouse Style

Wood Farmhouse Vanity with Aged Bronze Fixtures #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This vanity design considers comfort and organization as a priority. These two are combined with the warm texture of wood and the sleek finish of the marble to create a unique modern farmhouse vanity.

The same color combination and textures continue up with the backsplash and the mirrors. The modern feel of this design is caught in the accents- the faucets, the light fixtures, the drawer handles, the towel holder.

via Onekind Design

58. Metal Piping Supports Hanging Storage

Wooden Above Toilet Shelf Organizer #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

This is a handmade piece that showcases what creativity and practical thoughts can do together. The wall above the toilet is utilized with a ladder-like shelf unit that stores toilet paper rolls and bathroom essentials.

The top shelf is dedicated to charming vintage accents that enhance the welcoming vibe in this room.

via Living Green and Frugally

59. Classic Wood Floating Shelves

Wooden Floating Bathroom Storage Shelf #farmhousebathroom #bathroom #decorhomeideas

These shelves and the storage items put on them give them a totally rustic look. Each shelf is supported on metal dowels protruding from the wall.

Most of the accessories are hidden in wire or wicker baskets to help with the decluttering of the space. Such floating shelves can be easily made even by a DIY beginner to customize their size and number for their appealing farmhouse bathroom.

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60. Fill A Small Space With A Rustic Shelf

Wooden Shelf Bathroom Storage Decor

This small shelf unit will easily find its place in your bathroom. It has a rope that bears its load and adds to its rustic look.

Although of a smaller size, the unit copies the design of the ladder to connect it to the countryside living.

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61. Wood Accent Adds Rusticity To Colorful Wainscot

Wooden Wall Hook Hanging Decor

This rack can be used in the bathroom or in the entryway where more space for the organization is required. It consists of a large wooden beam on which metal hooks are screwed.

The smooth dark wood easily attracts attention so it will surely become an accent in the neutral bathroom. use bathroom. Plus, you can hang up your robes or towel in style.

via Eryn Whalen

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