56 Best Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas and Designs

The rustic decor style is popular, trendy and fits perfectly in every room. Even in the bathroom.

We have shown you ideas for rustic kitchens, living rooms and entryways. The rustic bathroom decor ideas & designs are as stunning and original as all you have seen so far.

The rustic style in the bathroom doesn’t seek luxury and elegance. It seeks contact with nature.

The rustic bathroom decors often showcase wooden beams and stone on the ceiling and on the floor. Wood and stone can be part of the sink, even the bathtub.

Best Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas. Add some personal touch and a layer of texture with these awesome rustic bathroom decor ideas, decorations and designs. Choose the best one from our premium selection. #decorhomeideas

All items in the decor have a weathered look but that doesn’t particularly mean that they are very old.

The color palette leads us to the earthy neutral hues- brown, black, dark red, olive green, white, creamy.

When it comes to the shapes of the decoration and the rustic furniture designs, you can find extraordinary geometry and textures. The rustic bathroom embraces engraved racks, vintage lanterns, wicker basket shelves, metal wire containers.

And now that you have an idea about the general concept of the rustic bathroom decor, let’s go to its visualization.

1. Hanging Rustic Wood Ladder Shelf

Above the Toilet Wooden Ladder Shelf #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Another shelving unit in the bathroom will never be too much! In fact, this one is placed in such a place where you need a means to maximize and organize the space. This shelf with a ladder-like design is attached to the wall above the toilet.

It can store neatly and properly hand towels, toilet paper rolls, make-up pads. The containers that will add more rustic charm to this handmade ladder shelf are glass jars.

via Anika’s DIY Life

2. Above The Toilet Vintage Basket Towel Holder

Antique Basket Converted to Hanging Storage #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Decorating on a budget means repurposing items into practical storage units. The wooden antique basket is attached above the toilet tank to hold the towels used during the week.

Hanging it to the wall requires a rustic corbel or a wrought iron bracket and a fancy wide ribbon from suitable fabric. This is one of the rustic bathroom ideas that needs almost no investment.

via Quirk Madame

3. Wood Shelf And Black Hardware Storage Area

Black Wrought Iron and Wood Wall Shelves #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Have you noticed a set of wrought iron corbels at the flea market? Get it as soon as possible as it can be your support for various DIY rustic storage solutions. Like these rustic bathroom shelves.

The corbels hold a solid wood beam in a blonde stain. The width and the length of the shelves are entirely up to the space you would like to accommodate them. Using this idea as inspiration, they are built on the wall above the toilet that is at a one-hand distance from the bathtub.

via Sunny Side Design

4. Dark Brown Herringbone Flooring And Classic White

Bold Herringbone Patterned Rich Brown Wooden Flooring #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

This herringbone alignment pattern of the wood flooring is the first thing that grabs the attention of this rustic bathroom design. There are tiles that imitate this texture so you can choose from natural wood and ceramics.

The dark brown color of the floor gives the bathroom a bold character that gives a lot of freedom to experiment with lighter colors on the next space levels going upwards.

via Construction 2 Style

5. Dark Wood Storage Tray

Breakfast in Bed Tray for the Bathroom #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Speaking about rustic bathroom designs, we need to also focus on the small accents that are capable of tying all pieces together. This tray of antique design is actually a newly produced item that has the texture and character of an antique piece.

Add it to the sink top, over the toilet tank or on a shelf in the bathroom where you would like to declutter space or add more decorative accessories that will enhance the rustic style.

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6. Upcycled Vintage Barrel Sink

Converted Whiskey Barrel Sink #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

A gorgeous repurposing idea showcases a whiskey barrel turned into a unique bathroom sink. The base is stable and its texture is antique. Thanks to its size all of the plumbing can be well hidden and maintained easily at the same time.

The basin inserted is made of copper to match the rustic atmosphere. At the top of the barrel, a rim from the original cover is left to take up the washing essentials.

7. Rustic Wood Wall And Apothecary Shelves

Corner Catchall Vintage Bathroom Hub #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

This corner has been turned into a storage place in a rustic-designed bathroom. One of them holds floating shelves in a dark stain that are supported with golden brackets at both ends.

They are good for the storage of items that are often used and need to be easily accessed. Next to it, a ladder is leaned against the wall to hold bath towels. This type of towel storage provides the needed air for them to dry quickly.

via Design Dazzle

8. Farmhouse Chic Shiplap Walls

Cottage Bath with Painted Shiplap and Vintage Hardware #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Shiplap is a great wood paneling when it comes to rustic decor, even in the bathroom. It could become the canvas you need for letting accents pop out and create an atmosphere that welcomes and makes you relax.

White shiplap is a traditional choice for keeping the space bright and airy. The same effect can be achieved with other light colors like creamy, milky blue and milky green.

Another great idea that can be outsourced from this image is the repurposed wood table. By replacing its top with a ceramic one, its look freshens and becomes a suitable piece of bathroom furniture. Dark faucets and accents enhance the vintage vibe and give the rustic style bathroom a point of interest.

9. Wood Paneled Walls Add Rusticity

Dark Paneled Vanity Backsplash with Vintage-style Double Mirrors #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

If you are a traditionalist, This all wood bathroom idea will fascinate you. Although dark colors are known to make a space look smaller, the light elements represented by mirrors succeed in twisting this concept. Here and there on the wood paneling behind them, we can see the line continued, creating an interesting pattern.

A rustic bathroom vanity is a place for two that provides a dedicated surface for the bathroom essentials. On the lower level, there are two niches where metal wire baskets keep personal towels neat and organized.

via Rachel Halvorson

10. Vintage Cabinet Sink Stand

Distressed Vanity Cabinet and Wood-framed Mirror #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

This relic cabinet keeps aged memories in it. To let them live more, it is transformed into a rustic bathroom vanity. Although antique, it is practical enough with its drawers and large bottom section. Things like soaps, toilet paper rolls, toothbrushes, etc. can be kept out of sight to let space feel decluttered.

To repurpose a cabinet into a vanity, you need to prepare a hole for the plumbing at the rear side of it. A ceramic large bowl, a galvanized basin, an antique washtub can easily become a sink.

via Studio D Design

11. Barn Tubs Converted To Bathroom Sink

Double Sink Converted from Galvanized Washtubs #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

And this is how galvanized washtubs become one-of-a-kind sinks in this authentic design of a rustic bathroom.

They are supported on metal legs that give them a comfortable height for washing. Since there isn’t a way to create a top surface for the storage of items, a shelf made from wood is hung on the wall right above them.

Through its center the faucet protrudes, looking like an integrated part of the solid wood.

The store mirrors are replaced by a DIY window frame which adds the so charming farmhouse vibe.

12. Repurposed Feed Sack Shower Curtain

Farm Friendly Feed Sack Shower Curtain #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Changing the nylon shower curtain with a feed sack could make your rustic bathroom so unique. Usually, feed sacks can be found in farms. So if you happen to know someone breeding farm animals, let them separate away for you two or three of them to join them into a curtain.

Hang it on a bronze rod to create a bold contrast in the same farmhouse style. This creative idea can be also used for window curtains of a kitchen or a farmhouse-decorated laundry room.

via The Cozy Old Farmhouse

13. Whitewashed Wood Panels And Rustic Accents

Fresh Soap and Water Farmhouse Bath Decor #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Looking for small accents to your rustic bathroom design? Start with signs, it will easily embrace them and they will give a customized look to your space.

If you are not keen on making it yourself, Etsy offers a variety of designs so you will surely find those that match the interior choice.

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14. Farmhouse Sink And Cheeky Signage

Funny Change the Toilet Paper Bathroom Sign #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Give your bathroom a point of interest and a fun vibe with this unique sign. Placed above the toilet, it has a big truth to say.

Next to it, the storage solution is featured by a wicker basket shelf unit which complements the basket placed on the toilet tank.

The black faucets and the antique drawer continue the rustic concept of this bathroom, making it feel very neat and organized.

via Joyfully Said

15. Distressed Complimentary Signs

Get Your Gorgeous On in this Bathroom #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse signs are not always related to typical activities or items from the countryside living. Their design can be used for far different purposes, for example, for motivating yourself and your partner every day.

These two signs create a set of bathroom signs that will add a point of interest to the rustic bathroom design and will cheer up the mood from the first minute in the morning.

The hand-written font gives the signs a personalized look which makes them even more meaningful.

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16. Barrel Tub Highlights An All Wood Bath

Giant Half-barrel Soaking Tub #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

If you have tried to imagine how a rustic bathroom looks like, this is its visualization. Wood everywhere repurposed farmhouse items turned into functional decor, unique wall accents and rustic bathroom lighting create a calming and one-of-a-kind atmosphere for optimal relaxation.

The washtub has been made out of a large barrel shortened to the size of a standard tub. One bench ensures space for bath essential storage close to the washtub and a smaller one becomes a step to it.

The creativeness of the designer has initiated the making of a lounge from a solid wood trunk and an adjacent table from a slice of a trunk.

17. Aged Sign Is Coastal Rustic

God of Wonders Wave Wall #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Nautical and farmhouse go perfectly together but how can that be achieved in a rustic bathroom design that prefers the earthy colors?

The pattern of waves on the wall has marked the coastal influence. The earthy colors are matched in such a way to outline the waves and to create a unique setting. A powerful religious phrase is written on a unique rustic wooden sign that anchors the rustic style additionally.


18. Classic Grey With Metal Accents

Gray Blue Budget-Friendly Bathroom Update #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Looking for an idea for a rustic bathroom update? That can be done in a very affordable way with paints and some accessories.

Change the color of the cabinets with one that goes into the rustic palette. The knobs can be replaced with new ones that enhance the chosen interior.

Add wire baskets for storage, clay pots with faux or real plants- succulents and moss are species that can grow in bathroom conditions.

via Pretty Distressed

19. Dark Hardware Adds Farm Flair To White Shelves

Hanging Shelves with Wrought Iron Hardware #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

These floating shelves are given a unique loo with wrought iron hooks. Their function is more decorative than functional but the execution of every level creates the illusion that the shelves are actually daggling from the hardware.

The black color of these hooks gives this modern rustic bathroom design an industrial accent with a retro design. This unit can be placed on every wall of the bathroom because it is actually very compact.

20. Wood Planks And Pipe

Heavy Plank Shelves with Industrial Hardware #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Another idea for a shelf unit design that combines the rustic and the industrial styles so well is this hand-made one. Every shelf is cut from a solid wood beam and attached to the wall with vintage piping hardware.

The bottom one is supplied with a towel holder from the same material to ensure that all smaller everyday used bathroom items are neatly stored and at a convenient distance.

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21. Dark Wood Countertop And Antler Trophy

Hunter's Bathroom Featuring Shiplap and Hunting Trophy #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

This rustic bathroom design features an idea where the dark colors are used as accents while bright create the general perception.

That applies also to the wood paneling which original color has been brightened with white paint. The sink vanity is light olive green with vintage knobs and handles.

The dark wood top and the shower curtain add the typical rustic touch.

22. Rustic Sign With Crisp Shiplap

I Love Your Face Rustic Bathroom Sign #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Another inspirational sign in a rustic design is positioned on the sink to encourage and create smiles in the bathroom.

The inscription looks like a hand-painted work on a very old and weathered tray. This reveals a personal affection, making it a valuable part of the home.

via Jaxn Blvd

23. Stunning Copper Bathtub

Luxurious Rustic Bathroom Decoration Ideas #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Usually, the rustic bathroom designs don’t aim to create a luxurious atmosphere. This doesn’t mean that this is not possible. On the contrary, adding certain materials and designs could create that look.

The copper stands holding candles and the copper washtub are decor that makes the space perfect not only because of the price of the material but also because of its unique fabrication.

via Walton AE

24. Striking Stone Wall Brings The Outdoors In

Masculine Bath with Dark Stone and Walk-in Shower #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Stone and wood are the typical rustic materials. They match very well together and create textures that give space a masculine vibe, especially when they are in dark tones.

Used in the bathroom, they can successfully enhance the architectural specifics and outline zones. Add dark faucets and rustic bathroom lighting if you want to keep things calm and united.

25. Mason Jar Lights Add Country Charm

Mason Jar Light Fixtures #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Looking for an update of your bathroom? If you want to give it a rustic flair, try this Mason jar chandelier idea.

You can make it as big as needed by increasing the number of jars used. Align the length of the wooden beam with the number of light sources. Use plumb hardware to attach the pieces together and to give them a unique finish.

This type of handmade light fixture can serve well in a scone or pendant light design and as a hanging chandelier.

26. Replace Light Fixtures With Mason Jars

Mason Jar Lights and Rustic Wooden Features #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

If you need an accent to add to the wooden rustic interior, use metal plates as supports for your Mason jar light fixture. Another idea is to use an existing scones fixture and replace the lampshade with Mason jars.

Use wicker trays to put the natural-inspired decoration in one place.

via Bless The Nest

27. Cabin Look Wood Planked Bathroom

Mixed Stone Cabin Bathroom with Walk-in Shower #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Tiles imitating stone cover the floor of a bathroom to keep things simple for cleaning and to zone the washtub from the walk-in shower area. The same tiles can be seen on the wall opposite holding the shower parts.

The dividing wall between the areas is decided to be of wood weathered beams and windows creating a point of interest by repurposing a typical outdoors scene indoors.

28. Cream And Concrete Are Rustic Southwest

Modern Meets Rustic in the Southwest #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

The Southwest design is related to bright colors and smooth textures. Combining it with the rustic concept can create a welcoming bathroom design that balances the antique textures of the rustic style and the sleek surfaces of the Southwest one.

Some cactus decorations, wall art in the same color palette as that one of the striped walls give the interior a personal touch. The floating shelves in dark stain anchor the rustic flair that can be also found in the skull reflected in the mirror and in the wicker basket for storage of small items.

via CG Home Interiors

29. Vintage Look Spigot Silhouette

Old Style Water Spicket Sign for Bathroom #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Such a farmhouse sign will make it easy for your guests to find your bathroom. Furthermore, it is an easy way to add a fun element with a rustic appeal.

This sign of a vintage water spout is a traditional image from the old times and bringing it into nowadays reality creates a point of interest.

via Designer Trapped

30. Barn Style Towel Cabinet

Open Barn Wood Shelving #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Adding a storage stand made of barn wood will add a piece of the rustic style even if your bathroom is not decorated in it. Such a choice is suitable for interiors that are missing warmth and welcomeness or if they are lacking a point of interest.

This stand uses the weathered beams to create a tiered organizer where towels can be stored, as well as other bathroom accessories. Placed next to the toilet gives access to toilet paper rolls. If you put it next to the washtub, all cosmetics can be put in a basket.

31. Cottage Chic Pallet Wood And Brick

Pallet Wood Mirror Frame with Storage #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

This mirror is made of weathered lumber material assembled in a window design. Bringing this outdoor motif inside your bathroom is related to the rustic farmhouse means for decoration.

The small box-shaped shelf at its bottom can accommodate the make-up of regular use, perfumes, etc.

32. Rustic Industrial Pipe TP Holder

Pipe-fitting Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

An easy holder for the toilet roll paper features a mixture of rustic and industrial styles. A short beam is turned into a holder of pipe tees and elbows. They are assembled to create a curved piece that holds the paper roll.

The attaching to the wall is decided with a plate with screws in the same dark color. The top surface of the beam could be used as a tiny shelf for a pot with a succulent or for an air freshener.

33. Architectural Salvage Towel Shelf

Reclaimed Cornice Shelving #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Corbels are attached to the wall in a tight manner to become the supports of a reclaimed wood beam. They are refreshed with white paint to let their ornaments stand out.

The shelf is hung in a corner to provide an additional storage place for towels. Because of the small size of the beam, this type of additional storage unit can utilize a dead space that will otherwise be unused. The hooks between the corbels differentiate the used towels from the fresh ones.

34. Aged Patina Wood Hook

Reclaimed Hardware Towel Hook #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

The small bathroom should also be well equipped with furniture and accessories to provide the needed comfort. If this is the case with your rustic bathroom, here is an idea of where to put your handtowel without taking too much space.

The standard rack is replaced with a unique holder made of two weathered pieces of wood. They are stacked together to create a dimensional texture. The final piece is an aged hook that makes a great vintage impact.

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35. Sliding Barn Door

Rolling Barn Door with Black Iron Hardware #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Barndoors are very popular not only for adding a great farmhouse vibe to a space but also to solve an issue with lack of space.

They slide and that makes them a safer option for limited spaces. Attached to a wide metal strip, they become a point of interest. The color of this door is also impressive. It reminds me of a rusty finish that matches the interior accents of the room before it.

36. Clawfoot Tub And Dramatic Wood Beam Cornice

Rough Beam Cornice Box for Shower Curtains #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

The shower curtains of this small bathroom are made of lace which fabric pattern was commonly used in the past. Their aim is not that to hide but to differentiate the zones and add a light romantic accent to the farmhouse bathroom interior.

There are wood items repurposed and given new applications in both zones that give the bathroom an inviting rustic feel.

37. Bold Wood Beam Countertop And Stone Walls

Rough Stone Accent Wall With Solid Beam Vanity #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

When going rustic in the bathroom, you can choose one wall to be your focal point and finish it from floor to ceiling with typical for it elements.

This idea features how to do it by making the space both unique and comfortable. The wall is covered with real stones, a surface that is typical for the outside finish of a farmhouse. The same effect will be achieved with exposed bricks.

The countertop is made of solid wood which is stained in honey color. The cuts of the wood that can be seen give the countertop an aged and authentic effect.

38. Rustic Wood And Concrete Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom Decor with Concrete Sinks and Barn Door #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

These concrete sinks have been tailored made to match the wooden vanities. The design of these pieces of furniture speaks for luxury and private comfort.

It is important to notice that the predominant use of dark colors in this bathroom creates a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Reminding of a dungeon, this bathroom design is perfect for a cabin or a lodge.

And since this is a master bathroom, the rustic style is perfect to unite it with the bedroom.

via Highline Partners

39. Reclaimed Wood Textures Offset Dark Gray

Rustic Bathroom Decorations with Honey-toned Wood and Dark Stone #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

What is the greatest thing about the rustic bathroom designs is that each one is unique. No matter how hard you would like to copy an idea, eventually, it becomes personalized thanks to the numerous ways and textures you can use.

This rustic bathroom design proves it. Solid wood has been used for the sink furniture. Here we see how different this design becomes by including an additional beam between the top and the mirror to unite them.

Attaching the handmade solid wood shelves to a metal support stand and not to the wall creates a new storage unit design with a rustic touch.

40. Modern Farmhouse Style Sink With Wood Framed Mirror

Rustic Bathroom Mirror Mixes with Modern #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

You can add bits of rustic to your modern bathroom to give it a personalized character and warmth. An easy way to do so is to add a wood-framed mirror.

The rough wooden texture has its rustic charm being a handmade piece. The light fixtures can be vintage ones or Mason jar productions that will layer the rustic vibe above the mirror.

Add a knitted rug or a jute rug to anchor the style of the zone and to make the general look more homely.

via North Country Nest

41. Coastal Rustic Bathroom With Mercury Glass Hutch

Rustic, Metal, and Blue Bathroom Decor #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Blue is not a typical color for the rustic style, however, if it is applied on typical surfaces and textures, it can have the same impact on the interior.

This rustic bathroom design shows how to do it visually. The farmhouse jute rug is with the standard design and pattern but in dark blue. The same color hue is applied to the vintage corner cabinet. It has refreshed the wood without hiding its aged ornaments that make it so charming and unique.

The metal is the third element of this design that keeps on repeating on every part of the bathroom. Seen in the faucets, the hooks, the light fixtures and the texture of the glass panels of the cabinet, it is a sleek accent that gives the interior personality.

via Cribbs Style

42. Make A Towel Rack With Aged Wood And Nails

Rustic Wooden Towel Rack #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

You haven’t found a suitable rustic towel rack for your small bathroom? This easy-to-make rack can hold up to four towels without taking too much from the space.

Because of the weathered look of the wood, the burlap ribbons just give an additional pinch of the rustic character.

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43. Add Vintage Look Accessories

Scalloped Vintage Metal Bath Shelf #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Do you remember these bathroom shelves? In the past they were the best people can get to store their cosmetics. Nowadays, such an addition can be more than that because it has a unique rustic charm that cannot be found in mass production products.

Fortunately, there are shops that sell these small shelves which can be all you need to enhance the homely look of your small rustic bathroom.

via Emory Valley Mercantile

44. Paint Mason Jars To Fit Your Décor

Shabby Chic DIY Painted Glass Jar #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Mason jars make great light fixtures and also great storage containers that can be used in every room. Placed in the bathroom they can hold smaller and numerous items like cotton buds, make-up cleaning pads, bobby pins, etc.

Paint them if you are needing a pop of color. Don’t forget to distress the protruding edges to enhance their vintage beauty.

via Eighteen 25

45. Add Natural Texture With Rope And Pipe

Simple and Industrial Large Wooden Wall Shelf #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

This simple wooden shelf will solve the issues with space and organization in the rustic bathroom. It is large enough to hold toilet paper rolls, towels and even some accents in case you need to increase the rustic appeal of the room.

The solid structure is attached to the wall so decluttering of the floor space is also doable.

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46. Use Accessories For A Rustic Look In A Modern Bath

Simplicity in Wires and Wood #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

The tiniest bathrooms should keep the interior simple to avoid the suffocating and overwhelming feeling. For those cases, there are floating shelves that can be mounted on the wall above the toilet.

And since they may not be enough, maximize the storage place by adding containers to them. Thus you would be able to layer or stack the accessories easily.

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47. Dark Wood And Mosaic Stone

Slate Mosaic Accent Wall #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Going back to the earthy colors, this interesting example of rustic bathroom ideas showcases luxury customized rustic furniture and unique wall texture. This part of the bathroom is the accent of the space where the designer has combined different textures in the same dark color palette.

The cherry wood wall panels coordinate with the shades of the special small tiles imitating stone and the waved stripes of the marble countertop.

The light color appears only gently seen in the light fixtures on both sides of the mirror, on the countertop, the vase and the sink.

48. Contrast Subway Tiles With Natural Wood Textures

Steel Pipes and Wooden Shelving Modern Bath #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

The white plain tiles are a perfect way to create a neutral and hygienic canvas in your bathroom. Combine them with a pale color like this rose gold wall to give the space a character.

The wooden shelves on the wall continue the individual impact concept to hold different items. The top shelf is used as a home for decorative accents while the bottom one serves as a practical level.

via J Thomas Home

49. Grayed Barn Wood And Stunning Double Wood Sink

Stone Double Sink and Barn Wood Paneling #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

The rustic bathroom is always a product of creativeness. The wood textures here alternate to create a comfortable sink that has been customized to suit the space. Weathered barn wood is used for the columns of the sink which also play the role of storage drawers.

The countertop is a piece of solid wood with marks from heavy usage. An interesting idea in this small bathroom design is the repurposing of a dough bowl into a sink.

Two vintage faucets will make the morning preparation possible for a couple, as well as the large rustic mirror covering almost the entire wall.

The barn wood lumber continues on the wall where it transforms into a paneling with a lot of individual character.

via Small House Swoon

50. Vary Your Woods And Stones

Stone Lodge Bathroom Featuring a Camo-edged Mirror #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

The natural colors of stones, pebbles and wood are combined together to create this unique rustic bathroom design. Looking into the details, every type of material is used separately to zone an area from the room.

Pebbles are the massaging floor of the shower area. The wall there is covered with stone tiles in the same color. The glass divider is framed with dark stained wood which serves as a transition between the two formed areas.

In the sink zone, we see mostly dark colors. The walls are planked with wood which matches the exposed beams on the ceiling. The same colors can be seen on the floor tiles which will make cleaning easier.

51. Sink-Top Metal Storage Stand

Three-tiered Metal Storage and Display Rack #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

If you need an extra storage place for your small rustic bathroom but you don’t want to damage the walls, use a stand with shelves.

The wooden shelves spread on three levels are attached to a metal frame with short legs keeping it in place.

The interesting feature of this unit is hidden in the design of the shelves. They are box-shaped having very small lips that will keep the stored things safe.

via Happiness is Homemade

52. Vintage Watering Can Toilet Paper Tree

Toilet Paper Tree and Watering Can Decoration #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Need a budget-friendly bathroom storage idea? This one is easy to do and very affordable and eventually will ensure a dedicated place for the bathroom waste and the additional toilet paper rolls.

Related: 25 Creative DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

To start with, find a good tree branch. It will be the toilet paper roll stand. Insert it into a galvanized watering can. Instead of a bin, use a galvanized bucket that will continue the vintage style of the accents.

via LZ Cathcart

53. Wood Paneled Walls Create A Rustic Retreat

Upscale Boathouse Bath with Shiplap Paneling #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

The shiplap paneling can be left in its weathered aged look when the size of the rustic bathroom allows it. In this case, the room is big enough to embrace the warmth and character of this lumber.

To balance the airy feel of the room, accents in light colors are evenly spread all around the room. The metal material is also part of this idea, giving the surfaces a sleek accent. When the shower curtain opens a clean walk-in shower area reveals. The white tiles give this space an airy and hygienic look.

via House Beautiful

54. Add An Ornate Frame For Cottage Shelving Chic

Vintage Wooden Framed Storage Shelves #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

This unique idea is a simple DIY project that can be incorporated in every room as long as additional storage place is needed.

Start with assembling a plain shelving unit. Close it with sides that will eventually be hidden with the large antique frame. They are an important part of the design because they give the unit a three-dimensional look.

55. Open Storage In A Wire Standing Rack

Wired for Organizing Your Bathroom Goodies #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

Most of us are used to think that hiding things in a closed cabinet create a neater look. This isn’t the case with this metal wire organizer/

The double bin design keeps the stored items safe and at the same time creates a point of interest. The top of it holds a wooden beam where decorative accents will smooth out the bold design.

via Simply 2 Moms

56. Upgrade A White Bathroom With Wood Panel Feature

Wood and White Rustic Charm Bathroom #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

If you like the shiplap panels but you can’t afford to do such a bathroom makeover, achieve the same effect by adding a backdrop that imitates it.

These wooden boards look ripped up of a cottage floor. Assembled together they create a focal point with a great rustic impact.

The presence of other rustic elements like the wicker basket, the galvanized tub storing toilet paper rolls, the knitted rug and the herb cuts, add to the homely feeling of this bathroom design.

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57. Floating Wood Shelves Highlight The Mirror Frame

Wood Works Wonders in this Rustic Bathroom #rusticbathroom #rusticdecor #decorhomeideas

When the bathroom is small try to coordinate the colors and textures so that they do not overwhelm the limited space. For example, make the shelves above the toilet from the same wood as the frame of the mirror.

In case there is an accent on an empty part of the wall, keep it in the same concept. The sign sticks to the existing color palette in order to add a cute point of interest without disrupting the general concept of the interior design.

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All these rustic bathroom ideas will help you add some rustic flair to your bathroom and create a cozier atmosphere.

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