35 Best Space-Saving Towel Storage Ideas for your Bathroom

Due to humidity and temperature differences, the bathroom is the best place for bacteria propagation. Towels are especially prone to this. If we don’t dry them properly after use, the bacteria will definitely be given a good environment to appear.

Adding the small foot space dedicated to the bathrooms, storing the towels could be a neglected challenge.

Then a reasonable question arises- how to store the towels in an organized, aesthetic and clutter-free way which will also ensure good conditions for drying and keeping them fresh in-between uses?

Best Space Saving Towel Storage Ideas Bathroom. Take a look at some smart towel storage ideas that will help you keep your bath towels fresh – and your bathroom tidy and organized. #decorhomeideas
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See below some of our favorite ideas for the storage of towels in the bathroom that will increase the organization level of this room in a stylish way.

1. Above-The-Door Towel Cubby

Above-The-Door Towel Cubby #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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If you lack any space in the bathroom for placing a rack or a shelf for the towels, have you ever considered the space between the ceiling and the door?

It is just enough to build a customized open cupboard where the clean towels can be neatly stored.

via The 2 Seasons

2. Antique Rolling Toiletry Table

Antique Rolling Toiletry Table #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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There is a way to make bathing in a tub more convenient. A side table on casters will be your assistant during the relaxing time of the day.

Use the top-level to place a glass of wine, some aromatic candles, even your cell. Put the towels you will use after the bath on the bottom level. When you are done, just move the side table to an empty corner.

via Gardeners

3. Barber’s Cabinet Bathroom Shelve

Barber’s Cabinet Bathroom Shelve #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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The vertical space above the toilet also allows adding an extra piece of storage furniture.

When the design and decor of the bathroom are impacted by the rustic style, an old, even antique cabinet will feel just right.

via House Of Turquoise

4. Double Bathroom Storage with Easy-Build Box Shelves

Double Bathroom Storage with Easy-Build Box Shelves #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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The ideas for storage on the vertical plane of the bathroom are many. There are even handmade designs that look like fantastic customized features.

These shelves have been made of plywood, additionally stained in dramatic dark color to grab the attention with their modern shape.

via Bobvila

5. Bicycle Basket Towel Holder

Bicycle Basket Towel Holder #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Upcycle an old bicycle basket by hanging it on an empty wall in the bathroom. This vintage container can store up to three large towels without taking up any of the floor space.

The holes will allow access to air so good drying after use is guaranteed.

6. Charming Chair-Mounted Towel Hang

Charming Chair-Mounted Towel Hang #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Combine the need for a towel store place with a decorative point of interest by turning the back of a vintage chair into a rack.

Add a slat at the top to use as a shelf for other bathroom accessories. A rustic corbel of the same color will make the upcycled chair look finished.

Use doorknobs or hooks to hang the used towels.

7. Country Window Repurposed Towel Rack

Country Window Repurposed Towel Rack #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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This window frame towel hanger is inspired by the simplicity of the farmhouse.

Nail some hooks on the bottom slat of the frame and you are given a place for storage of four towels.

Decorate with a wreath to keep the original intent and beauty of the window.

via Let’s DIY it All

8. DIY Bathroom Linen Shelves

DIY Bathroom Linen Shelves #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Walls planked with wood spread a rustic relaxation that doesn’t have an equivalent. Because of this effect they look especially good in the bathroom.

If you need an additional storage place for the towels in such a bathroom, then you must stick to the same style.

Three simple wooden shelves in the white cover part of the wall right next to the tub while the corbels give them an antique touch and further support.

via Ella Claire

9. DIY Small Open Shelf

DIY Small Open Shelf #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Do you like the farmhouse charm of this weathered wood bathroom shelf?

Well, it is a project you can easily do with the help of the free plans below.

The tiered design provides three wide enough levels to store towels and even some cute decor accents.

via Remodelaholic

10. Door Service Mounted Towel Bars

Door Service Mounted Towel Bars #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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One of the most affordable and good-looking ways to ensure good storage of bathroom towels is the metal bars.

They can be mounted on a wall or even on the door if the bathroom is too small.

Hanging them there will let them dry well and store them in a neat way until the next use.

11. Easy To Build Towel Rack

Easy To Build Towel Rack #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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The floating type of shelves could be another design that could be successfully incorporated in the bathroom.

The distance between the shelves can accommodate one large rolled towel.

via Designs By Studio C

12. Folded Towel Laundry Basket

Folded Towel Laundry Basket #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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A wicker basket from the Dollar store or a thrift shop can be a savor when it comes to an additional storage place for bathroom towels.

Get a wide enough basket and place it on a shelf. It won’t take up too much space but will accommodate many of the daily-used towels.

via I Heart Organizing

13. Linen Closet Organizing

Linen Closet Organizing #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Increase the storage space of the bathroom closet by sliding in shoe storage shelves.

via The Creativity Exchange

14. Manhattan Hotel Stainless Steel Towel Stand

Manhattan Hotel Stainless Steel Towel Stand #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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This towel stand is suitable for a bathroom countertop. Each time a small towel for face or hands is used, it is placed on a ring of the stand to dry and be ready for the next use.

via Jenna Burger

15. Newsstand Style Towel & Toiletries Rack

Newsstand Style Towel Toiletries Rack #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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The combination between an old ladder and milk wire baskets couldn’t be better.

This unique stand can be leaned against a wall or fixed permanently. Each level provides different in size space for storage of bathroom accessories, including towels.

The air access will ensure proper storage and quick dry of the wet fabric.

16. Open Wardrobe Towel and Linen Storage

Open Wardrobe Towel and Linen Storage #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Do you have an old wardrobe? Turn it easily into a suitable storage piece of furniture for towels and linen.

All you need to do is to replace the glass with chicken wire to allow air access. Plus, chicken wire is the perfect addition to the rustic finish of the wood.

via My Design Chic

17. Railway Crate Repurposed Shelving Unit

Railway Crate Repurposed Shelving Unit #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Here is an idea of how to utilize the leftover pallet slats and turn them into a useful storage place for the bathroom.

The design of this open shelving unit is not difficult. Just make a layout drawing according to your space allowances and start preparing the materials.

If you don’t like the weathered look, paint a few thick coats in a color that will suit the decor.

18. Repurposed Washtub Towel Storage

Repurposed Washtub Towel Storage #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Adding two wood boards to a vintage tub quickly makes it a wall-mounted towel storage piece.

Each compartment can accommodate at least four towels.

19. Room Service Style Tiered Bathroom Stand

Room Service Style Tiered Bathroom Stand #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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If you have some free space on the countertop of the bathroom sink, you can place a tiered shelf unit to organize the towels and the most used cosmetics in one place.

Depending on the interior and your style preferences, you can either make a customized unit that will add rustic vibes to the space or get one from the market.

via Happiness is Homemade

20. Schooner Chic Suspended Shelves

Schooner Chic Suspended Shelves #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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This stylish shelf unit can be fixed right above the toilet or above the tub. Each tier is made of a glossy white wood board. However, the thick rope used for suspension gives the unit a rustic chic.

Since the design of the unit doesn’t allow bearing too much load, it can be used for the organization of the most commonly used accessories.

via Amber Interior Design

21. Ship’s Deck Block Style Shelves

Ship’s Deck Block Style Shelves #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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This rack will cost you no money but will have a great impact on the bathroom if you have some pallet slats or barn wood left in the garage.

Start by attaching two long slats together. Then add small boards along their height to form the shelves. Each board is attached to the base with small laths and nails.

22. Simple Shelving Towel Storage Ideas

Simple Shelving Towel Storage Ideas #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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In case there is a niche in the bathroom intended for decoration, you can remodel it into a built-in shelf unit.

This upgrade will solve the issue with the lack of additional storage place and will contribute to a clutter-free look.

23. Spa Sophistication Glass Divided Towel Bars

Spa Sophistication Glass Divided Towel Bars #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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If the bathroom is equipped with glass dividers, continue the sophisticated design line with a glass shelf unit.

Although narrow, the unit is quite high and thus it can accommodate the towels of the whole family.

via Patricia Gray

24. Tiered Trio Ascending Towel Baskets

Tiered Trio Ascending Towel Baskets #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Such ascending baskets can be mounted either above the toilet or above the tub.

Use them for storage of the accessories that are related to the space. Towels, toilet paper, cotton buds, shampoo, etc.

via Amazon

25. Treehouse Ladder Hanging Towel Display

Treehouse Ladder Hanging Towel Display #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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If you prefer decor that shows the personal touch and has an individual style, you can achieve both of these by making a towel hanger from branches and a thick cord.

The design looks like a ladder and is suitable for hanging on a wall or a door.

26. Tucked-Away Wall Unit Towel Unit

Tucked-Away Wall Unit Towel Unit #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Even the narrowest space in the bathroom can become a space-saving shelf for the storage of towels.

Make a vertical wood box unit and insert it into a niche. That niche can be faux or made into an architectural column.

27. Uptown Classic Wooden Block Style Towel Shelves

Uptown Classic Wooden Block Style Towel Shelves #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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This block style shelf unit provides four levels for storage in the bathroom that can easily accommodate the towels used by the whole family.

Because of its open concept, the towels have enough air access that will keep them fresh.

28. Versailles Jardin Scrollwork Towel Rack

Versailles Jardin Scrollwork Towel Rack #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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This small vintage holder can be placed on the countertop without taking up too much space. Each hole can store one rolled towel.

The fine fretwork will surely attract attention, especially when placed on the vanity. If you go for a stand for the countertop, there shouldn’t be any compromise with the design of the towel holder.

29. Vertical Towel Holder

Vertical Towel Holder #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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Looking for a more contemporary design for a towel holder? Combine rustic and industrial in this outstanding wall-mounted rack.

This is an easy and affordable storage feature that could be made even by a DIY beginner. One well sanded wood slat and a pipe could easily solve the issue with the clutter and organization in the bathroom.

30. Vintage Office Multi-Size Basket Stand

Vintage Office Multi-Size Basket Stand #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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This is another idea of how to use old items and make them useful and unique decor.

A tall ladder becomes the support for ascending wire baskets for the storage of towels. It is leaned against the wall, right next to the sink to make the bathroom activities more comfortable.

via Miss Thin

31. Western Wash Basket Hanging Towel Holder

Western Wash Basket Hanging Towel Holder #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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This non-standard towel holder can be placed above the toilet or above the tub.

Fix a rustic corbel to the wall and then hang the basket using a cord or a decorative silk ribbon.

Start arranging the towels from the bottom and if there is any space left, use it to add the storage feature a further decorative function. You can place a photo frame or a mirror.

via Quirk Madame

32. Workman’s Ladder Wooden Towel Holder

Workman’s Ladder Wooden Towel Holder #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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You know the rule, when space is limited, start thinking vertically. In this case, a small ladder has been put onto the toilet to store the towels.

If you like this rustic upcycling idea, don’t forget to use proper hardware for securing it well to the wall.

33. Woven Provincial Rolled Towel Basket

Woven Provincial Rolled Towel Basket #bathroom #towel #storage #decorhomeideas
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If the vanity countertop is overcrowded and the space is not enough for a shelving unit, the towels can be stored in a compact way in a basket.

The wicker baskets are affordable and surely long-lasting so the small investment made will be worthwhile.

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