80 Smart Organizing and Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home

Are you short on space? Do you have too much stuff randomly placed in the rooms? Whichever of these the case with you is, you must be looking for a way to organize and de-clutter each room.

There are storage solutions for various items, sizes and shapes. Using them to organize the items that seem as not belonging there or are piled up creating a messy look, will instantly tidy up the space and bring you relief from having a clutter-free and welcoming home.

Best Organizing And Storage Ideas Entire Home. Limited on space or have too much stuff to deal with? These storage solutions will help you de-clutter every room in your home. #decorhomeideas

Do you want to see our tips for the storage and organization of the entire home? Don’t wait anymore!

Organize Your Kitchen

1. Reorganizing Plastic Bags for Pantry Storage

Tack Your Plastic Bags To The Inside Of Your Pantry #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Instead of filling a drawer with the plastic bags, hang their containers onto the internal side of the pantry door. Use thumbtacks or nails.

2. Versatile Storage Solutions from the Dollar Store

Bring Out Those Magazine Holders Again #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The file or magazine holders from the Dollar store are cheap and universal storage solutions.

Used in the kitchen, they can store the cutting boards, the wrapping or baking paper packages, etc.

via Chica and Jo

3. Creative Tea Storage Solutions for Tea Lovers

Make A Tea Tin With Dividers #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

If you are a tea addict, then you must have a big collection of tea flavors.

Instead of piling the carton boxes onto the kitchen countertop, put the tea bags into a repurposed tin box that will store them all far more tightly.

via Hi and Hello

4. Store Veggies and Fruits in Drawers for a Tidier Kitchen

Keep Your Veggies In A Drawer #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Store your veggies and fruits in drawers instead of on the countertop. Once you hide them from the sight, the kitchen will look far tidier.

Plus, the products will be well protected from dirt.

via Charish

5. Easy Way to Get Your Cleaning Supplies Organized

Install Tension Rods #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

This hack is very simple to be incorporated in any kitchen where the cleaning detergents take up an entire cabinet and yet it is very difficult to find what you are looking for.

The spray nozzles can be used for hanging onto a tension rod. Placed higher into the cabinet, it will create a second level for storage.

via Made From Pinterest

6. Maximize Storage with Vertical Tension Rods

Vertical Tension Rods #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The tension rods can be also used vertically to create compartments for the storage of trays, cutting boards and other similar stuff.

Thus, they will take up less space and will be more organized.

via Good Housekeeping

7. Optimize Your Space with Adjustable Pegboard Dowels

Use A Pegboard Organizer In Your Drawers #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The pegboards give the opportunity to adjust the dowels in a way that suits your needs most. You can use them in every space, even in the kitchen.

via Houzz

8. Clever Way to Use Egg Cartons

Store Your K-Cups In An Egg Carton #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The applications of the egg cartons are numerous and fantastic. Here is another inspiration of how to use them to organize the K-cups at home.

via The Joyful Organizer

9. Repurpose Hanger Clips for Storing Open Food Packages

Make Your Own Chip Clips #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Store the open food packages well with a repurposed clip. Take the clips of a hanger and just close the package.

10. Organize Your Cookie Cutters for Optimal Accessibility

Organize Cookie Cutters With A Paper Towel Rack #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The time for baking cookies is coming. Where do you store your cookie cutters?

I bet that you find it difficult to find all the shapes you have. You can organize them easily and find the cutter you need by inserting them onto a paper towel rack.

via BHG

11. Make Meal Prep Easier with Lazy Susan Trays!

Get A Rotating Food Tray #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The Lazy Susan trays come to help in spaces where access is limited or difficult.

They can be used on the top levels of the refrigerator and save you time from reaching to grab the sauce bottle in the deepest corner.

12. Label Your Spice Jars for Faster Cooking

Label Ingredients With Chalkboard Paint #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

If you are using identical jars for the storage of spices and dry herbs, mark their lids to save time from taking out each jar until you find what you are looking for.

Paint the lid with chalkboard paint and simply write the name of the spice contained in the jar.

Organize Your Clothing

13. Utilize Bedroom Door as Scarf Storage Solution

Organize Your Scarves With Shower Curtain Rings #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Use the bedroom door as an extra storage space. Hang rods and put curtain rings on them. Thus you can neatly store and display the scarf collection.

14. Store Your Belts and Ties in Style

Make Your Own Tie Holder #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Use the compartments of a coke crate to store accessories like belts and ties. This crate can be very helpful also for the storage of underwear, jewelry, scarves, etc.

via Rain On a Tin Roof

15. Make More Room in Your Drawer with a PVC Pipe Organizer

Organize Underwear In Pvc Pipes #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

PVC pipes can be helpful not only in their general application. Repurposing them into a drawer organizer, they can store separately identical items in a very neat way.

Store your underwear, your jewelry, your belts, your ties, anything that would otherwise be thrown or piled up in the drawer.

via Infarrantly Creative

16. Keep your Flip-Flops in Order with Letter Stands

Use A Letter Organizer For Your Flip Flops And Sandals #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

If your flip-flops are scattered on the shoe rack, you can finally organize them with letter stands.

17. Practical and Versatile Organization Solution: Cork Board

Time To Bring Out The Corkboard Again #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Cork is affordable and very helpful material when it comes to organization.

A large board of it can be hung on a wall or attached to the internal side of a cupboard or cabinet and store various items.

via Look What I did

18. Use Pipe Cleaners for a Low-Cost Fix

Stop Your Clothes From Falling Off Your Hangars #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The link below introduces an easy and very affordable trick for how to stop your clothes from falling off from the hangers.

Get a few packages of pipe cleaners from the Dollar Store and weave one on each side of the hanger. Easy, isn’t it?

via In My Own Style

19. Hack the System and Save Money

Store Your Shoes The Easy Way #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Using a plastic bottle as a shoe organizer is not only a great hack but also an environment-friendly solution.

Just cut the necks of the bottles and insert a pair of shoes in each bottle.

20. DIY Cable Holder for All Your Gadgets

Create A Diy Cable Box #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Nowadays we possess many gadgets that are all charged with almost identical cables.

You can organize them all and easily recognize the cable you need with this DIY cable holder.

via Darkroom and Dearly

21. Travel Organizer for Neatly Storing Clothes and Accessories

Ohuhu Travel Organizers #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

This travel organizer has compartments that can store neatly large clothes keeping them wrinkle-free and small accessories like belts, socks, underwear.

It can be used also used as an extra storage bed under the bed.

via Amazon

Organize Your Cords

22. Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls Into Cable Holders

Put Your Cords Inside Toilet Paper Tubes #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Upcycle the toilet paper rolls by turning them into cable holders.

Use washi tape to decorate them.

via One Good Thing

23. Label Cables for Easy Organization

Label Your Cords #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Use bright labels to mark each cable in a sheaf. Make sure to use a different color for each cable to find and remember them easily.

via Yes Missy

24. Repurpose Bread Tags for Cable Labeling

Use Plastic Bread Tags #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Another way to mark the cables of the appliances or media is to repurpose the bread tags into labels.

Simply write the name of the gadget the cable belongs to with a permanent pen.

via Makezine

25. Keep Your Cables Tidy and Organized

Neatly Conceal Your Power Cord In A Shoebox #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Give the charge cables a good look by storing them in a decorated shoebox.

Make a hole for each cable to go through ad be easily pulled out. Place the box next to a wall plug.

26. Create a Multifunctional Cable Holder with Binder Clips

Run Your Cords Through Binder Clips #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Repurpose the binder clips into a multifunctional cable holder. Simply mark them with the name of the item they belong to and clip them to the desk.

They will not only let you quickly identify the cables but will also hold them tight limiting them from falling down.

via Everyday Dishes

27. Keep Family Electronics Organized and Charged

Create A Family Charging Station #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

This station is very easy to do and is a genius way to keep all the family electronics at one place while being invisibly charged.

via Driven by Decor

28. Store More than Just Shoes in Your Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer To The Rescue Again #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The shoe organizers can store far more things than just shoes. Depending on the room they will be placed, you can use each compartment for storage.

via I Heart Organizing

29. Create the Perfect Phone Holder for Your Needs

Turn A Used Lotion Bottle Into A Beautiful Holder For Charging A Cell Phone #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Believe it or not, this is not an item you can buy, you can only make it yourself!

Some mod podge, an interesting piece of fabric and a lotion bottle cut into a pattern create a holder that will keep the cell phone safe while being charged.

via Make It Love It

Organize Your Hair, Jewelry, and Beauty Supplies

30. Never Lose a Hair Tie Again

Use A Carabiner To Get Your Hair Ties Organized #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

How often do you lose your hair ties? By storing them on a carabiner, you will easily find them.

via The Middle Flipper

31. A New Way to Store and Display Your Perfumes

Use A Spice Rack To Display Your Perfume Bottles #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Use a spice rack as a perfume display. It will give you a few levels for storage and will de-clutter the vanity.

via StyleCaster

32. Neatly Store Make-Up Brushes with a Toothbrush Holder

Store Makeup Brushes In A Toothbrush Holder #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

This is a very smart hack for how to neatly storage the make-up brushes and keep them clean for their next usage.

Just repurpose a toothbrush holder into a make-up rack.

via Saecca

33. Transform Any Container into a Make-up Organizer

Fill A Vase With Coffee Beans For Your Brushes #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Any container can be turned into a make-up organizer as long as it is filled with material that will let thrusting of the items.

For example, a glass vase filled with coffee beans or colored sand will keep the brushes standing and stored at one place.

34. Organize Your Makeup Like a Professional

Use A Kitchen Utensil Tray #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

If you store your makeup in a drawer, then you must spend a lot of time finding what you are looking for.

Instead of letting the items roll freely in the drawer, limit that and organize them with the kitchen utensil organizers.

via JennySue Make up

35. Create an Elegant Jewelry Organizer with a Wooden Hanger

Use An Old Wooden Hangar To Store Your Necklaces #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The organizers of jewelry must be well thought because they not only have to keep it in one place but also store each piece separately.

The idea for repurposing a wooden hanger into a necklace and earrings organizer will give you both. Just put in screw hangers on the bottom side and hang your collection.

36. Transform a Cork Board into a DIY Jewelry Organizer

Or Try A Corkboard #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Another DIY jewelry organizer could be the corkboard. It is very easy to transform it into a storage place only by inserting furniture or thumbtacks.

via Hello Beauty Blog

37. Affordable Jewelry Storage Solution for Your Home

Jewelry Travel Solution Pill Box #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

You don’t have to invest a lot of money into organizers. You can store properly your stuff in a very affordable way.

A pillbox for less than 5$ could organize all of your rings and earrings.

via How To Have It All

38. Store All of Your Hair Accessories in a File Holder

Use A Magazine Holder In An Unconventional Way #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Dressing up a plain file or magazine holder could turn it into an accent with a functional application.

Used in the bedroom, it can store all of the hair accessories.

via Cosmopolitan

39. Gain Extra Storage Space with an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Use Hanging Shoe Organizers For Just About Everything #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Depending on the room the shoe organizer will be placed in, it can quickly become an extra storage space.

The advantages of this organizer come with its mounting over the door and plenty of compartments for storage. Its price is also quite low!

40. Organize Your Make-up Palettes with Desk File Organizers

Store Your Makeup Palettes With A Desk File Organizer #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

If you regularly use make-up palettes, then you would enjoy this display idea.

The desk file organizers will keep all of the larger palettes in one place and close at hand.

via Cosmopolitan

41. Create Space in Your Vanity Drawer with a Magnetic Board

Magnetize It #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

If there is no space in the vanity drawer for the entire make-up collection, you can make yourself a magnetic board.

Replace the canvas of a picture with a metal sheet. Decorate it with wrapping paper to give it a decorative value. To attach the make-up products to it, glue small magnetic pieces on their bottoms.

via Laura Thoughts

42. Utilizing Magnetic Tape for Effective Storage Solutions

Use Magnetic Tape To Hold Bobby Pins And Other Small Metallic Items #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

We have seen magnetic tape used in the kitchen for the organization of the kitchen utensils.

Well, it can be used anywhere as long as storage of metal-based items is required.

via Superwoman

43. Get Organized with Paper Clip Holders

Use A Paperclip Holder Instead #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

If the magnetic tape is not to your taste, then get a paperclip organizer and fill it with bobby pins.

via Explosion

44. Compact Storage for Your Bathroom Essentials

Store Your Hairdryer In A Pvc Pipe #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Spray paint a PVC pipe to make it’s industrial look more attractive and store the hairdryer and straightener compactly in the bathroom.

via Etsy

45. Organize Hair-Dressing Appliances with Cabinet Hooks

Use The Inside Of Your Cabinet Doors #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The inside of the cabinets in any room could be turned into another storage place.

These cheap hooks sealed on the sink cabinet in the bathroom can organize all the hair-dressing appliances in one place.

via Make It My Own

Organize Your Office Supplies

46. Organize Your Home Desk with Cupcake Trays

Use An Old Muffin Tin #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Working from home could be a challenge. However, make it more pleasant by organizing the supplies of your home desk with things you already have on hand.

The cupcake tray provides you with at least 6 nests to store separately all the office supplies you use.

via Tattered Style

47. Improve Office Organization with Drawer Dividers

Try Using Drawer Dividers #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

If you prefer to store the office supplies hidden from the sight, use a drawer divider to find and access what you need easily.

via HGTV

48. Construct a DIY Food Tin Pyramid Storage Rack

Make An Empty Tin Can Organizer #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Stack food tins in a pyramid pattern using a hot glue gun. The handmade rack will have a small footprint but will be able to store most of the office supplies because of its tiered design.

49. No Crafting Skills Required

Use A Shoe Box And Toilet Paper Rolls #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Decorate a shoebox with paper or fabric on the outside. Then place toilet paper rolls in it. You can secure their bottoms to the box with hot glue.

via Southern Living

50. Create a Unique Desk Organizer Using Cork Trivets

Store Pens Upright In Cork Trivets #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The step-by-step tutorial below gives us the opportunity to make ourselves a stylish and non-traditional desk organizer from cork trivets.

via Design For Mankind

51. Handcrafted Tree Stump Office Supplies Organizer

Create An Organizer Out Of A Tree Stump #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

This organizer is a handmade product that contains compartments for the most often used office supplies.

If you like its rustic and natural design, find a tree stump and hollow out the storage sections with proper tools.

52. Reuse Altoid Tins for Practical Office Organization

Organize Your Supplies Into Altoids Tins #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The design of the altoid tins lets easy stacking without risk of sliding. They can be also aligned horizontally in a drawer.

To repurpose them into organizers, label them with the name of the items they hold.

via Flickr

53. Get Creative with Your Home Office Schedule Display Ideas

Organize Your Schedule On A Clothesline #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Do you miss your office whiteboard? This idea for a schedule display will do as well in your home office.

via BHG

54. Perfect for Any Office

Use Pails For Incoming And Outgoing Mail Tasks #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

These buckets have been repurposed into incoming and outgoing mail containers.

If your work doesn’t involve such communication, they can be used to store the notebooks, pads or files.

via BHG

55. Create a Multi-Purpose Command Station for Your Family

Keep The Family Organized With This Great Diy Command Station #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Make yourself an impressive and multifunctional command station for less than 15$.

It has a bulletin board, magnetic part, chalkboard and key holder- shortly all you need to organize the family tasks at one visible place!

via Crazy Little Projects

Organize Your Craft Room

56. Create a Cozy DIY Craft Station in Your Closet

Redo Your Craft Closet With This Easy Diy Project #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Are you a DIY addict? Then, you must be eager to have your own craft station.

The closet can be transformed into a workplace by adding shelves, a pegboard and storage baskets.

via Beneath My Heart

57. Optimize Your Craft Space with an Easy-Access Supply Rack

Use A Spice Rack Holder For Craft Supplies #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Instead of keeping semi-full packs with small craft supplies, gather the identical ones at one place.

Place the rack onto your desk or onto your craft station countertop.

58. Wine Rack Doubles as a Craft Supplies Organizer

Use A Wine Rack To Store Your Yarn #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

A wine rack could turn into a fantastic craft supplies organizer! It has many and deep enough compartments.

This rack can be also used for storage and organization in the bedroom or in the closet.

via Pretty Prudent

59. Store Your Yarns Efficiently with a DIY Yarn Organizer

Another Option #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

This DIY yarn organizer offers larger compartments that aim to store yarns belonging to one palette in one place.

via Repeat Crafter Me

60. Perfect Storage Solution for Higher Levels

Store Craft Supplies In Vintage Candy Jars #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The candy jars from the Dollar Store could be your solution for storing items on higher levels. Their design allows easier access to the content.

61. Keep Your Ribbons Organized with a DIY Ribbon Holder

Make A Ribbon Holder Use Curtain Rods And Lengths Of Chain #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

This DIY ribbon holder is not only an organizer. It actually doesn’t limit the rotation of each ribbon so you can cut the length you need without dismantling the rod.

via In My Own Style

62. Make Crafts Sparkle with Glitter Salt Shakers

Store Glitter In Salt Shakers #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Salt shakers are a great organizer and dispenser of craft glitter!

via Organize Things

63. Repurpose A Sugar Dispenser for Craft Room Organization

Put Twine In A Sugar Dispenser #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Another kitchen item that can be useful in the craft room is the sugar dispenser.

Place a twine in it and pull the end through the lid hole. This repurposed organizer will keep the twine from unraveling.

64. Convenient Spool Organizer for Easy Thread Access

Put Twine In A Mason Jar #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

This twine organizer lets you easily access and work with 8 spools. Drill the lid to insert a bolt or a short metal dowel that will hold the spools.

Drill holes onto the lid to pull through the end of each thread.

via A Casarella

65. Creative Storage Idea for Small Twine Spools

Store Twine Using A Picture Frame #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Here is an idea of how to charmingly store the smaller twine spools. Attach screw hooks on each side of the frames which will hold wooden dowels.

Then insert the spools on each dowel.

via 32 Turns

66. Creating a Unique Decorative Piece with Upcycled Plastic Bottles

Use Old Plastic Bottles To Store Ribbon And Twine #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Cut plastic bottles into halves. Then put in ribbon spools and pull the end of each through a small cut at the side of the plastic.

To make sure that the two bottles are well attached together, use rubber bands.

67. Never Lose a Needle Again

Store Knitting Needles In A Binder #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Knitting and sewing needles don’t have feet but they do get lost very easily! With this storage idea, this won’t happen again.

Get a folder and fill it with transparent file bags. Label each bag the size of the knitting accessory it holds.

68. Organize Scrapbooking Supplies with Hangers in Closets

Hang Your Scrapbooking Supplies In A Closet #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Hang your scrapbooking supplies on hangers and organize them in an empty space of the closet.

via BHG

69. Organization Made Simple

Use Tick Tic Tac Containers For Ribbons #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The Tic Tac containers come to help you organize the smallest ribbon spools.

Each container can hold only one spool. Pull the end through the hole and use as needed.

via Pretty Prudent

Organize Your Kids’ Stuff

70. Keep Your Kid’s Room Clean and Organized

Store Plush Toys Using A Shoe Organizer #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The shoe organizer can help with the de-clutter task in the kids’ room. Placed over the door, it can store plush toys or smaller toys and accessories.

71. Create a Themed Plush Toy Storage with a Swing

Build A Plush Animal Swing #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

If you want storage in the kids’ room to look more attractive and thematic, you can make a swing. Having three levels, it can accommodate most of the larger plush toys.

via It’s Always Autumn

72. Repurpose an Old Ladder for Additional Toy Storage

Use A Ladder With Baskets To Store Stuffed Animals And Other Toys. #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Repurposing an old ladder into an additional storage place is a functional and very appealing solution.

Leaning one against a wall of the kids’ room will differentiate a small nook for storage of toys.

via HGTV

73. Keep Your Balls in Place with a Bungee Cord

Try Some Bungee Cord Storage #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Want to keep the balls in one place? It sounds easy but not if you want them stored vertically!

The thing that will keep them from rolling all around is the bungee cord.

via Designed To Dwell

74. Tension Cords for Every Need

More Toys Storage #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The bungee cords can be used anywhere where the compartment is opened and there is a possibility of the items falling out.

via The Giggle Garden

75. Smart Storage Hack for Bath Toys

Store Bath Toys The Easy Way #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The easiest way to make a small kid like having a bath is to include toys in the whole process.

Drying them each time takes a lot of time, so here is a smart storage hack that will store all of them without taking any of the bathroom floor and will also ensure self-draining and drying.

via 8 Foot Six

76. Maximize Kids’ Room Storage with a Suspended Toy Rack

Repurpose A Plant Hanger For Childrens Toys #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

This is a similar idea for a suspended storage place for toys. This time it is used in the kids’ room as a way to increase the storage places without taking any of the floor space.

via DIY Inspired

77. Smart and Convenient Storage Solution for Board Games

Keep Game Board Pieces In Their Places #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

One of the easiest and smartest solutions for storing all of the board game pieces is this one- storage in a plastic bag that is attached to the back of the game board.

via Infarrantly Creative

78. Keep All of Your Child’s Toys in One Place

Store Plush Animals In A Bean Bag Cover #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Lift the storage to another level and give it also the functionality. Get a bean bag cover and fill it in with all the plush toys.

via Come Together Kids

79. Optimize Toy Storage with Plastic Boxes

Put Pictures On Plastic Bins So That Children Understand Where To Put Their Toys #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Store the smaller toys in plastic boxes. Their design allows stacking vertically which is an optimized storage solution.

Mark each box with a picture to let the kids easily understand what has to be put in there.

via Family Ever After Blog

80. Transform Toy Containers into Educational Fun!

Label Cubbies Or Bins With Letters So Children Can Learn #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Use the front of the toys containers as a learning board. Write all letters and numbers and use the game method to let them study the signs.

via Project Nursery

81. Make Road Trips More Fun for Kids with Toy Storage Solutions

Organize Kids Stuff On A Road Trip #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Make traveling with kids more pleasant by organizing the toys in containers at close reach.

Attach to the window shower cubbies with suction cups and put all the stuff your kid will want to play with during the trip there.

via Moser Moments

82. Showcase Your Kids’ Art with Clipboard Wall Displays

Display Your Kids Artwork On Clipboards #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Dedicating a special place for your kid’s art is very cute, however, it is always not enough. We have found a great idea!

Make a display with clipboards that will let you regularly change the displayed arts of your kids.

via Clean and Scentsible

83. Maximize Garage Space with Styrofoam Board

Create Pincushion For Your Tools #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Are your bits and tool pieces organized? If not, here is a smart idea that will put them all in one place and will give you visibility and easy access to them.

Glue a styrofoam board onto a plywood piece and then attach it to the garage wall.

via Family Handyman

84. Easily Store Paint Swatches with a Screw Hook

Mount Paint Swatches On A Hook #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

If you want to save the paint swatches that have been used for your home, here is a space-saving and easy idea to do that.

Mount a screw hook somewhere and insert the paints swatches on a key ring.

via Hi Sugarplum

85. Transform Cans into Creative Home Storage Solutions

Recycle Your Tin Cans #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

The tin cans are a supply of various crafts that help with the home organization.

You can paint them, decoupage them or decorate them with washi tape to let them fit into the existing interior.

via Hi Sugarplum

86. Wall-Mounted Belt Rack for Wrenches

Use A Belt Rack For Your Wrenches #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Attach a belt rack to a wall in the garage and hang the wrenches on it. It is a very affordable and easy way to organize the tools.

via Family Handyman

87.  Hold Items in an Eye-Catching Way

Get These Adorable Tennis Balls To Hold Your Keys And Other Loose Items #organization #storage #home #decorhomeideas

Such a cute storage idea is the best way to make your kid become more organized.

Make a slot in the tennis balls that will imitate a mouth and will actually hold the items. You can either paint the eyes with a marker or sharpie or glue felt dots instead.

via PG Good Everyday

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