25 Creative Pantry Door Ideas To Keep Everything In Perfect Order

The pantry door is most often overlooked when it comes to design and this is a decor mistake because actually, it is one of the important kitchen elements.

Its size and location are perfect to create a bold statement reflecting your personal style and preferences.

Best Pantry Door Ideas. Whether you're thinking of a full-fledged kitchen makeover or just making a few tiny tweaks to freshen up your kitchen and get organized, these pantry door ideas will help you out. #decorhomeideas

There are many pantry door ideas and designs but the best ones are collected here.

Whether small or big pantry, there are pantry door designs that will quickly transform it into an impacting decor piece.

From rustic barndoors to frosted glass doors, you will find the design that works best for your pantry.

1. Hang Any Door Like a Barn Door

A Hard Working Multi Duty Door with Style #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

This stunning front door has been repurposed into a pantry door to bring in rustic charm.

The carvings in the wood, the dark brown color and vintage mirror panels compliment the surrounding interior and at the same time let the pantry door stand out.

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2. Pantry Door With Monochromatic Color & Black Accents

Add Character and Let Everyone Know What's Behind the Door #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

A simple vinyl sign added on the clean wooden surface of your rustic pantry door can make it more charming.

A clear statement of the application of the space behind it is straight-forwarded and impressive.

The font of the letters is very important as it has to match the style of the door and the existing décor.

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3. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Gets Vintage Pantry Door

An Eye-Catching Kitchen Pantry Door #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

The pastel color palette best reflects the farmhouse charm.

The welcoming vibe of this modern farmhouse kitchen embraces the distressed pantry door with a mixture of soft colors.  

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4. Pantry Door Has Mid-Century Office Vibe

Back to the Past: The Doctor Is In #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

The simple “Pantry” sign sealed on the frosted glass panel distinguishes the pantry from the rest of the space in a retro classic way.

The dark brown color blends with one of the hues of the flooring to unite the spaces.

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5. Barn Door Covers a Wide Pantry

Beautifully Functional Barn Door #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

If you like how practical the barn door is and what an amazing farmhouse charm it adds to the space, then imagine what two barn doors would do?

Double pantry doors consist of two independent panels hinged to the metal rod.

They can be moved in opposite directions or in the same if there are space limits.

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6. Pantry Lights Shine Through Frosted Glass

Boldly Label Your Pantry Door #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

This is a more classic look of a double pantry door. It is also known as a double leaf door or French door. This type can be more appropriate for smaller pantries where improvement of the efficiency in the space is needed.

Two vinyl signs decorate the top part of the frosted glass panels to let the otherwise blended with the existing interior doors stand out.

via Southern Hospitality

7. Matching Door & Casing Gives Pantry Mod Look

Chic Separation with Clear Purpose #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

Frosted glass doors are great for pantries located in a small kitchen. The blurred glass leaves the things behind hidden and improves the airiness and brightness indoors.

Yet, a clear bold sign pantry will help all of you know what is behind the door!

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8. Barn Door Split for Narrow Wall

Double Sliding Barn Door Joy #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

The small opening of the pantry doesn’t limit your dream of a double barn door. You can have it made from two narrower door sections, individually hinged to a metal bar.

You can accentuate the top support with an additional decorative wooden beam to give the door an enhanced rustic look.

This idea is also very practical for small closets.

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9. Handcrafted Pantry Door Is an Art Piece

Hand Carved Pantry Door #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

The bold blue color of the frame of this antique door adds so much brightness to the neutrally decorated kitchen.

The combination of glass painted panels, wooden ornaments and carved lines make the door a masterpiece.

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10. Antique Pantry Door Windows Showcase Dinnerware

Introduce a Vintage Element for Your Pantry Door #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

In a modern farmhouse kitchen, metal and wood are best friends. Seen in combinations mostly on the main décor elements, they create a simple structure but memorable design.

The pantry door here is the perfect representative of this collaboration. The wooden part of the door and the metal bars supporting the glass panel are united by a mellow coastal color.

Damages on the paint are left untreated to add an authentic distressed look.

via Milk Paint

11. Standard Door Hung Like Barn Door

Is There a Pantry or a Room Behind This Door? #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

The barn door type is one of the most preferred pantry door designs because of its functionality and décor impact.

Especially in small spaces, the barn door doesn’t have a substitute because of its sliding characteristic which doesn’t take up the free space.

Barn doors can be customized in a color that suits the surrounding décor. White is great being neutral and easy to match any style of kitchen cabinets.

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12.  Pantry Door Gets Vibrant Antique Paint Finish

Just Make it Red and then Antique It #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

The pantry door can be used to create a statement in the neutral kitchen. This is an affordable and quick kitchen makeover idea for a refreshed interior.

Choose a bold color such as red and apply to the wood. Stencil the word “pantry” with acrylic paint. If you doubt your skills, you can always apply a vinyl sign.

via Under a Texas Sky

13. Frosted Panel Door Gets Pop of Color

Keep It Private, but Make It Interesting #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

The standard interior door consisting of a wooden frame and frosted glass panel can be given a bright makeover with a bold paint color. Red, blue, green and yellow is preferred for interior accents.

This farmhouse kitchen needs a statement piece that matches the casual concept of the style. Red is perfect for this purpose as it is related to the outdoor finish of the buildings.

A vinyl word sign of the small size and in a hand-written script coordinate with the authentic décor.

via The 2 Seasons

14. Pantry Door Becomes Built-in Shelving

Make the Door a Storage Unit in Its Own Right #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

Whether to increase the storage places in the kitchen or to match the pantry door with the kitchen décor such as the existing kitchen cabinets, the shallow box type of a door works perfectly.

The hollow section between the two elements accommodates 5 tiers for storage. Glass panel is a must if you want to show the decoration stored.

15. Chalk Paint Adds a Message Board

Make Your Pantry Door Do Double Duty #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

Another inspiring pantry door idea with its functionality and noticeable design. One of the most traditional front door types is repurposed into an interior door by replacing the glass pane in an arched shape with a chalkboard.

The bright blue color erases the boring brown color and enhances the visual accent of the chalkboard piece.

via Beyond The Picket Fence

16. French Pantry Doors Have Warm Natural Finish

Natural, Inviting, and Revealing Pantry Door Idea #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

If you go for a pantry door design that showcases what is stored there, you should be very strict with the pantry organization.

The design of this double leaf door features narrow window panels. No need of a sign what the application of this nook is as you can clearly see the pantry shelf and the items stored.

Don’t forget to also add décor pieces on the shelves to make the pantry look like a belonging part of your kitchen.

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17. Hang a Seasonal Wreath on Your Pantry Door

Pantry Door With Wreath #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

This idea is one of the most impressive ones and is surely one of the easiest to be made. Simply add a wreath on the pantry door. Even the plainest wooden door will become more appealing with this simple addition.

In case you want to define the application of this door, you can add a sign. The perfect place for it will be above the door where it will be clearly seen and not overwhelming and ruining the décor impact created by the wreath.

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18. Pantry Doors Have Classic Leaded Glass Panels

See-Through Leaded Glass Insert Doors #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

A quick door remodels idea which can be implemented on the pantry door in case it consists of glass panes.

Cords are stretched diagonally and then united in the middle by a small gem. This embellishment creates a visual illusion of a leaded glass which adds so much elegance and style.

via Red Head Can Decorate

19. Pantry Door as Kitchen Cabinet Extension

Take the Challenge to be Bold and Stylish #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

This narrow pantry door needs help to stand out from the kitchen décor. Especially because of its position, it can be easily missed.

Make the pantry a special part of your home with a bold big “pantry” sign. You can get it ready made from vinyl and seal it on the etched or frosted glass.

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20. Distressed Pantry Door Flaunts Rustic Style

Take the Distressed Look to the Extreme #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

Do you need an enhanced country feel in the kitchen to make it more inviting? Do it by replacing the plain pantry door with a weathered wooden door.

Distressing is a great technique to give the door an antique look. Complement it with a simple pantry sign from vinyl or wood for an extra dose of the farmhouse.

via Rafter House

21. Pantry With a Classic Barnwood Door

The Beautiful Sliding Barn Door #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

Barn doors were ones out of the trend but nowadays they are the most common means to make the kitchen interior more country classy.

This pantry barn door design features a subtle grey and white hues creating a distressed finish. The door blends harmoniously with the interior where there are other grey and white elements.

via The Gardening Cook

22. Modern Farmhouse Pantry Gets Modern Barn Door

The Non-Barn-Door Barn Door #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

This door mimics the barn door when it comes to mounting.

The herringbone pattern of the slats alignment gives the typical rustic door a modern touch. The interesting design is complemented by decorations staying on the adjacent wall surfaces to make it blend with the décor.

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23. Inspire Doodling With Chalk Paint Pantry Door

Turn the Pantry Door into an Art Space #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

You will find this pantry door project very helpful in case you have kids. While you are cooking or cleaning the kitchen, you can leave them draw on the chalkboard surface covering the majority of the pantry door.

Kids play safely and you do your domestic activities undisturbed. When the game is over, you can write a meaningful thought on the chalkboard section to get inspired.

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24. Antique Screen Door Upcycled For the Pantry

Use an Artistic Non-Barrier Pantry Door #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

The glass panes of the wooden pantry door can be replaced with other materials that are more functional and suitable for the nook’s application. Wire mesh, chicken wire or simply a mosquito mesh are some of the alternatives.

The advantages they give are the access to fresh air in the inside of the pantry, curious farmhouse detail and also semi-see-through characteristic.

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25. Vintage Front Door Has New Home in Kitchen

Use an Unexpected Pantry Door #pantrydoor #decorhomeideas

The typical front door becomes a beautiful pantry door with two simple additions. A curtain to hide what is stored inside and a beautiful wreath to enhance the farmhouse touch.

When you install this door in the kitchen you will quickly see how the ambiance changes and the décor improves.

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