48 Amazing Sliding Barn Door Ideas To Inspire Your Next Makeover

Do you have a crush on the barn doors? In the past, they have just been a standard part of the farm but nowadays they are a practical addition that can replace any door.

Do you wonder why the barn door could be a preferred choice over a standard door?

Best Sliding Barn Door Ideas. Barn doors are perfect for adding more texture and coziness to your home. They easily slide in any direction and don't take any additional space in your kitchen or bedroom. #decorhomeideas

It doesn’t take up any of the hallway space in the first place. It can be given additional functionality as a signboard or a mirror. Last but not least, it creates an amazing farmhouse impact that sets cozy and welcoming vibes every home needs.

Believe it or not, nowadays, there are plenty of barn door designs- from the traditional look to a minimalist glass panel sliding open and shut. Want to get inspired for your next makeover? Check the best 48 barn door ideas and designs!

1. Step Up Your Interior Design Game with Rustic Barn Doors

Barnyard Chalet Oversized Sliding Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

This is the classic look of the barn door- once used only in the countryside and these days becoming the trendiest means to divide two adjacent spaces.

Depending on the intensity of the rustic touch you want to give your home, you can make the barn door contemporary, modern or farmhouse. The reclaimed wood clearly screams the style it belongs to and makes an amazing visual impact.

via Sun Mountain Door

2. Repurpose Old Wooden Door into Sliding Bathroom Barn Door

Barnyard Versailles Sliding Bathroom Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

The sliding barn door can be a fun and budget-friendly DIY barn door project. You may have decided to replace the old wooden front door with a more rigid metal piece. This doesn’t mean that there is no more life in the wooden one.

You can repurpose it in many ways, especially if it has carvings, wrought iron elements and any ornaments that make it visually unique. One of the upcycling ideas is to turn it into a barn door. Simply hang it to the sliding hardware and watch it function as a rustic bathroom door.

via Elizabeth Garrett Interiors

3. Functional Farmhouse-Industrial Bathroom Vanity 

Bathroom Vanity #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Isn’t the design of this bathroom vanity amazing? Farmhouse mix with retro industrial and create a functional and style appealing storage unit.

The black and white cabinets complement the design of the floor tiles. Added barn doors allow easy access to the largest storage section and accentuate the farmhouse presence.

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4. Conceal TV Unit with Double Barn Door for a Farmhouse Look

Big Sur View Wooden Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

This interior sliding barn door idea is very clever and extremely eye-pleasing! The double barn door doesn’t open or close to let you enter another space. It does that to reveal the TV entertainment center! Why would you need to hide the TV unit?

It comes in hand when the TV is placed in a niche and you want to give the contemporary unit a farmhouse look that can blend with the existing interior. You would also enjoy less dust on the items hidden in the niche and less interest in the TV from your children.

via Jaimee Rose

5. Use a Multifunctional Barn Door with Framed Tall Mirror

Boutique Hotel Sliding Mirrored Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

The sliding barn door positioned to divide the master bedroom from its adjacent bathroom can be given an additional function.

Framing a tall mirror with wooden beams will add an airy feel to the bedroom and will reflect your image from tip to toe letting you prepare quickly for the workday.

via House of Turquoise

6. Spice Up Your Small Room with a Vibrant Sliding Barn Door

Brighten A Room #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

The small room is usually simple when it comes to colors and textures to let it feel airy and visually larger.

An idea for a vibrant touch that won’t ruin the spacious feel is replacing the ordinary door with a sliding barn door. Paint it a color that matches the interior and enhances the appeal.

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7. Add Style and Urbanity with a Chalkboard Sliding Barn Door

Chalkboard Finished Barn Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

The sliding barn door can be given a dual function by decorating it with chalk-painted images creating a fabulous statement wall. The farmhouse charm of such a signboard is the desired canvas for creative people or artists who love experimenting or changing the interior settings in quick steps.

This interesting idea can be implemented in restaurants or pubs to display the daily menu without investing any money or taking any of the space.

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8. Be Charmed by a Cherry Red Sliding Barn Door

Cheerful Cherry Sliding Bedroom Barn Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Use the sliding barn door as a vibrant accent to a large airy space.

The traditional barn door quickly becomes a piece of art or your accent when it is painted a bold unexpected color, like this cheerful cherry hue.

9. Upgrade Your Closet with Elegant Sliding Barn Doors

Closet Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

If there is a niche in a room, it is usually turned into a functional space. Whether for storage of toys, books or other things that you don’t want to be visible, niches are practical storage places.

Closing them with plain doors or a curtain could be a compromise with the elegance of your interior. The cool barn door could be your solution to divide the niche from the room and yet give it a belonging feel. For larger openings, double barn doors fit perfectly!

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10. Elevate Your Nursery Room with Colorful Sliding Barn Door

Colorful & Bright #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Sliding barn doors can be given a sweet look to fit the interior of a nursery room. They are a functional idea to hide a niche with clothes or toys.

Pale blue or milky pink, the color can be as appealing and calming as every inch of the nursery is. Don’t limit the usage of the sliding barn door in a vibrant color to the kids’ bedroom only.

If there is a niche in another room that is used as a storage space, you can use the sliding door to hide the stored items and to add a pop of color to the interior.

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11. Revamp a Home with a Functional White Distressed Barn Door

Cottage Chic White Wooden Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Old doors can be reused and turned into sliding doors. They are great for small spaces that need a bit of charm and interest.

Restoring them can include refreshing their paint coat entirely or distressing them further for an enhanced rustic look.

This idea can be upgraded by adding a chalkboard in the place of the windowpane where you can write inspiring thoughts. In case this sliding barn door is repurposed into a kitchen door, you can use the chalk surface as a memo board.

via Liz Marie Blog

12. Indulge in the Lavish Look of White Chevron Barn Doors

Double Chevron #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

This chevron-patterned double barn door gives the classic rustic a more contemporary read. White frames close slats aligned in the chevron pattern.

Silver hardware lets moving of each element be easy and optimum to reveal the opening completely.

13. Add Splendour to Your Home with Splitting Barn Door Design

Double Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

To enhance the point of interest created by the farmhouse design of the barn door, split it in two.

The double slide barn doors could be also quite practical for small spaces like an apartment or in cases there are limits in space created by architectural components such as columns.

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14. DIY Double Sliding Barn Door for Your Countryside Pantry

Dreamy Deadwood Style Pantry Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Turn the pantry into your own countryside grocery shop! The idea features a DIY double sliding barn door made in the classic design of this type of door.

You can use reclaimed wood slats or give the newly cut pieces a worn look with stain.

via Country Living

15. Enhance a Bathroom with Enchanted Chateau Wooden Doors

Enchanted Chateau Wooden Bathroom Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

You can create the feel for a larger entryway to a bathroom with a standard size barn door cut down the middle.

When they are open, they will create a visual illusion for a wider space. This illusion is additionally enhanced by the matching colors of the floor and the barn door wood.

via This Photographer’s Life

16. Sliding Barn Doors for Living Room Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center With A Barn Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Sliding barn doors can be of a smaller size to fit your living room entertainment center. That great idea creates a stylish screen that can function as a means to hide shelves and your TV.

Slide the barn doors to watch TV or get an item stored on the shelf. Then just close them to protect the stored items from dust accumulation.

via Ballard Designs

17. Elevate Your Farmhouse Dining Room with Barn Entry Door 

Farmhouse Dining Room Entry #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

There isn’t a better prelude to a farmhouse dining room than the sliding barn door. This interior style lets you match various natural textures that set the calming vibe inside and create a unique interior.

Added vintage light fixtures and metal chairs create a balanced atmosphere and a point of interest.

18. Get a Polished Look with Tin-Screen Sliding Barn Door

General Store Style Sliding Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Another great idea for repurposing an old door into a sliding barn door! The glass panes are replaced with tin to let it act as a screen.

You can also build this from scratch following the steps of this DIY barn door project from barn wood and three pieces of tin sheet forming a three-panel door.

via Porched Living

19. Add a Touch of Elegance with Etched Glass Sliding Door

Glass Etched #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

If you have ever thought about whether there is a modern sliding barn door, check this example! Sleek, elegant and unique. It is made of glass with etched elements that give the transparent surface a privacy function.

The hardware ensuring sliding is hidden behind a built-in drywall unit to let the door incorporate with the existing clean interior style.

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20. Modern Barn Door with Metal Frame and Matte Glass Panes 

Glass Pane Barn Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Another great alternative to the classic barn door features a metal frame with matte glass panes that create a functional and appealing transition between two adjacent rooms.

The modern design could be the perfect addition to a contemporary home where industrial, farmhouse and Scandinavian meet.

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21. Sleek Herringbone Barn Door for a Minimalistic Home Vibe

Herringbone Patterned #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

The typical barn door possesses loads of rustic charm. If you like the functionality of this type of door but don’t want to add to your home the typical farmhouse effect, you can have your alternative barn door.

The herringbone-patterned door is trendy, stylish, even minimal. Combined with sleek and simple hardware, this sliding door will fit perfectly into your contemporary home.

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22. Unite Spaces with a Stylish Barn Door with Glass Panes

Industrial Glass #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

If you want to put a door at the transition wall between two spaces but want to let the rooms feel united, you can do it with a barn door with glass panes.

The frame is metal, painted black, enhancing the industrial minimalist vibe of the living room. Three glass panes are just enough to let you peek into the opposite room and still let you feel in privacy.

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23. Upgrade Your Small Hallway with a Double Sliding Barn Door

Jolie Jardin Sliding White Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

If the door of a laundry room or a pantry takes too much room from your small hallway, it is time for a change! Replace it with a double sliding barn door that will wide open to the room without being an obstacle for passing through the corridor.

White paint works so well for this interior as it complements the pale grey color and yet makes a light contrast.

via My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

24. Stand Out with a Matte Finish Sliding Barn Door

Metropolitan Matte Sliding Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

This sliding barn door mimics the opening way of a standard door. The unique idea aims to create a flawless match between the farmhouse design of the door and the contemporary look of the existing furniture.

The element that unites all pieces in this decor is the golden metallic handles. Another inspiration you can get from this idea is the texture of the wood. The typical earthy tones of the wood are changed with dark grey muted by the matte texture.

via Style Me Pretty

25. Get a Chic and Practical Solution with a Mirror Barn Door

Mirror Barn Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Whether to visually enlarge your space or to add a modern twist to the authentic barn door design, the mirror gives the door a stylish look.

Silver barn door hardware supporting the door complements the gleaming mirror surface and defines the limits of the dark wooden frame. This great design idea could be a practical solution for a door of a closet, a changing room, a bedroom or a bathroom.

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26. Add Lasting Charm with Modern Victorian-Style Barn Doors

Mod-Meets-Victorian Veranda Style Sliding Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Two antique doors have so much value and beauty that they should be given a new application. The metal ornaments that have once framed glass panes are now holding very thick woven mesh pieces.

When they are closed, you can barely see through the mesh. This charming vintage addition is perfect for a closet door or for a pantry where complete privacy is not sought.

via Kristina Crestin Design

27. Discover Timeless Beauty with Natural Wood Barn Door

Natural Wood #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Love the classic barn door? Then do not stain or paint yours. Leave the wood surface natural and enjoy the clean and relaxing Scandinavian vibe.

The contrasting barn door hardware set lets the antique design of the sliding door stand out, giving it a pinch of modern industrial.

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28. Adorn Your Master Bedroom Bathroom with a Big Barn Door

Oversized Master Bedroom Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

If there is a large entryway or a big opening between the master bedroom and bathroom, you can use double barn doors to divide the spaces.

The double barn door can be even designed as a one-piece element when the architecture doesn’t allow sliding to left and right.

If you are going for this barn door size, make sure to choose an interesting pattern, texture or color or otherwise, the wide wooden surface will look too blank and odd.

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29. Add Black Metal Frame and Silver Handle for Unified Appeal

Pacific Driftwood Sliding Wood Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

The worn look of the reclaimed wood can be given a pinch of modern by framing the barn door with a black metal frame. It is also very important to use slats that are identical in size and texture, otherwise, the design will be rather rustic than contemporary.

The added silver metal handle matches the finish of the light fixtures to create a united appealing atmosphere.

via Porch

30. Get Rustic Farmhouse Look with Distressed Grey Barn Doors

Paint It White Sliding Barn Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

If you want to enhance the farmhouse look of your white barn doors, give the wood some distressing or random staining with grey or black paint.

The dark stains will create the illusion of weathered paint and at the same time will unite the black metal hardware with the vibrant white doors.

31. Enjoy the Benefits of Mirrored Barn Doors in Your Home

Penthouse Style Mirrored Sliding Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Mirrored barn doors are preferred mostly for bathrooms, bedrooms and closets where the mirror is used. The practical combination provides a door that doesn’t take much space and a mirror reflecting you from tip to toe.

The mirror insert can be on both sides of the door if the barn door separates a master bedroom from an adjacent bathroom.

32. Add Warmth and Farmhouse Charm with Oak Barn Door 

Polished and Repurposed Wooden Entry Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Enhance the coziness of a sitting room with a lovely rustic barn door. The natural wood refreshed with an oak varnish warms up the space and keeps the farmhouse theme in the room.

The way the guiding elements are attached to the wall is another inspiring aspect of this sliding barn door idea. We are used to seeing the iron pieces attached directly to the wall. The long beam acts as a support for the metal parts and continues the rustic touch-up to the ceiling.

via Our Adventures In Home Improvement

33. Transform Your Sliding Barn Doors with Privacy Glass

Privacy Glass Barn Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Privacy can be ensured with barn doors with glass panels. You can choose from etched, frosted or textured glass that keeps things behind the door hidden.

Another more affordable way to make the transparent material non-transparent is to apply the adhesive with an interesting pattern and texture.

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34. Make a Statement with a Tree Trunk Slice Barn Door

Raw Cut Scrap Wood Sliding Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Having such an artistic barn door in your home could be impossible or let’s be honest, quite expensive, however, we are allowed to admire it!

The unfinished texture of a slice cut down the entire length of a tree trunk showcases nature in its authentic untouched state. When such a piece is displayed inside a home, it creates a strong connection with nature.

via Traditional Home

35. Unique DIY Sliding Barn Door from Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

You can build yourself a barn door from leftover pieces of wood. Reclaimed material is the key to unique and authentic farmhouse elements and it is perfectly suitable for a sliding barn door.

Arrange slats of one kind or slats of different colors and textures to create a unique pattern. The more mismatched, the more appealing, especially when the existing decor is simpler.

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36. Turn a Stagecoach Door into Stylish Bathroom Barn Door

Repurposed Stage Coach Style Sliding Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Whether because of sentimental connection or because upcycling is your hobby, the stagecoach door becomes part of the private world transformed into a sliding bathroom barn door.

The antique design of the door complements the clean farmhouse bathroom hidden behind it.

via Rejuvenation

37. Decorative Touch with Robin’s Egg Blue Double Barn Door 

Robin's Egg Blue Sliding Barn Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

The color of this double barn door copies the accent color of this hallway. This choice is made aiming to use the door also as a decorative piece.

The size of the door has also required a more interesting look that is achieved from the pattern of the slats arrangement and the robin’s egg blue color.

38. Create a Running Water Effect with Glass Sliding Barn Door

Running Water Glass Paneled Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

The texture of this glass makes sure that light comes through and at the same time the two rooms are clearly differentiated from each other blurring the image of what stays behind it.

The choice of the wood color of the barn door is interesting. It is different than the stain of the floor and the ceiling beams, probably to let the sliding barn door be an accent.

via Young House Love

39. Bring a Coastal Vibe with Your Sliding Bedroom Barn Door

Seaside Blue Sliding Bedroom Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

If you want your master bathroom barn door to look sleek, consider color-coordinating it with the adjacent surfaces.

A nuance of used color or color that gets within the palette of the colors of the existing interior will do this job and will create a cohesive bond between the elements.

40. Enhance Space and Privacy with Versatile Barn Doors

Seattle Skyline Simple Sliding Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Barn doors create a barrier between the bedroom and the master bathroom without separating them entirely.

The sliding barn door is great for ensuites or any small adjacent spaces. Slide the door open to visually enlarge the space and improve the airy feel and slide it back when you want some privacy slide the door shut. When you want the spaces to feel fluid, slide it back open.

via Beth Bryan

41. Transform a Barn Door with a Stain for a Rustic Interior Look

Ship's Splendor Sliding Wooden Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

When you leave the wood of your barn door untouched, you may want to match it with other wood accents in the space or stain it a different shade to stand out from the floor or other wood furniture.

The second approach creates an interior rich in rustic textures and cozy in its general look.

via HGTV

42. Add Modern Flair with a Southwestern Pantry Barn Door

Simply Southwestern Wooden Pantry Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

This is how you can make your unpainted barn door match the existing decor- by matching it with other wood accents.

Here, we see the baseboard and the opening frame made from the same wood as the barn door. The antique plaques on the wall complement the door revealing accents in the same color.

via Home Depot

43. Get Unmatched Aesthetic with Geometric Barn Door

Southwestern Symmetry Geometric Wooden Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

If you don’t want to commit to a bold coat of paint but want to give your rustic door a modern look, try an interesting arrangement of the wood panels- zigzag, striped, chevron, herringbone or your own geometric design.

via Lauren Nelson Design

44. Unwind in Total Luxury with a Sliding Partition Door

Spa Retreat Sliding Partition Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

This design is a contemporary read of the barn door consisting of a frame and glass. The wooden barn door part is walnut, the glass is a special kind called “White Lami”.

The decorative glass gives this door a sleek accent and keeps the space in privacy when the door slides shut.

via Sun Mountain Door

45. Craft Your Barn Door from Unfinished Wooden Beams

Stripped To Perfection Sliding Barn Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Build your own barn door from rough, unfinished wooden beams. They look amazing, don’t they?

Inspired by the authentic feel of the farm, this modern home welcomes the countryside elements inside it to become calming, harmonious and connected with nature.

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46. Bring Rustic Elegance with Bark-Lined Corrugated Barn Door 

Tavern Style Sliding Bathroom Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

The corrugated insert of the barn door can be made from a bark lining, not tin. The amazing dimensional texture this insert creates enhances the natural vibe incarnated in every inch of this bathroom.

The muted yellow light, the natural materials and the earthy tones set a cabin coziness and let you feel an ultimate relaxation.

via Highline Partners

47. Make an Artistic Statement with Your Sliding Barn Door

Unique Style #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

Another interesting design of the barn door takes us to the artistic funky style. The slats of the door are arranged in a diamond pattern that visually plays with the horizontal lines of a shiplap lining in the adjacent room.

Added black iron hardware lets the door stand out and matches the metal and black accents in the living room.

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48. Transform Vintage Metal Doors into Sliding Barn Door Charm

Venetian Grotto Inspired Sliding Doors #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

This set of metal doors is turned into a sliding barn door anchoring a royal vintage feel inside a contemporary home.

The special ornaments at the top part of the door sections and the rusty marks reveal their age and make them create a unique impact on the interior.

49. Be Bold with Sliding Barn Door with Modern Hardware

Vintage Barn Door #barndoor #barndoorideas #decorhomeideas

If you have decorated your home in the calming spirit of the Scandinavian style, a sliding barn door would be its perfect partner.

The wood can be refreshed with coats of paint or be given a weathered look to match the major elements of the interior. The design of the hardware also plays an important part.

The vintage iron hinges and rod will enhance the retro feel, while the contemporary clean models will add a modern charm to the antique.

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