40 Best Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas To Add More Rustic Feel

Only mentioning the term farmhouse style and a clean and cozy room appears as an image in our mind, bringing the warmth of the summer day, the aromatic fragrance of herbs and the relaxing surrounding of natural textures.

The farmhouse style is unpretentious, simplicity is the core feature of every inch of a home decorated according to its design concept. Wood material marks its importance by being present everywhere inside the home.

This style is inspired by the natural elements and textures which instantly create a cozy and pleasant feeling for a more homely place.

Best Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas. We never tire of beautiful farmhouse decor. Whether you're renovating your country bedroom or decorating your farmhouse kitchen, take cues from these simple and rustic rooms that will help you achieve a cozy home. #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse style can be incorporated in every room and make it feel like an integral part of a place that will invite with its coziness and warmth.

Our ideas for interior design marked by the farmhouse style are evergreen and will help you transform your home into a comfortable place.

1. Bright Inviting Cottage Style Welcome

A Country Cottage Inspired Entryway Arrangement #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

Let’s start with the first part of our home- the entryway. Although of relatively small footage, the entryway has a big role in the general acceptance of our place as it marks our taste and the welcoming level of the entire home.

Represent yourself as a welcoming host by decorating it with farmhouse elements. A table made of wood, a few candle holders and a basket filled with knitted throws will recreate a corner from the core of your place.

Combine this setting with an upcycled window frame and vases of fresh flower cuts to add symbols of the outside indoors and make a flawless transition between the external and internal world.

2. Stylish Boho Cottage Nursery

A Farmhouse Nursery? Why Not! #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

Are you dreaming of a rustic treat for your little one? That is an easy task! A few elements will make the room very cozy and warm.

Whitewashed wood panel walls, distressed rustic furniture, earthy-colored accessories make a magical rustic nursery.

via Lynzy and Co

3. Elevated Farmhouse Dining Room

A Little Shabby but Mostly Chic #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

This is an inspiration for a modern farmhouse dining room. The aged textures are well combined with luxury and modern elements to create a balanced ambiance for cozy family time.

via Liz Marie Blog

4. Natural Textures Pop Against Shiplap

A Modern Take on Farmhouse Interiors #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

Nothing else could mark the farmhouse style like the accents from natural wood do. Use this for your staircase to make a continuous extension of the interior on the first floor with the second floor.

If you don’t want all the parts to be earthy colored, mix white and natural wood colors for a modern and balanced rustic feel.

5. Luxe Rustic Fusion Bathroom Design

A Rustic Spa Bathroom Concept #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

The latest trend in bathroom design is combining super modern and luxury with rustic. This will create an ambiance that is comfortable as in a spa center but with an increased homely feeling.

Use a wood-framed mirror, a wooden countertop for the sink and scones to frame the rustic presence. That will be just enough to fit the luxury contemporary elements in the casual world.

6. Simple Furnishings Highlight Rustic Architecture

A Table with a View #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

A dining area placed next to a wide window will be well lit and very welcoming.

The inviting feeling is increased by the textures and elements chosen for this interior. A wooden large table with metal chairs. A bench alongside the entire window gives extra storage and comfortable cushioned seats.

The ceiling of this nook finishes the rustic feeling with the exposed dark-stained beams.

via One Kind Design

7. Dramatic White Wood Ceilings Add Character

Add Character with Vaulted Ceilings #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

Coziness and warmth are the two key characteristics of the rustic bedroom. What is the material that will achieve these goals? Wood, of course. You can cover the wall behind the bed, even the ceiling with wood planks.

Wood is evergreen and intransitive material. Using it for the vaulted ceilings in this bedroom emphasizes the oversized height and at the same time smooth it to make the room more charming and cozier.

via Countryliving

8. Repurposed Vintage Entryway Seating

Add Drama with Vintage Theater Seating #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

A great opportunity the farmhouse style provides is upcycling and repurposing of items.

A set of aged theater seatings will anchor the vintage farmhouse presence and will add a point of interest wherever it is placed.

In this particular case, the seats are not only attractive because of their alternative usage. They are also very functional because they are placed under the coat rack in the entryway.

via Liz Marie Blog

9. Vary White Textures For Shabby Chic Style

All White Bedroom Farmhouse Style #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

This bedroom is a more contemporary expression of the farmhouse style. Achieving this is easy- cover or choose wood surfaces of light colors. They will gently change the original texture of wood and will make the room feel airier and modern.

Small accents like a wreath from magnolia leaves, a ladder used as a focal point above the bed and an antique nightstand will remind of the genuine farmhouse concept without intrusion.

via The DIY Mommy

10. Add Farmhouse Doors For Cottage Style

Bi-Parting Double Sliding Barn Door #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

Change the ordinary door with a sliding barn door. It will transform the room giving it an extremely attractive rustic feeling. It is also very practical for smaller rooms like the bedrooms. It is also a very practical solution for smaller spaces.

via Brandi Sawyer

11. Wood And Stone Combines In Cabin Chic Bath

Breath of Fresh Air Master Bath Design #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

Combining wood and stone will give that feeling for a balanced rustic interior. This combo is exceptionally appropriate for bathrooms.

The master bedroom is divided from the bathroom with a sliding barn door which ensures an inseparable relationship between the two spaces.

via Peace Design

12. Flank A Vintage Mirror With Steel Buckets

Bring Galvanized Steel Planters Inside #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

Accents like galvanized containers repurposed into flower holders will increase the farmhouse charm in the room. Add fresh flower cuts or twigs inside them to bring nature indoors.

The galvanized holders are placed on both sides of a repurposed aged window frame which has a new application in the contemporary rustic home- a mirror. Hung on the wall above the sofa, it anchors the seating area and makes the room feel and look larger.

via The Modest Farmhouse

13. Farmhouse Accessories And Buffalo Check

Country Classics and Personalized Graphics #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

The old barn door can be repurposed into wall art. Its texture and color will give a contrasting background for a farmhouse-inspired entryway.

The bottom of the setting is taken by a weathered whitewashed bench, perfect for a quick sit before going out. Two galvanized boxes sit under the bench to provide extra storage place in the same style. A ladder is leaned against the wall to accommodate a buffalo blanket.

The top of the barn door is decorated with a charming wreath saying hello to the guests and the family from the very beginning of the house.

via Shelterness

14. Add Subtle Industrial Elements

Farmhouse Meets Industrial Salvage Look #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a way to make the farmhouse interior more balanced and not that overwhelming, go for industrial accents.

The industrial touches like the metal staircase railing and metal chairs match very well with the cozy and casual look of the wood.

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15. Soft White Romantic Cottage Kitchen

Framers Market-Inspired Open Kitchen Concept #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

This kitchen is designed according to the farmhouse style. Every part of it marks its presence in a very attractive way- wood is the material used for the cabinets and the countertops.

The combination of white and natural wood color is very stylish and practical for the activities related to this room.

The cupboards are replaced by wood shelves with rustic corbels to give the room an airier look. Another interesting decision marked by the farmhouse style is the curtain hiding the cabinet below the sink.

16. Dramatic Ceilings And Statement Lighting

How to Mix Wood and Metal Décor #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse style is simple but this doesn’t exclude characteristics like charming and uniqueness. Adding a chandelier that looks old will add character and attraction to space.

Add other items including metal on the lower level to make the chandelier feel like belonging to the room.

via City Girl Gone Mom

17. Add Natural Textures To Bright White

Inviting Textures for Farmhouse Interiors #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

The carpets for a home decorated in the farmhouse style are large, textured, earthy-colored and soft.

The Jute rug is one of the best choices when it comes to rustic decor- it looks like a soft burlap laid on the floor.

18. Create Cozy Corner Décor

It’s So Good to Be Home #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

A small corner in the living room is turned into a farmhouse welcoming point. The vintage desk accommodates books and greenery- things that have always been valued.

The sign on the wall marks how the family feels about their home. The plaid cushions emphasize how important the comfort and coziness of the home are.

19. Rustic Style Dining Room

Make the Most of Natural Light #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

The kitchen can become the most charming and welcoming place by decorating it in the farmhouse style.

As simple as it looks in the example above, all you need is a wooden dining set. If you don’t like the shiny look of the newly made table and chairs, upcycle weathered ones. They don’t have to be of the same design- the more different they are, the greater the rustic impact will be.

Lay plaid table cloths and cover the seats of the chairs with cushions in earthy or light colors.

A few signs, baskets, antique vases and items spread in the room will help to enhance the farmhouse spirit.

via Blessed House Four

20. Antique Clock Face Statement Piece

Make Time for Design with Oversized Clock #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

The furniture in the rustic living room is upholstered, in light colors without excessive accents.

The antique coffee table with ornamented legs matches the wood color of the sitting set and makes the space look very elegant.

The Jute rug anchors the sitting area of this room, enhancing the farmhouse presence.

The focal point of this room is traditionally given to the wall above the sofa and it is marked by an oversized clock in an antique design.

21. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Mason Jar Pendant Kitchen Lights #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

Do you think that matching the modern look of the appliances with a farmhouse-inspired decor is difficult? Well, not really! This is an example of how you can blend these otherwise opposite styles.

Choose light colors like white and gray for the cabinets and cupboards. Use a light fixture that is made of repurposed and aged items but is of contemporary design.

via Our Faux Farmhouse

22. Whitewashed Brick Adds Traditional Charm

Old World Exposed Brick Kitchen Arch #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

Another material that coheres with the farmhouse style and is related to the memories of the old times is the brick.

The exposed brick walls have become very trendy recently and they can be seen as a backsplash in every room.

When it comes to design, the brick wall has the ability to suggest a presence from historic times and give the place an antique value nevertheless it has just been built.

It also makes the place very cozy and inviting, providing a great background for smaller accents to pop against.

23. Natural Grain Wood Beams And Floors

Open Floor Plan with Exposed Beams #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

If you are lucky to have high ceilings or a large open concept room, then you can decorate the ceiling with these gorgeous exposed beams. They look rough and uneven but this is what actually reminds of the look of an old cottage house.

When using this textured element for the ceiling, you must consider the right material and color for the floor. It must be wood and it should be stained in the same color.

via One Kind Design

24. Carry Farmhouse Style Through An Open Concept Room

She Needs Wide Open Spaces #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

We see the exposed beams used in another open floor area which allows using them thanks to its length.

Combining a kitchen with a living room, this modern farmhouse space provides comfort and functionality with loads of rustic charm.

The exposed beams, the wooden floor, the furniture and the fabric textures mark the farmhouse style. The built-in shelves, the metal light features above and the marble countertop of the kitchen island showcase the contemporary trends for functional and appealing designs.

via Hello Lovely Studio

25. Make A Statement With Dark Wood

Split Rail Fence Stairway Idea #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

This fence-like railing reminds me of the cottage backyard and it possesses so much charm. Bringing this outdoor element indoors will surely provoke interest and will make the space more welcoming.

The railing is made of slats and posts in a dark stain. The landings of the stairs have been chosen of the same material and color to give the staircase a rustic touch and pleasing the eye look.

via HGTV

26. Accent Wall Rustic Bar Corner

The Dark Side of Farmhouse Design #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

You can dedicate a small corner of your room to farmhouse decor. To let it pop out, ensure that the background will provide good contrast.

The black chalkboard wall has a significant vintage value. Combined with an antique table holding rustic accents like a handpainted lamp, vintage glassware and a repurposed metal tray, it becomes an intriguing farmhouse display.

The wicker basket below and the leather suitcase enhance the rustic touch of the nook and provide extra space for storage.

via Countryliving

27. Create A Stunning Space With Distressed Wood

The Most Amazing Distressed Wood Floors #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

There is nothing else that can instantly bring the farmhouse style indoors like the natural wood floor.

The rough flooring is almost obligatory for the farmhouse interior. It makes the room so cozy and appealing!

If you are looking at the cost side of this type of flooring, you must know how expensive it could be. Fortunately, the market offers a lot of faux laminates that imitate this finish and will let you have it at a more affordable price.

28. Add Cottage Charm With Gray And White Décor

The Perfect Neutral Bedroom Palette #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

The neutral farmhouse decor is suitable for small bedrooms where the level of airiness, comfort and relaxation are priorities.

White and grey shades are known to reproduce a welcoming and relaxing ambiance.

The white bed linens are combined with plaid pillows and a duvet. The curtain is made of cloth to give the room a casual farmhouse charm.

via An Inspired Nest

29. Sunny Cottage Space With Sliding Barn Doors

The Prettiest Way to Create Privacy #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

This bedroom is a relaxing oasis providing simple but sufficient comfort. The main means to achieve that look and features are related to the farmhouse style.

The dividing wall between the master bedroom and the master bathroom is decided to be executed with a wide white barn door. Right above the bed, there is a wooden chandelier which design reminds of the old light fixtures in the cabins.

The wooden floor is a typical accent of the rustic style and is of the same color as those of the tiles in the bedroom and the chandelier to create a continuous look of the transitional rooms.

via One Kind Design

30. Add Farmhouse Finishes To A Stylish Bath

The Right Finishes Make the Room #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

The combination of wood in various finishes and sleek marble countertop and modern tiles give this bathroom a unique neat look.

The design has considered also the functional feature of this shared space providing two sinks, two mirrors and two separate compartments for storage underneath the sink.

It could be called a non-standard decision to cover bathroom walls with shiplap panels. Well, the farmhouse style proves its universality and suitability for every part of the home.

via One Kind Design

31. Rustic Functionality In A Laundry Room

Utilitarian Beauty with a Subway Tile Backsplash #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

Making the laundry room more inviting will surely make the activities in this part of our homes more pleasant. If you haven’t considered a particular style for this space, try the farmhouse one.

Including wood countertops, cabinets and shelves there will ensure a look that will never go out of style. The practical part of the design is also incorporated in the interior decision- the countertops are very wide, the shelves are long enough to accommodate baskets or decorative elements.

via Jenna Sue Design

32. Cottage Inspired Elegant Country Design

Vintage Furniture Sliding Doors And Chalkboards

This is an inspiration for including various farmhouse elements in a large room like this one.

Although large enough to accept a more imposing color, the designer has stopped on the light palette which can embrace any type of furniture and elements.

The focal point of this room is a chalkboard wall with a sliding barn door. This double attraction can be used practically as a board for writing notes, schedule, list, etc. The wooden part can take up seasonal decoration like wreaths, signs, Christmas ornaments, a galvanized container with flowers and many more.

33. Understated Farmhouse Elements

Warm Wood and Subtle Metallics #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

The influence of the trends arising from the modern style can be sensed in this contemporary farmhouse kitchen.

Two tones define the design of the entire room- white and brown. The X end panels have been added to give the island a warmer look and thus allow the polished modern bar stools fit easily in the otherwise rustic ambiance and create a gorgeous and appealing place for eating and conversations.

via Site Montgomery Interiors

34. Integrate Distressed Wood Décor

Weathered Wood TV Table and Shelves #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

In a living room decorated in the farmhouse style, making contemporary finishes look and feel like part of the whole thing is an inevitable task.

The TV can be incorporated into the rustic ambiance by placing a vivid and eye-catching table or console below it. Use the surface of the wooden table as a display of accents that will emphasize the charm of the old times- galvanized metal accents, wicker baskets, wooden candle holders, vases, etc.

35. Let Wood Be The Focus

When You Really Love Wood #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

When you really love the warmth of wood and you wish to ultimately use it, then you must be very careful with the remaining colors used in the same space. The rule “light in dark and dark in light” applies.

The white color was chosen for the ceiling and the walls balance the predominant wood surfaces, keeping the room away from looking overdone.

36. Striking Vaulted Wood Ceiling

Why It’s Called a Great Room #farmhouse #design #decorhomeideas

This gorgeous airy room invites with its farmhouse charm and unostentatious intimacy provoked by the light fixtures hanging above the windows.

The greenery wreaths beautify the windows and bring nature closer to the interior. The exposed beams match the table. The grey sofa and the grey carpet are the transitional elements between the top and bottom of the room. The exposed brick fireplace adds warmth to space and enhances the farmhouse look being a traditional symbol of the cottage interior.

via The Rustic Pallet

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