56 Awesome Kitchen Backsplash Ideas and Designs

If you think your kitchen backsplash is outdated or just not right, we are in the same boat. Even though the backsplash is just a tiny part of your kitchen design and aesthetics, it could cause a big impact on visual appeal.

That’s why we have chosen the best kitchen backsplash ideas and designs to help you choose the one that would perfectly fit your kitchen.

Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas. Every kitchen needs some kind of backsplash. And since kitchen backsplash ideas abound, yours can be as bold, fun, or sleek as you want it to be. #decorhomeideas

First, you need to consider three different elements when designing your kitchen. Your countertops, cabinets, and backsplash all play an important role. While most of your focus will be on your countertops and cabinets, your backsplash is the element that ties the room together.

A kitchen backsplash is an area right behind your sink or stove. It’s usually made from easy-to-clean materials. Its primary function is to protect your wall from splashes. The design itself doesn’t have to be limited to the sink area, it can stretch the entire length of the wall.

Backsplashes are built from a wide range of materials. Tiles are the most popular, but wallpapers and other man-made materials will work, too.

1. Jazz up Your Kitchen with a Tiles Backsplash

Add a Pop of Print to Your Space #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

You can use the backsplash to create a statement wall for your kitchen. Tiles are offered in various patterns so you can easily choose a model to suit your interior and create a bold point of interest.

When your kitchen is designed in neutral and pale colors, the backsplash will look aesthetically bold even if it is in soft peach color.

via Calimia Home

2. Make Your Kitchen Sparkle with Iridescent Tiles

Add Shine With Iridescent Tiles #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Have you seen a backsplash made out of iridescent tiles? It is shinier and glossier than the ceramic tiles.

You can find these tile types in every color of the rainbow so fitting them into your home’s aesthetic would be easy.

Choosing the iridescent tiles to make your kitchen backsplash won’t cost much more than the plain tiles so before you make a decision, check all options on a budget you have got..

via Studio Peake

3. Bring a Coastal Vibe with Geometric-Patterned Blue Tiles

Aqua Geometry #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The bold, blue color in a geometric pattern is a visual standout. The kitchen sink is matched to the countertops in white.

The white floating shelf bridges the backsplash to the countertops. Using a lighter shade of blue keeps the kitchen’s overall style from venturing into a vintage cottage look.

4. Transform Your Kitchen with a Statement Backsplash

Beautiful Imperfections #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The glass bar tiles in this backsplash are handcrafted. The result is a unique array of textures and colors.

The subtle blue and green colors compliment each other in this beach house kitchen.

5. Modernize Your Kitchen with Blue Glass Tiles

Beyond Blue #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

A single color wouldn’t be enough here. You need a variety of hues to bring balance to these large appliances. The glass tiles are brought up to the ceiling.

Their reflective quality enlivens what would be a bottom-heavy look to the wall.

6. Traditional Touch with Blue and White Backsplash Tiles

Blue and White Memories #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The hand-painted tiles in this backsplash are the perfect touch to a vintage kitchen. The blue and white pattern is reminiscent of those painted on antique China dinner plates.

You can’t get more traditional than these tiles. The bold blue paint on the island brings a contemporary flair to the space.

via Casa Blanca Tile

7. Create Two Types of Backsplashes in a U-Shaped Kitchen

Build Two Different Backsplashes #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

If your kitchen is U- or L-shaped, you may have the interesting opportunity to have two backsplash types. Each one can look slightly different than the other one but there should be a characteristic to unite them.

For example, the texture of the backsplashes can be different but the colors are the same. Or you can match the backsplashes to the size of the tiles and experiment with the colors.

This backsplash idea could be helpful for those of you having a hard time choosing between backsplash models.

via Tyler Karu

8. Enhance Your Kitchen’s Appeal with Super-Skinny Tiles

Add Detail With Super-Skinny Tiles #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

If you love the subway tiles but you want to experiment with alternative tile options that yet create a grid-like layout, you can try the super-skinny tile models.

They are narrow, in all colors of the rainbow and glossy. They can be aligned vertically or horizontally depending on the effect you want to create.

The tall upper cabinets of this kitchen design emphasize the height of the room so arranging the backsplash tiles horizontally could be used to balance the aesthetics and create a dramatic contrast.

via Cathie Hong

9. Add Personality to a Kitchen with Travertine Mosaic Tiles

Chic Travertine #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

This backsplash is made of travertine mosaic tiles. The earthen tones bring warmth to the space. The rectangular shape creates the illusion of a longer space. Its fragile look is deceiving.

Travertine is not easily scratched. Its durability makes it a good choice for busy kitchens and messy cooks of all ages.

10. Boost Your Kitchen’s Style Quotient with Textured Tiles

Choose Tiles With Texture #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The texture of the backsplash tiles could be the tile specific you can use to create a point of interest in your kitchen.

There are marble tiles, glossy tiles, iridescent tiles, tiles mimicking wood and many more. Color, shape, size and pattern aren’t the only elements you can base your decision for a backsplash on.

via Bespoke Only

11. Elevate Your Kitchen with Bold-Patterned Backsplash

Commit to a Bold Pattern #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Your neutral kitchen will embrace with love a statement-making backsplash! Check out the bold tiles in the design idea above- their pattern attracts attention easily and makes a striking effect on the interior.

Thanks to the colors of the tiles, the backsplash feels like belonging to the place gathering all colors of the room.

via Reena Sotropa

12. Make an Artistic Statement with Mosaic Tiles Backsplash

Contemporary Mosaic #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Hand-cut mosaic tiles show off a one-of-a-kind backsplash. The blues and greens cut into wavelike shapes. It brings home the idea of vegetation floating in the sea.

It’s the kind of look that needs a professional’s touch. It’s also worth every penny.

13. Add a Pop of Color with Deep Blue Tiles

Create a Pop of Color #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Want to distinguish the zones of your kitchen in a more dynamic way? Use the backsplash to add a pop of color.

Depending on the lining it is made of, you can paint it, cover it with vibrant wallpaper or replace it with striking tiles.

via Tyler Karu

14. Step Up Your Kitchen Decor with Metal Sheet Backsplash

Diamond Solution #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Sheet metal provides a durable and affordable solution for a backsplash. It also visually elongates the space. This is an easy project for a do-it-yourselfer.

The diamond-plated pattern is found in most hardware stores. The material may be made of stainless steel, aluminum, or other materials.

via Ridalco

15. Unleash Your Creativity with a Zig Zag Tile Backsplash

DIY Your Own Backsplash Pattern #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

You can make the backsplash your kitchen decor statement by arranging tiles in an interesting pattern. You can use different colors or sizes of tiles for the collage.

This example features black and white subway tiles which are given a brand new look when placed in a zigzag pattern. The alternating of the colors of the tilted tiles enhance the customized design effect with its stylish contrast.

via Katie Hodges Design

16. Create a Stunning Kitchen Backsplash Using Friezes

Give Your Backsplash a Border #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Friezes can be used on any wall in case you are looking for a way to give it a finished and intriguing look. Usually, this type of decoration is more popular in the bathrooms but there are no limits to applying it on the kitchen backsplash.

Get two matching sets of tiles for your backsplash. The one with more tiles should be used to cover the majority of the wall space. The other set creates the built-in frame around the backsplash.

via Bespoke Only

17. Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Kitchen with Mosaic Tiles

Glass Squares #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Glass mosaic tiles complement the metal finishes found in this kitchen. The browns and blue-gray square colors pop against the copper countertop.

Light-colored grout provides a lighter element that keeps the area from feeling too heavy.

via Plumb Interiors

18. Design a Unique Backsplash with Triangular Tiles

Add Interest With Triangular Tiles #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Classic rectangular tiles are the easiest to decorate with and being the most popular backsplash material is not surprising.

If you want to try unusual tiles that provide the easy application of classic tiles, there is one option. Triangle tiles match to form perfect squares which create a wonderful visual interest. They are offered in various sizes, colors and textures to make an outstanding backsplash with ease.

via White Sands

19. Bring Rustic Elegance with a Red Brick Backsplash

Industrial Modern #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

This idea is for anyone that loves the walls of an old industrial building. A brick backsplash gives the illusion of living in a renovated loft.

Brick veneers are a timesaving and affordable alternative to building a backsplash using old bricks. Key elements found here are the cement countertops and the vintage exterior sconce light.

20. Get a Polished Look with Concrete Tiles Backsplash

Innovative Secret #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

This backsplash has an artist’s touch. The tiles are made from concrete. The pattern was created using an embossing technique.

This gives the impression of a very high-end style. It’s a look that anyone who is comfortable working with decorative cement projects can do.

Be sure and use a trusted cement sealant if you’re doing this yourself.

21. Achieve Monumental Beauty with Stacked Pebble Tiles

Inspired By Nature #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

These smooth stacked pebble tiles bring the outdoors inside. Without grout, the tiles are more difficult to maintain. Use this look as a focal point, either over the sink or the range.

The rest of the walls should be a traditional style without texture. Doing so keeps the look from becoming overpowering.

22. Maximize Kitchen Space and Get Unified Aesthetic Look

Keep Your Backsplash and Your Shelves Uniform #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

In case your kitchen is limited in space, you would have to be very careful with its shape and design. This kitchen design turns the backsplash into a statement wall created by the vertical lining of shiplap boards.

Being painted in an earthy creamy color and covering the wall from the countertop to the ceiling creates a striking visual effect.

Floating shelves are added to increase the storage area and to center the kitchen. Painting them the same color as the backsplash gives the wall elements a united and aesthetic look and ties up the kitchen as an aesthetic open zone.

via Laura Brophy

23. Add Versatility to Your Kitchen with a Backsplash Shelf

Let Your Backsplash Double as a Shelf #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The backsplash can be given a dual function by forming its top edge as a shelf. Storage places are never enough in the kitchen so choosing this design idea is very practical and space-saving.

Opting to recreate this idea, you need to make a compromise with the backsplash width. It should be shorter to end below the upper cabinets.

The surface of the shelf could be wide or narrow, depending on the stuff you would like to display in there.

via Calimia Home

24. Make a Statement with a Wall to Wall Backsplash 

Let Your Backsplash Run From Ceiling to Countertop #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Among all of the decisions you need to make when choosing your backsplash is also how big it is. Most of the people tend to cover a small area of the kitchen wall. There is another design decision that uses the backsplash material to line up the surface across the kitchen.

The featured idea features a backsplash on the walls from the countertop to the ceiling and from wall to wall. This could be quite an investment but it is worth choosing it in case your kitchen is missing an interest due to plainer furniture.

via Laura Brophy

25. Balance with Subway Tiles and Checkered Floor Tiles

Let Your Floors Steal the Show #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Especially for smaller kitchens where the possibilities for creating a point of interest are limited, the floor could be the key to an appealing decor. A bold pattern of square tiles alternating black and white colors in a chequered pattern.

In this case the backsplash should be subtle to balance the space and leave the focus on the floor. White subway tiles make the perfect pair with the outstanding floor.

via Erin Williamson Design

26. Add Intrigue to a Kitchen with a Windows Backsplash

Let Your Windows Be Your Backsplash #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Not many of us are lucky to have a kitchen full of natural light. The pros of this architectural design exclude the need for a backsplash as the countertops end just where the windows start.

Glass is hard and easy to clean material so acting as your backsplash won’t be an issue. Windows will also succeed in differentiating the kitchen surfaces from the walls as a traditional backsplash would do.

via Katie Martinez

27. Revolutionize Your Kitchen with a Fabric Backsplash

Line Your Backsplash With Fabric #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

This non-standard backsplash idea is appropriate for kitchens where the oven, the sink stand and the food prep zones stay on different walls.

You can cover one or two of these walls with fabric. Its impact on the interior is obvious- the color and the texture are so sensible. If you want to try this backsplash option, you should know that applying it is similar to the wallpaper.

via Britt Design Studio

28. Transform a Kitchen with a Timeless Backsplash Design

Majestic Estate #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The tiles cover the entire back wall up the entire height of the extended ceiling. The backsplash area is created by the corbels that frame both sides of the range.

The entire kitchen is reminiscent of a butler’s pantry you would find in a mansion built in the early 20th century.

29. Add Splendour to a Kitchen with Textured White Tiles

Make a Subtle Statement With Textured White Tiles #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

If the vibrant and bold backsplash ideas are not your thing, you can yet create a statement-making backsplash with textured tiles.

The embossed surface of these tiles will stand out against the walls even if it is white. The alignment of the tiles could be also very helpful for enhancing the backsplash interest.

Arranging them horizontally next to a wall with vertically positioned shiplap boards makes the backsplash versatile from far away.

via Tyler Karu

30. Complement Marble Countertop with Brick Backsplash

Make the Most of Exposed Brick #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The backsplashes could cover a narrow wall as shown above. In those cases it will be worth investing in a striking backsplash.

The exposed bricks covering the wall above the stove make a wonderful continuation of the pure marble countertop. The white splashes on the natural bricks give the kitchen interior a farmhouse charm that warms up the atmosphere.

via Jessica Nelson Design

31. Stand Out with an Elegant Marble Backsplash

Marble Magnificence #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

In a room loaded with eye-catching features, the rare calacatta marble slab backsplash is the focal point.

It holds its own against the stunning black hood and the long windows. The veining softens the stark contrast of the range hood and marble countertops.

32. Match Your Kitchen Backsplash with Cabinets

Match Your Backsplash to Your Cabinets #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Matching your backsplash to your cabinets will create an aesthetic vision of your kitchen. The monochromatic color palette is trendy and perfect to base the kitchen’s point of interest on.

The color of the backsplash could repeat the color of the cabinets. Another option is to differ the tones of these two elements. Either way, the matching vision will make a great interior impact.

via Tyler Karu

33. Elevate Your Kitchen Backsplashes with Grout

Match Your Grout to Your Tiles #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The color of the grout filling the gaps between the tiles plays an important part in the backsplash look. These days, you can find grout in any color.

You can use black grout to create a contrast with the white subway tiles in case the interior is more neutral. If there are other accents around the kitchen and you are afraid that the backsplash could look too overwhelming with a non-matching grout, take it in a similar or close color. This will create a visually continuous backsplash.

via Proem Studio

34. Impress with Marble Backsplash and Countertop

Merge Your Backsplash With Your Countertops #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Using the same material for the countertops and the backsplash creates a relaxing and aesthetic interior. Marble, for example is very suitable for these two elements as it is stable, easy to be maintained and adds a luxury effect.

In case it is too much for your budget, there are MDF boards mimicking the marble texture that will successfully create the same cohesive effect in your space.

via Mary Patton Design

35. Utilize Different Tiles for a Seamless Backsplash

Mix and Match Different Tile Sets #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Choosing the best backsplash tile could be a dilemma but not in this case. The positioning of the kitchen accessories here let us use two tile types.

The stove countertop is separated from the other countertops and let us use both tiles as backsplashes. One of them accentuates the wall above the stove while the other type covers the wall between the countertop and the cabinets.

via Pure Salt Interiors

36. Add Art to Your Kitchen with Mosaic Tiles Backsplash

Mosaic Artistry #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

This stunning backsplash was created using high-end stone tiles. It’s a beautiful signature to an Italian, Old World style kitchen.

Getting this look takes a lot of planning and hours of work. The end result is worth the time and patience necessary to create a piece of art like this.

37. Achieve Symmetry with Mosaic Patterned Tiles

Mosaic Symmetry #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Many mosaic patterns are designed to look random. The pattern created with these brick mosaic tiles gives the illusion of fabric.

The smaller tiles soften the area, working as a visual complement to the big and bold cherry cabinets.

38. Create a Simple Backsplash with Paint

Paint Your Walls a Striking Color #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

An easy way to make a backsplash without the need for a real kitchen makeover is to do it with paint. Choose a color that pops out against the kitchenware and cover the walls above the countertops.

The illusion of a backsplash is easily created only by applying the hack with paint. Make sure to choose a tone that matches the kitchen modules if you are looking after a sophisticated and striking effect.

via Ashley Montgomery Design

39. Create a Bold Interior with Double the Effect

Pair Bold Countertops With an Even Bolder Backsplash #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Want to be super bold in your kitchen interior? Then don’t just limit to one statement surface, double them! The bold marble countertop is with an eye-catching texture thanks to the contrasting color combo.

The backsplash continues the striking decor effect with black and white tiles creating a repetitive figure. Thanks to the cohesion of the colors of both kitchen elements, there isn’t a feel for elaborateness.

via Tyler Karu

40. Pair Neutral Decor with Bright Backsplash for Chic Look

Pair Dark With Light #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The backsplash can be the kitchen’s point of interest if it is dark. See how the neutral and light interior embraces the bold presence of the granite-like backsplash!

Light furniture and floor and white walls let the dramatic backsplash be a matching part of the decor. The charcoal color of the material is very suitable for this application as it will not show dirt.

via Julian Porcino

41. Get Farmhouse Charm with Light Tiles and Dark Grout

Pair Light Tiles With Dark Grout #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

This backsplash idea showcases how the color of the grout can be used to make the plain backsplash tiles more impacting.

White tiles are a traditional backsplash material because of their versatile matching ability. When paired with dark grout they look far more attractive and give the kitchen walls an interesting texture with no additional costs or efforts.

via Pure Salt Interiors

42. Transform Your Kitchen with a Metal Backsplash

Restaurant Quality #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

This is a chef’s kitchen. The metal backsplash, extended hood, and long utensil bar are all found in a restaurateur’s kitchen.

The backsplash is up to the task of preventing damage to the wall. The elements create a striking feature wall in an open-concept kitchen.

43. Bring Comfort with Seaside Marble Backsplash

Seaside Marble #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

This tile backsplash, made from marble, picks up on tones from the cabinets.

They’re reminiscent of sea glass and bring a relaxing vibe to the kitchen.

44. Give Kitchen a Makeover with Wallpaper Backsplash

Set the Scene With Wallpaper #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The sink backsplash can be made from wallpaper as this area isn’t prone to dirt accumulating and therefore regular cleaning.

Wallpaper patterns are various and this makes choosing the most suitable for your interior backsplash an easy task. This idea is one of the effortless and most affordable ones as it can be applied entirely by yourself.

Another great advantage of the wallpaper backsplash is that you can swap out the patterns and change the visual interest of your kitchen as often as you would like.

via Jessica Nelson Design

45. Add Texture and Character with Black Tiles

Single Color Solution #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

A simple design and contrasting color scheme make a room look bigger.

The rectangular, black tiles give the illusion of deeper countertops and cabinets. The reflective quality of the tiles adds depth.

46. Enhance Your Kitchen with a Freestanding Backsplash

Snag a Freestanding Backsplash #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

If you are not ready for a complete kitchen renovation, you can give it a brand new visual look by changing the backsplash.

Buying a backsplash at the desired size is no problem at all. The MDF boards come in a variety of laminations that mimic tiles, wood, marble, stone, glass, etc. Just mount it on the wall and enjoy your quick, affordable and effortless kitchen decor upgrade.

via Tyler Karu

47. Add Bold Color with Just the Right Accent Piece

Sprinkle in Your Accent Color #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

If the color palette of your kitchen is rather neutral, you can use the backsplash to highlight a point of interest. Not always this leads to bold vibrant colors.

This effect can be achieved with tiles that present bits of the accent color. The grey fibers of the featured backsplash tiles are so subtle that you would like to take a longer or closer look. And isn’t that part of the definition of a point of interest?

via Reena Sotropa

48. Create a Rustic Atmosphere with Shiplap Backsplashes

Stick to Simply Painted Wood Paneling #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The architecture of this room asks for more farmhouse elements and what could match better the exposed ceiling beams than a shiplap backsplash?

Probably, white subway tiles could also make a good interior impact but the shiplap pairs better in texture and feel with the beams and the matching floor.

via Becca Interiors

49. Create a Roomy Feel with a Bold Backsplash

Take a Risk on an Unexpected Color #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

There are bold colors popular in the kitchen design ideas but if you want to make your home more personalized and unique, choose a color for your backsplash that is rarely used.

It doesn’t have to be very vibrant, subtle colors that are unexpected to see also make a wonderful statement like mauve, warm sand, lime punch, moss green, cream gold, etc.

via Jessica Nelson Design

50. Add a Touch of Vintage Charm with a Tile Inset

Tile Inset #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The grout in this backsplash matches the handmade tile centerpiece. The inset is an idea taken from historic kitchen designs.

Many elements in this kitchen recreate a vintage feel. The window latches and cabinets are common in rustic style kitchens.

51. Create an Idyllic Atmosphere with Glass Tiles Patterns

Tile Patterns #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

These glass tiles feature soft hues and a large, round pattern. They soften the look of the hard edges found in this kitchen.

The color works well with the frosted glass in the cabinet doors. It’s the perfect backdrop to the bold hood and range.

via EKD

52. Indulge in the Lavish Look of Square Tiles

Trade Rectangles for Squares #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The impact of a backsplash made of square tiles could be enhanced with their size. The smaller they are, the more eye-catching they become.

This effect doesn’t even require any special bold color as the shape of the tiles is what makes the visual interest, especially when we are used to seeing the rectangle tiles as a typical decor decision.

via Becca Interiors

53. Give Your Kitchen a Traditional Vibe with Cabinets

Traditional Twist #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Standard beige tiles get a visual charge when used as a diamond pattern.

Tiny dark blue mosaic tiles are secured in each corner. They add a tufted button charm in a contemporary kitchen.

54. Revamp Your Kitchen with Recycled Glass Backsplash

Upcycled Backsplash #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

The backsplash and countertops in this kitchen are both made from recycled glass. The homeowner is very conscious about reusing materials. This creates a common color palette.

The gray cabinets are the perfect complement to this thoughtful kitchen.

55. Achieve a Warm and Inviting Look with Square Tiles

Warm and Functional #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

Square tiles in warm beige and light brown create depth in this traditional kitchen.

The colors in the cabinets and countertops are found in the backsplash.

via Divine Design and Build

56. Personalize Your Kitchen with a Mosaic Art Decor

Write a Mosaic Message #kitchenbacksplash #backsplash #decorhomeideas

When creating a backsplash with mosaic tiles you can take advantage of the tiny size of the square pieces and create a special customized message.

The bulkier part of this backsplash is made of white tiles. In the center, a fun message is created with black tiles forming a word that indicates the place for having a drink.

via Pure Salt Interiors

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