26 Fantastic Brick Backsplash Kitchen Ideas To Add Even More Coziness

For hundreds of years, brick has been the starting point for building exteriors. It gained favor as an interior design element when old factories were reimagined as lofts. Its durability makes it a favorite among contractors. Its variety of warm colors and textures make it a favorite among designers.

Best Brick Backsplash Kitchen Ideas. A brick backsplash might be wonderful for nearly any kind of kitchen decor so you should consider these fantastic brick backsplash kitchen ideas for your next makeover. #decorhomeideas

It’s amazing to discover how many brick backsplash kitchen ideas are out there. You can paint brick or whitewash it. You can use it as a decorative feature or build an interior wall. Even the color of the mortar can be changed.

This can make a world of difference in a room.

  • Does brick make a good backsplash?

A brick backsplash is known for its strength and durability which makes it an excellent choice when you need something that will withstand time. It’s also easy to install.

  • Can brick veneer be used as backsplash?

Veneer brick is light enough that it can adhere to the backsplash wall without the need for lower support and thus makes it suitable for brick backsplash.

Take a look at how designers and homeowners use brick in their kitchens.

1. Add Contrast and Texture with Black Bricks

Black Bricks Add Contrast And Personality #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

The beautiful ceiling gets the attention, but the backsplash won’t be overshadowed.

Using black bricks and white mortar creates a reverse subway tile look. It creates depth in the room.

2. Give Your Kitchen an Organic Feel with a Brick Backsplash

Brick Backsplash Has Organic Feel #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

This modern kitchen has a natural feel. Its butcher block countertops and floating shelves bring the outdoors inside.

The red brick backsplash introduces irregular texture. The gray mortar matches the interior cabinets.

3. Elevate a Brick Backsplash with Black Cabinets

Brick Backsplash With Black Cabinets #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

This streamlined kitchen, with its large appliances, needed color. Using a red brick backsplash gives it the right color, texture, and tone.

It’s a strong look, but the brick keeps it from feeling cold.

4. Match Your Brick Wall and Kitchen Decor

Brick Balanced With Dark Cabinets #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

The brownish brick wall in this kitchen blends in with the color scheme.

It provides the right amount of texture and pattern needed to keep the room looking warm.

5. Bring an Industrial Vibe with a Rustic Brick Wall

Brick Wall In An Industrial Style Kitchen #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

This kitchen’s cement countertops got a boost of color when the owners decided to add reclaimed brick to one wall. Brick can be difficult to clean.

Protecting the backsplash area with a removable chalkboard is a creative solution that can be changed out or removed at any time.

6. Make Kitchen Decor Stand Out with Red Brick Backsplash

Brick Wall Unifies Elements #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

There’s a lot going on in this kitchen. The sink is white, and the cabinets are off-white. The dishwasher is white, and the stove is black. The range hood is matte black. The faucet is brass and the cabinet hardware is nickel.

The only thing that brings it all together is the red brick wall. It functions as the backdrop and as two backsplashes. The mortar color is a good match for the cabinets.

7. Spruce Up a Kitchen with Whitewashed Brick Backsplash

Brick Wall With Decorative Backsplash #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

Red brick that’s been whitewashed softens the look.

The look of the backsplash was changed to a herringbone pattern. It creates the illusion that a window was filled in with bricks.

8. Create a Lavish Kitchen with Brick Wall and Subtle Colors

Brick Wall With Subtle Colors #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

This brick wall gives the white cabinets and gray countertops all the color the room needs. It provides a nice contrast to the glossy quartz countertops.

The wood shelving provides an organic element and secondary texture. The brackets match the countertop.

9. Bring Farmhouse Charm with a Brown Brick Backsplash

Brown Brick Backsplash #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

The brown brick matches the cherry cabinets with their caramel stain finish. This brick backsplash has a smooth finish that’s a nice complement to the quartz countertops.

Lights under the glass front cabinets create a warm glow against the wall.

10. Cohesive Kitchen with Cabinets and Brick Backsplash

Cabinets Hung On Brick Wall #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

A set of shallow depth cabinets hang on a brick wall. This creates a backsplash for the prep area.

The mortar matches the countertops and the subway tile on the adjacent wall. The wall and cabinets bring the room together.

11. Add Splendour with a Vibrant Red Brick Backsplash

Deep Red Brick Backsplash #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

This modern farmhouse kitchen features a deep red color in its backsplash.

This helps unify the granite countertops with the traditional cabinets. The island was painted to match the wall.

12. Indulge in the Lavish Look of Distressed Brick Wall

Distressed Brick Wall #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

The brick wall is large enough to function as a backsplash and as a feature wall in this one of a kind kitchen. It’s an added texture that contrasts with the countertop. The string of lights emphasizes the industrial design.

The brushed brass range hood finds a way to work with the wall and countertops. The red color in the brass works with the distressed brick. The shine in the green marble countertop connects with the shine of the range hood.

13. Utilize Stylish Shelves and Brick Backsplash

Distressed Brick With Metal Shelves And Countertops #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

A modern kitchen with stainless steel countertops and appliances had to solve a decorating dilemma.

The challenge was to disguise the exposed electrical wires that run down the side of the wall.

Metal channels were distressed, blending in with the brick. The modern industrial look and the brick wall were both preserved.

14. Add Lasting Charm to Kitchen with Faux Brick Wallpaper

Farmhouse Brick Backsplash #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

Faux brick wallpaper could also work on any kitchen backsplash. It’s a quick solution when you would like to replace the existing tile pattern or just want to spruce up your kitchen design.

15. Create an Elegant Faux Chimney with Brick Wall Accent

Faux Chimney #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

A brick wall was built behind the large stove to mimic a chimney. It brings together the exposed wood beams, large hood and island.

Copper trim on the wood works better than a silver or nickel finish. It connects with the color of the brick.

16. Get a Trendy Look with Green Brick Backsplash

Green Brick Backsplash #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

Green is a trendy color for kitchens in 2022. This emerald green proves that brick can be painted any color. Painted with a glossy finish, the metallic utensils pop against this wall.

If you want to paint your own brick, preparation is key. Sealing the brick will prevent it from soaking up too much paint.

17. Add Modern Flair with Orange-Brown Brick Backsplash

Orange-Brown Brick With Gray Mortar #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

The large bricks make a nice backdrop for the six-burner stainless steel stove and dark countertops.

The color is mimicked on the wood floor. Dark gray mortar matches the countertops, creating depth in the small space.

18. Unify White and Black Elements with Red Brick Wall 

Red Brick Behind Large Range Hood #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

Instead of using a heavy whitewash, a lot of red was left visible on this wall. The brick unifies the white and black elements in the range area. It picks up the red knobs on the stove and the reddish tint in the floor tiles.

The pot filler faucet is a hint that this may be a brick façade. The faucet needs a feed that would be tricky to create in a solid brick wall.

19. Contrast with Red Brick Wall and White Wood Panels

Red Brick Blends With Wood Panels #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

The red brick sits under wood panels painted white. It provides a nice background color to the white shelves and cabinets. It also works as another organic element with the cement countertops.

Touches of black in the window frame and cabinet hardware create continuity with the range.

20. Upgrade Your Galley Kitchen with a Red Brick Wall

Red Brick In A Galley Kitchen #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

This kitchen is a blend of modern and industrial elements. The island and floors pick up on the reddish-brown color in the brick. The wall itself gives weight to the reclaimed wood beams.

These warm elements work well with the stainless steel stove and quartz countertops. The shelves mounted on the brick stand out as the golden warmth of the wood contrasts with the red in the wall.

21. Unmatched Aesthetic with Arched Hood Red Brick Wall

Red Brick Under An Arched Hood #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

The stove’s hood is fitted under a custom arch that blends seamlessly with the surrounding kitchen cabinets.

The brick backsplash creates an impression of cooking in an old hearth.

Consult a designer if you want this style. There are a lot of combustible elements around those burners.

22. Bring Vintage Elegance with a Brick Wall Backsplash

Red Brick Walls In A Vintage Kitchen #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

Whitewashed red brick walls bring a warm element to balance the black retro stove and oven. Use brick when you want to recreate the reclaimed factory building feel of your home.

The iron shelf brackets and vintage-look cabinets complete the look.

23. Get a Traditional Look with Warm-Toned Brick Wall

Warm Brick In A Traditional Kitchen #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

This kitchen brings to mind the elegance of a butler’s pantry.

A brick wall provides the backsplash to the range and prep areas. The brownish reds blend with the warm color palette and add texture.

24. Enhance Your French Country Kitchen with a Brick Wall

White Brick In A French Country Kitchen #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

If you want an all-white kitchen but don’t want to lose the red brick wall, consider painting the wall.

This French country kitchen gets its character from the subtle color and texture of the brick wall. The backsplash area was created by adding corbels to the hood.

25. Be Bold and Creative with Whitewashed Brick Decor

Whitewashed Brick #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

Red brick provides the perfect transition from the granite countertops to the massive range hood and wood beams in the ceiling.

The beige mortar is picked up in the cabinet color.

26. Amaze Guests with a Whitewashed Brick Backsplash

Whitewashed Brick With Painted Cabinets #brickbacksplash #kitchen #decorhomeideas

This French country kitchen gets a vintage boost from the whitewashed brick backsplash.

Vertical panels create interest as they contrast against the brick’s horizontal layout. Painting the cabinets a dark color brings out the coziness factor.

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