48 Best Steel Metal Kitchen Cabinets ( Beautiful Photos )

Are you considering getting steel or metal kitchen cabinets?

Create fantastic kitchens with metal kitchen cabinets with many styles such as minimalist, modern or industrial.

Best Metal Kitchen Cabinets. Metal steel kitchen cabinets ideas and designs, trends and paint colors. Photos of interior design with metal kitchen cabinets. #metal #steel #kitchen #cabinets #decorhomeideas

Steel metal cabinets can be designed with many types and materials that will give you freedom with their simplicity and will bring elegance and style to your kitchens with a simple touch.

1. Use Black and White for Stainless Steel Kitchen Furniture

Classic Color Combo In Steel #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Black and white must be the most universal and preferable color combination for homes, offices and even outer spaces.

This stainless steel kitchen furniture offers an excellent combination between beautiful design, durability and strength.

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2. Steel Kitchen Cabinetry with a Deep Dull Finish

Stylish Dull Black Steel Cabinets #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

The metal kitchen cabinetry in this modernistic house is made of steel which is additionally treated to achieve a deep dull finish.

The furniture is entirely made of steel and is selected to match the interior of the house. This dull and dark finish is perfect for spaces where natural light is rich.

via Adcit

3. Executive Steel Kitchen Cabinetry for Culinary Enthusiasts

Storage Solution With Built In Steel Cabinets #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

There is a steel kitchen cabinetry solution for all culinary addicts! Those built-in tall cabinets can accommodate even the largest number of appliances, utilities and other cooking stuff.

The electric appliances are installed in them and make the total look of the kitchen professional.

via RENOVATION design group

4. Utilize Small Kitchen Space with Steel and Wood Islands

Small Kitchen With Steel Cabinets Of Carbon Finish #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

The small kitchen is not always a disadvantage. If you use the entire space cleverly and select the right materials, you can get a totally functional cooking area.

This is an example of how to utilize the small space by installing a long steel and wood island and large cabinetry to store the utilities and appliances.

The carbon finish is duller than the standard factory finish of the steel and brings a shade of modernistic introduction to the kitchen.

via Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

5. Add Character to Your Home with Steel Kitchen Cabinets 

Graphite Finish Steel Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Steel kitchen cabinets have been the choice even for an architectural performance as this magnificent cave-like home.

Their finish reminds of graphite texture and color and matches the archaic and so cosy interior of the house.

via Joan Lao Design Studio

6. Sophisticated Silver Hammered Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Luxury Kitchen In Hammered Silver Steel #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Luxury is not only high price, it is mainly uniqueness and sophisticated style as this small kitchen is.

The kitchen cabinets have been hammered with silver and that has changed the natural texture of the steel. Now it looks warmer, deeper and is definitely worth each penny.

via Xavier Bejot

7. Achieve a Neat Look with a Stainless Steel Kitchen Design

Clean And Modern Steel Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

When it comes to kitchen, stainless steel is mostly preferred because it eases cleaning and because of its durability.

Whether entirely of steel or used in the combination above white kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances, it always looks stylish and beautiful.

via Cary Bernstein Architect

8. Use a Dull Steel Finish for Your Contemporary Kitchen

Stainless Steel Kitchen With Dull Finish #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Among all possible steel finishes, one of the most commonly used ones is the dull finish.

It provides warmth and is very appealing but it is suitable for spaces where there is more natural light as the fabricated finish of the stainless is treated and thus not that shiny.

This dull effect also makes the steel more durable to scratches as they will be harder to notice than the regular finish.

via Tyler Hogan Photographer

9. Utilize Stainless Steel for Kitchen Cabinetry and Islands

Island In Steel For Eating #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Along with its attractiveness, stainless steel is germ-enemy due to its non-porous nature.

Using stainless steel for the cabinetry and also for the kitchen islands is therefore reasonable and as a bonus it is easy to be cleaned.

via Lucy Interior Design

10. Custom Kitchen Cabinet with Stainless Steel Accents

Customized Dark Steel Kitchen Cabinet #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Stainless steel knobs and pulls may transform a standard base kitchen cabinet into a customized piece of furniture.

This kitchen cabinet is one of the most functional ones as it accommodates built-in the appliances and all needed household.   


11. Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets for Contemporary Style

Functional Kitchen With Large Steel Cabinets #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

The base and the top cabinets of this kitchen are made entirely of stainless steel to match the appliances.

The chosen arrangement line, size and quantity of storage places make this contemporary kitchen modern and at the same time very comfortable. 

via Wyant Architecture

12. Minimalistic Industrial Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinetry 

Minimalistic Industrial Stainless Steel Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Everything in this kitchen space – from the handles of the cabinets to the appliances is in stainless steel finish. The base kitchen cabinets are elegantly arranged.

However, the chosen material and the plainness of the shapes make the kitchen more industrial. This type of steel kitchen cabinetry is perfect for airy spaces.

via Emerich Architects

13. Sleek Stainless Steel Kitchen with Open Concept

Cook-And-Eat Steel Island #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

This kitchen is custom designed to follow an open concept. All the cabinetry and the island in the middle are mid-sized and made of stainless steel.

The finish is the perfect choice for flow transition from the kitchen to the living space as its neutral color matches any living room interior. 

via Balodemas Architects

14. Eat and Cook Elegantly with Stainless Steel Kitchen

Functional Steel Island #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

More families prefer to combine eating and cooking zone.

This stainless steel kitchen decision provides the most of this idea as it consists of many cabinets and an island with drawers that ensure comfort and functionality.

via kimberly peck architect

15. Elevate Kitchen Decor with Stainless Steel Appliances

Polished Steel Cabinets For United Kitchen And Living Room #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Continuing the trend for the combination between kitchen and living room in one open space, you must consider choosing the best materials that will make the surfaces look clean and shiny with fewer efforts.

Polished white kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances are the perfect combination as the materials are kid-friendly.

In addition to that, the storage area is optimal and this makes the space where most of the day time is spent more comfortable and clean.   

via Adrienne DeRosa

16. Gunmetal Skin Kitchen Design for Improved Ergonomics

Dark Bronze Metal Cabinets #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

If you want to improve the ergonometric of the kitchen and make its design simpler, this kitchen idea may be your inspiration.

The designers have chosen gunmetal skin for the built-in cabinetry and faces of the island which makes the space unique and practical with regards to cleaning and comfort.

via Hufft

17. Turn Old Metal Kitchen Cabinets with a Blue Paint Job

Blue Painted Metal Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

If your kitchen is furnished with metal cabinets which is very functional but already worn and outdated, don’t get rid of it. Renovate them instead!

This photo is a spectacular example of how to update metal kitchen cabinets. Use suitable metal paint that matches your interior and voila! Your old kitchen will be turned into a trendy vintage metal kitchen.

via Retro renovation

18. Affordable Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets from IKEA

Simple Storage Idea For The Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

If you understand the advantages of the stainless steel kitchen but cannot afford a customized furniture, Ikea sells stainless steel kitchen cabinet which do not give way to more expensive ones.

Their modules are universal and flexible with regards to combination possibilities, area compatibility, properties, etc.

via Ikea

19. Sophisticated Black Metal and Brass Kitchen Cabinetry

Cabin Kitchen In Black Metal #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

This small kitchen/bar cabinetry must have been taken from an entertainer’s dream.

The cabinets are made of black metal and the nested sink, top cabinets and board- from brass. This is a sophisticated metal combination suitable for any small kitchen space. 

via HMH Architecture + Interiors

20. Industrial Chic Kitchen with Stainless Steel Accents

Fantastic Contemporary Steel Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Stainless steel does make the interior more industrial but it is also very chic because of the metal splashes and smoothness.

This is an idea for a large single-wall kitchen where stainless steel is the predominant material for most of the furniture.

via Vem Works

21. Modular Kitchen Storage Unit in Black Steel

Modular Black Cabinets For Small Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

This modular unit in black powdered steel has been chosen to make an addition to the existing kitchen structure.

It is very convenient for storage as there are many drawers and cabinets of different sizes.

via Haru Hazelbakerrush

22. Contemporary Stainless Steel N-Shaped Kitchen 

Sleek N-shaped Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

This contemporary-styled kitchen system is made entirely of stainless steel so that the interior of the drawers matches the sleek look of their exterior.

The appliances are built-in and of the same inox finish. This way the big quantity and relatively tight arrangement of cabinets do not overwhelm the space.


23. Utilize Stainless Steel Cabinets for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Steel Kitchen Suitable For Outdoor Usage #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a low-maintenance and cost-friendly outdoor kitchen, you must investigate the advantages of outdoor stainless steel cabinets.

The material is modern, perfect for outer ambient conditions as it cannot be damaged by water or other circumstances and is easy to be cleaned.

via Brooks Custom

24. Luxurious Platinum-Finish for Geometric Steel Cabinetry

Glamorous Cabinets With Cladding In Platinum Color #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Plating can give the steel cabinetry an individual touch to the kitchen.

Platinum-finish makes the look of the geometric shapes warmer and gives a luxurious finish to the cabinets.

via ANOX Studio

25. Powder Coat Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Light Green Steel Cabinets #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Powder coating is one of the easiest ways to change the fabric color of steel.

Some stainless steel kitchen manufacturers offer a variety of powder coating colors to let the customers take advantage of the steel cabinetry functionality and at the same time match it with the rest of the interior.

via Retro renovation

26. Sleek Loft Kitchen with Stainless Steel Furniture

Functional Steel Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

A beautiful kitchen in loft style where stainless steel is the predominant material for the kitchen furniture.

The fridge has been hidden behind stainless steel doors to match the kitchen design

via Brickspiration

27. Use Profiled Steel Sheets for Kitchen Cabinet Doors 

Industrial Style Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Profiled steel sheets are usually used for civil and construction works.

However, it seems that they could make great doors of cabinets in a kitchen, designed in industrial style.

via Frederick+Frederick

28. Red Metal Kitchen for Fearless Homeowners

Res Curve Shape Steel Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

This red metal kitchen must be possessed by a brave householder who doesn’t obey the mass choices.

The kitchen set provides functionality, individuality and a relatively small footprint.  

via Fadior Kitchen

29. Round Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

Kitchen With Stainles Steel Curved Island #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Stainless steel is a quite flexible material so it can be used even for a unconventional shapes when space and taste requires them.

This metal island is with a round shape to increase the welcome-drink space.

via Colorado Cabinetry

30. Get Timeless Look with Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets 

Dull Surface Of Steel Cabinets For Mist Finish #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Stainless steel in satin finish makes the perfect material choice for kitchen cabinets that must be combined with more contrast colors from the rest of the interior.

The satin finish makes the surface duller and thus more interior universal.

via MARAYA interior design

31. Cozy Kitchen Combination of Steel and Wood

Many Steel Cabins Of Shorter Height #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Steel and wood look very cozy in a combination for the kitchen.

If your space allows it, you can place many but base steel cabinets which will accommodate the heavier kitchen stuff and use wooden shelves to expose the household.


32. Enhance Kitchen Efficiency with Modern Steel Modules 

Metal Cabinets And An Island For A Small Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

These contemporary steel modules in black fit very well in the original structure and detailing of the kitchen.

Although only a few, they provide enough comfort and space to do the daily activities in a kitchen.

via Remodelista Instagram

33. Stylish and Space-Saving Stainless Steel Kitchen

Shop-Made Small Steel Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

This small kitchen is made of shiny stainless steel and will fit well in any apartment or studio where space is limited.

The best of all is that it is shop-made and can be easily and quickly installed.

via Houzz

34. Steel Kitchen Cabinets for Mid-Century Aesthetic

Stylish Kitchen In Stainless Steel And Grey #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Steel is definitely one of the most practical materials for kitchen cabinets. But what if it must transfuse with the mid-century interior and exterior of a house?

The kitchen may be purchased painted in a neutral color so that its industrial character is attenuated.

via Bulthaup

35. Complement Stainless Steel Kitchen with Bright Colors

Stylish Combination Between Steel And White Lack #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Some of the best colors for kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances is steel grey, white and black.

This three-combo color combination makes the kitchen look trendy. Stainless steel is used on those parts that will take up the most weight and will be used more often. 


36. Brighten a Dark Kitchen with Stainless Steel Cabinets 

Stainless Steel Surfaces To Reflect Natural Light #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Stainless steel cabinets are best for kitchens where natural light lacks.

The fabric capability of stainless steel to reflect light will help space become more bright and will make the atmosphere airier compared with any other material.

via 2B group

37. The Perfect Blend of Industrial and Vintage Kitchens

Custom-made Kitchen With Steel And Wood #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

While stainless steel appliances and cabinetry make the kitchen space look more industrial, wood plating and furniture give it a more vintage feeling.

What if these come into a combination? Well, this custom-made kitchen proves that going for the golden mean will never betray you

via Penny Lane Home Builders PLC

38. Match Stainless Steel Appliances for a Seamless Look

Transitional Finish Of Steel Cabinets To Match The Inox Appliancies #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

If the stainless steel appliances are built in a cabinetry, it is always smartest to make them in the same finish so that the transition between them is smooth and stylish.

via Brooks Custom

39. Shop for Affordable Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Dull White Steel Cabinets #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Have you thought about where to buy affordable metal kitchen cabinets from?

It appears that there aren’t many manufacturers who are focused more on the residential than the commercial market, so make sure to check the link below for more information.

via Retro renovation

40. Use Ikea’s Futuristic Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Minimalistic Kitchen Storage Idea #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Stainless steel is the material that Ikea also prefers for kitchens that represent a more futuristic and beautiful design.

It is well-known that in addition to the cost-friendly options, Ikea’s cabinets also provide variety, strength and security.

via Ikea

41. Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances for Small Kitchens

Classy Small Kitchen Entirely In Steel #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

The contemporary choice for kitchen cabinetry and appliances for a family that is always in a rush is entirely made of stainless steel – easy to clean, matches any interior and is durable in time prospect.

via Houzz

42. Modern Grey Kitchen with Stainless Steel Features

Curved Stainless Steel Kictchen In An Appartment #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

This high-tech kitchen uses grey color as interior and finish of the construction material of the cabinetry and island.

Every inch is well organized due to the stainless steel’s ability to fit in any shape and space.


43. High-Tech Grey Kitchen with Stainless Steel Accents

Spacious Steel Minimalistic Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

This modern urban kitchen combines unique engineering solutions, state-of-the-art technology and industrial design for the custom made kitchen modules.

The designer has chosen bright stainless steel for the cabinets and the island and wooden handles to match the wall and ceiling lining.

via Studio Arthur Casas

44. Turn 1950’s Cabinets into Modern Style Kitchen Furniture

Old Metal Kitchen Into Modern Vintage Cabinets #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

1950’s metal kitchen cabinets can easily be transformed into a modern kitchen cabinetry by applying of a new paint coat.

This is a cost-effective idea for all of you who are happy with the storage possibilities of their old kitchen furniture but would like to give them a new look.

via Oinkety

45. Enhance Aesthetics with Durable Metallic Countertops 

Gold And White Eclectic Metal Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Metallic countertops that match the lights make the otherwise ordinary wooden cabinetry more stylish and individualistic.

Since countertops are one of the surfaces that wear easily, steel would resist this impact longer than any other material.

via Sebastian Wiedemann Architektur

46. Combine Different Metals for an Inspiring Finish

Combination Between Mixed Metals #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

This kitchen is an inspiring example of how to mix different metal finishes in the kitchen.

It features dull stainless steel for the appliances and warm brass for the futuristic chair legs and lampshades. The tiles also have a metal-like texture as if white and brass colors have been combined.

via Schanstra Design Group

47. Country House Kitchen with Steel and Wood Island

Kitchen Island From Steel Wood And White Lack #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

The warm and cozy atmosphere of this county house kitchen is achieved by the mixture of different textures.

Glossy white and the natural stain of the wooden parts and stainless steel edging of some of the drawers as an accent to make a flawless transition between the cabinets and the appliances

via Braam’s Custom Cabinets

48. Rustic Industrial Kitchen with Reclaimed Oak Wood

Rustick Steel Kitchen #kitchen #cabinets #metal #steel #decorhomeideas

Reclaimed oak wood on the top of the metal cabinets and island gives a rustic touch to the otherwise industrial design of the kitchen.

Some of the steel cabinets are open type, other with doors. Both models look fantastic

via Jane Kim Design

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