25 Ingenious IKEA Dresser Hacks Anyone Can Master

IKEA is a leading retailer when it comes to budget-friendly furniture, and while these classic pieces look as good as they already are, a clever IKEA hack can give them that wow effect that’s sure to impress anyone.

IKEA dressers, including the Hemnes, Tarva, and Malm dressers, have simple designs that make them ideal for quick transformations that will turn them into a piece that perfectly fits your space and style.

Discover 25 ingenious IKEA dresser hacks that anyone can master, transforming ordinary furniture into extraordinary pieces of functional art. From simple paint jobs to creative hardware swaps, unleash your creativity and elevate your home decor effortlessly.

Whether you’re adding decorative features, new hardware, or a fresh coat of paint, there are numerous ways to give IKEA’s dressers a complete upgrade and a fresh new look.

We’ve looked for some clever IKEA dresser hacks you can use as your inspiration for your next transformation.

Take a look!

1. Add Texture with Rattan

ikea dresser hacks 1


Rattan is a versatile material that works with numerous decor styles, adding warmth and texture to your space.

The drawer fronts of this plain-jane IKEA Malm dresser have been covered with rattan that contrasts nicely with the baby blue color. The customizable legs and MDF top further elevate the look.

2. Make it Soothing

ikea dresser hacks 2


This IKEA dresser was initially plain white, but a shade of Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams transformed it into a unique piece of furniture. 

The rustic mirror above the dresser adds an elegant touch, and the long legs align the dresser perfectly with the wainscoting.

3. Impress with Shaker-Style

ikea dresser hacks 3


The shaker-style doors on this IKEA Hemnes dresser turn it into a contemporary piece of furniture that fits into any space you put it.

The artwork, wall stencil, dried glass plumes, and tall, fluffy dried stems combine to bring a boho-chic vibe to this setup.

4. Change Handles

ikea dresser hacks 4


Even with the simplest of changes such as knobs, you can upgrade an IKEA dresser into a statement-piece.

This IKEA Hauga dresser had white knobs which were swapped out for gold ones. The new look makes the dresser stand out more and blend with this nursery’s decor.

5. Detail with Paintable Wallpaper

ikea dresser hacks 5


Instead of going for a more expensive bone-inlay dresser, why not try your hand at paintable wallpaper decor?

The Sherwin-Williams Cavier on this paintable wallpaper contrasts perfectly with the gold knobs, giving this dresser an intriguing modern look.

6. Paint Your Dresser

ikea dresser hacks 6


With a fresh coat of paint, you can quickly transform upcycled furniture into unique pieces of your liking.

The initial color of this IKEA dresser was black, but a coat of Dixie Belle sea glass gives it a touch of whimsy, especially when paired with nearby accents.

The gold-toned cabinet pulls, and gold leaf legs complete the look.

7. Spray It

ikea dresser hacks 7


Decorating your nursery can be costly, but you can get your desired look with this affordable IKEA dresser hack.

This Tarva dresser was upcycled by spray painting the sides green and switching the drawer knobs for leather pulls. The two-tone look is simple yet organic and warm.

8. Effortless Sophistication

ikea dresser hacks 8


This IKEA dresser hack is so straightforward and quick yet so transformative.

The Rust-Oleum chalked matte paint gives this dresser a subtle new look, while finger pull handles replace basic knobs, giving it a sophisticated, modern feel.

9. Create a Cohesive Look

ikea dresser hacks 9


Matching your dresser with your room’s color palette is an excellent way of creating a clean, cohesive look.

The leather drawer pulls on this white IKEA dresser, adds some color, and complements other accents in this gorgeous nursery.

10. Use Pole Wrap

ikea dresser hacks 10


You can achieve many potential looks by simply designing an old IKEA dresser, including high-end ones.

The drawers of this IKEA Malm dresser have been covered with pole wrap, giving it a high-end look. The addition of legs in contrasting colors makes this dresser so stylish.

11. Add More Storage

ikea dresser hacks 11


You can combine IKEA dressers to create additional storage for your bedroom essentials.

This hack uses two dressers to create a cubby-style storage space. The flush pull handles give this dresser a whole new look.

12. Boho-Inspired

ikea dresser hacks 12


You can easily add some boho style to your decor with this IKEA dresser hack.

You only need to paint your dresser with warm pastel shades that match your room’s palette and then add textural decor and lively plants to reinforce the look.

13. Fill Out Gaps

ikea dresser hacks 13


Initially, this bathroom had two separate vanities with an odd space between them.

To get rid of this weird space, a cheap IKEA dresser was fitted in the middle. The designer used a shade of All-In-One Oyster paint to give the vanity a calming and cohesive look.

14. Embrace Geometry

ikea dresser hacks 14


When you’re searching for that one-of-a-kind piece of furniture for your home, finding your desired piece can be tricky as well as expensive.

However, with the addition of some geometric panels, this IKEA dresser exudes refined elegance. The stylish drawer knobs and legs further elevate the look and feel of this dresser.

15. Keep It Minimal

ikea dresser hacks 15

@Andrew Snow Photography

The IKEA Malm dresser has a clean style that lends it so much potential to give it a modern look.

The cabinet pulls for this dresser have been painted a similar color to that of the drawers to create a fun and whimsical piece of furniture perfect for any nursery.

16. Add Some Art

ikea dresser hacks 16


Art is always a great way to liven up a room, but you shouldn’t reserve it for your walls only.

Here, a bold black-and-white bison art changes the look of this upcycled IKEA dresser. The best part of this hack is that you can use whichever art print you desire and any palette that speaks to your interior style.

17. Make it Contrasting

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Upgrading an IKEA dresser doesn’t require a bunch of materials or tools. This hack uses cool muted shades to uplift this Tarva dresser, which has been repurposed into a changing table.

The pastel shades create an ombre effect that blends perfectly with the room’s color scheme and decor.

18. Black and White Supremacy

ikea dresser hacks 18


This plain white IKEA Malm dresser has been adorned with black raindrop art for a playful look, elevating the room’s whimsical nature-inspired theme.

The wooden wall brings a relaxed, organic feel and blends with the setup, while other accents carry the theme across the room.

19. Inspire with Campaign Style

ikea dresser hacks 19


Some hacks require a lot of your patience and time, but others will only take minutes, like this IKEA Malm hack.

Just by simply adding some decorative hardware, this Malm dresser was turned into a campaign-style dresser that you can’t differentiate from an authentic campaign piece.

20. Keep it Simple

ikea dresser hacks 20

@My O’verlays

Simple transformations are easily the best and make the most significant impact.

Gold contact paper gives this IKEA Hemnes dresser a glamorous update that turns it into an antique piece of furniture with a modern appeal.

21. Lace Finish

ikea dresser hacks 21


This IKEA Malm hack will fit right in if your decor style leans minimal.

These drawer fronts have been covered in white lace, giving them a stunning finish. They also have pre-drilled pulls; you only have to install them to your Malm chest or dresser.

22. Vintage for the Win

ikea dresser hacks 22


A vintage look on your IKEA dresser will never let you down! 

The rustic gold cup pulls instantly turn this dresser into an antique piece without much effort. The curved legs and detailing at the bottom take this statement piece a step further.

23. Stick to Industrial Style

ikea dresser hacks 23


This IKEA dresser boasts an industrial style perfect for a teenage boy’s room.

With as little as some wood hardener, paint, and awesome Amazon cabinet pulls, this dresser achieves a bold look that’s completely different from what it looked like.

24. Try Some Cane Webbing

ikea dresser hacks 24


This clever hack uses cane webbing for the cabinet fronts and might require a bit of DIY know-how, but the final look will make it unrecognizable as an IKEA piece.

The handles have been adjusted and repainted to match the cane fronts and add color to the blue-green paint.

25. Add Exceptional Details

ikea dresser hacks 25


Vintage-style glamor dressers are hard to come by, not to mention very expensive. Luckily, with some clever hacks and a bit of DIY, such a style is very achievable.

The drawer fronts of this IKEA dresser use a cane and trim decor to give it an intriguing look, while some golden cabinet pulls and knobs add color, and hanging pink drawer knob tassels bring texture to this vintage-style piece.

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