28 Best Space-Saving Beds For Small Rooms ( Ideas and Designs )

Are you constantly trying to free up more space in your home? Well, it gets even more difficult if you are trying to do it in a small room, not to mention when there is a bed involved, right?

The solution: These amazing space-saving beds for small rooms that will surprise you with their simple yet creative designs!

Best Beds For Small Rooms. If you are looking for some budget-friendly space saving ideas, we have an amazing selection of beds for small rooms to free even more space. #decorhomeideas

It doesn’t matter if your room is narrow, low-ceilinged or just tiny there are tons of options to incorporate a bed. Some of these beds are based on what problem needs solving in your space.

Twin bed, Murphy bed, sleeper sofa or loft – they could be your solution to various situations lacking space.

  • What type of bed is best for small rooms?

It depends! Decide what’s the one thing you need more in a small room – is it more space, more storage or just a place where you can take a nap. Start from there and browse all the best beds for small rooms in the selection in this article.

  • How do you put a full size bed in a small room?

Place on the wall directly opposite the closet and opt for a storage bench at the bottom of the bed. This opens up an entire wall for a long dresser, bookshelf, or desk. This is valid for smaller rooms too.

1. Maximize Your Space with Affordable and Stylish Daybeds

Budget-Friendly Daybed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Daybeds are one of the most popular solutions for adding sleeping spaces in a small room.

You can find durable, high-quality daybeds in every style that won’t break the bank.

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2. Elevate Your Home with Versatile Bunk Bed with Trundle 

Bunk Beds With Trundle #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Here’s another set up that may sleep three or four people. A bunk bed is created with a twin on the bottom and a full size on top.

The legs of the full-size bed are tall enough to make room for a trundle. Since the bottom bed is full size, you have the option of the trundle being either a full size or a twin size bed.

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3. Unwind in Total Luxury with a Daybed Swing

Hanging Daybed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

This daybed’s unique style broadens its appeal. Instead of using legs, it’s raised off the floor using ropes anchored to the ceiling. It’s like a cross between a porch swing and a canopy bed.

If you’re going to try this, make sure the ropes are strong enough to carry the weight of the mattress and the adults who will fight over it.

The design works in a country cottage home or a vacation beach house. If you want an industrial look, swap out the ropes for chains and use a dark stain on the frame.

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4. Transform Your Kids’ Nursery with a Simple Bunk Bed

Classic Bunk Beds #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

The classic bunk bed is a simple solution for kids.

A guard rail is necessary for keeping sleepers from falling and to discourage adventurous schemes.

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5. Bring an Industrial Vibe with a Murphy Bed

Classic Murphy Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

When it comes to choosing a space-saving bed, Murphy beds are a popular choice.

Sometimes known as a wall bed, they’re stored by raising them up into a concealed compartment that looks like a standard wall when closed.

They can be sold as stand-alone units or can be built into the wall.

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6. Turn a Room into a Cozy Retreat with a Compact Foldable Bed

Compact Foldable Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

This is one of the most compact solutions for an overnight guest.

It uses an accordion fold and a thin mattress for storing in a small space.

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7. Add Modern Flair to a Home with an Elegant Convertible Chair

Convertible Chair #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

When space is at a premium, it’s important to choose furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Here’s a space saving option when you don’t have a spare bedroom but would like to offer a friend a place to stay overnight.

This spare bed folds up into a chair when not in use.

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8. Upgrade Your Recliner into a Makeshift Bed

Convertible Sofa Chair Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Here’s an alternative to using a recliner as a makeshift bed.

You don’t have to wait for guests to stay over. This is a nice idea for a quick nap in a sunny room.

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9. Cozy Up Your Daybed with Cushions

Daybed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Daybeds have always been a great idea for small rooms. They provide plenty of seating every day. By night, toss aside the throw pillows and it’s ready for a sleepy guest.

Most daybeds have higher armrests that also function as a headboard and footboard. The backrest is usually decorated with an assortment of throw pillows.

via Ballard Designs

10. Bring Rustic Elegance with Wrought Iron Bed with Trundle

Daybed With a Trundle #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

When a daybed suits your style but you need even more room for guests, consider a daybed with a trundle. A daybed with a trundle needs longer legs, so the trundle will roll out easily.

This daybed has a classic look that works great in a vacation cottage or in vintage French décor.

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11. Get an Innovative Murphy Bed Dresser

Dresser Murphy Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

There are situations where a standard Murphy bed isn’t an option. Wall beds are tall, heavy to move, and can be stressful to assemble.

This Murphy bed doesn’t take up the entire wall. Instead, it folds up and fits to the headboard. When it’s closed, it looks like a dresser.

It fits right into the style of the room. Eliminating the need for a blank wall means this bed can even fit under a window.

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12. Bring Farmhouse Charm with Framed Futon Bed

Framed Futon Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

The futon lost its status as a popular bed option when everyone realized that it’s tough to sleep on the floor.

They rebounded when frames became available. They function like a low-rise daybed. The mattress folds lengthwise.

This futon frame has side trays and storage drawers underneath.

You can find futon frames in contemporary sizes up to a queen-size mattress.

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13. Give Your Bedroom a Makeover with an L-Shaped Bunk Bed

Bunk Beds & Loft #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

When space is at a premium, you’ll want to look at this L-shaped bunk bed. Its design allows three people to sleep in the corner with an extra bed as a loft.

It’s a compact solution for a small bedroom.

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14. Be Charmed with a Multifunctional Loft Bed

Loft With A Desk #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

It seems that no kid has the room they need these days. Using a loft bed creates a dedicated area for studying. This makes it easier to get back to work.

This frame raises up the bed to make room for a long desk. The big advantage is that homework doesn’t need to be cleared off the dining room table for meals.

There are a couple of shelves for books or other small items. The open style allows plenty of light to flow through.

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15. Add Texture to Your Bedroom with Murphy Bunk Beds

Murphy Bunk Beds #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

This Murphy bunk bed takes up only a little more length on the wall than a standard twin bed. Designing the beds to be opened lengthwise means using less floor space.

It’s a great solution for adding more temporary sleeping options in a small space.

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16. Maximize Storage with Platform Bed and Ottoman Combo

Platform Bed With Headboard And Ottoman Storage #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Platform bed frames are an ideal way to create more storage. There are many containers built specifically for rolling or sliding underneath the bed.

This platform bed and ottoman share a pair of legs. The ottoman functions as a footboard and a storage chest. This saves precious inches in a small room.

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17. Bring Character and Warmth with a Corner Platform Bed

Platform Corner Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Headboards and most platform frames make it impractical to put a bed against the wall. The design challenges increase when you try to tuck the bed into a corner.

This platform bed has a headboard design specifically for tucking into a corner. Its low profile allows it to fit under a window.

Skirting provides the perfect camouflage for storing extra bedding or throw pillows.

via Ballard Designs

18. Versatile Twin Sofa Bed for Minimalist and Industrial Spaces

Platform Twin Sofa Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Twin mattresses are the most common size for daybeds.

This twin sofa bed works well in a minimalist or industrial room. The backrest and armrests are lower than many daybeds. It could even be used as bench seating in a family room.

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19. Square Corner Daybed with Trundle for Contemporary Rooms

Daybed With Trundle #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Another daybed with a trundle. This daybed, with its squared off corners, would work in a Mediterranean designed room or in a contemporary room.

The square corners make it easy to create skirting around the bottom to hide the trundle.

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20. Add a Touch of Homely Luxury with Portable Adjustable Bed

Reclining Queen Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Adjustable beds are all the rage, but the reasons for buying one aren’t always about watching TV or reading. Many people need them for relief from acid reflux or sleep apnea.

This platform bed frame and mattress set is a comfortable, affordable solution for the need for an adjustable bed. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a remote-controlled frame, but what you lose in convenience, you gain in portability.

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21. Murphy Bed Design with Built-In Couch and Swivel Feature

Shelved Murphy Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

There’s been a steady improvement to Murphy bed designs as the trend to downsize our homes.

One of the more creative designs involves making the space in front of a stored bed more useful.

To that end, there are beds that swivel out from behind a bookcase and this design from Italy. The couch is built into the design. The middle folds back and underneath the unit when the bed is pulled down. The armrests become sideboards.

Complement this with a coffee table on casters for even more flexibility.

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22. Embrace Minimalism with a Simple Folding Bed

Simple Folding Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Foldable beds used to be one of the few options available for temporary sleeping solutions. It’s still a practical way to accommodate a guest or two who are only staying over the weekend. They can be a little uncomfortable if used longer.

Frames are sturdier than ever and the wheels make it easy to roll into a closet or corner. A foam mattress makes this bed easy to handle.

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23. Versatile Sleeper Sofa with Ottoman Storage

Sofa Sleeper With Storage #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Sleeper sofas work in any room. Teens love them for making their room look more like a lounge when their friends hang out.

They work in the spare bedroom that usually functions as a study or home office. They’re also a popular choice for studio apartments.

This sleeper sofa comes with an ottoman with storage to hide away linens when not in use.

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24. Indulge in the Lavish Look of Stackable Beds

Stackable Beds #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Stackable beds are like trundle beds, but the two are similar in height. Instead of a trundle rolling underneath, the top bed lifts off.

It creates a lower profile in the room, but may be cumbersome for older adults looking for a solution for visiting grandkids.

These are great for sleepovers, so kids can have quiet conversations until their eyes close.

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25. Add Glamour and Personality with a Tri Fold Mattress

Trifold Mattress #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

The best reason to get a trifold mattress is for temporary living situations. They’re portable and easy to pack away when not in use.

A thin floor mat provides protection from debris.

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26. Get Unmatched Aesthetic with Trundle Beds

Trundle Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Trundle beds are being designed to fit any décor. This trundle performs double duty as a daybed. It will fit in a farmhouse design, country cottage, or contemporary design, as shown here.

The trundle is disguised as storage drawers.

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27. Cater for Your Big Family with Triple Bunk Beds

Twin Triple Bunk Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Most bunk beds are double height. Three beds are made possible in one frame by lowering the bottom bunk to just off the floor.

This allows it to fit in a room with an eight-foot ceiling height.

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28. Maximize Storage in Small Bedroom with Lift-Up Storage Bed

Underbed Storage Platform Bed #beds #smallroom #decorhomeideas

Small bedrooms can always use more storage space. Storage beds hold a standard mattress. They lift up easily, allowing access to all kinds of hidden treasures.

This is a nice alternative to getting on the floor to slide out containers.

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