37 Small Bedroom Ideas and Designs That Are Also Space-Saving

Having a small bedroom shouldn’t be considered a disadvantage. On the contrary, small spaces require less maintenance and can be as comfortable, cozy and functional as big rooms are.

As with any small space, the key to a convenient and stylish bedroom is space optimization and suitable and multifunctional decoration.

Best Small Bedroom Ideas And Designs. If you don’t think you have enough space for a beautiful makeover, we have 38 small bedroom ideas to help you create a small bedroom that's big in style.

We are going to show you the best small bedroom ideas and designs which will give you inspiration and hints of how to plan, furnish and decorate your small private oasis.

1. Elevate Privacy and Coziness in the Bedroom with Curtains

A Bed Enclosed by Curtains #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Differentiate the sleeping area from the rest of the bedroom with curtains. Whether thick or transparent, they will lift the privacy level and will add a romantic and cozy touch to the interior. This solution is very appropriate to divide a one-room apartment into living nooks.

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2. Space-Saving Murphy Bed that Slides into a Wall Panel

A Bed Hidden Away by Shelves #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

This is a modification to the well-known Murphy bed. Instead of falling down, the bed slides into a wall panel. Its backside becomes shelves for books and decoration during the day.

3. Utilize Vertical Space with Shelves for Your Small Bedroom

A Bed-Sized Room with a Few Shelves #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

When the bedroom is of size to fit only a bed, you need to consider many aspects when decoration. Firstly, bet on the white color and use the vertical space to store and visually enlarge the room.

via The Nord Room

4. Gain Extra Storage Space with Underbed Drawers 

Bed with Storage Enclosed by Curtains #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Add an additional storage area underneath the bed. It can be closed with the mattress area or drawers. Both ways you would be surprised to see how much seasonal clothes bed can accommodate.

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5. Maximize Natural Light in Small Spaces with Large Windows

A Bright, Cozy Space with High Ceilings #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Good light is of great importance when it comes to small spaces. If you have large windows, get the most of them by choosing appropriate curtains or shutters that will stop the bright sun but not the light.

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6. Bring Warmth with a Built-in Nightstand

Built-in Nightstand with Soft Warm Lighting #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

When you don’t have any horizontal space left and yet you don’t want to make any compromise with comfort and extras, think about how to utilize the vertical space of the walls.

A simple nightstand combines a shelf for a book and a light scone.

7. Cottage-Style Shared Bedroom with Bunk Bed 

Bunk Beds with a Chair for Reading #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

This cottage-style bedroom is a shared space for two kids or teenagers.

Since room space is small, bunk beds come to help to utilize the vertical line and thus leaving clearance for a table with a reading lamp and a comfortable chair.

via Liz Marie Blog

8. Make a Romantic Bedroom in an Attic

A Cabin-Style Loft that’s Lacking Headspace #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

The attic spaces are very romantic and cozy. All that plus the inclined ceiling usually contributes to turning it into a bedroom.

Usually, attics require customized furniture that will follow the curve of the ceiling.

via IDesign Arch

9. Turn Your Bed into a Cozy Relaxation Corner

A Comfortable Place to Stargaze at Night #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

A bed next to the window becomes a favorite spot not only for sleeping and relaxing but also for spare time activities like reading a book or watching TV.

A trick to change the look of the sleeping feature into living room furniture is to add pillows that form the back of the sitting area.

10. Utilize Corners for Rustic Storage Furniture 

A Comfy Bed with a Small Dresser #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Use the corners for storage furniture. If you like the farmhouse design, combine a metal-framed bed with rustic wooden dressers.

They can be used to store clothes, accessories, make-up etc.

via The Rustic Farmhouse

11. Maximize Space with Wall-Adjacent Placement and Shelves

Corner Living with Lots of Pillows #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Position the bed next to the walls to leave as much free space as possible. Use the vertical space above for shelves to store books, decorations, reading lamps.

If you use the bedroom also as a living area, add pillows during the day to form a seating area.

12. Space-Saving Corner Console for Small Bedrooms

A Corner Night Stand with Light #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Consoles positioned at the corner above the bed seem to be very convenient when it comes to small bedroom furniture.

They provide just enough space to place a reading lamp, a few books and gentle decoration.

13. Utilize Under-Bed Drawers to Create a Neat Aesthetic

An Elevated Bed with Shelving and Storage #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Drawers underneath the bed are a great idea.

The best idea though is to have a full storage system that will take up all of your stuff and will make the room look more organized and airy.

via Apartment Therapy

14. Lift-Up Closet System for Your Small Bedroom Space 

A Full Walk-in Closet Under Your Bed #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Furnishing the small bedroom requires a lot of creativeness and non-standard ideas. This one is a masterclass example of a women’s small bedroom where style, organization and comfort are at the top level.

The bed lies over a closet with shelves and hanger rods. For easier access to it, the bed can be lifted up via a push-up system.

15. Light Up a Small Bedroom with Natural Light Alternatives

Illuminated Canopy Overlooking the Soft Bed #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

When natural light is not sufficient, you need to look for a way to make the small bedroom become more lit up. White color is preferable as it naturally reflects even the smallest amount of light.

Add fairy lights and LED candles to add a touch of magic and as an illumination source during the night.

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16. Maximize Bedroom Space through Vertical Storage Solutions

A Loft Staircase Full of Hidden Secrets #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Live vertically! When floor space is limited, think about how to make a bedroom using vertical space.

If you don’t have an attic, make a platform in the shape of a staircase and turn each step into a storage drawer.

17. Make the Most of an A-Frame Design

Making the Most of an A-Frame Design #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Even the smallest bedrooms can be very chic and comfortable.

Based in the attic, this one can accommodate a one-person bed and a nightstand following the line of the inclined ceiling.

via Shabby Chic Mania IT

18. Optimize Your Space with the Right Furniture

A Movable Nightstand with Three Tiers #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Remove all unnecessary and unpractical furniture and use others that take less space but accommodate more of your stuff.

19. Utilize Your Small Bedroom Space with a Murphy Bed 

A Murphy Bed with Ample Storage Space #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Murphy beds seem to be the standard choice when it comes to furnishing a small bedroom.

This one imitates wardrobe when unused. This decorative element cleverly blends the bed with the surrounding storage system.

via Addicted 2 DIY

20. Maximize Space in Your Home with a Platform Bed

A Platform Bed with Storage Below #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

When you need to differentiate living nooks in your apartment, go for a platform bed. The footprint will be the same as if placing it on the ground.

The advantage of the elevation provides a vertical area underneath the bed for storage.

via Tiny House For Us

21. Make the Most of Limited Space with Wall Shelving

Plenty of Shelf Space Behind the Bed #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Add shelves on the walls when there isn’t space for storage furniture. Choose between open consoles and closed cabinets.

via House and Garden UK

22. Find Extra Storage and Floor Space with Pull-Out Drawers

A Raised Floor With Storage Galore #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Be brave! Make a second partial floor and use the space beneath for storage. Make drawers that can be pulled out to ease access to the stored items.

The drawers will keep the stuff free of dust, more organized and will contribute to forming the second flooring as a finished level.

via Homedit

23. Utilize Baskets and Boxes to Organize Bedroom Storage 

A Raised Loft with Bookshelves Below #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

The vertical positioning of the bed doesn’t have to be on a platform.

The structure can be of the open type as in the image above. Use baskets or boxes to organize your stuff and keep it free from dust.

via Society 19

24. Increase Space and Storage with a U-Shaped Cabinet System

Sleep Tight Amongst the Cabinets #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Change the limits of the standard space. The presence of a cabinet system in the shape of a U will not only increase the storage options.

It will create the illusion of a niche in the wall and thus naturally make the room look deeper and bigger.

25. Use Curtains for Separating Sleeping Areas from Living Areas

Sleeping Space Hidden Away by Curtains #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Differentiate the sleeping area from the rest of the living space with curtains.

They will quickly “close” the bed and form a bedroom where privacy and coziness exist.

via Homedit

26. Utilize Limited Space to Create Three Transformation Options

Sliding Loft that Adjusts to Your Needs #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

The concept of this tiny space was to have an open spacious feeling.

Therefore the designers have smartly used the vertical space of a wall to create three transformation options- bedroom, living room and guest room with the help of rails for the top bed.

via Ana White

27. Brighten Up Your Small Bedroom with a Bold Wallpaper Accent

Small Bedroom Ideas with Splashes of Color #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Only because the bedroom is tiny, doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Add a brave bright wallpaper on one of the walls. It will distract attention from the size of the room.

Don’t forget to match the rest of the interior with the new bedroom accent.

via Decor 8 Blog

28. Maximize Storage in Small Bedrooms with Tall Bookshelf

Small Bedroom Ideas with a Tall Bookshelf #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Large furniture is beautiful but it is also expensive and not always preferential when it comes to very small bedrooms. Instead, use tall bookshelves for storage and as a screen feature.

via Apartment Therapy

29. The Perfect Night-Stand Alternative

Small Bedroom Ideas for Tight Corners #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

IKEA comes in help when looking for optimal organization of small spaces. This shelving unit is tight which makes it perfect for a night-stand alternative for a small bedroom.

Another advantage is the big number of shelves thanks to its height that provide enough storage places.

via IKEA

30. Leverage Small Bedrooms for Combined Functionality

Soft Ruffled Bed Facing a Small Desk #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Small bedrooms can combine functional nooks. Very often bedrooms in small apartments are also used as offices. Place a small working desk close to the bed or next to a window.

31. Maximize Underbed Storage with a Lifting Mattress

Storage Space Underneath the Bed #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

If your bedroom space is very limited and a drawer system underneath the bed is not an option, get a bed where the space beneath the mattress is used by lifting the mattress.

Add baskets, boxes and similar storage accessories to organize your stuff better.

via One Kind Design

32. Utilize Vertical Space to Make a Bedroom with Multiple Nooks

Study Area and Closet Below a Loft #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

This is another example of a bedroom that combines multiple nooks.

The bed is lifted up high to leave horizontal and sufficient vertical space for a closet and studying area.

33. Bed Frame Featuring Rustic Crates and Rope Pulls

Under Bed Storage that’s Easy to Reach #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Use drawers underneath your bed which will give you easier access to your stuff.

This rustic version of a bed structure uses beautiful crates with rope pulls.

via Loretto Morel

34. Small-Space Vanity Solutions for Women’s Bedrooms

A Vanity with Hooks, Drawers, and Lighting #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

What is a woman’s bedroom without a vanity? Well, if it is a small bedroom, the vanity must be practical and of small or no footprint.

This vanity version doesn’t take up any space from the floor thanks to the suspended console wall attachment. The chair can also be hung to the wall when unused.

35. Maximize Storage with a Focused Wall and Bright Accents

Wall of Shelves and Cabinets #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Instead of spreading storage furniture all around the bedroom, focus it onto one of the walls.

Stress on bright colors, multi-levels and clean lines to make space feel airier.

36. Built-in Open Cabinets and Ladders for Storage

The Walls Become Your Closet #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

Utilize walls to store your clothes with built-in open cabinets. Use a ladder to access the top levels and also as a chic decoration of the room.

The same idea but with closed cabinets will also look fit well in the tiny space if in white or other pale colors.

via Iconscorner

37. Ladder Shelf Unit for Stylish Storage and Functional Divider

Welcoming White Shelves and Green Plants #bedroom #small #design #decorhomeideas

The ladder-like shelves are very trendy and also very suitable for small spaces. Their multifunctional application as storage and the decorative feature can act well also in a small bedroom.

In that particular case, the ladder shelving unit serves also as a divider between the spaces.

via One Kind Design

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