36 Charming Coffee Table Decor Ideas To Add More Style To Your Home

The coffee table in the living room is one of the most important decor elements.

Its dual function as a visual focal point and as a functional piece of furniture made us create a special collection of the best coffee table decor ideas.

Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas. A beautiful coffee table decor could improve the overall appeal of your home and add more style. Coffee table decorations are an important part of the home decor. #decorhomeideas

The decor accents on the tabletop shouldn’t be expensive art pieces. You can use simple elements and combine them with pieces from nature to create an impacting centerpiece.

The coffee table can be a place to showcase your character. Piles of books can work both as pedestals and as a clear statement of your personality.

You don’t need much to make the coffee table decor visually appealing and unique- some free time, some simple decor items and our inspiring ideas!

1. Stylish Topiary Spheres Add Texture and Character

Almost Huggable Moss Topiary Spheres with Bronze Art Pieces #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

This coffee table decor idea is a lovely example of a welcoming and personalized arrangement. The modern farmhouse coffee table embraces another natural element- that of the vibrant green topiary globes.

The piles of books frame the natural centerpiece and speak for the hobbies of the owner. They also serve as pedestals for antique pieces with special value.

The unique horse sculpture on one of the piles and the glass box on the other instantly create a point of interest.

via The Every Girl

2. Stunning Shell Display and Soft Colors Add Serenity

Beachy Monochromatic Shell and Orchid Display #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

When you take a look at this coffee table design and decor, you instantly feel invited and relaxed. The earthy tones combined with natural textures and elements are the perpetrators of the cozy interior.

The large farmhouse coffee table can be decorated with many ornaments. They are arranged in a row as if they are a runner to welcome the coast to the inside.

An oversized clamshell takes the center place holding a collection of the wild sea life. Two transparent glass vases stay on both sides of it to complete the coffee table decoration without distraction from the focal point.

via Starfish Cottage

3. Books Bring Color, Texture to Acrylic Coffee Table

Book-lover's Dream Acrylic Table with Storage Space and a Poppy Bouquet #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

Are you an artistic soul? Then your home should reflect your personality. You can speak for your love for literature by arranging your favorite books under the modern coffee table.

The various colors of the covers will create a cheerful accent to the transparent glass table.

4. Glass & White Accents Add Depth to Narrow Table

Champagne Pink and White Cottage-chic Accent Tray #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

This living room nook is one of the most appealing ones. The neutral bright colors and basic furniture elements create a balanced country chic atmosphere. By adding small decorative objects, this neutral decor easily becomes a personalized paradise.

Here we see French macarons placed on a crystal pedestal and Jordan almonds anchoring the taste for luxe in a wide clear glass bowl.

A mirrored glass vase holds a bouquet of pale pink roses adding feminine delicacy to the decor. These three elements act as a centerpiece being arranged in a group on a white wooden tray.

Two glass candlesticks frame the centerpiece and give the decor of the coffee table nook a finished look.

via Amy Lipnis

5. Elegant Minimalism Using Gold & Pink Touches

Chic Minimalist Pink and Gold Display with Focal Candlesticks #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The coffee table nook can be the place to showcase your feminine taste and presence. Pink and gold are a lovely and elegant color combination.

The gold acts as a frame, while the pink stands out as an accent. It can be seen spread on different spots from the nook aiming to anchor the gentle nature of the homeowner.

The design of the golden frame speaks for luxury. Added plush materials and blinking crystals and glitter enhance this feel.

via Vsco

6. Organics and Texture in Two-Tiered Display

Double Decker Display of Geometric Art and Natural Accents #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The double-tiered coffee table means two times more appealing living room ambiance! You can allow decorating at the lower level of the table when the surrounding decor is more neutral and balanced.

You can experiment with arranging a centerpiece with bright and cheerful colors such as a glass vase with seasonal blossoms or for a universal centerpiece collected in a tray.

Woven baskets are perfect for a centerpiece container in a farmhouse living room. Add small items in the same style, reflecting your personality and preferences.

Enhance the customized centerpiece on the top level by adding a large vintage or rustic ornament on the low tier.

via Courtney M Browning

7. Combine Dried Organic Elements With Silver Trays

Earth-toned Brown and White Natural Element Display with Silver Accents #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

Grey could be called the most used living room interior color. There are many reasons that have made it so popular and one of them is that it goes well with any decor style.

The grey interacts well with other traditional colors and with dramatically bold and contrasting ones. Here we see how inviting it could be for antique and farmhouse centerpieces.

Their earthy tones stand out against the silver finish of the trays that group them in two places on the coffee tabletop.

8. Raffia Tray With Greenery & Metal Bird Cage

Earthy White-washed Table and Clutter-catching Raffia Basket #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The best decor for a white-washed farmhouse coffee table is the rustic one that features earthy tones, farmhouse textures and natural elements.

The raffia basket acts as a container in which many smaller items are grouped together to have a greater impact on the decor.

Chalkboard signs, antique books and pots with greenery instantly stand out as a personalized arrangement. Greenery can be seen in the tray and next to it, framed in a vintage cage.

via Bless’er House

9. Stack Books Wrapped to Match Home Decor

Easy Elegant Book Stack with Gold Accent Art #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

Using a pile of books as a coffee table centerpiece is so unique!

The feminine touch in the living room decor has defined the design of the magazine pile centered on it. Instead of plain books, we see a symmetrically stacked pile in black, white and magenta as an accent.

The layered arrangement is what gives the centerpiece a visual appeal. The gold tray and gold apple standing next to the books work perfectly with the golden sign on the pile letting all ornaments on the coffee table feel and look united.

via 2 Ladies and a Chair

10. Trio of Thick Candlesticks and Large Pine Cone

Elegant Solid Wood Topped Table with Turned Wood Candlesticks #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

This large living room and the positioning of the sofa set require a special coffee table. It should be a statement piece that gives a statement and a finished look to the nook.

This pretty table upcycles wooden pieces from furniture and reclaimed wood to become a customized two-tiered square table. On the lower open level, there is a wicker basket that stores small items hidden from the eyes.

On the top, there is a group of wooden candlesticks holding pillar candles. The layered look thanks to the different heights coordinates with other decor arrangements such as the throws on the sofas and the layers of wood of the table itself.

11. The Look of Mercury Glass Combined With Fabric Art

Eye-catching Silver and Glass Candlesticks with Fiber-art Accents #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

This living room decor uses different shades of grey to balance modern with rustic. The centerpiece on the farmhouse-style coffee table also acts as a uniting arrangement featuring knitted elements and shiny metal surfaces that reflect the lights from the candle holders.

The number of soft pillows on the grey sofa ensures comfort and relaxation. The eclectic centerpiece gives the nook enhances the inviting look and gives it a feel of privacy and warmth.

via Brabbu

12. Trendy Pine Cone Jar Tops Fashion Books

Fashion-friendly Marble-topped Coffee Table with Touches of Gold #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The combination of two unusual materials makes this modern coffee table a statement piece. The gold base and light marble top create a luxurious and fashionable design that adds style and elegance to the interior.

Decorated with a pile of fashion-related magazines, sleek containers and small metal ornaments, the presence of a woman in this home is easily sensed.

via Stylish Petite

13. Geometric Motifs on Charlotte Perriand Mexique Table

Funky Asymmetric Table with Geometric-print Containers #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

Rustic textures interact with modern and minimalist color combinations and patterns to create a unique living room nook.

Tribal motifs are the decor accent of this decor. We can see them all way up from the floor to the ceiling. The retro-shaped coffee table is very simple to be able to embrace the diverse decorative objects and balance them.

via Decovrir Design

14. Two-Tiered Coffee Table Has Minimalist Coastal Flair

Giant Clamshell Feature Vessel with White Peony Bouquet #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The interior of this living room is a modern farmhouse. The traditional materials are given a contemporary look by polished surfaces, geometrical shapes, and clean lines.

Because of the size of this living room, it is very important that the accents are minimum and are well organized.

The coffee table is of a two-tiered design providing enough space for neat storage and decor accents.

A pile of blue books, a large clamshell, and a large globe with a twine wrapping add the nautical theme to the farmhouse decor to make it feel cheerful and welcoming for the summer.

via Kate Jackson Design

15. Mirrors and Pink Accents Bring Girly Glamor to Coffee Table

Glamorous Mirrored Table with Metallic Accent Art #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The contemporary design of the living room needs unique pieces that give the interior a personal touch. The mirror glass coffee table works perfectly as a focal point.

Decorate the top with sleek piles of magazines, minimalist metal ornaments and a vase with flowers. All these reflect the feminine presence in this home which makes the living room so elegant and inviting.

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16. Mirrors & Creamy Colors Collected in Wooden Tray

Glass and Gold Tray Display on a Marble-topped Table #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The combination between rustic textures and modern sleek materials is always surprisingly outstanding! Here we see a coffee table centerpiece matching marble, wood, metal and glass.

An appealing look is only possible if there is symmetry and balance. Keep the items simple when it comes to shapes and applications to create a unique centerpiece.

via The Every Girl

17. Fill Glass Coffee Table With Ocean Finds

Glass-topped Coffee Table Featuring Beach Finds #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

This is an interesting idea for a coffee table decoration. Instead of placing accents on its top, place them underneath them in a hollow section of its basis.

The top must be made of clear glass to let the arrangement be visible. In addition to the enhanced point of interest thanks to the unusual place of the centerpiece, this coffee table styling is also very practical since the top is always neat and free for usage.

18. Moss Topiaries With Tulips in White Pitcher

Green and White Grouping of Moss Topiaries and Tulips #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse design of the coffee table acts as a canvas for nature-inspired ornaments. That can be a glass jar with seasonal flower cuts or sprigs, ceramic flower pots or green plants.

Simple but bright colors like white, yellow, pink and green can make the neutral atmosphere look more cheerful. Combine with a wicker tray with small farmhouse elements or a pile of worn books for additional rustic interest.

via Dear Lillie

19. Glass Accents Highlight a Glass Coffee Table

Ice Blue Glass Accented with Gold and a Hand-tied Bouquet #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The design of this table is so minimalistic and clean that it definitely needs accents to feel and look like part of the interior.

No need to overload the clear glass top with ornaments, two or three larger accents that coordinate with it will make the nook stunning.

A rectangle glass vase, a pedestal bowl holding stone globes, a plain ceramic vase and a tall candle holder with a metallic finish give a personal touch and let the minimalist coffee table feel belonging to the interior.

20. Bring Romance With Antiques, Roses & Lace

Lace-topped Table Featuring Shabby-chic Country Bouquets #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The point of interest on this distressed farmhouse coffee table is created by the unusual positioning of a rose bouquet. Instead of seeing it in a vase, it is literally served on a rustic mirror.

The shabby-chic accents don’t end with that. Next to the tray with roses, there is a teacup holder repurposed into a candle holder and a teapot into a vase.

Pink in its different shades also acts as an accent, giving the neutral ambiance a touch of brightness and delicacy.

via Romantik Evim

21. Combine Organics With Minimalist Industrial Touches

Modern Minimalist Flower and Candle Display in Shades of Grey #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

This living room is so outstanding with its balanced usage of industrial and natural elements.

The Scandinavian impact can be felt in the iron geometric legs of the coffee and side tables, the neutral color palette and simple but practical furniture.

The added elements from nature and the smooth candlelight make the warm feel more sensible.

via Solebich

22. Use Accent Colors on Book Spines

Modular Coffee Table Pair with Extra Storage Space #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

Another way to make the coffee table work as a decor accent in your living room is to choose a modular design. In addition to being very attractive, it is also quite practical.

You can move it to other parts of the living room to repurpose into temporary side tables.

This set of two coffee tables provides two levels. The lower one can be used for storage or as another display for accents.

via Society Social

23. Glass Votives Add Elegance to Driftwood Candle Holder

Natural Driftwood Votive Holder on an Upcycled Sea-blue Table #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The shabby-chic living room decor is casually charming and inviting. The antique table placed in front of the sofa is painted a light shade of turquoise which coheres with the color accent of the sofa pillows.

The distressed edges of the wood show how aged and special this table is. Added driftwood in its center follows the shape of the table along its length and brings nature inside. Shallow holes are drilled on its surface to hold securely votives.

24. Reflective Containers Hold Cream Colored Organics

Off White Shell and Flower Bouquets in Mirrored Containers #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

This seasonal coffee table arrangement spreads so much elegance and beauty in this traditional living room decor.

A pile of modern books works as a pedestal for a candle. Next to it, there is a textured metal vase letting light reflect and create a glitter effect.

The sleek surfaces continue in height with a large metal bowl with a mirror finish where large seashells add the timeless white touch.

via Coffee and Side Tables

25. Add Oriental Touch With Foo Dogs, Metal Sphere

Oriental-inspired Round Table with Chinese Lion Statuettes and Focal Vase #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The living room interior is very neutral and it allows a combination of textures and colors when it comes to the decor accents. The round coffee table stays exactly in the middle of the carpet to balance the traditional with modern eclectic.

The metallic elements and the layers of bright colors create a beautiful contrast.

Seen on the bouquet on the coffee table, on the pillows on the sofa and on the painting on the wall above the fireplace, the burst of colors gives this living room character and a memorable look.

26. Geometric Vases and Pastel Bouquet

Peachy Spring Flower Arrangement with Geometric Vases #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The minimalist coffee table design is like a blank canvas! Its neutral color scheme and simple materials embrace seasonal decoration that brightens up the atmosphere.

A faceted geometric vase, a large ceramic flower pot with a bouquet of fresh flowers add texture and a wonderful scent.

The arrangement stands on a magazine with a cover in a black and white palette to let the centerpiece stand out.

via Oh Eight Oh Nine

27. Brass and Glass Makes Comeback With White Accents

Retro Glam Gold and Glass Floral Coffee Table Display #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The coffee table design and the decorations on it act as a focal point of this airy and neutral living room.

The combination of clear glass, a structural metal frame with a golden finish and geometric lines tie the coffee table as a minimalist modern piece of furniture.

The subtle elements like the pineapple lamp, the rose terrarium and the ampersand cohere with the contemporary look of the table and complete the decor of the nook.

via Hayley Butcher

28. Black and White Minimalist Design Using Book Stack

Simple Black and White Understated Book and Flower Display #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

This living room decor speaks for a fine taste for elegance. The black and white color combination is traditional. When it is supported by interesting textures, it becomes more modern and unique.

Added flowers and candles add a warming touch from the outside and prove that personalization doesn’t mean investing in huge elements. The pile of magazines and books is a symbolic way to let the personality of the homeowner be hinted.

29. Organic Display With a Succulent and Slate Coasters

Simple Succulent Planter and Candles in Raffia Tray Basket #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The coffee table centerpiece can focus on the living nature. A wicker oval tray holding a number of round plant holders adds vibrant colors and textures to the airy room.

The floral arrangement can consist of succulents that are easy to be maintained, fresh flowers or a mix of both.

There is space enough to add some practical elements to the container. The granite coasters for coffee mugs, a book and candles stay at a one-hand distance from the sofa.

via Michelle Got Married

30. Glass Accents Add Shine to Coffee Table

Sleek and Clean White Table with Crystal Accents #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The design of this table is enough of itself as it has unique curves and a glossy finish turning into a piece of art.

The decoration on its top should be very moderate and coherent with the remaining decor, otherwise, its fabulous look will be distracted.

Any clear textures like glass and crystal work perfectly as adding a personal signature and intrigue to the decor.

via Southern Living

31. Copper Bowls Bring Vibrancy to Organic Decor

Trendy Copper Vessels Paired with Single Stem Foliage Arrangements #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

Metal accents work perfectly as centerpieces for coffee tables in a modern farmhouse, industrial or modern living room.

All three stake in the neutral color palette and clean designs. The glow of the metal copper finish is what the neutral ambiance needs to look more personalized and outstanding.

via Arc Studio

32. Rattan Tray Adds Organic Touch to Upcycled Cabinet

Ultra Functional Storage Table with Decorative Natural Elements #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

This coffee table is a great decor idea for those of you who need extra storage space. Whether for work stuff or for family accessories, there is a number of drawers where you can store them and declutter the living room instantly.

The drawers also add an interesting design accent to the rustic wooden table. The natural tones of the interior anchor the warm farmhouse style.

Shades of blue and green can be seen on different spots to gently welcome the casual beauty and feel of relaxation of the nautical style.

via Bless’er House

33. Antique Finds Add Height to Upcycled Table

Upcycled Wire Spool Table with Antique Tray Display #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The welcoming ambiance created by the natural textures and earthy colors welcomes elements in softly contrasting colors such as light pink.

The rustic coffee table made of a wire spool has a lovely soft brown color. The X-sections give the weathered wood a modern touch that balances the countryside atmosphere.

An antique wooden tray is centered on the top to hold a collection of worn books, photos, and candlesticks with topiaries. A gentle twig with spring blooms stays in a turquoise glass jug to let delicacy enhance the welcoming feel.

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34. Book Stacks Show off Vintage Pieces

Updated Cabin-style Antler Accents with a Dark Wood Table #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

The eye-catching pattern of the carpet under the coffee table requires the rest of the items to follow its concept.

The heavy iron base and the wooden top create a solid coffee table mixing industrial with farmhouse style in one piece.

The coffee table styling is featured by accents in the earthy palette repeating the colors of the carpet but yet succeeding in standing out thanks to the dark brown color of the top.

via House Beautiful

35. Minimalist Book Display Has Simple Sophistication

Wood-slab Statement Table and Black and White Book Display #coffeetabledecor #decorhomeideas

This black and white minimalist decor just needed a splash of warmth to become an inviting nook.

The coffee table is what has made the difference. The unfinished wooden top and its calming earthy color make a contrast with the remaining elements and make the coffee table the focal point.

The pile of books placed on it is a very important piece of the decor since it unites the modern farmhouse table with the minimalist surrounding.

via Alle Ideen

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