48 Best DIY Bookshelf Ideas and Designs To Turn Your Home Into A Reader’s Paradise

To make your general home look tidier and neater, you need to make sure that there is a place for all small items and accessories.

If you enjoy reading books, this rule applies also to you since creating piles of books on the floor or on the tabletop isn’t appealing at all.

If there is not enough storage place for your books, you have come to the right place to find the right bookshelf idea when it comes to size and design to increase the storage places in the rooms and declutter your home.

Best DIY Bookshelf Ideas And Designs. Are you in love with books? Take a look at the best DIY bookshelf ideas and designs to turn your home into a reader's paradise. #decorhomeideas

You will find various bookshelf ideas and designs! Most of them are DIY projects that can be customized to your preferences.

Let organization be your guide and find the idea that you admire most to inspire the creation of the reader’s paradise.

1. Create Tree Bookshelf From Basic Wood Pieces

Awesome Wooden Wall Art Tree Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

The design of the bookshelf can be adapted to the nature-inspired decor of the room.

Interior featuring earthy tones, natural materials and untreated authentic textures will embrace a bookshelf mimicking the shape of a tree. Branches made from wooden beams act as inclined shelves for the storage of books.

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2. Industrial Look Using Metal Shelving & Wood Planks

Black Industrial Bookshelf with Wooden Shelves #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

If it wasn’t for the wooden shelves, this storage unit could remind you of the garage storage units sold at the hardware store.

The combination of industrial and farmhouse is very charming since it intertwists the old-fashioned with the clean and contemporary style.

The storage unit is quite tall, featuring 5 levels for storage which can accommodate not only books but also special decorative pieces. Altogether, they will add a personal touch to the living room ambiance making it more welcoming and homely.

via Life On Kaydeross Creek

3. Stately Wall of Built-in Bookcases

Ceiling to Floor Built-In Home Library Wall #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

People whose life is tightly related to books, won’t be satisfied with a small bookshelf unit.

The number of book collections deserves a special and spacious place. This bookshelf idea features a wooden storage unit covering an entire wall from the living room.

Open shelves are

via Roots and Wings Furniture

4. DIY Dollhouse Bookshelf Project

Child's Dollhouse DIY Bookshelf with Pitched Roof #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

If you want to make sure that the bookshelf unit is a visited and used piece of the kids’ room, then you should choose a design that is attractive for the kids. For a girl’s room that can be a bookshelf in the shape of a dollhouse.

The cute storage unit should be placed on the ground so that your girl easily access the stored books.

via Simple as That

5. Upgrade Bookshelf With Wallpaper & Crown Molding

Classic White Storage with Wallpapered Back Panel #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This traditional bookshelf section quickly becomes a contemporary and appealing piece of furniture with some paint and wallpaper.

Choose a color and a pattern of the paper that will give the plain piece personality. You can use it as a means to add some bright accent colors to the room as well.

via Home Depot

6. Create Kids Book Display With Picture Runner

Cozy Corner Book Nook with Wooden Shelves #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This great idea is a fun way to encourage your kids to fall in love with reading. By creating a cozy book corner, you will display their favorite books in a vivid place so that they easily see them and get encouraged to read them.

The shelves are made from stained wood and their design features a short front side that easily keeps the books in place. You may consider installing them at a lower height so that kids choose and access the chosen book easily.

via Eryn Whalen Online

7. Easy Crate-and-Paint Bookshelf Project

Crate Trio Tower Bedside Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

As simple as it looks, this bookshelf idea doesn’t require anything else but three crates and white paint.

The crates are stacked horizontally to ensure wide space for book storage. The bookshelf unit stays right next to the sofa so reading a book is the first thing your kids may think to do once they settle on the sofa.

via Sew Much Ado

8. Binder Clips Connect Plywood Box Cubbies

Cubist Plywood Box Bookshelf with Binder Clips #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This bookshelf idea is so artistically appealing! The plywood cubbies of Ikea are customized by painting the inside of a few of them in pastel colors.

Their sizes are different but stacking has taken this into consideration to eventually end up with a rigid shelving unit. Part of the cubbies are filled with magazines and books, some of them are left empty, rest accommodate simple vintage pieces.

Arranged against a clean white wall, this bookshelf design gives a pictorial natural touch to the calm ambiance.

via IKEA

9. Tree-Style Bookshelf Maximizes Storage Space

Dark Wooden Tree Book Shelving Rack #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

The small bedroom needs smart and compact storage ideas which don’t take up valuable floor space.

A bookshelf featuring inclined levels for storage keeps a number of books right next to the bed.

The stain color, the wood material and the staggered shelf design remind the shape of a tree. It is a visually appealing accent to the cozy vintage bedroom and so functional when it comes to adding extras to the small room.

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10.  Distress Bookshelf for Rustic Touch

Distressed Rustic 'Home' Entryway DIY Bookshelves #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This bookshelf idea is not only another storage unit, it does double-duty as an impacting and personalized decor piece.

The wooden beams are assembled in the shape of the word “home” featuring eight levels for storage of small accents.

The best place for this meaningful piece is the entryway where guests can feel the homely vibe once they pass the threshold.

via A Crafty Mix

11. Bookshelf From Skateboard Rope and Boat Cleats

DIY Hanging Recycled Skateboard and Rope Storage #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This bookshelf idea is simple and very interesting. From simple materials that look so unmatching, the author creates a statement piece acting as an artistic bookshelf.

One old skateboard has been recycled by drilling holes for twine suspension. Once the skateboard is hung on the wall, it transforms into a rustic accent piece.

via Babble

12. Classic Industrial Bookshelf From Plumbing Hardware

DIY Rustic Industrial Plumbing Pipe Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This shelf design is perfect for a teenage boys’ room. The mix of plumbing materials and dark stained wooden boards reveals a masculine presence.

Different vintage accents stay on the shelves in combination with items and personal accessories that speak about the personality of the boys.

via Taryn Whiteaker

13. Artistic Bookshelf Tree

Earthy Asymmetrical Sandwiched Design #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a tree-shaped bookshelf unit that warms the living room with its appealing rustic look, this is a great DIY project to try.

The artistic piece is suitable also for kids’ rooms that will like the interesting shelves mimicking branches. They will have so much fun arranging the books on the tree branches.

via Instructables

14. Stylish Low Bookshelf for Little Ones

Easy Access Mid Century Modern DIY Bookcase #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This is another great idea for the storage of books in the kids’ room. The bookcase stands on the floor ensuring easy access for the youngest family members.

There are two shelves for storage featuring two ways for displaying the books. The lower one lets you see the front covers of the books, while the arrangement on the top one is typical for bookshelves letting you see the side with the title.

The ladder-like design is very appealing and suitable for kids’ room decor inspired by Montessori.

via Jaime Costiglio

15. Paint Crates for Custom Bookshelf Design

Easy and Simple Stacked Crate #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

Wood crates are affordable and so versatile when it comes to DIY storage units. Repurposing doesn’t require more than stacking the crates and if you want, painting them a new color.

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You can experiment with their alignment. Alternate vertical with the horizontal position of the crates and enjoy the visual interest the cute asymmetrical design offers.


16. Mounted Wire Baskets for Book Storage

Easy DIY Hardware Store Wire Basket #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This simple basket shelf idea lets you store a pile of books in a charming farmhouse way. The budget-friendly idea features an old wire basket installed on the wall in a horizontal position.

The shelf could bear a big load because of the rigidness of the basket. This interesting extra storage idea can be incorporated in any room where there is a need for decluttering.

via Rain on a Tin Roof

17. Wooden Crates Provide Simple Shelf Solution

Easy DIY Playroom Stepped Crate Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

The crates can take the shape of your customized pattern for a kids’ room. The pattern reminds a staircase filling an empty inclined wall.

The alignment pattern is made as if playing with building blocks. You can involve your kids in the project to spend some fun time together.

Add monogram signs forming the word “read” to inspire your kids to actually use the bookshelf.

via Maison De Pax

18. Stained Wooden Crates for a Rustic Look

Easy Rustic Stained Wood DIY Crate Storage #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This DIY crate bookshelf features another alignment pattern that covers a smaller space from the floor. Alternating the positioning of the crates creates an interesting visual effect.

Since the bookshelf unit is quite tall, you may want to secure the crates to each other so that it becomes more rigid and the pieces inseparable. Stain dark if you are looking for a more rustic touch to warm up the ambiance.

via Tara

19. Add Elegance to Bookshelf With Fabric Back

Elegant and Classy Idea to Store your Books #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

A quick idea to give the old bookshelf a brand new look! No money needed, only some from your free time!

Take out leftover pieces of fabric and paints. Choose paint and fabric that coordinate or complement each other. First, apply the paint and let it dry. Then, it is time for the old bookshelf embellishment. Glue the fabric to the back of the shelves.

You will be amazed by the final result of transforming the old piece into an elegant and unique bookshelf.

via Redoux Interiors

20. Kids Bookshelf Project With Wall Arch Motif

Four Levels Wall Mounted Child's Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

The back of this bookshelf idea reminds an arch window. Its color brings a bright sunny mood to the kids’ room. The added shelves keep the child’s books neatly organized on the wall.

The wooden shelves are four, just enough to display the most favorite books on this artistic bookshelf idea.

via If Only April

21. Bookshelf From Gator Tubing and Scrap Wood

Free Standing DIY Gator Tube #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This free-standing bookshelf inspires with its modern design and an unseen way for storage of books. Its compact size is great for small spaces or for filling an empty corner.

It is a DIY bookshelf idea that can be made by people without any special skills or experience in carpentry.

Take the wood boards ready to cut and assemble the stand from fittings. The positioning of the shelves ensures perfect balance so that the support bears the load from the stored books.

via Simplified Building

22. Save Space With Spine-Stacked Bookshelf Project

Horizontal Stacking and Space Saving Solution #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This compact bookshelf idea is modern and practical. Its size and simple design make it easy to fit in the existing decor of almost all rooms as far as there is a tiny space from a wall uncovered.

Making this bookshelf design is easy and affordable. Once you build the vertical ladder-like bookshelf, you will enjoy both decluttered living room and an artistic decor addition.

via Shades of Blue Interiors

23. Wall Bookshelf From Reclaimed Bricks, Sturdy Pine

Industrial Rustic Brick and Wood Shelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This bookshelf unit is more than just storage space. It is the living room’s focal point! The dual function comes from the interesting choice of building materials. Instead of metal or wood supports, the design showcases support from bricks.

They form empty sections of different sizes. The smaller openings are filled with books. The wider ones accommodate bigger-sized decor pieces and farmhouse-style containers.

via URzadzamy

24. Minimalist Bookshelf Design Hides Hardware

Minimalist Invisible Stacking DIY Bookshelves #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

Turn your books into bookshelves! How is that possible? The secret is a metal bracket from the hardware store with a long and wide flat piece.

Open the front cover of the book and insert it on the bracket making sure that the two surfaces are in contact. Pile the books on top of the base one and enjoy the amazing final result of your unique floating shelf.

25. Floating Bookshelves Add Sleek, Modern Touch

Modern and Rustic Floating Shelves #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

If you want to keep your books at one hand’s distance from the armchair, install floating shelves on the wall. They come in various sizes aiming to fit the available empty space of the wall.

These compact storage items can replace the nightstands in a small bedroom, can be placed next to the sofa to hold neatly all charges in one place.

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26.  Spice Racks Become Colorful Kids Bookshelves

Painted Spice Rack Bookshelves for Playroom #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

Repurpose the spice racks into bookshelves for the kids’ room. Their compact size turns them into a practical means for storage on the wall, especially when they are given a bright look by painting each a different color.

Depending on the existing decor in the kids’ room you may leave them all in one color. In this case, the alignment pattern can help you create a point of interest.

In all cases, install the spice racks as low on the wall as possible to let your kids access the books themselves.

via Her Happy Home

27. Basic Bookshelf With Dentil Molding & Red Paint

Really Red Painted Laminate Bookcase #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a quick makeover of an existing bookshelf, you can do it with paint. Chalk paint in a bold color or a whitewashed coat will update the old storage unit in a unique and affordable way.

Especially, when the bookcase is vintage, the bold color will give the old piece a point of interest turning it into the statement of the living room.

via Chicken Scratch NY

28. Large Industrial Bookcase With Pipe and Wood

Reclaimed Wood and Industrial Pipe Bookcase #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

Your living room treated with so much attention to every detail deserves a unique bookshelf that stands out with style and personal impact.

This rustic living room is so comfortable and cozy. The welcoming atmosphere is achieved by mixing natural tones and textures.

Next to the comfy armchair inviting you to spend some time reading a book under the sunlight, there is a practical bookshelf standing out with its interesting modern farmhouse look.

It is made from metal pipes and reclaimed wood boards laying on the metal supports.

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29. DIY Bookshelf With Minimalist Framing

Rectangular Reclaimed Wood Geometric DIY Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

The clean open concept of this bookshelf acts as a decorative feature in the interior of the living room.

By assembling the reclaimed wood sections in an interesting geometric shelf unit, there is enough space for all your favorite books without taking too much from the floor space.

You can build as many tiers as you wish so that there is space for decor accents as well. Placed against an empty wall, the rustic bookshelf adds warmth and a personal touch to the ambiance.

via Jen Woodhouse

30. Rustic Bookshelf With Pallet Wood Backing

Recycled Pallet Bookshelf with Stained Back Detail #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

Are you bored with your bookcase? Before throwing it away, you may want to try this makeover idea that will surely make you leave it inside your home to enjoy the farmhouse look.

Take the existing back out of the bookcase. Now, it is time for the actual transformation. Pallet slats of different colors and finishes are nailed to the frame.

The new backing turns the bookshelf into a customized storage unit spreading farmhouse charm in the room.

via Noting Grace

31. Lucky 13 Contemporary Bookshelf With Rounded Corners

Rich Brown Wooden Bookshelf with Thirteen Shelves #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This bookshelf idea is very interesting when it comes to the number of storage places and its visual design. Its open concept features staggered rectangle sections.

The ones at the ends are half-open to enhance the visual interest and still keep the books in place.

There are thirteen shelves in total so most probably there will be space to add some decorative items as well to add to the bookshelf a piece of yourself.

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32. A-Frame Ladder Bookshelf Is Fast DIY Project

Rustic A-Frame DIY Ladder Shelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This design of a bookshelf is one of the easiest ones and surely one of the most appealing ones. The ladder shelves are charming, space-saving and very practical.

The design is quite versatile so you will incorporate it easily into the existing decor. If you feel that it looks too rustic, apply a coat of paint.

If it feels too simple, whitewash, distress or cover with chalk paint. The ways to treat the surface to achieve a unique visual effect are many.

33. DIY Bookshelf Project With Pallets & Crates

Rustic Bookshelf from Crates and Pallet #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

If you don’t want to invest in a new bookcase, you should try this DIY bookshelf idea. The tutorial below is very exhaustive and you will easily learn how to make your own customized DIY bookcase from pallets slats.

The best thing about the reclaimed pallets is how weathered the slats are. And this will be the effect that will turn the bookcase into a unique rustic storage unit.

via Jen Woodhouse

34. Sturdy Bookshelf Has Modern Farmhouse Vibe

Rustic Modern Simpson Strong-Tie Shelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

Another exceptional bookshelf idea features a handmade storage unit adding modern rustic to the interior.

The item is made entirely from wood and is very rigid. Added X-sections at the sides give the otherwise rustic texture a modern twist that will make the bookshelf universal when it comes to matching with existing decor.

Building the inspiring storage unit from scratch costs not more than $75 so you will surely find an empty corner in your home or office to admire its unique contemporary-rustic appeal.

via Jen Woodhouse

35. Broken Wood Ladder Becomes Rustic Bookshelf

Rustic Recycled Wood Ladder Horizontal Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

All of you that are looking for a new bookshelf on a budget, should take a look at this bookshelf idea. It will cost you nothing if you already have the supplies on hand.

The old wooden ladder that is no longer useful becomes a fascinating bookshelf by suspending it on the wall.

The spatters from paint give the wood an artistic touch that will enhance the rustic appeal of the repurposed ladder.

36. Bookshelf Made With White Hardware, Light Wood

Shabby Chic Rustic and Natural DIY Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

Looking for a contemporary book shelving unit that can accommodate a big number of books without overwhelming the space?

This bookshelf idea is just for you! It features wooden shelves covering the wall up to the ceiling. Instead of the usual design featuring closed cabinets at the bottom and open shelves at the top, this storage unit is of an entirely open concept.

White brackets keep the shelves securely installed to the wall letting them bear the load from the books. Keep a ladder-like stool next to the library to let you reach the books at the top level.

via Done By Myself

37. DIY Pallet Bookshelf Design Has Rustic Simplicity

Simple Rustic Recycled Pallet DIY Bookshelf Design #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

The versatility of the pallets when it comes to DIY storage units is proven once again with this idea. The pallet slats are rearranged more tightly to form the backing of the bookshelf.

The sides are narrow frames holding four boards for displaying books, planters or other decor pieces.

The wooden surface can be treated with paint or stain if you are looking for another color that will suit the existing interior.

via Made With Love That Can Be Felt

38. Add Picture Ledge Shelf Behind the Door

Simple Space Saving Behind-the-Door Solution #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

You would never think of installing bookshelves behind the door if it wasn’t for this idea, wouldn’t you? That’s why you have come to the right place- to source from the experience and creativeness of people.

The space behind the door is usually unused although it can help you with the declutter of the bedroom or the kids’ room.

Instead of piles with books on the floor, the installed shelves on the wall keep all of them neatly stored.

via Yellow Bliss Road

39. Freestanding Lazy Susan Bookshelf

Simply Basic Birch Revolving Bookcase #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

Inspired by the functional design of the Lazy Susan, this bookshelf does nothing but maximizes the storage space without covering much from the floor.

Three cubbies are formed vertically with wooden boards. The rectangle structure lays on a round basis which is the fixed component of the storage unit.

Thanks to added hardware to it, the storage part can revolve around to let you access easily the book you are looking for.

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40. Hold Baby Books in Place With Dowels & Scrap Wood

Small Dowel Rod Nursery Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This bookshelf model is the perfect and functional decor treatment of the nursery room. The shelves are made from a wooden base keeping the first books in place thanks to an added dowel.

The design of the shelves is coordinated with the design of the coat rack under them. The color scheme is pastel and the look very neat and simple.

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41. Industrial Pipes Become Tabletop Bookshelf

Small & Unique Tabletop Industrial Pipe Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This interesting bookshelf is a customized small piece made from unconventional for this application materials.

The plumbing materials are assembled together to keep up to 10 of your precious book on a flat surface. Sitting on the top of the table, the industrial piece acts also as a centerpiece.

via Virginia Sweet Pea

42. White Rectangular Bookshelf Has Unique Symmetry

Streamlined Vertical White Rectangular Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This is another compact bookshelf idea that will increase the storage space in the living room without taking much from its floor space.

It consists of two sizes of staggered rectangles with an open design showing the wall behind. The Scandinavian impact is enhanced by the white color of the shelf unit which adds a modern touch to the plain natural material.

This unit is great for maximizing the space in empty corners which would otherwise remain empty.

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43. Create a Bookshelf With Leather Strips

Suspended Leather Strap Hanging Design #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This simple minimalist bookshelf design will fit any space and any style. The DIY idea requires simple and easy-to-find materials- a wooden board and strong leather straps that keep it in place.

To hang it on the wall, you can use suitable hardware or screw hooks. But bare in mind that you shouldn’t overload the shelf if the support items are not that rigid.

via Burkatron

44. Modern Farmhouse Bookshelf With Cross Brace Backing

Toscana Rustic Design #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This farmhouse-style bookcase is charming and appealing. It is also quite easy to build. The free plans from Jen Woodhouse will help you do the exact same piece.

If it doesn’t fit the free space, you can always customize it in size. The key to the visual interest is the X-section at the back keeping the levels secured together.

The beautiful stained finish of the wood also takes us to the warm atmosphere of the countryside.

via Jen Woodhouse

45. Quickly Create Kids Bookshelves With Bright Paints

Very Easy and Colorful Crate for Children #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

The crate bookshelf idea can be upgraded to a kids’ room storage idea with one simple hint. Paint the crates bright and cheerful colors.

Stack them vertically or arrange them in a row on the floor if you want to keep the stored items at an accessible distance.

The sunny bookcase is great for encouraging the kids to be more organized and willing to read more.

via Crazy Little Projects

46. Easy Open Corner Bookshelves

White and Wooden 6 Tiered Corner Bookshelf #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

The DIY bookshelves ideas are perfect for those spots from the living room which are limited and odd. This corner, for example, is so unpractical because of its size.

You can’t place a standard store-sold cabinet, nor another piece of useful furniture. To maximize the storage space, make yourself a customized storage unit that fits into the available space.

You need some wooden slats cut in the desired size, screws to secure them to the wooden slats and some paint if you are looking for a color different than the standard wood texture.

via Free and Unfettered

47. Wooden Crate Bookshelf Doubles as Room Divider

Wonderful Wooden Crate Bookshelf Room Divider #diybookshelf #decorhomeideas

This is one of the easiest DIY bookshelf ideas. It is made from wooden crates preliminarily treated to showcase the identical surface finish of natural blonde wood.

They have been stacked in a staircase pattern to add a point of interest in the interior and at the same time hide the bedroom nook behind them.

via Making Manzanita

48. Corner Tree Bookshelf From a Real Tree

DIY Corner Tree Bookshelf

There are a lot of corner tree bookshelf options that you can make yourself but this one is ideal for any home because of its character, durability, and overall appeal.

Making your own DIY corner tree bookshelf will not only leave you with a work of art, but it will also provide you with a sense of accomplishment knowing that you were able to make it on your own.

49. Simple DIY Tree Shelf

Tree Shelf

A DIY shelf using tree branches involves using branches from a tree as the structural supports for a shelf. The branches are cleaned and stained.

They are then attached to the wall and rectangular planks of wood are placed across them to create the shelf. This type of shelf adds a natural, rustic element to a room and is a unique and eco-friendly way to create storage space.

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