33 Sweet Vintage Bedroom Décor Ideas To Get Inspired

The vintage style is old-fashioned in a charming way, very romantic and appealingly cozy and that has defined it as a preferred decoration tendency for the bedroom.

When implementing it in the heart of our home, we need to be careful not to overload the interior with its presence because that will create a disbalance that is unacceptable, especially for this room.

Best Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas. This exquisite and delicate vintage style is very popular, and we’ve prepared some adorable bedroom design ideas for those who like it.  #decorhomeideas

These are our 33 suggestions for vintage bedroom decor and designs which combine the best of the contemporary and old worlds in balanced conjunction.

1. Vintage Bedroom with Weathered Shutters and Antique Frames

A Vintage Bedroom for Two #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

This vintage bedroom is a shared space for two sisters. The beds and the drapery over them are identical.

The headboards are replaced by tall weathered shutters that define the space for every girl.

The plain vintage dresser between the beds is complemented by antique frames with black and white photographs.

via Be Book Bound

2. Add Coziness to Your Bedroom with a Vintage Corner

Accessory Organizer Made From An Old Door Frame #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Make a vintage corner in your bedroom that will add romance and coziness to the entire room.

An old repurposed door becomes a backdrop of a wooden ornamented vanity. The glass is replaced by a coat rack which increases the storage places and organizes regularly worn accessories.

The arrangement is completed with a window of the same weathered look to create the illusion of a small homely nook inside the bedroom.

via Becky’s Farmhouse

3. A Stylish, Retro-Inspired Vanity for All Your Beauty Essentials

Antique Luggage Vanity Table #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

The old leather suitcase could be both useful and giving a point of vintage interest to the bedroom.

Suspended on wooden legs, it is at a comfortable height to do the normal preparation activities before going out.

The inside can store all kinds of make-up and accessories the standard vanity does.

via Etsy

4. Evoke Memories With Wooden Furniture and Floral Motifs

Carved Vintage Bedroom Decoration with Floral Print Pillows #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

The spirit of the old times is tangible and clearly stated with the furniture choice.

The vintage style is represented by the predominance of the wooden material, the white color and the floral motifs on various items from the room.

via Delight Full

5. Vintage-Style Mason Jars for a Romantic Bedroom Look

Chalk-painted Mason Jar Vases #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

The delicate tones of white, pink and cream are usually related to the vintage style.

A set of Mason jars from the Dollar Store is an affordable way to welcome the romantic vintage vibe to the bedroom.

Their outside is painted with chalk paint and then a bit of sanding has been done on the protruding edges to achieve an aged and weathered look which is so typical for the vintage style.

via Buying Rid Blog

6. Vintage-Inspired Bedroom Design with Floral Accents

Classic Chandelier And Vintage Wall Art Collage #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

The floral motifs of the ottoman, the carpets and the wooden decoupage tray anchor the style preference chosen for this bedroom.

The vintage style outlines a balance between the curved designs of the chandelier and the legs of the dresser and the nightstand and the straight lines of the furniture and some of the frames.

via Ceramica Burguina

7. DIY Vintage-Style Wall Cabinet for Bedroom Storage

Corner Wardrobe Made From Distressed Doors #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

The vintage decor in the bedroom can be a focal point and a spacious organizer for clothes or accessories.

If you like the charming vibe it adds, you can easily make it yourself and utilize dead space in the room that will otherwise be unused.

A pair of weathered doors preliminary touched up using the whitewash technique are attached to a molding frame fixed to the walls.

To make shelves and close the bottom and the top, cut triangular pieces of wood.

via Negin Interior Blog

8. Add Vintage Flair to Your Bedroom with a Crystal Door Knob

Crystal Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Small accents could have a great impact if their location and design is smartly chosen.

If you want to increase the vintage vibe in your bedroom, even a doorknob could do that.

Placed on the window frame, it will be clearly seen and will be also a practical accessory for tying back the curtains.

9. Cozy and Relaxing Vintage Bedroom with Natural Accents

Decorative Tree Branches With Twinkle Lighting #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

The vintage style is known for the use of mainly natural materials. A bedroom with wooden furniture will incorporate partially this design.

If it is aged, distressed or with old-fashioned ornaments, it will be more tangible.

This interior can be additionally backed up with accents from nature. Some wood twigs behind the headboard create a romantic forest setting that will make the atmosphere cozier and more relaxing.

Weave around them some fairy lights to use as gentle illumination during the night.

10. Transform an Old Dresser into a Vintage Vanity

Distressed Hall Table With Ornate Framed Mirror #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Any old dresser could be turned into a vanity for a vintage bedroom. Leave the paint distressed to increase the aged feeling this piece of furniture breaths indoors.

Hang a mirror with a wooden frame right above it to make the nook more comfortable and useful.

via Maison Douce

11. Enhance Your Bedroom with a Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Dramatic Headboard Made With Reclaimed Doors #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Another way to invite the vintage style is to change the standard headboard of the bed with one made of reclaimed wood.

It is up to you if it will be well painted or left unfinished to add more contrast and drama to the space.

All you need to make it is two old doors and good hardware to secure them to the wall and to the bed.

12. Create a Vintage Headboard Out of Repurposed Windows

Easy Headboard From Whitewashed Shutters And Window Frame #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Any old windows, shutters or doors can be turned into a vintage headboard for the bed.

These two whitewashed shutters give space for additional accents like the window that will make the room look airier and more homely.

Use the window frame as a display for a wreath and for a symbolic sign.

via Junk Chic Cottage

13. Classic Antique Furniture to Add Vintage Charm

Elegant Vintage Bedroom Design #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Any antique furniture made of natural materials, patina or such left to age in the years will add a significant amount of vintage charm to the room.

The design of this vanity speaks for elegance and value that will never go out of style.

via Sagina

14. Vintage-Inspired Bedroom with Natural Materials

Luxury Meets Old-school #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Vintage is one of those styles that flawlessly combine with the existing contemporary architectural and interior designs.

So if you want to renovate your bedroom, you can do it by changing some of the furniture and the accents.

Focus on natural materials, ornate and curved designs, white color palette.

15. Build a Vintage Vanity Organizer with Upcycled Wooden Crate

Mini Packing Crate Vanity Organizer #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for an organizer for your vintage vanity, you may not be able to find what you are looking for.

Instead, you can make it yourself by repurposing a small wooden crate into a container.

Whitewash it to make it look more elegant and decorate with flowers to emphasize the new feminine application.

16. Create a Cozy, Private Space with a Linen Canopy

Mock Four-poster Canopy Bed With Linen Drapes #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Increase the privacy level of your bedroom with a linen canopy. Although this fabric is plain, that feature will actually give the space a vibe of natural romance and coziness.

The ways to attach the fabric are many and most of them can be made with tools already on hand.

Fix curtain rods or plastic rails to the ceiling and hang the drapes with hooks.

17. Antique Metal Bird Cages for Vintage Decor

Moroccan-inspired Vintage Birdcage Lantern #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

The bird cages are antique things made of metal and therefore they are related to the vintage style.

You can use them in many ways- as a decorative accent, as a flower holder or as a light feature.

via Szines Otletek

18. Enhance Your Bedroom Decor with Grouped Lanterns

Old-fashioned Lantern Display #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Grouping a collection of lanterns in the bedroom will give a vintage focal point to the bedroom.

You can set the over the wardrobe, on a nightstand, on the vanity or on a shelf.

19. Repurpose Shutters Into a Space Divider or Headboard

Old-world Style Headboard And Room Divider #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Repurpose four shutters to create a full-length panel that will serve as a space divider, a headboard or both.

Paint if you want a cleaner look or leave the wood weathered for a more tangible vintage vibe. Use the divider as a backdrop for nightstands and decor.

via Elle FR

20. Create a Vintage-Style Wall with Antique Frames

Ornate Picture Frames With Chalk-paint Patina #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Add vintage interest to one of the bedroom walls with a collection of antique frames.

Such frames could be found at a thrift shop. To achieve an identical look, paint them first with metallic paint and then lay a nice coat of chalk paint.

Do some sanding on the edges and the ornaments to reveal the patina.

21. Add a Vintage Touch with Simple Decorations

Polaroid-style Instagram Wall Art With Twinkle Lights #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Any simple decoration could also add a vintage touch to the bedroom.

Layering a few strings of twinkle light will give a soft illumination for the nights but also a display for nice memories.

22. Enhance Your Bedroom with a Bathtub Nook and Curtain

Trimmed And Tassled Semi-sheer Privacy Curtain On Ceiling Hooks #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Having a bathtub in the bedroom is a luxury extra every woman wishes for. If you are lucky to have such a nook, separate it from the sleeping area with a beautiful curtain.

It will add just enough privacy without closing the space and making the nook feel and look odd.

Adding tassels to the sheer panel will ensure a vintage look of the privacy feature.

via Remont Boltai

23. Transform Your Bedroom with a Cheap Wooden Headboard

Reclaimed Door Turned Floating Headboard #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Using a wooden door as it is as a headboard will give a vintage charm to the bedroom in a budget-friendly and effortless way.

Add a shelf above it to use as a display for candles, frames and wreaths.

24. Bring a Vintage Vibe with DIY Wooden Sconces

Reclaimed Wood and Mason Jar Votive Holders #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

A set of wooden scones will add a vintage vibe to the bedroom whether placed on both sides of the bed or on another wall.

These are offered on the Internet but if you prefer the customized look, you can make them yourself.

You need a pallet slat to start with. Give it a weathered look by painting and then distressing it. Add a cup hook and hang a mason jar with a chain on the lid.

via Etsy

25. Refresh Your Bedroom with a DIY White Washed Headboard

Reclaimed Wood Headboard With Built-in Reading Lights #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

If you have a pile of wood left, it is time to use it for an instant vintage update of your bedroom.

A few pallet boards would be enough to make a long and wide enough headboard. Give them a good sanding to smooth the surface. Then use the whitewash technique to let them look aged.

You can use the headboard also as a display- hang fairy lights, a wreath or a frame.

26. Incorporate a Beautiful and Nostalgic Brass Bed Frame

Rustic Brass Bedframe With A Light And Airy Color Scheme #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

A brass bed frame will increase the vintage atmosphere of the bedroom. Along with its art expressiveness, it will bring the nostalgic feeling of the past.

Its weathered green color pops against the white walls and fabrics and matches another rustic accent in the room- the repurposed door.

via Aiken House and Garden

27. Add a Rustic Touch with an Upcycled Weather Window

Salvaged Window Frame Wall Hanging #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Continue the vintage decor vertically by hanging an upcycled weather window above a dresser or a vanity.

It will make the space feel airier and will let you use it as an interesting display for other accents.

via The Frugal Homemaker

28. Create a Unique Nightstand Using Stacked Crates

Easy Vintage Side Table From Stacked Packing Crates #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Using two crates as a nightstand or a side table will add character and vintage individualism to the room.

Making this non-traditional piece of furniture is easy. Get two crates and stack them. They can be attached to each other with plates and screws or left as they are.

If you are using them as a nightstand, place a lamp on the top and a galvanized container that can store your reading glasses.

29. Upcycle Old Suitcases into Unique Nightstands

Super Simple Stacked Luggage Nightstand #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Following the ideas for repurposing old things, the weathered leather suitcases stacked in a pile are an alternative of the standard nightstand.

Stack them according to their size and place a lamp on the top one. Such arrangement will add interest to the bedroom with its variety of patterns and textures.

30. Create a Magical Focal Point with a DIY Headboard Redo

Twinkle Light and Sheer Gauze Curtain Headboard #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for an affordable and appealing headboard redo? This one is what you are looking for.

You need a curtain rod or a rail to hang plain sheers that will imitate a headboard.

Weave a string of fairy lights around the rod and drape some along the length of the sheer to create a magical focal point in the bedroom.

31. Reclaim Floor Space with a Ladder Storage Solution

Upcycled Orchard Ladder Turned Nightstand #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

Is your bedroom small? Do you need more storage spaces? There is a vintage solution for this situation.

Repurposing an old ladder will provide you with many storage levels without taking much of the floor space.

via Funky Junk Interiors

32. Create a Vintage Accent with a Tray Centerpiece Arrangement

Upcycled Vintage Bedroom Decor  #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

A quick and easy way to create a vintage accent for any room is to make a centerpiece arrangement.

Start with a vintage tray or mirror that will be the basis for the rest of the elements. A set of wooden candlesticks and a few votive candles.

Light them in the night to increase the intimate feeling of the bedroom.

33. Transform an Old Mirror Frame into a Stylish Jewelry Display

Vintage Frame And Lace Trim Jewelry Organizer #bedroom #vintage #decor #decorhomeideas

An old mirror frame from the thrift shop can become a multifunctional decor of a woman’s or teenage girl’s bedroom.

Take off the mirror glass to make space for lace strips placed along the width of the frame. The knitted texture of the lace will turn the wall art into a jewelry display.

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