8 Gorgeous Pink Bedroom Color Schemes for a Dreamy Retreat

Pink bedroom color schemes may have been long thought of as a palette eternally relegated to nurseries. Still, pink is making a significant comeback and is becoming as coveted in grown-up bedrooms as in children’s. And it’s such an excellent color for bringing warmth, softness, and romance into your bedroom.

Pink is a very versatile color, and you can combine it with various hues to help you achieve your ideal look. Pairing pink with brighter colors makes it pop even more, while opting for darker shades, such as grays and browns, can tone it down.

Revamp your bedroom with romantic charm using these 8 pink bedroom color schemes. Infuse your personal space with a touch of elegance and warmth, creating a haven of love and comfort.

Pink is also compatible with various design styles. Pale pink is perfect if you’re going for a chic look. Try deep mauves for moody spaces, and go with rosy pinks if you want a more contemporary bedroom. Whichever style you prefer, pink is an excellent color to introduce into your bedroom color scheme.

We’ve compiled eight romantic pink color schemes to inspire your bedroom redesign and help you create a warm, welcoming sleep place.

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1. Paint the Ceiling


via Heidi Pribell Interiors

You can’t go wrong with pink on pink. Pink almost serves as a complete palette on its own, and you can combine different pink hues to create dimension in a room as long as the pink shades have similar undertones.

This lovely romantic bedroom features multiple shades of pink on its walls, ceiling, door, and bedding. Painting the ceiling a similar color to the walls is a popular interior design trend that makes a room cozier.

2. Add Hints of Blue 


via Luxe Pros

The dark pink on this bedroom’s walls is utterly joyful. Pops of blue on the floral headboard, chair, wall art, pillows, and console table calm down the pink palette while still working together. Other colors in the floral decor help create an eclectic but elegant color palette.

Pastel pink drapes pair with the walls to create a subtle contrast. The white and cream accents on the bedding, table lamp, ceiling, nightstands, and wall-to-wall carpet add a freshness to the room and offer a crisp contrast against the bright colors, making the color scheme feel more cohesive.

3. Keep it Subtle


via Ash Street Interiors, LLC

A subtle shade of pink, like the pale salmon pink used in this bedroom, is an excellent way to add a pop of color to your space without using an overly bold color scheme. The pink hues in this monochrome palette are nearly identical in tone and shade, creating a uniform, purposeful feel to the space. 

Pairing your pink bedroom color scheme with subtle gold accents, such as the standalone shelf unit in this room, is another way to get a flirty, romantic look. The pink patterns on the Roman shade and pillows tie it all together perfectly.

4. Use Pink Accents


via Caitlin Wilson Design

Instead of painting your bedroom walls pink, keep them neutral and incorporate those rosy tints with accent decor. The floral headboard sets the tone in this bedroom, adding color and pattern in a dramatic and effective way; it’s also a simple way to add a signature design statement.

A lavender pillow on the bed makes a strong statement by contrasting the rest of the pillows. Extra pops of this coral pink are integrated into the rest of the room through a Roman shade, throw blanket, and pillows. The color scheme is simple yet incredibly styled and dynamic.

5. Make it Eclectic


via Well Design llc

Consider adding shades of pink throughout your space for an eclectic, creative style, as seen in this bedroom design. The color scheme might seem eccentric, but it creates a cozy and inviting chic space.

A pink ottoman, nightstand, area rug, bedding, and creative wall shelves complement the lavender pink walls to create a subtle contrast, while striped pink-and-lavender curtains take the look further. The red bed frame and chandelier give the subtle palette a lift, making the bedroom feel more contemporary.

6. Go for an Earthy Look


via Sweet Design Studio

There are numerous pink shades, and you can easily find which one works for you. If you’re undecided between a bolder or neutral color, try this shade of zinnwaldite pink used in this bedroom. The pink shade has hints of tan and looks more neutral than overly colorful.

Gray and white hues on the bolster pillow, nightstand, and sheets sharpen this palette in a subtle manner. These quiet and unchallenging tones help channel serenity and calmness into this otherwise neutral bedroom.

7. Opt for a Soft Pink Hue


via Cloudespacios

This bedroom is a testament to how a soft, feminine shade of pink doesn’t have to feel childlike or cutesy. The tufted peach pink headboard immediately draws you in and creates the perfect canvas for layering similar pink pillows.

The headboard pops out against the almost-white soft pink on the walls and complements the hue, giving the space a smoother, more feminine look. A pair of table lamps add to the symmetry and inspire a more relaxed, laid-back look in the bedroom.

8. Pair with Gray


via Sage Blinds & Interiors

Pairing pinks with other neutrals, particularly grays and wood tones, is an excellent way to give your bedroom a more mature vibe. This bedroom adds a touch of pink without going overboard by using a pink accent wall that feels anything but childlike.

The wooden floor and contemporary nightstands give the color palette a cozy, welcoming aesthetic. The pink curtains match the accent wall and add visual interest with patterns. The gray headboard pops out against the pink accent wall, offering a lovely contrasting color.

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