15 Stunning Multicolor Bedroom Color Schemes to Brighten Your Room

Color plays a huge role in a room’s feel, and choosing a bedroom color scheme should be top of the priority list when decorating the space. The suitable bedroom color scheme ties everything in the space together and instantly gives the room a designer touch.

Whether you prefer neutrals or lean more toward bolder hues, the right color palette will help you create a personalized and comfortable space. Still, you have to carefully consider design elements such as bedding and furniture to create a cohesive bedroom color scheme.

Harmonize your bedroom with a burst of colors using these 15 amazing multicolor bedroom ideas. Discover the perfect palettes to create a vibrant and balanced space, adding a touch of artistic flair to your sanctuary.

Using two, three, or even four hues in your bedroom helps create a calm, serene vibe, but let’s be honest—multiple colors can result in a fun space rather than relaxing. But don’t worry! These 15 bedroom color schemes have classic and unique color combos done right to help you find inspiration.

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1. Earthy Inspiration


via Blake Civiello Architecture

White bedroom ideas are well-known for creating a calming atmosphere before sleep and bringing a bright and airy feel in the mornings. Incorporating brown in a white bedroom creates warmth in the space while still maintaining a neutral look.

Hints of brown on the bed, nightstands, and footboard bench bring a comforting feel to this contemporary space. A gray rug adds subtle visual texture, while an abstract art piece and quirky table lamps give the space a playful feature.

2. Blue Hues


via Whitten Architects

Blue bedroom ideas are an enduring favorite to many, and they’ve been proven to have a soothing effect on one’s brain. This two-color bedroom color palette is a welcoming break from the hustling and bustling of everyday life.

Various blue shades bring life into this neutral bedroom, with the striped bolster pillow and toile-patterned pillows setting the color palette. Nature-inspired blue art, a blue-and-gray striped rug, a light blue nightstand, and a table lamp add more nautical influences. The white shiplap walls and accents make the sea colors stand out more.

3. Moody with Dark Wood


via JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

This contemporary farmhouse-inspired bedroom combines pale grays and whites with dark wood tones for an undeniably moody and soothing look. Dark brown has been strategically used on the soffit, window frames, trim, door, and bed, adding richness to the bedroom color palette.

A distressed nightstand adds to the farmhouse style, while subtle hints of blue in pillows break up the expanses of gray. Creamy and gray hues on the walls, bedding, rug, and furniture create an overall look that’s sophisticated, but airy.

4. Unwind by the Sea


via Annsley Interiors

White and blue are common bedroom color scheme pairs, but incorporating sandy browns takes the palette from basic to unique. The light blue duvet serves as a starting point for other blue accents in this bedroom.

The brown bolster pillow, headboard, bed skirt, and picture frames give this space the look of a beach resort. Hints of burnt orange on the pillows and doll bring this textural space to life and make it feel inviting.

5. Stand Out with Black and Gold


via Decor Home Ideas

When choosing bedroom color schemes, think carefully about the mood you want to evoke. This gray and black bedroom color scheme is anything but drab when accented with shiny golden hues. The bright tones soften the bedroom’s pairing of dark colors.

A red area rug offers a bright contrast while contributing to the sophisticated feel of the room. Black brings structure to the space through a sleek, compact bed.

6. Let Your Bedding Take Point


via Tara Bussema

One easy way to create a colorful bedroom is to use bright hues on your bedding. The pink, blue, and white shades on this bed bring a burst of color that complements and pushes this bedroom’s palette to new heights.

Pull out one color from your bedding to keep the scheme cohesive, like the blue books, wall-mounted key holder, and rustic drum. Warm gray paint color on the walls and crisp white shades on the trim, closet, and bed provide a solid neutral background for the bright textiles and accessories.

7. Forego the Headboard


via Chronicle Books

If you have a bedspread with lots of bold colors, use a neutral color on your walls for a modern, not over-the-top, statement look. Here, clean white walls provide a blank canvas and draw the eye to the eclectic bedding.

Small doses of pear green and pink have been used on the wall art and patterned area rug to provide balance and maintain the sleek look. The bright hues benefit from a few darker contrasting accents, such as the wooden table lamp, stool, and black picture frames.

8. Have Fun with Patterned Walls


via WPL Interior Design

If you want to create a serene mood in your bedroom using multiple colors, build a color scheme of grayed hues. The brown and gray patterned walls in this bedroom evoke a calm mood while creating a fresh rather than frilly look.

Bright yellow on the footboard bench, ottoman, and wall art adds an essential pop of color. Blue-gray on the bedspread and pillows bridges the tonal gap between the pale grays and sunny yellows while bringing additional subtle color.

9. Utilize Architectural Features


via The Cousins

Blue, in all its variations, is capable of creating a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. Here, soft gray walls stand back and let the cottage-style fireplace nook take the spotlight with a coat of Air Force blue.

The red pillow and orange throw add more color and make the space feel extra inviting with warm undertones. The dark wood ceiling beam boosts the laidback, modern farmhouse atmosphere.

10. Start from the Bed


via Traci Connell Interiors

Your bed’s headboard is an excellent starting point for centering your bedroom’s color palette. Here, the headboard injects texture into the room and blends seamlessly with the brown-gray walls.

A wall-to-wall gray carpet anchors the room. Shades of light blue on the blanket, pillows, and table lamps add hints of eye-catching color while keeping the space light and airy.

11. Make a Statement


via b. blanton design

Embrace gray bedroom ideas if you want a neutral-inspired color palette that feels fresh and modern. The sleek palette of grays and browns in this bedroom makes a bold statement.

The dark gray stone wall serves as the star of the scheme, adding lots of texture and character to the space. Creamy bedspread acts as the foundation for layering other gray accents, while earthy brown hues on the bench and floor add restrained color.

12. Stick to One Color


via Amy Lau Design

Going for one color and one color only can make a truly striking statement. Here, shades of blue grace the walls, curtains, headboard, ball chair, and rug; keeping the blue consistent and limiting bright colors to small doses gives this bedroom a serene look.

The patterned rug works to ground the room with shades of yellow, while the blue ties it with the prominent baby blue hue, thus anchoring the patterns. White on the bedding, footboard bench, chair cushion, and curtains creates visual relief.

13. Cottage Capture


via Silberstein Architecture

White’s soothing properties make it a go-to bedroom color scheme, but this simple palette doesn’t have to be boring. The neutral goes cottage in this cozy space, while a complementary pair of blue and pink provides dynamic contrast.

The colors on the bed, ottoman, and nightstand are bright but not overly rich and saturated, keeping the look lively but not overwhelming. The patterned pink rug makes a bold, colorful statement, but the white on the walls and floor makes it feel relaxed.

14. Neutral Retreat


via Design Intervention

This neutral bedroom color scheme envelops the space in a blanket of coziness using warm, earthy tones inspired by natural pigments. Here, a shade of cinereous gray on the walls forms a richly colored background, allowing the white headboard, table lamps, and nightstands to catch the eye.

Small doses of brown and cream on the bedding and floor contribute to modern sophistication while creating a cocooning feel.

15. Country Charm


via NR Interiors

This bedroom combines soft shades of warm grays and cool browns to create a dynamic yet balanced color palette. The stone wall adds subtle character and cools off the gray hues.

The black bed frame, architectural detailing, and chic white table lamp introduce a contemporary touch, while the artwork reflects the hues in the color scheme and keeps the walls from looking dull.

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