20 Expert Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom for Every Season

Your bedroom should feel like a breath of fresh air every time you walk into it. It should give you comfort while celebrating the beauty of a new season.

Redecorating your bedroom from season to season may not be a practical solution. Still, there are numerous ways you can make your sleep space feel cozy all year round, including minor, seasonal updates to your existing bedroom décor.

Transform your bedroom into a seasonal haven with these 20 expert tips. Discover how to update your decor with cozy textiles, fresh colors, and stylish accessories. From swapping out bedding and curtains to incorporating seasonal plants and lighting, these ideas will help you create a comfortable and inviting space all year round. Embrace the changes each season brings with these practical and creative tips for a refreshed and rejuvenated bedroom.

From color palettes, textures, materials, and accent décor pieces to carefully thought-out lighting and window treatments, the following seasonal bedroom décor ideas will help you create a cozy bedroom for each season.

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1. Bring the Outside In

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One beautiful way of creating a fall-inspired bedroom is by bringing elements of nature inside.

Whether framing spent flower heads and fallen leaves, displaying twigs in a vase, decorating with dried flowers, or even hanging a decorative fall wreath above the headboard, your bedroom will feel celebratory.

2. Capitalize on Warm Neutral Tones

seasonal bedroom decor 02


Generally, color experts agree that cool colors make a room feel open and spacious, while warm, earthy colors bring a room in. Layering neutrals is a great way to create a cozy winter bedroom with a comforting and cocooning feel.

The good thing about neutrals is that they present a versatile blank canvas for your seasonal decor.

You only need to switch lampshades, throws, cushions, and other accessories to reflect the time of year. For a hugely stylish but daring winter bedroom, go for shades that lean dark.

3. Decorate Your Nightstand

seasonal bedroom decor 03


Your bedroom’s nightstand is a prime spot for seasonal updates, and with spring bringing an abundance of fresh flowers, it would be unfair to neglect your nightstand a little bloom.

Consider bud vases with fresh flowers accented by candles, floral notes, and a stack of books with light-colored covers for a more personalized and inviting space.

4. Dim the Lights

seasonal bedroom decor 04


Soft, warm lighting is essential in setting the mood in sleep spaces, especially during fall.

We recommend going for scented candles, such as pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, etc., that will add a sense of comfort and warmth while infusing your space with a lovely aroma reminiscent of the season.

Something as simple as changing your lightbulb’s color to warmer tones will also have a significant impact. For best results, various lights and lamps should be used to create pools of light.

5. Dress Your Floor

seasonal bedroom decor 05


Adding rugs or carpets to your floor helps to insulate sound and add softness underfoot.

They also add an integral layer of insulation during winter. Hardwood floors are undoubtedly gorgeous and full of character, but stepping onto bare boards on a cold winter morning isn’t pleasant at all.

If you want to preserve your wood floor, layer numerous deep pile rugs for softness and comfort. Sheepskin designs are some of our favorites due to the luxury they exude.

6. Swap Out Soft Furnishings

seasonal bedroom decor 06


One impactful way of getting your bedroom ready for summer is switching out soft furnishings for something airy; think drapes, fabrics, textures, etc.

Replacing soft furnishings with something sunnier and softer helps add extra patterns and bursts of color that are nostalgic for the summer season.

For example, if you have an upholstered headboard and bed skirt, consider upgrading them with a color or texture that’s more ideal for the season.  Bold patterns and bright, cheerful colors will instantly inject a sense of summer into your space, and remember, mix-and-match is always an ideal option.

7. Go for Lighter Rugs, Drapes, and Accessories

seasonal bedroom decor 07


Consider changing the textiles in your entire bedroom for a more pronounced spring refresh. Lighter textiles like linen or cotton evoke a sense of freshness, shaping your room’s ambiance.

Focus on playful patterns and lighter tones to mirror the new season’s vibrancy, lightweight throw blankets for a cozy environment that doesn’t feel heavy, and throw pillows in pastel shades to lift the mood. Also, swap thick drapery for sheer curtains to maximize the amount of natural light seeping into the room.

8. Work on Your Headboard

seasonal bedroom decor 08


Just by working with your headboard ideas, you can make a bedroom ready for the fall season. If your bed has a fabric-covered headboard, you only need to staple the new fabric to the back of the headboard or simply use seasonal slips that you can swap out to match the season.

You can paint or wallpaper flat headboards to complement your fall-inspired bedroom decor. If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, you can create a wallpaper panel on the wall and let it take its place.

9. Focus on Window Treatments

seasonal bedroom decor 09


It’s challenging to have one curtain type for all seasons; freezing nighttime temperatures require thicker drapes, while lightweight sheers and voiles are perfect for summer. One versatile and practical solution is doubling up with curtains and blinds.

Alternatively, you could try switching curtains from season to season, hanging thick, interlined curtains in winter, and using lightweight material during summer.

10. Make It Interesting with Wallpaper

seasonal bedroom decor 10


If painting your walls is too much of a hustle, you can always turn to wallpaper to refresh your bedroom’s character. For a spring bedroom overhaul, choose subtle pastel printed wallpapers featuring soft stripes, geometric patterns, or florals like the one above.

If you don’t want wallpaper on all bedroom walls, consider creating an accent or feature wall behind your bed for a more adventurous approach. 

11. Paint Your Furniture

seasonal bedroom decor 11


When talking about painting your furniture, we’re not necessarily saying you need to repaint all your closets or dressers to make an impact.

You can focus on a focal point in your bedroom, like the area around the bed, and paint your nightstands a seasonal color; it’ll make a world of difference!

12. Fill Your Room with Aromas

seasonal bedroom decor 12


Fragrances enhance your bedroom’s appeal, and you can easily find scents associated with the seasons, especially fall.

Essential oil reed diffusers, candles, room sprays, or making potpourri are some ways you can introduce these scents into your space. Some of our favorite fall scents are fresh pine, spiced chai, apple, and cinnamon.

13. Include Natural Materials

seasonal bedroom decor 13


Natural materials such as rattan and marble play a vital role in helping you achieve that summer-filled, coastal bedroom.

Whether you simply want to switch around some décor or look to replace more significant bedroom furniture pieces such as closets and your bed, woven textures will transform your bedroom into a balmy beachside escape.

Interchange lighting, picture frames, rugs, and furniture accent pieces for something more natural.

14. Think Of a Canopy Bed

seasonal bedroom decor 14


Canopy beds are a fantastic way of making a massive bedroom feel cozy and magical. Curtained designs will especially create a cozy nook within your space during winter, with the drapes creating a snug and insulated area that feels cozy and enclosed.

Canopy beds are also ideal for small rooms, filling them in a dramatic way. Furthermore, a canopy bed presents an excellent opportunity to incorporate multiple colors and patterns using fabric; the more detail you use in a small bedroom, the more cozy and exciting the room will be.

15. Layer Up on Bedding

seasonal bedroom decor 15


For the ultimate winter sanctuary, create layers with your bedding. Chunky knit blankets, merino wool duvets, and brushed linen or cotton sheets will keep you nice and warm during winter, not to mention they look beautiful as well.

Earthy colors such as fern greens, rich and warm tones like chestnut browns, and neutral oatmeals will be perfect for a winter bedroom idea reminiscent of the outdoors. Cranberry and deep berries reds will also add a pop of color and pair nicely with the earthy tones.

16. Swap Out Sheets

seasonal bedroom decor 16


Bed sheets are essential for promoting a good night’s sleep and play a critical role in your bedroom’s overall aesthetic. For a spring refresh in the bedroom, swap out those heavy winter fabrics like flannel and choose lightweight fabrics like linen.

Set the tone for a rejuvenated sleep by infusing muted or soft pastel colors and floral patterns. Work with textures as well; incorporate a subtle embroidered detail or consider a sateen finish for a luxurious touch.

17. Utilize Your Color Scheme

seasonal bedroom decor 17


Soft, nature-inspired colors such as blush pink, sky blue, soft green, or muted sunny yellow are perfect for a spring-inspired bedroom and help foster a good sleep environment. 

You can even layer different hues to add depth and interest, so don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. Whether through the walls, bedding, or accent pieces, your seasonal color palette should resonate with your personal style.

18. Opt for Lighter Linens

seasonal bedroom decor 18


Linen or cotton sheets in light, airy colors such as soft pink, pale blue, and crisp white will be perfect for your summer bedroom idea. These materials are cooler to the touch and also comfortable, ensuring a good night’s sleep during those warm summer nights.

Linen, in particular, is well-known for keeping you cool in the summer and has a delightful, relaxed texture that adds laid-back elegance.

19. Choose a Light, Bright Palette

seasonal bedroom decor 19


Summer bedroom color schemes don’t always have to be vibrant; light color schemes with fun patterns and wonderful elements will also do the trick. A fresh coat of paint in a subtle, sunny shade, such as light yellows, pastel pinks, and soft blues, will completely transform your bedroom’s mood.

If you need some inspiration, turn to nature; leafy greens, ocean blues, floral tones, and soft sandy neutrals are some colors you’ll see in a summer garden or at the beach and will fit right into your bedroom. Use the hues on bedding, walls, and accessories to create a cohesive look.

20. Double Down on Artwork and Décor

seasonal bedroom decor 20


Even after you’ve done your spring cleaning, giving your bedroom more breathing space when summer arrives will work in your favor for a summer-inspired bedroom.

Pare back bolder, bright décor pieces such as wall art, especially if they have dark color palettes, to create a more relaxing space.

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